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DROID ULTRA, MAXX, and Mini Owners – Don’t Forget About Your Free 6-Month Google Music All Access Subscription


When Motorola announced its new line of DROID phones for Verizon – the ULTRA, Maxx, and Mini – they mentioned a special promo that would give new owners of each device a free 6-month subscription to Google’s All Access music service. Now that each device has been released, we’re hearing from a handful of owners (mostly of the MAXX) who are trying to receive the free 6-month offer and failing. In fact, they aren’t finding the offer anywhere other than in listings on Verizon’s page for each phone. So how can you get the free 6 months? 

If you are currently an All Access member, the waters here are a little murky. With that said, if you have yet to give All Access a chance, you can simply open the Google Music app to be greeted with the 6-month offer, as seen in the screenshot above that I just took from an ULTRA. All you have to do is tap the “Try it FREE” button, enter some credit card information, and be on your way to enjoying free music. It’s that simple.

Now, if you are a member of All Access, we’re not sure if you can try it free for 6 months or not. I know that’s not the answer you were looking for, but it has been difficult to find an actual answer. Some customer service reps claim that you can’t receive the 6 free months if you are already a member, while others claim that you should just automatically get 6 months for free without being billed (if that makes any sense). We’ve even had readers say that by calling customer service, they were able to get a credit to their account that amounts to the total of an All Access subscription for 6 months. That’s probably not going to happen for everyone, so we don’t necessarily recommend going that route.

We’ll reach out to Verizon to see how they plan to get the free 6 months to current subscribers, or if it’s even available to them. In the mean time, if you have yet to try it, should have no problem getting your free trial started.

  • AbbyZFresh

    now what about that iOS Google Music app you said would come “in the coming weeks” back in may. Hmmm?

  • Jonathan

    If you are unable to find the popup ad listed above here is how you can find it. Open up Google music go to settings and click Try All Access for free. It should pop up with the free six month trial.

  • Tyler Durden

    Buy Maxx get 6 months free, then return phone. Win. /s

  • Chris Liberti

    Since there is no caveat (asteric) on the order page they are violating the FTC rules on fair and accurate advertising by not offering it to current subscribers.

  • Ed Waters

    I called Google Play customer service 2 weeks ago and they told me that I could use the 6 months of free Google Music All Access for an existing account. I have not decide whether or not to buy a Droid MAXX yet.

  • AK_Canuck

    Would anyone be able to clarify for me if the Verizon Moto X will allow Google Play Music All Access? I would guess that it would, the difference being that you do not get the free 6 month subscription. I’m new to the world of smartphones, trying to decide between Moto X and Maxx.

    • ramifications

      Based on everything I’ve seen and read, I don’t think the free 6 months apply to the Moto X.

    • Nathan D

      I think you just get the Google Drive storage instead.

    • dizel123

      Yes you can access Google Play Music All Access on the Moto X but you would not get a free 6 months with that phone. The free 6 months is only for the new Droid lineup, but any android phone can access Google Play Music All Access

      • AK_Canuck

        Thank you for the clarification.

  • nailz42

    I received a text message from Verizon about this. I called them up to ask about it since I was already a subscriber. I was told it was a promotion from Google, not Verizon and it was for new subscribers only. Since I already had a subscription, I was not eligible.

    • Scott Strool


  • I finally went and looked at all the phones in person yesterday. The Ultra is thin but that gloss back is more horrific than the backs of the S3/S4 combined, the Maxx feels really nice in hand, and the mini is, well, mini…

  • Stevennnnnnnnn

    I am using all access now. Song selection is great and the sound quality is awesome. So far I’m able to find all my songs in Spotify and have been using all access exclusively. I did have issues syncing from my phone to my PC browser. Not all the songs will show up on the web version, but they all do on the mobile version. Just another reason to get the Droid Maxx.

  • Aardvark99
    • Bryant

      Reviews are so subjective. The only review that I hold any REAL value and scientific data to is anandtech’s reviews. Here’s their moto X reviews that basic refutes anything related to system/becnhmarking performance: http://www.anandtech.com/show/7235/moto-x-review

      • Stevennnnnnnnn

        Any idea why the iPhone 5 beats the Razr Maxx HD on the first battery test?

        • JoshGroff

          Something about Li-ion batteries, first few charges always have lower potential. (And the iPhone 5 would most likely have been already used so it wouldn’t have that problem.)

