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Contest: Win a Custom Moto X for AT&T, Designed by You

custom moto x

Well, we tried to run this contest last week but failed thanks to a system limitation at AT&T stores. However, MotoMaker is now live and open to full retail/off-contract orders of the Moto X which means we get to give one away to the Droid Life community! That’s right, we’re going to let you customize your own Moto X should you be chosen as our winner. Through MotoMaker.com, you can customize your prize of a 16GB AT&T-ready Moto X any way you’d like. How awesome is that? 

As we typically do for contests, we’ve gone with Rafflecopter since it makes the entry and winner choosing incredibly simple for everyone. You can enter numerous ways (giving you more entries) or by picking and choosing. It’s completely up to you, but this way we give more people an opportunity to win.

This contest is for U.S. entries only. Ready?


Prize:  1 (one) custom MotoMaker-designed Moto X 16GB model.

How to enter:

a Rafflecopter giveaway


We’ll choose our winner randomly tomorrow morning at 11:00AM Pacific.

  • DisBeNaz

    Pretty in Pink. Smooth. Simple. Classy. Gorgeous <3

  • Spoken Word™

    Red, White & Blue

  • movalpolos

    OMG IT’S ME?!!?!

  • tharealoc

    congrats winner…dang now i have to go throw my money at motorola

  • Andrew Vera

    i want one!

  • slow88lx

    White/ Royal blue and black accents

  • Justin Rogers

    please be me, please be me!

  • Alex

    Dark blue and black front. Thx.

  • KevinTimmons

    Woven black and green

  • Dravenlee

    Here’s to hoping.

  • kev_of

    Blue with red

  • BlackT5

    Can’t wait for the bamboo version.

  • I like the mint, though the wood tones might be worth a look/upgrade also!

  • Jason Sipes

    I’d go with black woven back, black front with Metallic Silver ring & volume rocker

  • Joe

    Looks Cool!

  • Ben Smith


  • bitz

    Im thinking I would go with black on white scheme.

  • Roger-Ashley Freese

    I would love to do mine Orange and Black. This would match my motorcycle and I have to be cruising in style. Cannot have a blue device on a orange bike, just cannot happen.

  • mjsalinger

    Black and red, with yellow accents.

  • Shaunwin

    Yes Please

  • Sean Rice


  • Hernan Rosario

    Black and red, with blue accents

  • Robert Toudouze

    all wood if I can

  • André Berry

    wooden scheme….when available

  • Adorkabledee

    I want something more girly…. Raspberry back with purple accents but any color customization is awesome

  • Mr. Joshua

    Orange! Go Vols

  • Theodoro Samms

    Royal Blue back, White front with metallic red accent

  • Victoria Pater

    mint green with teal accents, please!

  • AZMrbiggles

    Red back, Blue accents. Bear down.

  • Graham

    Comment, I wanna win!!!!

  • ryan

    I’d go all black

  • ビッググリーン

    My color scheme would be all black everything. Matte black

  • Brien


  • jh123416

    I would go straight up black for the front and back (not woven) with the orange accents because I’m a huge Cincinnati Bengals fan.

  • ビッググリーン

    It’s really hard doing this on your phone

  • Tyler Mansfield

    White on white with red accents!

  • Jarras

    Black, crimson and dark grey

  • alan zhao

    give me one

  • Themanhere10

    Black back and front with blue buttons

  • jjfightmaster

    I would go solid black with teal accents.

  • ragingd

    Black and reD

  • tuname1t

    black front, olive back, black accents

  • Madhu

    Want it

  • Fredy Nativi

    white front, silver accents, and light blue back

  • Brian Erickson

    Royal blue back, black front, yellow trim… Thank you!

  • Jackson Graessle

    I would love a wooden X with bright red for anything else.

  • Sean ➫

    Totally going navy and buttons yellow!

  • Luke Lee

    Winning this would be so sick

  • Alex Vigil

    As pictured. Black and red!

  • Ruben

    Green accents, black front, black woven black. Sexy.

  • Dave
  • Brain

    I would go for a grey back with a orange accents. I love some of these other suggestions though!

  • mek_man

    I would get a Dark Blue with a Yellow accent (and a black front) for UofMichigan – Go Blue!

  • Lawrence

    All black with orange accents…would choose a wood back if available.

  • TrennisHostetler

    Orange back black front and green accents

  • Adam

    Black on black on black on black on black. “Murdered out”, as they say.

  • Derek Strothmann

    Carbon fiber any one?

  • tlwulf324

    Hello Moto!

  • filmcub

    I’d do Navy blue back with white front and blue accents

  • Javier Saavedra

    For me, it would be olive back, black front with metallic yellow accent.

  • Derek Duncan


  • yaooitsbrett

    I think i’d go with the woven black

  • cjohnson481

    Cement back, neon yellow accents, white front.

  • Mondo

    Woven Black, Ring Accents, keep it clean and simple. It’s not all about being flashy now

  • mattcb

    I’d stick with plain old black. Colorful isn’t really my style

  • jared

    Yes please

  • Ivo Shandor

    I want this phone!

  • Keyan X

    I think I would do a silver/white and red color scheme for my Motto Maker design.

  • Will Carter

    Woven White Back, Black Front, Metallic Blue Accents.

  • Joe

    Wood back, please and thank you.

