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Neptune Pine Smartwatch Goes Up For Pre-Order, Still the Watch of Dreams

Neptune Pine

All the way back in February of this year, we wrote a piece on the Neptune Pine smartwatch. The watch is no ordinary smartwatch, but actually has the capability of replacing your smartphone almost entirely. It features full 2G/3G radios (no LTE), Bluetooth 4.0 and WiFi connectivity options, allowing it to be a standalone device for communicating with the world. 

The watch features a 2.4″ touchscreen display, with a resolution of 320 x 240, a Snapdragon S4 dual-core processor, a back-facing 5MP camera (yes, a camera!), 512MB of RAM, while running Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. It is practically a full version of Android, with a keyboard, messaging apps, web browsing capabilities and pretty much anything else you would need. Like we said, you can basically leave your phone at home.

The device is now finally up for pre-orders, with the company making lots of revisions and fixes to that initial design we saw earlier this year. The previous renders looked nice, but gave off a futuristic concept look, not allowing our minds to really see it as a reality. With the watch now finalized, it looks sleek, sexy and totally awesome.

The watch is pretty expensive, so don’t be shocked when you are throwing down $335 for the 16GB version and $395 for the 32GB model. We told you it was expensive. Keep in mind that this is basically a smartphone you are strapping to your wrist. Sure, it probably can’t play Angry Birds or Grand Theft Auto, but the Neptune Pine looks like a great peak at the future of wearable technology.

Picking one up?


Via: Neptune

  • Hunter Stephenson

    Even Google Glass has to use a phone for connection, which is the smart route to go. I’d rather receive my notifications from my phone than have to just use it. Also, you wouldn’t get the full experience of a communication device. It’s a nice smart watch, but it needs to be able to link to an actual smartphone. I wouldn’t want to talk on it in public either. Sometimes speakerphone isn’t the best route to go.

  • Jamin

    Just develop a watch with that design, a “huge” battery for it’s size and then it just should have the characteristic of a seperate screen of my phone in my pocket. The price will be below $100 and I’ll carry my phone with me anyways.

  • Captain_Doug

    I just want my pipboy 3000 already. 2.4″ is getting closer….

  • C R

    Standalone smartwatches are the way to go. I would LOVE to get rid of my huge clunky Samsung Galaxy S4, entirely. This thing doesn’t support Verrizon 4G LTE though, so…fail. 🙁 If it did, I’d get it in a heartbeat, sell my S4 on ebay, and break even.

  • Josh Oberg

    problem with a watch that is a standalone, your phone number mulitple notifications, data plan, and price …. 🙁 i’d rather have an extension of my phone.

  • Nick Klenchik

    The screen calculates to 166.67 ppi…eh

  • Brandon Golway

    This is pretty awesome looking a definitely appeals to us who like geeky things, but as one user stated below about his pebble, the novelty quickly wears off. For practicality sake I couldn’t see this replacing a phone any time soon. The only times I could see this being useful is when you don’t want to carry your phone with you, for example, going to the gym or going out for a jog.

  • jonnypedantic

    Touchscreen on a smartwatch? As the former owner of a Sony Smartwatch, this is how I feel: http://weknowgifs.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/what-no-gif.gif

  • Mike Hilal

    Woman repellent for $400….It’s cheaper to just not bathe.

    • John Ligons

      I wouldn’t call it women repellent. They see fancy wrist watch, they see a huge money symbol figure standing in front of them…

      • Mike Hilal

        Fancy = analog with a big dial, or a complex dial. Think Rolex, Tag Heuer, bell & ross, omega, etc…

        Digital/bright screen = repellent. All they think is casio databank

  • Dan

    I would get it, if it came with a really small ear piece.

  • avataranjie

    battery life…

  • valapsp

    worst teaser ever! srsly wtf?

  • Ian

    So $400 and I have to pay for another cell line….nah thanks.

  • Omar Amer

    eh, like others… Im just going to stick to getting a Pebble.

  • sk3litor

    Hot watch is still better and looks nicer.

  • Jonathan Bunch

    wtf good is a rear facing camera on a watch, so i can take macro shots of my wrist?

    • Michael Visser

      so you can mount it as a GoPro alt. when it isn’t on your wrist, did you even look at their site? RTFM before commenting.

  • Walter Partlo

    Wireless charging seems like it would be mighty handy for devices this small.

  • Len Derby

    I just picked up a similar Omate smartwatch on Kickstarter that ships in October with at least comparable specs in most regards (that we can see) for $199. Also waterproof, Google Play. Battery a bit smaller. Worth at least comparing to this.

