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MotoMaker is Now Open for Online Moto X Orders, Off-Contract AT&T Phones Too

Screen Shot 2013-08-27 at 11.15.20 AM

MotoMaker is now open to the public. At the end of last week, Motorola launched the site, but would only allow you to order phones through it had you stopped by an AT&T store to pick-up a prepaid Moto X card. If you wanted to jump on the site and start from scratch without a card, you could only design a phone and save it for later. Today, that’s all gone. If you head to MotoMaker right now, you can customize a phone from step 1 all the way through checkout and then purchase it. No cards needed. You can even purchase the phone at full retail/off-contract pricing, which runs $579 for the 16GB model or $629 for the 32GB version. 

As you all know, the 16GB model in black or white launches on Verizon this Thursday. MotoMaker is only available for AT&T customers at this time, but should rollout to other carriers before long.

Keep in mind that developer editions should arrive any day now, so if unlocked bootloaders is all you dream of, you may still want to hold out a bit. Those versions won’t be customizable through MotoMaker, but will feature a one-of-a-kind black/white color scheme.

We should also point out that Motorola had initially promised a 4-day turnaround from design to in-your-hand delivery. They did mention that these times can be adjusted depending on demand, which we are seeing now with MotoMaker showing most customizations in an 8-day window. That time will likely drop once they get things under control. Remember, this is the first time that a smartphone manufacturer has brought assembly to the U.S. and also allowed customers to make specific design choices.

Get to it!

Via:  Motorola | MotoMaker

  • slow88lx

    White/ Royal blue and black accents.

  • jaybar

    $630?! for a 32GB off contract, wow


    I have to say, not enough solid colors. Most of the available colors are neon. I want solid BLUE, RED, ORANGE, etc.

  • verizon dev edition!?

  • turdbogls

    anyone know if they add a “complimentary” AT&T logo to the back of these motomaker Moto X’s.

    • Justtyn Hutcheson

      They do indeed. And its engraved, so no rubbing it off either.

  • Jesus d

    The at&t version does work with tmobiles lte. Check YouTube and xda for proof. Not sure about hspa+

  • anezarati

    i’m assuming the developer edition wont be sim unlocked? so us on prepaid plans are out of luck?

    EDIT: i wonder if att will unlock one, if i buy one then have one of my buddies that has been on att forever request that it be unlocked…

    • Justtyn Hutcheson

      The Dev edition should be SIM unlocked and bootloader unlockable.

  • blix247

    I bet you can predict anyone’s current carrier and contract status purely by what they choose to complain about on this phone.

    • I don’t like the headphone jack placement.

      • blix247

        You’ve been on Verizon a long time, its pretty likely you have unlimited data.

  • aye_winchell

    This might be a stupid question, but what is the point of an unlocked bootloader on this device. Im not trying to be snarky here, i play with custom roms all the time, and its great, i’m currently running cyan 10.2 nightlies on my razr maxx, but that actually gives me functionality and a better experience. If the entire phone is based on the software experience then would it even be worth it to load a custom rom? I guess to answer my own question probably not right now, but it the future there could be custom roms that leave those parts of the “experience” in place, correct me if im wrong. Again i want unlockable bootloaders, not saying i dont.

    • masamunecyrus

      As a current Verizon Galaxy Nexus owner, the -single- reason that I am obsessed with the notion of an unlocked bootloader is because when Motorola releases their 4.3 update, or their Key Lime Pie update, I wouldn’t want to receive it 8 or 10 months after the fact. If I had to rely on Verizon, I wouldn’t be on 4.3 right now. Even worse, 4.2 crippled the phone (horrendously slow), and frankly, who knows if Verizon will ever release 4.3, as long as all the other updates have taken them.

      Now imagine Key Lime Pie comes out for the Moto X. Google unveils the OS and rolls it out at the next Google I/O, or something. And they say, “Android 5.X, available now, globally (except Verizon)”. How pissed would you be? And how long do you think it would take for Verizon to actually accept a brand new OS rollout?

      • aye_winchell

        About a decade im guessing? I get what your saying, like i said i have a rarz maxx im running 10.2 on now precisely because of how long it takes to get updates on verizon phones. I don’t discount that in the least. But while the moto x is pretty stock, the features it offers are not stock android and are paramount to the experience the moto x offers, so wouldn’t you be breaking functionality until someone released a rom with those feature back in (in which case your just waiting for someone else and not verizon, but still i know it would be faster then verizon), you couldn’t just upgrade the os without breaking that stuff could you?

        • Justtyn Hutcheson

          You would need to go through everything that Motorola does when the source code becomes available, as the software is fairly close to CM, Carbon, or PA in the scope of its diversion from AOSP.