  • imacellist

    Droid Life you guys are the best! I am loving the moto x. What a sweet looking phone. As far as color scheme goes, I would have to do silver and a pop of some other color. I’m terrible at these decisions though, I may just let my wife design it haha

  • nmaxfield

    black (not the woven black) with red accents. mm hmm

  • Carol Buchman

    Purple! Love that color! Thanks for the chance to win one! 🙂

  • Robert Canning

    Nice – good luck everyone, I’d go for something sleek in black

  • Matthew Faluotico

    Blacked out with yellow

  • sirgaspar

    Navy blue w/ silver accents here we go!

  • Evan

    I’m still trying to figure out what design to pick!

  • magafree

    I’d use lots of red

  • Jared Carter

    Nom Nom Moto

  • moto x or htc one? I guess this would help me make the decision 🙂

  • Eamon

    Turquoise and black, yo.

  • tharealoc

    I have been on the moto x bandwagon since day one…i really want to win!

  • Owais

    I want Moto X

  • Ryan

    Navy blue back with orange accents

  • lorenzo

    metallic blue and all black :p

  • Ryan

    I want to win

  • Moto X for the win. I held it in my hand at a sams club the other day, it felt glorious, but was only a display model, couldent play with the software.

  • gamafree

    I’d go with black and gold

  • winebeast

    I would go with a nautical theme. White front, Navy back

  • Andrew Dahl

    Crimson Back, Black Front, Metallic Red buttons.

  • Jeff C

    blue back, orange accents, white front. flashayy

  • Dave

    I’d get the royal blue back, black front, and metallic silver trim. 🙂

  • JamisonFrady

    Crimson main and orange accent with white face

  • Travis Williams

    Moto X!! Made in Merica!! Thats all that needs to be said!!

  • Patrick

    black everything!

  • chadman07

    White front, Navy back…good enough for me.

  • nuno

    Woohoo New MOTOX

  • KenBarnum

    #Redskins colors! Burgundy & Gold

  • Sir Grinklestien

    black front, turquoise back, red accents.

  • Douglas Hill

    So many choices. I think I would do black and metallic blue but subject to my mood when I design it.

  • Sir Grinklestien

  • Jrbourque

    This phone looks awesome

  • HR

    Don’t mind if I do.

  • White Front, Blue Back, White Accents

  • raiders42878

    Need a new phone, and don’t want to give up unlimited!

  • John

    Mint back, white front, purple buttons is how the significant other went using the MotoMaker website.

  • hugdf

    I like the Android green idea

  • Marcus Cruz

    Cherry back, yellow accent, with a white front. Deffo.

  • Alan Paone

    I’d do black front, white back and red accents. I’ve wanted that scheme for way too long. Either that or I’d go completely crazy with yellows and greens and pink accents

  • huffimus_prime

    Crimson back, white front, silver accent

  • vwbeetlvr

    in like flint.

  • Jay

    Woven black back. Black front. Either red or yellow accents.

  • Black and red

  • Ryan Rhodes

    I want the darker blue with the yellow green accents!! So sexy!!

  • Joe Zollinger

    Black and Blue

  • Chuck

    I’ll take a free black on black please

  • Oz

    Blue back, white front, and yellow buttons

  • sherrievieira

    green back, yellow highlight, black front.

  • Arian

    I want the most pink with little blue buttons yay

  • underorionsbelt

    Spearmint back, black front, black accent

  • evcon

    I love that tennis ball yellow, but I hear it gets dirty easily. Still, probably that and maybe red trim for me!

  • Casey Artner

    Black/White front/back with blue or yellow buttons.

  • makav3ll1

    Light blue and pink. South beach colors!

  • Tony Avella

    I’d go with Black front, black back, and yellow accent.

  • Matt G

    Green and white colors! Like a Yoshi egg.

  • Joshua R. Thrasher

    Sure hope I win this. !

  • bwinger79

    I just need a phone that works. Built in the USA just makes it that much better. 🙂 Oh….and as for the color scheme….all white with some blaze orange accents.

  • cheezer88

    id go with the REd and Black Attack

  • triangle8

    I’m thinking black, black and yellow trim.

  • Jake

    Black front and back, Green hightlights.

  • PhishStixx

    Crimson back, Black front, black accent ^_^

  • underorionsbelt

    Love this phone just wish more people would look past the price tag.

  • daboyz1223

    i would go with woven black and metallic orange accents.

  • wills96

    this contest is going to make me get wood

  • smokes70

    Black and blue looks sharp!

  • arparaspolo

    I love Droid Life!

  • Tom Kiley

    That woven black is pretty snazzy. Blue trim.

  • Woven White, Black front, and Silver accents

  • nathan

    Woven Black back, black front, orange accents

  • eschapp

    Pretty sure I’d sick with black on black, or maybe the olive color.

  • SupaBrotha

    Can it please be my turn to win?

  • Noah Bloom

    i want i want i want

  • JsinLegacy

    Wood backing is the only way to go … so sex

  • Molly Housel


  • Trent Russell

    Really digging the woven black with white buttons and accents

  • Matt Neidlinger Ramone

    Black with blue quite amazing!

  • Eduardo Cruz

    That black one looks nice!

  • Stephen Gaskins Jr.

    I like the idea of all black with blue accents, but I would go with wood. How much wood would a woodchuck chuck, etc…

  • Too bad it’s US only 🙁

  • Stephen Gaskins Jr.

    I will totally leave Verizon if I win. Like, totally.

  • MJBigDeal

    Teal and Black looks fab!