    • Len Derby

      One BIG thing of note with this phone for me is that it has Band 4 which I would assume enables Tmobile in the US, Wind/PublicMobile/Moblicity in Canada. The Omate I just bought doesn’t.

  • TSY87

    uhh… i want a smartwatch to complement my phone, not to replace it. having its own radios makes no sense to me and will probably kill the battery, take up space, etc.

    • Len Derby

      Replacement might be worth considering, though, if you’re going to be active. I wasn’t really interested in these until they incorporated the cellular component. Not having to bring my phone sometimes would be more convenient.

      • TSY87

        Okay, I can sorta see your point. I guess it boils down to a different strokes for different folks kinda thing, but I would bet the majority of people dont want to have a standalone watch/phone device.

        • Len Derby

          Absolutely. It all depends upon your needs. The flexibility of a waterproof, relatively inexpensive all-in-one compact device (with the limitations the size implies) is what made me decide to bite the bullet (mine was the Omate, not this one, but that’s me).

  • Maxim∑

    512MB of RAM. NOPE

  • joseph barrientos

    if the galaxy gear is horrible, ill be looking into this, its just a little pricey for the functions that id use it for

  • aaron nyquist

    I would take one with no 2g/3g radio Let my phone do the work and have it sync to my phone via bluetooth 4.0

    • Captain_Doug

      Smartwatches aren’t ready to be more than that. People try and make them independent of the smartphone but it’s just not going to work.

      • dmagicp

        I think they just made it work with the watch above.

        • michael arazan

          Glad that video told me everything I needed to know about their smartwatch, must of used the same Ad Firm that Verizon uses

    • Len Derby

      There are lots of those and about to be a lot more (Samsung and maybe Apple), so you will have lots of choice! You need to like the all-in-one nature of watchphones like these for complete minimalist portability (not necessarily a premium experience given the size).

    • epps720

      This would be great if it could work in both manners. Hooks up via BT to your phone but those times where you don’t want to carry a phone ijust plop in the sim and t can work as a standalone device. For rare occasions I think it would work great as a standalone but definitely not for everyday use.

    • Rob Delaney

      May I introduce you to the Pebble? Its sitting on my desk in the box. Maybe it’s just me but after using for 3 months (I got a kickstarter one) it was the same thing as checking my phone but there I could do more to follow up. You are still using your arm to move something into position and check notifications. I know the concept sounds awesome but when you actually get to use it, nothing has really changed.

      • I use my Pebble daily. I get better battery life on my phone since the screen isn’t on as often and I can check things while leaving my phone at the desk or what have you. Convenience.

        • Muddy B00ts

          You should check out canvas for pebble. My watch constantly displays the date, my phone’s battery%, the time, my next appointment, the weather (with a nice little picture) number of emails, and a countdown to my baby’s due date. Pretty cool stuff.

          • On android Glance for Pebble is even better. You can get it on the Play store and pretty much it does all that you’ve said plus you can quick reply to texts and even view your last few texts. Plus it gives you 3 tasker buttons that can be used for almost anything.
            I have mine set to:
            1) Launch Google Now voice action so I can just tell my phone what to do without touching it.
            2) Set the phone to vibrate.
            3) Set all volumes on the phone to max.

      • Joey Funk

        hey if you’re not using it, I know a guy that wants one (me!)

    • Daniel Tifft

      But I WANT a Cell Phone Watch!

  • Jose Lopez

    So will this PAIR up with your phone or not? I cant read today as well as others.

  • mcdonsco

    I’m failing to see the point to this. I get it, cool factor, sure…but practicality? I don’t see it.

    Now, if it were just a bluetooth interface to your phone (no radio’s, storage etc) that I could see (and for a lot less $$$), but an entire phone in and of itself?

    Just doesn’t make sense.

    I’ll keep waiting for something that is a BT interface for your existing phone but also has fitbit/fuelband stuff included/built-in etc.

    • n900mixalot

      I’m in the same boat, just don’t need the fitbit/fuelband stuff. As long as it has a mic, speaker, and Google Now ability when connected to my phone, it’s good to go.

    • Franklin Ramsey

      Well I get that it is cool to have it standalone so you don’t need to have a phone to do all these things, but I still think you are right and it makes more sense to just BT connect it to work with a phone.

