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Icons and UCCW Episode 4: Minimal UI, Tondo, Flatshade, PushOn and More

uccw clock icons android

So, we decided to start labeling these to keep better track of them going forward. Welcome to the “Icons and UCCW” series that will hopefully continue to become a regular feature here at Droid Life. We casually tossed out a handful of icon packs and UCCW clock skins that had come across our desk a few weeks back, and many of you seemed to enjoy them, even asking for more. Here we are some four episodes later with more clocks and icons than we know what to do with. And you know what, we’re really enjoying it all.

This is our little chance to highlight the amazing work that clock and icon designers are out there putting in. Since it can be tough to navigate through the thousands of entries in the Play store at times, we hope this helps you focus in on the quality stuff – the stuff you’d like placed on your home screen. 

In the top setup, you are looking at a UCCW clock called Flatshade that can be picked up for free, along with an icon pack called Minimal UI for $1.49. The icon pack features over 800 icons and 8 wallpapers, one of which is being used there.

uccw clock icons android

In this setup (above), you are looking at a UCCW clock skin called PushOn that can be had for free. The icon pack is called Tondo – also free. The icon pack has over 150 icons, so it’s not exactly robust, but it gets the job done. Tondo also features 4 incredibly colorful and bright wallpapers that I love, one of which is included here.

uccw clock icons android

In this setup (above), you are looking at a UCCW clock skin called It’s On that can be had for $0.99 and comes in both white and black. The icon set is an old school free bundle called Tiny White. The wallpaper is another from the previously mentioned Minimal UI pack.

And in the last setup (below), you are looking at a UCCW clock skin called Long Shadows. It runs $0.99 and comes in both black and white. I matched it up with our previously covered Nox icon pack from kovdev, since the shadows matched up perfectly. The wallpaper is from a pack called Fuzz, that I highly recommend you all grab.

Don’t forget to submit new clocks and icon packs! You can also drop them in the comments.

uccw clock icons android

Icons:  Minimal UI ($1.49) | Tondo | Tiny White | Nox ($1.99) 

UCCW Skins:  Flatshade | PushOn | It’s On ($0.99) | Long Shadows ($0.99)

Wallpapers:  Fuzz

All previous Icons and UCCW episodes can be found here.

  • Blue Sun

    I love these articles too. THIS customization is why I prefer Android over iOS. Freedom & flexibility.

  • Alex

    My slate icons. Currently 55 in too new paid. Can we get them back into the top 50?

  • sean carey

    who can point me to a youtube video that will detail how to do these? these are great and makes my home screens seem BORING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Michael Shorey

    my current setup on HTC One

  • imhowie

    I just found tiny white icons the other day and love them. it’s a great looking, low profile icon pack.

  • Chippah

    Minimal shminimal

  • Higher_Ground

    Nice clocks, giving me some inspiration to get creative.

  • dmagicp

    Just thought I would chime in. I am running nova launcher and have one with my app drawer open and the other with it closed. I love the way it makes my note 2 screen look when everything is closed.

  • Disk UCCW Skins

  • Mughal MAB

    Easy TSF… That’s what I’m using since 6 months….

  • Sergio Meraz

    Nice screens. Here’s mine.

    • Slick design. I have the same display setting on my dashclock lock screen.

    • sean carey

      can you send me that wp? huge Jordan fan

  • Dan

    Here is my setup. made my own uccw clock based on Clean I believe, DCikonZ RectaN icon pack.

  • Ray Gray

    Ad has rendered this website useless on mobile chrome

  • mrjayviper

    love the tiny white icon pack. similar to what I’m using now but normal-sized.


  • wmsco1

    use this with buzz launcher (in play Store) all kinds of stuff plus be a member of the international community just sayin

  • Dustin

    Here’s a new one. Circles Clock – UCCW Skin: goo.gl/WB3srO

  • Derek

    Love these Icon & UCCW Episodes! Please keep them coming! Help me make all my iOS friends jelous!

  • uzo ufondu

    Here is my set up. I like to keep my status bar hidden. The green line at the top is the TEAM battery bar

  • Aaron Longoria

    Real nice setup you have there Kellex. Thanks for doing these posts!

  • JamesU513

    I bought the Tendere icon pack, but I can’t find where the icon is for the app drawer. I can add a nova action for it, but no icon… I’m always seeing that you guys have matching icons for your app drawer… Does Tendere have that?

    • If you are using Nova, it takes an extra long, long press on the launcher button, then an icon edit. Tendere definitely has a white box with dots in it.

  • n900mixalot

    Are you using a Nexus S?

    • haha

      no its a moto x

  • shecalledmejay

    I’m going to go broke getting all of these icon packs lol

  • Post

    My setup on the Galaxy S4

    • Three squares at the bottom do anything in particular?