  • Lane252

    Black and yellow trim would be so boss. But like MKBHD I love some black and red trim

  • Ryan

    gray and black

  • this color looks nice

  • Lane252

    I’m in love with this idea, this concept for phone is amazing

  • TechTitan

    I was going to be creative until I saw the post by tjhrulz. Now I’ll just take woodgrain. lol

  • Vong Jr. Phonsiri

    Awesome! GL everyone

  • Jeremy Kacher

    I’m going to be boring and go with the black

  • richeyrich81

    Simple and plain black woven black and white front

  • Good luck everyone!

  • Erin

    White and teal with metallic yellow accents!

  • J Ward

    I’d go with all red. Very ferrari.

  • Rigoberto Cabrera

    Teal and Black for sure.

  • J Ward

    I’d use to to drown out my nagging gf.

  • Dan

    Black front, black woven back, metallic yellow accents, good stuff

  • Ed Chen

    I’d love a red and black Moto X.

  • Evolvr

    I’m digging the olive greeen back with white front now. So many choices…

  • JSG

    Teal and yellow would be great

  • MaddHatterr

    Black on woven black with yellow accents, so nice. Would match my car 🙂

  • Josh

    Cool contest!

    • Josh

      white and green!

  • Hedney3

    As a university of maryland student I have to go with the black front, red back and yellow accents. TERPS baby!

  • Hell yes. All I’ve wanted was a custom Moto.

    White front, turquoise back, and metallic silver accents. Please and thank you.

  • Jerome.


  • Danrarbc

    This phone would go to my wife. She’d probably go white front, red back. And yellow accent – Cardinal style sorta.

  • Akash Kothawale

    Sexy black is a beast. Would love to have that

  • Yellowsnow

    I’d go with the Woven Black, Black front, and Metallic Blue combination

  • jsngrvn

    Blue on Blue with white trim, It’s bigger on the inside 🙂

  • Yellowsnow

    Galaxy nexus . . . must . . . get . . . rid . . . of . . . need . . . a . . . phone . . . worthy . . . of . . . retail . . . price . . .

  • Woven black all the way!!

  • cmenzw01

    Woven Black, Black front, and Metallic Blue

  • Paul Fulbright

    Software is clearly the main reason to get this, I ended up speccing out a black/black one lol.

  • Droidzilla

    Black like the night. And Batman.

  • Nicolas


  • dramer77

    there are so many to choose from i dont really know lol

  • zachjen

    black and silver. maybe some white in there somewhere

  • eclect1c

    i’ll take one

  • Michael Germany

    Definitely Cherry

  • Phil Becker

    Two tone black and blue

  • Corey Van Tighem

    Woven black back, white front, metallic blue accents…. 32 GB

  • Evan Duderewicz

    White front, blue back with the grey accent for me

  • Garnet & Gold – go Noles!

  • Specialized425

    black with yellow accents!

  • Thomas Banakas

    Woven Black, Black front, and Metallic Blue – Classic with a touch of Greece! 🙂

  • John Simonelli

    Either the Woven Black with Blue Buttons, or Blue Back with the Silver buttons.

  • Anon

    Moto maker +1

  • Daniel Lau

    white with blue accent

  • RedXander

    Woven Black, White Front, Metallic Red Accents. GGMU on the back (if they still are doing it)

  • RedXander

    Fackworz compels you…

  • Robert Kuhlman

    Could really use a new phone as awesome as this one. Mine is on its last leg.

  • firefightermdc

    Red w black

  • iamjackspost

    Black^3, also known as the “Johnny Cash”

  • mrfou

    Excited to see the possible combinations

  • Nayners

    White with blue highlights!

  • James Doyle


  • Ivan92116

    Royal Blue with yellow highlights

  • Craig

    I would go with a wooden back for sure and probably a white front!

  • Patrick Jewell

    I need to replace this Galaxy Nexus bad

  • jafunk

    woven black with yellow accents

  • PR guy

    White front, navy back, cherry red accents…….’Merica!

  • Kurt Landis

    Woven Black, Black front, and Metallic Blue is my preference

  • Shelley

    shades of blue and silver

  • Nathan

    Yes, I think so.

  • Ryan N

    I have been waiting for this phone since January. Icing on the cake would be a free custom from DL.

  • gonecks1

    Black and white

  • Kenny Wong

    Black on Black, with yellow accents

  • bjayjr5679

    I want a purple and gold one

  • villian1998

    All white everything!

  • Rogenyourseth

    I would like a red back, red accents. Black front 🙂

  • Daniel Cirincione

    Red, White and Blue for America!

  • Issemann

    Really like the woven backs… Shame it’s only available as black or white. 🙁

  • Faith Trust

    I never win anything, but there goes nothing.

  • Larry Franks

    I wish it came with an orange back. That would rock.

  • anetbooknerd

    I’d set one up with a black front, olive back and black accents.

  • Michael Kelly

    Black front. Jury is still out on the back…i’ve got a couple of ideas but want to see it in store if possible first. Probably blue or red accents.

    Help me out Droid Life, I need to get away from the Bionic (even if i have to switch to AT&T)

  • jjl207

    Looks Great. Dark navy blue and black.

  • Howard L

    I seriously want one of these. The Moto X is the ideal phone for me but I can’t justify getting a new phone.

  • Woven white, white front, metallic blue. 🙂

  • Akeldama

    Would love to have a customized phone to replace my aging GS2. All black with red accents would be sweet.