    • BeejRich

      That was super brutal, but I love my Droid Maxx. It seemed to me like they were nit picking because aside from a design standpoint/battery life, the new Droids and Moto X are pretty much similar. And by pretty much, I mean they are the same.

      • Ben Klene

        Exactly, so far anything bad anyone has had to say about the Maxx, have been benefits for me

      • prestone1

        they were just taking their anger out on the maxx because their phones are on the charger by lunch.

    • prestone1

      I lost a little bit of respect for the verge there. Many people have been posting 6+ hours of screen time and regardless of the verge tests, you just don’t see that with the many others. He complained that he only got 1.5 days use out of it, as if it was a bad thing. Yeah they advertise 2 days but you would think someone from the verge would understand that is a number that changes based on usage.

    • Sticking with my OG Razr Maxx a bit longer. Just making sure I run LagFix once a week.

      • I have the Bionic (oh yes), and until I was able to run LagFix and trim the SSD storage it was basically sloooow and unusable. It’s a shame that without root you cannot do this, and for most people who don’t have the skills to do this, they are left with a paperweight.

        • 100% agree with everything you just said.

    • Stevennnnnnnnn

      To each their own, I suppose. I’ve been using the Maxx for a week now and I will never buy a new smartphone without a 3500+ mAh battery or something similar to active display. It just fits my lifestyle so well. The review really went down on the Maxx for its design, but I gotta say it really isn’t that bad. To me, it is thin and bold, and looks even more premium than the S4 or One

      • JoshGroff

        The S4 and premium shouldn’t be in the same sentence together. The plastic design makes me want to punch babies, but a case can fix that. 🙂

        All jokes aside, I actually quite enjoy my S4.

        • Aardvark99

          This is why I always put cases on my babies.

        • Guest

          Only the back is plastic. The front is all glass.

          • JoshGroff

            Also, the frame and sides are plastic, don’t forget that.

            One benefit to it being plastic is how freaking light it is. Darn thing weighs less than most phones I’ve compared it to side by side.

      • jhlinka

        Agreed. The maxx feels really solid. I got the bumper case just because I wanted to protect the edges, but I’m not worried about any dents/scratches anywhere else on the phone really. When you’re comparing thickness, does 2-3 mm REALLY make that much of a difference? Also the screen is beautiful to me coming from the razr – and honestly I personally don’t care if it’s not the latest 1080p.

      • LiterofCola

        I agree, easily the best phone I’ve ever owned

    • Lucky Armpit

      Thanks for posting but I don’t take much stock in the Verge anymore. They have become so pro-Apple that I don’t know why they bother reporting on anything else. Apple can do no wrong but Android is responsible for war and world famine. *rolleyes*

    • Justin Barrett


      I concur.

      • rabidhunter

        Subjective. I think they’re cool. Again, my opinion.

    • pico

      And yet they give the Moto X an 8.0. Skewed perception has led them to give the Droids such a poor rating. They even mention how they’re basically the same phone with a few tweaks.

    • Vince SantaCruz

      I don’t understand all this ultra hate. I played around with one in the store and as far as how it operates it seemed to be every bit as fast and easy to use as the X and the 5″ screen was decent. As far as the back goes most people get covers/cases anyway.

      • dizel123

        One word. Igonrance.
        There’s nothing wrong with the Ultra, but some blogger wrote about how it shouldn’t exist and all the sheep just lined up behind him saying “baaa it shouldn’t exist baaaaa” Its sad how so many Android users are even more brainless than isheep.

    • EraserXIV

      Guys, don’t you see it? This phone was built by Motorola with a massive battery to provide all day use and prevent the problem of smartphones running out of battery. Thus, the Verge score of 9 for the battery. Taking that into consideration, the total score marks a total culmination of everything coming together…

      A total score of 6.0 means that 9 – 6 = 3, Half-Life 3 confirmed.


    Moto X on T-Mobile; When????

    • The internet is tricky, don’t worry, you’ll get the hang of it soon.

      • AKAKAKAK

        Doubt it!

  • Bryant

    If you are a current subscriber you can always give trial service to someone else. I added my wife’s account to my phone and switched the user in Google Music and bam! She was offered it for 6 months. It also appears that this can be done as many times as you want as long as you keep switching users on your phone

    • True, but most people don’t like to just give stuff away, lol

      • Bryant

        Not “giving away” as you can give away as many as you want. I havent tried a second person but the option was available to a 2 account that I logged in with.