          That said, I guarantee they’ll take longer to roll out their software, even to the developer devices, as they can’t push nightlies like CM can. However, when it is released it will probably work significantly better than any third party ROM at the time.

          • aye_winchell

            But the source would not be available until it was about to or it was pushed out to phones correct? so in all likelihood while you could have a rom on the same os as the current, it wouldn’t be likely that say when KL5 drops that you would see a rom until after the phones were updated that included the moto software stuff (touchless, notification and whatnot) until after the update is pushed to phones, or at least made available, correct?

          • Justtyn Hutcheson

            Simply put, we really don’t know right now how source-built ROMs will behave on the Moto X.

            As far as I know, nobody has dug far enough into the code to determine how much Motorola has changed and how that will affect built-from-source ROMs. And it may be a while before we know anything. The AT&T version is currently locked down and hasn’t gained root yet, let alone a bootloader unlock (if it ever does). I don’t even know if there is a bounty out for it yet.

            So, until the dev community really digs in and gets their hands dirty, all we can do is watch and wait to see how it all measures up.

  • RockyC

    So, the off-contract phone will only work on AT&T?

    • ssl48

      Yes, unless you can get it unlocked lol

  • bboyairwreck

    Other than the Moto Maker & onscreen buttons, I just don’t see why I would get the Moto X over the Droid Maxx. idc about 720p v 1080p. The Maxx has great battery life and a bigger screen. It still has Active Notifications and touchless control. But the moto maker is so cool =/ Idk i think i’d go over functionality over looks and this, the Maxx beats it for me. Anyone else in this dilemma?

    • Xious

      I was having a tough decision between the two. But then I went to look at both of them. Went to Verizon to play with the Maxx and then went to AT&T to play with the Moto X. As much as I want the bigger battery and wireless charging, the Moto X feels 10 times better than the Maxx. After having them in my hand, I am definitely going with the Moto X. It may be trivial, but you have to hold the phone every day and the Moto X just feels awesome.

      • bboyairwreck

        Okay good advice. I’ll go check them both out tonight.

      • turdbogls

        same here. i have no intentions of buying either device, but if i had to….it would be the X. feels sooooo much nicer in the hands. I would miss that larger screen though.

    • onDroid

      No dilemma for me. The screen, battery, and design are the only differences. 5″ is a little big, I like the size of my Gnex screen. As long as I can make it a whole day I’m fine with the battery. I don’t need it to last 48hrs. The killer is that the Maxx is ugly and the X is gorgeous. That, and the Maxx is $100 more. Throw in Motomaker and it is no contest for me.

      • Guest

        I dont need 48 hours either. but 10-14 battery life on the Moto X is kinda meh for me. W/o a removable battery, i dont really wanna carry around a charger or external battery pack. But 10-14 is fine for others which i acknowledge. Im talkin bout me personally.

      • Vaporware

        The Maxx is $100 more than the 16Gb Moto X. It’s only $50 more for the 32Gb X. Throw in the bigger screen, battery, and wireless charging and its worth that $50 extra dollars.

        • onDroid

          Those are all good points and for you the Maxx may be the better phone. For me, the main distinguisher is the design. The battery will be good enough for the work load I will give it. I prefer the smaller screen. And 16GB is fine since I don’t use much physical storage space. Saving $100 and moto maker is just icing on the cake. Again, this is just me. I know others will have different preferences.

    • to add to Xious reply. the reviews comparing the too say the 5″ to 4.7″ 720p display does make a difference in clarity. so while you may not care to spend more for 1080p, getting 720p on the right screen size seems to make a difference.

    • For one the Maxx looks and feels a lot worse.

      • kixofmyg0t

        Thats your personal preference. I’m not a fan of any of the custom X combinations. I only really like the standard white X. It feels nice in hand, but I like the maxx much better.

        Also, dat battery.

    • nerd

      the verge gave the droid maxx a 4.7, they basically said it is a cheap product that they made to fulfill their obligations with vzw. it also has more vzw bloat. they gave the moto x an 8.0 and were really into it.

      • Xious

        They gave the Ultra a 4.7 and gave the Maxx a 6.0. It’s still a much lower score than the Moto X, but they said the Maxx was definitely better than the Ultra.

        • Joshua P.

          hmm to give the X an 8 and the maxx a 6,,, I have a maxx and have seen the X. I think personal preferences are too weighted in their review.

      • wade_county

        Its not worth reading Verge reviews if its not done by Josh, Chris, Dieter or Vlad (maybe Nilay)

        Also the Verge score system is terrible and inconsistent.

    • Adam Truelove

      Any Droid branded phone is a bloated, ugly, under-performing, piece of plastic with Verizon logos plastered all over it, 38 bloatware apps, and you’ll get Android updates 8 months late. The Moto X is no Nexus, but it’s as close as you’ll get on Verizon.