  • Hans Carota

    32 GB, crimson back with Yellow accents and a white front

  • Nick Bertschinger

    Black back. Yellow accents. Black Front.

  • Keith SanJose

    white and green please

  • Bretton Key

    The color theme I’d do is a black front, with cherry red back with metallic gray buttons.
    I would theme, the icons and just make a sleek minimal look for my homescreen…
    Let me win so I can break free from Verizon’s vice grip

  • Dee Mann

    So i can finally leave Verizon for good!!!!!!

  • dawsonm

    white with red trim

  • Bryan H

    Woven white on white with an orange accent, simple clean with a subtle pop 😀

  • Robert Macri

    Umm, I need one! Turquoise and Orange

  • Chase

    Midnight Green with white accents. GO EAGLES

  • white.noise

    That yellow is an awesome color!

  • Francis Hammond

    Black on the back, white on the front, and a red trim. Keep up the good work

  • Mike Kister

    I have been so wanting this phone ^__^

  • Jesse

    Probably blue and white!

  • Bryan

    White, white, silver

  • Brian Armstrong

    Miss being a motorolla!

  • Greg M.

    Black front, black back, red accents

  • Alex Goings

    This could get me off Verizon!

  • eli

    Really liking what tjhrulz has setup below. I would go with android blue accents though, matches the OS.

  • Tom Kuhl

    Designed this when the moto maker went live…

  • Matt Mihalik

    White with metallic blue accents.

  • Jonathan Berry

    I’m liking black front with Turquoise back and orange accents.

  • T S

    i want something not subtle. that’s it.

  • Simion

    Black is the way to go!

  • Eric

    All black and red accents for me.

  • hoyun

    The bright backs are appealing to me, but not sure I could live with it day to day. I really want wood backs though.

  • Robbie Gerling

    kansas city chiefs layout: red back, yellow buttons and a white front face =)

  • JC

    Mint with Blue Accents & White front

  • Ryan Patterson

    I’m holding out for the nexus 5 but a free moto X would be a great substitute.

  • Gamer03

    Woven black for the back of the phone, black front, and metallic black for the accent color.

  • Brian Ruden


  • Enrique Villacrez Torrejón

    I would go with woven Black rear. Black Front. yellow accents.

  • Kree Terry

    Im leaning toward woven black back, black front, and yellow accents. I cant decide if the flat black looks better though lol.

  • Dayveetoe

    Black with blue accents.

  • Andrew

    I could go with black on black

  • Vivek Padigar

    Accents-Metallic Blue
    Quite Sporty!

  • Jeff Shelton

    All Blue!

  • Shortbus

    Red FTW.

  • Mike

    White with orange accents

  • K1cks

    I’d go with a green back and black front with silver buttons (closest I could get to an Eagles color scheme)

  • Averix

    I like that metallic blue with the woven black tjhrulz did. Subtle, yet bold.

  • ceejw

    Bing Billy Billy Bong Bong

  • Daniel Ogilvie

    All white everything.

  • Joseph Norcott

    Black front silver back with black buttons

  • Bald_Sasquach

    I can’t decide between red, silver, or black trim on a black face with mint back. The red pops but I might get tired of it. :/

  • Chester

    Black with blue accents!

  • Daniel Gulyas

    Classy black back and front, probably try to go with some kind of green for buttons.

  • Alishah Momin

    Matte holo and either yellow or black accents

  • Erich Lohrmann

    White front, woven white back, metallic blue accents

  • Rob Black

    I’m still trying to decide between the woven black and blue on the back.

  • Don

    Mine will be Olive with Metalic Yellow accents

  • hamza8117

    Blue with red accents for the Texans.

  • Tyler Keefe

    new phone time

  • jbhelms76

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  • Guest


  • 3fren

    Maybe between the two of all black with red accents. Or all black with orange accents.

  • JohanV

    I want to win it. This is mine. WANT!

  • Pam H

    I like the blue one.

  • mechapathy

    Blue with Yellow accents, white front. Buffalo Sabres colors!

  • tomleskin

    I would do a green back with a white front and silver accents.

  • mrhac

    Woven black, black front. All Black! Or maybe the blue buttons.

  • Michael Slaughter

    Black front, black, back with Metallic Blue is what I would get!

  • Michael Slaughter

    I so want this phone!!!!!

  • Jake Gold

    Patriot colors: RED WHITE AND BLUE

  • Kurt Caldwell

    Black front and back with blue accents

  • Ritzie

    Black and Pink

  • Daniel_Weber

    moto moto moto

  • George Rudgers

    Black and Dark Blue!

  • Nicole Acuna

    Woah I LOVE the one that is woven black with the blue accents, what a sexy phone!

  • chowhoundb

    very nice

  • Taylor Jeude

    Metallic Blue Siding; Navy Backing; Black Front. And high capacity!

  • Jon D

    Yellow yellow and more yellow

  • Jon Mooney

    black on black on black on black on black on black

  • Eric Peterson

    Navy Back, White Front, Metallic Yellow. Yellow SOL headphones.

  • harry

    navy with metallic purple

  • khsunny5

    Would love this phone to be my 1st contest win-ever-and I’m in my 40’s! It’s time.

  • James

    I’ll take olive back, white front, and a color pop like yellow or orange for accents!

  • Corbin


  • Eric Hauser

    Just got an AT&T Straight Talk SIM. I would love to put it in one of these.