      • mcdonsco

        Plus, if it didn’t have wifi, 2g/3g (4g/LTE?) radios, storage, a freakin’ camera etc that battery would last days instead of hours.

        • Franklin Ramsey

          Well I would hope a smart watch has storage on it as that isn’t going to impact battery life that noticeably. I’d also think wifi would be a nice thing to have as you could still use the watch for some actions when the phone isn’t around and could turn it off. Like I said, I can see where some of that functionality could be useful, but I don’t think the 2g/3g radios in it (or a back facing camera) are necessary.

  • New_Guy

    Anyone want to donate $400 to my cause?…

  • Charlie R.

    Get ready for the Galaxy Gear watch to be close to this price! Samsung does try to sell us phone docks for $100, after all. Anyway, this is to much for a smartwatch and I’m afraid Samsung’s will cost a fortune as well, IMO.

    • n900mixalot

      Wouldn’t be much of a shock.

  • RWW

    How do you type on a 2.4″ touchscreen??

    • n900mixalot

      How do you type on Google Glass or a bluetooth headset? You don’t, it’s not meant for that. Google Now.

      • TJWaterskier

        Ice Cream Sandwich doesn’t have Google Now. [rooting and flashing aside..]

        • Apostrafee


          • Len Derby

            Likely never will. Encourages you to upgrade. not unique. Siri only runs on 4S and above, too.

          • FknTwizted

            this is the problem i have been seeing.. I love my androids but, these manufactures are forcing you to buy new and holding back os till after the launch of the new unit ie i have a n2 and wont get 4.3 till after n3 drops for about a month or so. Don’t hate on me with this statement but, You don’t see that proverbial screwing with apple on this sorry. Google needs to put their foot down and make manufactures and carriers update phones more frequently especially if there is flaws in the phone. This is why there was a mass exodus to apple when people bought mid-range android phones. This will be the down fall of android if they continue this model.

        • n900mixalot

          It still has voice text input so … that’s one way around the lack of a keyboard.

        • TylerCameron

          I’m pretty sure Google Now runs just fine on ICS. I could’ve sworn I remember having it on my Rezound.

        • FknTwizted

          it is only on 4.1 or higher so you are correct.

      • Len Derby

        Or use a swipe keyboard if this phone has access to the Play Store like the Omate does.

      • joejoe5709

        Type on your phone. Send it over Wifi, Bluetooth, or even better NFC.

    • Tyler Durden

      You talk? It’s that simple. Unless you have a severe stutter, then sucks to be you.

  • kretz7

    Who comes up with these marketing videos and how can I obtain that job?! Anyone with half a brain could have come up with a better idea than that.

    • epps720

      I agree, I had to watch this video twice b/c I couldn’t believe someone could create such a horrendous video. It doesn’t tell you a single thing, and would have no idea what the product was until they finally showed a picture of it in the last few seconds.

      • n900mixalot

        That’s why Omate and this company don’t seem all that legit to me … I watch After Effects tutorials … and most of them are taught by 13 years olds. So, any 13 year old with a Mac and a hacked copy of AE can create this kind of stuff–and while that’s pretty cool that these kids are being productive, it makes it alll the more important that a company with a real business plan and some business sense create something that looks a bit more pro.

  • Evan Knofsky

    Any idea what the size of the battery is?

    • 900mAh. All specs can be seen here – http://www.neptunepine.com/tech-specs.html

      • Franklin Ramsey

        So it will last about 8 hours before needing charged with all those radios and on screen time.

        • Len Derby

          That’s pretty cool. I really like the Omate I just picked up, but that’s one thing where this one kicks.

          • He meant it wouldn’t last long at all…

          • Len Derby

            Afraid you’re the one reading between the lines; he didn’t say anything critical/negative. That’s more storage than a 150mAh Sony, though, or the 600mAh Omate. It’s all relative.

  • Josh Shaw

    Not for $335, I’ll have to wait and see what Samsung has in store.

  • jedialan

    I’m holding out for the Neptune 2 Ultra Maxx X

    • blackjaguar25

      Kindly shut up. Please.

  • BuckNut23

    Why would you want a camera on a watch? Let alone a backfacing camera….

    • Ray Gray

      yeah pictures of my wrist will look great O_0

    • joseph barrientos

      if you read the site it shows that its easily removable AND can be strapped on your head like a go pro (pretty cool if you ask me)

  • Chiaroscuro7

    Peek vs Peak!! Always!!

  • Walter Partlo

    $400 for a Dick Tracy smartphone. Interested to see how this plays out.