      • Joshua P.

        38 apps? I disabled just a handful, if there are more on my maxx they are not bothering me. Are they counting the various motorola apps and the amazon apps + widgets? Those are actually useful for me and I didnt disable them.

      • kixofmyg0t

        38 bloatware apps? Riiiight.

        I’d love for you to try and list them off.

  • djab

    Now I just have to wait for the VZW Dev edition

  • nerd

    I plan on using this on T-Mobile. Can I do that if I just purchase the no contract version? Any word on what LTE/GSM bands will be supported and if there will be a separate T-mobile version of the phone?

    • ssl48

      The phone is locked to AT&T. The T-Mobile version is coming but will be sold directly from Motorola and/or Google Play

      • nerd

        I thought phones purchased at retail could not be locked to one carrier?

        • ssl48

          I think they are locked but you can request an unlock from AT&T

          • nerd

            probably still has att crapware too….
            I’ll wait for the dev version.

          • ssl48

            Yes, I’m hoping for an unlocked version and/or developer edition. Hopefully they’ll be compatible with T-Mobile.

          • Justtyn Hutcheson

            Legere (T-Mobile CEO) tweeted yesterday about the Moto X being available in September for the JUMP! plan. Hoping that means “next week”, but you never know. I’m going to guess that the NA Dev edition will not be compatible with T-Mobile LTE since it will work on AT&T LTE.

    • Justtyn Hutcheson


      short answer: NO, you can’t purchase the AT&T version and just unlock it.

  • mcdonsco

    Huh, I was trying to make one as ugly as sin; doesn’t seem to be a way to do that…too bad there isn’t a color palette to choose colors; I know, not real feasible (yet). Then again, if they allowed more than white or black for the front, might become possible.

    • jose

      My first time playing with MotoMaker. Was expecting to see more than 18 back colors and 7 accent colors. It’s a great start and I’m sure they’ll be more to come but it needs more cowbell!

  • sc0rch3d

    i know it’s becoming standard but 50 for the extra 16gb is a bit steep especially considering no SD card. i’m considering getting it, but only 32gb.

  • duke69111

    We promised you 4 days, but we’ll get it to you in 8. /s

    • radiohead14

      they stated right from the start that if/when the options you choose is out of stock, that the counter will show greater than 4 days. it’s no surprise that they are getting this demand right now.

    • radiohead14

      they stated right from the start that if/when the options you choose are out of stock, that the counter will show greater than 4 days. it’s no surprise why they have such high demand right now.

    • aye_winchell

      and i don’t even care about that, take two week or a month, just give me the ability to buy it at all and i’d be a happy camper.

    • Justtyn Hutcheson

      They are being really conservative with those estimates. I’ve seen several people tweet that they are going to be getting theirs 5+ days before their original estimate.

  • Tyler Lamb

    Hopefully this means the one I ordered on Saturday will be here faster then the estimated 11 days

    • Tyler Lamb

      Not sure why down voted, but my Wife’s Moto X just showed up. So seems like they are getting them out pretty quick. Showed up exactly 4 days later.

      The best part was she got an email it was leaving Texas and 15 minutes later FedEx was at the front door.

  • We know the carriers never/rarely discount the off-contract prices of phones, even while the on-contract prices tumble. Any ideas if Moto will do the same, or will they eventually drop off-contract pricing on the X?

    • hkklife

      No, they will of course never drop the off-contract price because they are totally beholden to the carriers. the only time I’ve ever seen an exception to that rule was in the case of phones like the Pre2, Veer and those return GNEXs VZW dumped last year. So unless someone has to unload a warehouse full of them on Ebay or wherever, they keep very tight rains on the off-contract phone pricing market. with all of these monthly phone leasing programs and extending upgrade eligibility to the end of a two year contract, I expect the price for off-contract phones to actually creep higher.

  • Derek L.

    Careful everyone! The huge influx of orders may or may not cause problems with manufacturing!

    Side note: Does anyone know if this utilizes T-Mobile’s network 100%?

    • Justtyn Hutcheson

      I know it isn’t compatible with their LTE. Not sure on their HSPA+, but I wouldn’t bet on it. Also, I’d expect that since the T-Mobile version will be unlockable, the NA Dev edition will only support AT&T LTE (could be wrong though).

  • htowngtr

    Bring on unlocked VZW model…

  • Shane Redman

    More carriers or the care isn’t there…

  • Can’t wait for this to come to Verizon

  • They must be selling briskly. My test combination shows an estimated delivery of 8 days.