  • Dj 2FrSh

    I want it all black with some red accents

  • minimure77

    lemon-lime w/ metallic red accents, black front. or flipped… University of Maryland colors 🙂

  • DoloresAdair

    I would want plain black, front and back with orange accents. I am def into the Halloween colors.

  • Trevor Vass

    Royal blue back, white front, and metallic silver accents

  • robertlwalters

    White with some nice accents.

  • John Hallanger

    Might have to go with tjhrulz’s design as well. Well done!

  • Matt

    Black and Gray

  • badjedi

    olive and orange

  • Jazz Bayer

    lemon line back, white front with metallic red accents

  • Lester Washington

    Would love to win this phone.

  • behi

    Blue & yellow!

  • Yazz Rivas

    Gotta get me one 🙂

  • cory

    I’d get a black and yellow one

  • carla


  • Derek Hutchinson

    Black and yellow!

  • Derek Hutchinson

    I want it!

  • Michelle Schick

    Very nice!

  • Ralph Bretz

    Could make it black and pink in honor of Droid Life

  • Nicholassss

    Awwwe yeah. I’d leave Verizon for one of those.

  • SJ Prettyman

    Purple, purple, purple! Thanks Droid-Life!

  • Ralph Bretz

    black with blue

  • Sparktweek

    Color choice? Kind of a had decision. I’d go with either an all black phone, a “Kawasaki Green” theme, or an Orioles theme. Thanks DL!

  • Franz

    Black with reds accents would be amazing!

  • John Hopper

    yeah, what tjhurlz said. I’ll take that.

  • Michael Thomas Maliszewski Jr.

    red and white with black somewhere on the phone works for me!

  • Dat Huynh

    cool 😀

  • Nicholas

    Crimson back, white front, black accent FTW

  • droidrazredge

    I would make mine simple black with gold accents or simple black with orange accents.

  • Jason Blomgren

    I do not have a final design picked yet.

  • Tim Asdoorian

    Black on Black with Metallic Blue Accents

  • Scott Manders

    I designed one the other day that looked exactly like the picture tjhrulz uploaded. Simple black with blue accents.

  • Darlene Fox

    black and metallic blue

  • crystal s

    The mint and black

  • Martin

    Black front, woven black back and metallic blue accent

  • Jeff Kapugi

    Would love to get a custom Moto X!

  • Riyan Sarana Ruslim

    my design

  • Velhym

    Kind of leaning towards this.

  • Riyan Sarana Ruslim

    just for share,, im from indonesia :'(

  • ramifications

    I’d get turquoise back with yellow accents and a white front! It looks so cool. Thanks DL!

  • Parker

    Mint back, silver accents, and a white front

  • White front navy back silver accent

  • rigzin

    hOPE i win

  • wirasi

    Woven Black, Black front, and Metallic Blue is where its at! @tjhrulz:disqus style.

  • Morten Lund

    Olive back, Black front and Yellow accents would be my choice right now

  • Alejandro London

    The blue!

  • Jonathon

    blue on black is nice

  • The color scheme I would go with on MotoMaker is:

    Metallic Silver-Accent

  • siarhei

    Blue with white accent

  • Chen Ming Chen

    Great device before we head to holiday!

  • Riyan Sarana Ruslim

    us only 🙁

  • Russell lowe

    Need me a Moto X!!!!!

  • Chris Amaya

    Black with orange accents looks mighty nice.

  • ProfessAndObey

    Black front of course. And I thought I was going to go with a Turquoise back, but now that I see the Olive w/ Orange accents, I might go with that.

  • Amar Shergill

    White front black back and Halo blue accent colours

  • Akash Kothawale

    This beast is waiting for me 😀

  • WillCald93

    I would love to make a simple minimal looking moto x, probably white back with black front and gray outlining.

  • I wish other colors were also available in the “woven” variety. But since they are not, I’ll have to go for non-woven versions, given a chance.

  • Michael Ortins

    either navy blue red and a black front or a woven black back and black front with white/silver buttons.

  • xix19

    Concrete back. Black front and orange accessories

  • ninjawarren

    Red accents with a black front and woven black back.

  • erikiksaz

    Either something with a rich green or a very midnight blue. Too bad they don’t offer metallic.

  • Christopher Lee

    Red with white font would be sweet. Hope to win!!

  • Kehin Faux

    sweeet af

  • st26539

    Black front. Navy back. Silver accent.

  • H3xTo

    Sweet phone

  • cobakk1812

    mint, white, black accent!

  • antheezy

    Teal and Gold!

  • Gerardo Sarabia

    White front and back with red accents

  • Adan H.

    I’ve always loved black phones with red accents. I think that’s how I’ll go with mine!

  • ewilliams1009

    black and red

  • Alex Im

    I love me some orange and blue… but it’s hard to look at that for too long. Still might get orange and blue

  • Joshua

    Oh my glob raspberry and black too good

  • brndnzlda

    Something green and blue

  • Kelvin Camilo

    I think woven black is the best choice

  • IBTheWalk

    Love to get my hands on this so that I can retire my gnex for good.

  • Miguel Meza

    Great phone

  • Randy

    I gotta get one of the wood backs!

  • Stephen Blake

    Great phone! Mint chocolate chip please!

  • I’d go with turquoise with the blue accents!

  • Abbie Rosario

    Blue everywhere.