      • Post

        The middle one opens the drawer while the ones on the side are folders for my most used apps

  • JamesU513

    Just made this setup on my 2013 N7…

    • Ahhh yes, that’s the other clock that comes with Flatshade.

  • Cory

    The Mintern Wallpaper Pack from the same developer that created the Fuzz Wallpaper Pack is also very minimal.

  • DroidzFX

    Not super minimal but the 1weather widget is pretty slick and informative.


  • jared

    How donu have icons so close together cant fig out that trick k

    • Nova grid set to 7×7. Also, in the dock settings, I have the width margin set to medium, with 7 icons allowed.

  • Craig

    Here’s mine. I made a UCCW clock, using a Minimal UI wallpaper. Have Floating Toucher as a primary app launcher, but in all that empty space I made transparent hotspots in UCCW that launch my most used apps. And just a little picture frame of my baby. And my app drawer is all Nox icons.

  • I don’t wanna feel left out, so here’s my current minimal setup on my DNA 🙂

    P.S. Heavily inspired by these articles. Cheers!

    • Eduardo Santana

      How did you get that status bar on the DNA? Rooting?

      • Yea, rooted running CM 10.1 unofficial for DNA.

  • Steve H

    I like the Nova launcher with a customized Clock Q widget and stock icons on my S4.

  • Mario Lovato

    My setup on HTC ONE

    ok guys Clean version no status bar stuff LOL

  • marc

    love minimal setups. here is my current setup

    • Best I’ve seen in a while.

    • Dan

      For minimal it seems somewhat redundant. I do like however.

  • Godzilla

    Dangit Kellex these ADs are still making the site jump around on mobile devices. And bring back the mobile site!!!

    • Buckoman

      Well if you don’t like using the desktop page on mobile maybe you should check out the app.

      Oh wait…

      • Godzilla

        An app would be nice for sure.

  • IrishSid

    Keep these posts coming DroidLife!

  • Damian

    Here’s my setup.

    • ApplesNAndroids

      Really looks like Andy threw up all over your home screen..

    • Not really minimilistic, lol

  • I like when these are done, it always gives me new ideas especially since certain things that are good turn out hard to find at times. I actually came across Fuzz a few days ago and I love that wallpaper pack so far

  • Mario Lovato

    this is my setup on HTC ONE

    • Bender Bending Rodriguez

      Minimal homescreen…but that statusbar is anything but minimal 😛

      • DanSan

        yea, holy status bar batman.

      • Mario Lovato

        LOL yeah i know i just had screenshot it at the time had a lot LOL

      • His Status Bar sense is tingling.


      Is that shaded icons? how do you change the icons. My phone icon looks different.

    • Really like that wallpaper.

  • Patmw123

    awesome wallpapers

  • meijin3

    Love it! Grid size would really help to make these exact setups 🙂

    • 7×7. 🙂

      • meijin3

        Thanks, Kellen!

  • DanSan

    i absolutely love when you guys do this type of article.

    Only comment is i find it hard to figure out which picture you’re talking about when doing the text description. Maybe a simple, “in the picture below/above, we have, etc etc”

    keep em coming!

    • Updated and tried to clarify a bit. 🙂

      • DanSan

        thanks! i know i had some issues with previous articles but i appreciate all the nice home screen setups!

      • Aaron

        Question, I assume your running Nova launcher on your Moto X. Does it override or disable any of its software features like touchless control or active display?

        • George Davis

          I would like to know this as well. My guess is that the software features would still work but it would be great to see this confirmed.

        • Nope not at all. Everything still works great.

          • George Davis

            Excellent, thanks for the confirmation! Looking forward to your review of the Maxx as I am currently vacillating between that and the X as my next phone (currently on a Bionic).

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  • morgan boyle

    Anyone else notice lag when a UCCW clock/widget is running? i loved Elegant but had to disable due to poor performance. Running Gnex AOKP M2

    • geedee82

      I’m running the exact same rom as you and I also get the lag. I switched back to Dash clock and its doing a lot better. I can’t wait for an AOKP 4.3 release though!

      • morgan boyle

        yes! Dashclock doesnt leave any lag. we need to get UCCW fixed.

        • Higher_Ground

          hmmm so maybe that’s why I’ve been lagging, though I didn’t notice it on the earlier builds (and i’m on a PUB build)
          it’d be nice if found a way to let us use other weather sources, too.

  • iNomNomAwesome

    Those wallpapers….Ooooooo 🙂

    • MrCapcomDS

      I don’t see the first wallpaper in the Fuzz app does anyone know ?

      • First wallpaper is in Minimal UI pack.

        • MrCapcomDS


    • DanSan

      I know… i have an addiction.

      i purchase almost every icon pack or UCCW widget these guys post up. Most of the time i grab the icon pack just for the wallpapers.

      i haven’t figured out a way to use a wallpaper from an icon pack as a lock screen wallpaper on my GS4.