    • marko358

      so much for that “guaranteed in 4 days” line of crap

      • Al-Burrit0

        did you guys read the end of the article?! 🙂

        • marko358

          meh. why even bring that up in their marketing hype when it fails right off the bat? just setting themselves up for failure.

          • Adam Johnson

            Totally agree. I wasn’t aware of the shipping delay until I had already paid for mine in store. I don’t really care about the extra wait but it was frustrating that Moto really pushed the 4 day thing to sell the phone and reneged on it immediately. They had to have had an idea of initial sales.

          • Al-Burrit0

            I see what you mean…for us geeks at least. As of right now i havn’t seen any advertisement or commercial besides their FB page, twitter, G+ so only the people that follow motorola and us will see it most likely. So, I think by the time Motorola start advertising big they will have the delivery under contro.l

        • David Narada Brown

          NOPE! They didnt bother reading just fire away wit comments.

        • Some people comment on articles before the author edits the article to reflect changes they noticed after the fact, such as the new 8 day window.

          • Al-Burrit0

            usually i see edit or update at the bottom and this one does not have that.

  • monkey082506


    Correct me if I’m wrong but technically I could buy this phone from AT&T off contract and get pre-paid unlimited through T-Mobile and it would work out of the box correct?

    • Derek Duncan

      it’s still locked to AT&T

      • Corey Foltman

        technically since you bought it outright, AT&T should be more than happy to unlock it for you haha.

      • John Galt

        My understanding is that AT&T, if the phone is paid for outright, will unlock the SIM.

        • Bob G

          Or if you bought it on contract, after 90 days. Just call them up/online chat and ask them for code.

        • monkey082506

          That’s what I was thinking, however I do believe AT&T will still have a locked bootloader, I guess I “could” wait a little longer.

        • Justtyn Hutcheson


          If you aren’t a current or former AT&T customer, they won’t unlock it.

          • n900mixalot

            I thought they won’t even sell it without tying it to an existing line or a new one.

          • Justtyn Hutcheson

            That would make sense given the above policy. I was just making sure that the info that you can’t unlock it if you aren’t a current/former AT&T customer gets out there to keep people from trying to get one to use on T-Mobile (which wouldn’t work well anyway as it doesn’t use the right frequency bands).

          • Guest

            Thanks for the clarification!

          • John Galt

            However, I think you could make a competent argument that you are a customer of AT&T through the purchase of said device, and by virtue of purchasing the device outright, you’ve satisfied “any and all contract obligations, including any Service Commitment,
            associated with the device to be unlocked have been fully satisfied.
            The Service Commitment associated with a given device may be satisfied in one of the following ways: Fulfillment of the Service Commitment by expiration of any contractual term Upgrading to a new device under AT&T standard or early upgrade policies Payment of any applicable Early Termination Fee”, thus allowing you to have the phone unlocked.

            I could be completely wrong, and am open to being wrong. But that’s the argument I’d make about if they refused to unlock it.

          • Warwick

            This, Im going to try the moto x on tmobile when it gets in.

  • deadsix

    I can’t believe Motorola sold AT&T exclusive rights to Motomaker for a period of time. I am dying to replace my Gnex with a Moto X on VZW but I am going to wait till I can customize my phone and get the developer edition.

    • aye_winchell

      There are a couple of reason that i can see them doing this. The first is that maybe verizon was taking to long to approve it, we all know how verizon is with these things, and maybe at&t was like, no problem straight away, kinda like with the iphone, verizon didn’t want to approve it sight unseen and at&t was ok with it.
      The other reason is that maybe it was a production thing, they didnt want to have to try and produce and ship 5 million phones at once, they could do 2 million and slowly ramp up production over the next few month (those are made up number, i have no idea what they are capable of manufacturing and shipping.)

      • deadsix

        To me it just seems personally a dumb thing to give exclusivity for. It’s one of the main features of the phone. Your Moto X is different then anyone else’s.

        • aye_winchell

          i agree in theory. If its a phone for the masses then you should get as many of them as you can into the hands that want them, period. In fact i think the dumbest thing they did was not getting into the hands of people like us first, so we can tell people how great it is, and show the “masses” what its all about. The should have released the DE and GPE phones first ramped up production and then released on all carriers at once (im not sure that sounded right, oh well.)

    • You won’t be able to customize it AND get the developer edition.

  • thedonxr

    No Developer Edition yet…

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    What’s the 32 off contract?

    • Guest on August 32nd

      I think I saw $899.99

    • faganm24


    • boogie_monster

      for me:
      16GB is $579.99 + TAX

      32GB is $629.99 + TAX

    • Guest

      Off-contract prices:
      32GB: $629.99
      16GB: $579.99

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      Oh it’s in the article now. $629. Thanks

    • deadsix