  • Jesus Elle

    the chance to design your phone sure is exciting

    • Jesus Elle

      red white and blue cuz im amerikan

  • Brandon Lang

    Woven White front and back, Metallic Red accents. Call it a day thanks

  • Davis King


  • hoangtx

    black front, white back, and metallic red accents for me

  • walterwh1te

    would go with white and some blue or green accents

  • 994196003

    orange on black

  • dingus

    probably black and red

  • kashtrey

    I cant choose and seeing everyone’s choice on here makes it so much harder. It’s probably gonna either be one of the red backs (cant decide which tone) black front and black accents OR Black Woven/Black/Red Accents

  • Amar

    Royale with yellow

  • Tpreludesh

    As a fan of University of Michigan and the San Diego Chargers, I would do the black front, Yellow back and Royal Blue accents. GO BLUE!!!

  • Phil

    Id go with a Woven Black with Black Front and Green accents!!

  • alladam

    I’ll go w/ Textured black back, black front & orange accents

  • Jamie Frazier

    Hope I win.

  • Anthony Haug

    Its all about the yellow back and red buttons with black front..

  • Tareck


  • BikerBob1789

    woven black back, black front, orange accents.

  • xzombiex66

    Accent Metallic Orange
    Pro shell case

  • sil199

    black with blue accents

  • royla blue back, Orange Accent, Black front

  • Edgar Cancela

    ill take it anyway as long as is free

  • Joseph Pojunis

    Woven black back, black front, red accents.

  • Richard

    I would get the all white with blue accents.

  • Matt Myslewski

    Woven Black, Black front, Metallic Blue

  • Megamaster2

    Blue with yellow accents.

  • Alan Youngblood

    Would love to win this phone

  • Timothy

    Royal Blue back, black front, metallic silver accent.

  • WinDroidGuy

    White front, Royal Blue back and Black accents 😀

  • Jooyoung Hong

    Blue back, White front, Red accents

  • Annduhroo

    Royal blue, with bamboo

  • J Z

    Love how you can customize it

  • Jordan Lee

    Cement back, white front, orange accent

  • jimmy dee

    Woven white with black front and silver metallic accents!!!!!

  • stang68

    So many options!

  • Keith Ketover

    Navy and Silver… Closest I an get to Seahawks colors! GO HAWKS!

  • Max

    Oh my God, i want it!

  • Austin_tacious

    Navy & orange… or mint and orange.

  • Ryan Darvish

    so nice

  • RadioGuy


  • Levi Heintzelman

    Spearmint back, black front, and metallic orange accents!

  • RadioGuy

    Crimson and Cream. Boomer Sooner!

  • Nexus_Prime

    Olove back, front black and gray accents

  • Tim Buchanan

    All blue!

  • nosedive94

    I almost bought one today

  • AdamB

    Lovin the new Moto X

  • pharmdy

    Woven black, black front, metallic blue trim!

  • Shssael Perez

    This is hot.

  • Alfonso Haskins

    Navy and orange (go broncos!) /w a White face

  • Pierce Berlin Wall Brothers

    Crimson,white front, metallic black accent

  • Seth Arrazola

    Royal blue back, white front, black accents. Or possibly woven black back, black front, red accents. Can’t decide.

  • Jatovi McDuffie

    I would do a Miami Dolphins theme

  • funkylovemonkey

    Probably with a black checkered back with purple accents… Probably

  • Gumballhead1775

    Spearmint w/black and blue highlights

  • Cobalt and Neon blue on white

  • Jose Gonzalez

    White face, Olive back with orange accents. Oh mannnnn

  • Hoffman

    Black front, Sky Blue on back & White accents.

  • wookis

    I’d go with black – don’t care for flashy colors on a phone.

  • Nextus

    All white with blue power/volume rocker!

  • delesh

    Black with white accents.

  • Josh Sleeper

    Black front, woven black back, metallic yellow accents!

  • Rocky Calabrese

    Back: Royal Blue, Front: Black, Accent: Metallic Red

  • ldelano

    white front, turquoise back, black accents

  • ldelano

    comment to win

  • NexusMan

    I would love a Moto X…gotta have some color! Probably a nice royal blue with blue accents, and either a white or black front would be nice.

  • Stephen Hobbs

    Here’s hoping. Woven black with blue highlights and white front.

  • kr8os71

    black and gold!

  • imnotmikal

    I was playing around with MotoMaker earlier today.

    White face, white (non-woven) back, with either red, blue, purple, or black accents. All of them are simple but very beautiful.

  • Xeeros

    Dun dun dun

  • Nevets

    Quite the opposite color scheme of my Galaxy Nexus, but a very welcomed change!

  • Christopher Heuer

    black with blue highlight

  • disqus_KUMWy5mVMb

    Going with a Woven Black back, black front and Orange Metal Accents.

  • bigillz

    Green and white

  • axelcano2

    Please pick me! Blue and yellow for me

  • Patrick Considine

    Gosh, I don’t know on colors, so many combos…
    One combo would be, black front, woven black back, metallic red accents.
    Another Combo would be black front, cherry back, metallic orange accents.

  • ThatHelpfulGuy

    Black front, Black weave back, and red accents

  • Randall

    I think I would go with Cherry back, Black front, and Blue accent!

  • Victor Epée

    I need this phone

  • Bryan

    I would love to lose verizon and gain a custom moto x in one fell swoop….

  • Dave Amburn

    Blue and black

  • Eric Lauber

    I’m leaning on the Royal Blue with silver/gray accents.

  • snowboard311

    black on blue

  • BrionBrown

    I would pick the olive back, orange accent and black front. I really wish they would add the wood backs! But then I couldn’t take it on an airplane, right Ron?

  • Rick H

    That’s the business

  • Adam Baumann

    Yep…The Jokerphone!

  • Jason James

    Mine shall be red with black in memory of my stolen Gsxr-1000!

  • jbeise


  • MichaelWiebe

    Navy back with orange accents.

  • Brian Tehan

    black on blue

  • Brandon Sweetness

    Spearmint with Orange accents. Clear case and black front. Sexy and sleek.

  • ckdk44

    All black, woven, with blue accents!!!! PANTHERS!!!!

  • Chris Kimura

    its hard to beat all combos already posted 😛

  • Jay Gillespie

    woven black and green

  • sirathos89

    Black and Dark Blue, definitely.

  • Clayton Burnett

    black and gold – MU Tiger style

  • gp126904

    Black on Black with red or blue accents.

  • christophermcconkey

    Black on black with red, well if it is available that is. I haven’t really looked in to it yet

  • Black all around with Red accents…..
    or grey with orange to match my new shoose

  • pseudonym_b

    commenting here

  • Woven black with red accents.

  • William Peterson

    Black back & front, green accents. Or the bright blue back/white front w/gold accents

  • Donnie Dangus

    Cement/White/Black accents.

  • Adam Smith

    White front, navy blue back, red accents.

  • lilcledix

    I would do a dark blue with a purple dots

  • Zeeshan Dawdani

    Chalk back, black front, metallic red buttons

  • droid1234

    Thanks Droid Life. I will go with black front and back with yellow buttons

  • Chicago Bears Moto X: Navy back, white front, orange accents, and a clear case to show it off…

  • Jakemerrell

    I am a BYU fan so I would go with a blue back, white front and black highlights.

  • Just_Some_Nobody

    Black on black with yellow.

  • cubskru

    give me

  • cas1115

    Navy and white

  • Dustin M

    Love the look of women black, black front, and metallic accents!

  • Andrew Davis

    Navy blue back. Seahawk green accents.

  • juswest

    Cement back/white front, red accents

  • Mike Lamb

    woven black with red accents. blazers fan 🙂

  • Steve Fildes

    Blue all around.

  • should i buy a nexus

    i like the olive back with orange accents

  • arya

    woven black and blue looks really nice, but i also would love red and the regular black super sharp in my opinion!

  • Blue back, gold accents, black face. Just like my backpack. Nice clash too it.

  • Rich Eakin

    I like turtles!!

  • Pete Townill

    I’d do the bamboo back and white front, but I don’t see the bamboo back added just yet

  • brandonwentland

    All black with green accents.

  • benjewman

    im definatley doing navy back, blue trim and black front for that infintiy look. absolutely love it on my galaxy nexus

  • Aaron

    Definitely a black front, blue-green back and orange buttons!

  • buddyruff777

    I would would go with cement back, black front, and metallic accents.

  • Mark Menning

    +1 moto x plz

  • Doug Nicholson

    Either red white and blue or red and yellow

  • Clint O

    Moto X.. . All white

  • Michael Le

    Woven Black, Black front, Metallicred

  • joshuauy

    Probably one of the greens and a gray.

  • Davros

    Yes Please, Galaxy S3 doesnt do so well when launched 30 feet onto cement 🙁 All Black.

  • jdomann

    Either Royal Blue back with orange accents, or Woven Black back with orange accents. Would LOVE a Moto X!

  • mokane

    I want a blue and black one. Dark and classy

  • slamman

    I want one woot woot

  • ClintonMerrell

    Black with cyan accents to match my cyanogenmod color scheme

  • Adam Cubel

    Definitely Royal Blue Back with orange accents and a white front. War Eagle!!!

  • Jason Brown

    yellow/gold back, black front, purple accents. lakers colors baby!

  • Warren Wickline

    woven black and metallic blue

  • DL_Chinoskii

    I want woven black and white accents would be nice

  • Erock3r

    Purple and light blue accents, just so it stands out.

  • dk

    i’d go with the navy back, the white front and the metal accent. Simple enough.

  • Rocco

    Woven black, black, and metallic yellow. It would match my messenger quite well!

  • Billyt

    Black and orange!

  • Justin Adams

    Black front, green back, gold trim.

  • elemeno

    I really like black, black, and blue accents.

  • TylerCameron

    I would make mine black and red. Kinda like the Droid Incredible.

  • wendy moore

    While I still care for my droid 4, I dream of a phone in my favorite color of blue. Or even better blue tie dye 🙂

  • MrAdeio

    I’ve been thinking about this one, a cherry red back, or all black with metallic blue.

  • Jared Tau

    woven white back, white front, and metallic yellow accents… though I wish all the back colors came with the woven texture

  • Russ

    Black front, woven white back. Want a little pop from the buttons, but so many tempting choices…

  • aguerguis93

    Woven White, Black Front, Black Accents! Or Woven White with White Front, Metallic Blue Accents! Looks sexy!

  • maxfrix

    All Black, dark blue buttons and trim

  • jacob milford

    Hope I win have a great design in mind

  • Patrick Hokanson

    Lime Green and Teal. The manly choice.

  • BiggiePhat

    black and yellow!

  • Goodriddance183

    I’d go with the black front, crimson back, and silver accents. Go Cougs!

  • Christopher Temples

    Black with orange highlights. Would really have like to gotten one with an orange back and white front with purple highlights.

  • ThomasMoneyhon

    i hope i win

  • chris125

    Woven black back with red accents. Keep it clean and simple, just like the moto x design.

  • Princesation

    Something black and red

  • Rafael Sanchez

    Mine would have a white front and back with the red accents.

  • TheJauntyJester

    Woven Black back, Black front, and Metallic Orange accents.

  • Tirrell Cotton

    Black and glowing blue, something Cyberpunk looking would be sweet.

  • BloodiedWraith

    I’ll actually be wanting to keep it simple; I’d want to have a black front and the woven black back with orange accents.

  • dmmarck

    Black, blue, and more blue. Yes please!

  • Col_Angus

    OD Green/Black Front/Orange accents

  • Logan Powell

    So I am 100% sure that I would love White and Bamboo. I don’t know that I can get that, but man do I want a wooden phone.

  • Chris Taylor

    Got to go with black front and red back…DA BULLS!

  • Josh Shaw

    Black front/back/Red accents

    Or orange back with blue buttons

    or.. IDK so many options.

  • sushah23

    Make me win!!

  • Cameron Williams

    Still need to check it out at an AT&T store, but I think I’d go with black front, either spearmint/turquoise back, black accents.

  • Patrick Maher

    Black with blue accents.

  • Chris Batson

    Maroon with black accents and black front

  • Derek L.

    Royal blue back, white front, and metallic black! It looks disgustingly awesome.

  • michael gilliland

    I would go with something bright and warm… Oranges, yellows and reds

  • David Parrella

    Droid Life color scheme, or pokeball color scheme ;D

  • Charles Brown

    Light gray (Cement) back.. Black face and red accents.. slick.


  • kentrburton

    I want RED and BLACK With White accents ..

  • DevoRiEr

    Turquoise back, white front and metallic red accents . Or a pink back, black front and white accents for a DROID Life theme if they had the colors. FTW!

  • Steven D

    This would be a great gift to replace my girlfriends iphone

  • kevincburns2

    I would go with all white, keeping it clean and minimal

  • Alec Reed

    I would choose a black front, with either a navy blue or royal blue black and silver accents!

  • Paul Galimski

    I’ve had many white phones, so I think I’d do a black front with maybe the woven black back and green accents.

  • Ed

    The color scheme I would go with on MotoMaker is Royal Blue back with black front and Metallic Silver accents.

  • Jeff718

    All black!

  • yolopoloswagsolo

    white front, royal blue back, red accents

  • soccerplaya2090

    Woven Black, white front, black accents

  • Colonel Forbin

    I am obsessed with this phone. Please pick me!!!

  • Royal blue back, black front, and orange accents. Because I’m weird.

  • redoct42

    Wish they had the bamboo back. I think I’ll take the crimson back and yellow trim with white front then.

  • joanlascano

    Black and violet or wood would be nice :3

  • abhele

    black n yellow black n yellow

  • Kineo Wallace

    Woven black, Black front, and Metallic Red is the way to go

  • paul

    Blue trim and black all day long

  • cardi dark

    Red and black to match my lebron x’s and jordan 11

  • Jim F

    Some sorta black/blue combo, i cant pick one atm….

  • Jeff Y

    Only way I’m going to convince the wife to switch away from her iphone is to win her a phone. Here we go.

  • Nathan

    Black on Black matte with blue!!

  • Jesse Smith

    This whould be so awesome if i won!

  • raynaran

    White and Blue for the win

  • ChuckDz3

    I’m digging spearmint and orange accent!

  • dannyyang524

    blue accents and black body..mmm…

  • Charles Eger

    Probably something silver.

  • kevinowdziej

    luv it

  • M

    I would make everything blue… EVERYTHING!!

  • Earthsiege

    Definitely woven black back, black front, metallic orange “trim”

  • Stefan Teske

    I’d love it in a metallic blue

  • Josh Imig


  • Chris Hannan

    Oh yeah

  • Mine would be olive black back, black front and green or yellow accent

  • Tommy Thompson

    Grey and yellow. Yellow and red. Something like that.

  • diggitydigs

    Hook it up please

  • Jason Chittenden

    Black and yellow!

  • Jameson Perry

    light blue with white back

  • Danny

    Right here

  • Jimmy Debacher

    If I would win, this is what my setup would be!! Woven black with orange accents!!

  • Brian Howard

    black with HOLO!!

  • Jerry Gehling

    Woven black back, black front, and metallic yellow. Hawkeye colors all the way.

  • Dan Owen

    Some combo of black and red I think.

  • Linda Lawrey

    Black, gray and red!

  • PKells

    Woven white back, white front, black accents. What can I say, I’m a fan of racial harmony.

  • John Huie

    probably the woven gray with bright blue highlights! and white face, i think…

  • Carlos Reyes

    Black front, red back and red accents

  • Ronald Bernard

    Black, White, and yellow. Just in time for the return of the Big Bad Bruins!

  • Christopher Quan

    white with red accents

  • Jackblackssack

    Come on moto X

  • Stephen

    Really need to ditch this iPhone…

  • Josh Saintz

    seahawk colors baby!!! that green!!!

  • Rorix

    Ok google, make me happy

  • jromash

    teal and green

  • jgrizz13

    White front, Black back, Blue accents….

  • Siebs

    Front – White
    Back – Crimson
    Accent – Metallic Silver

  • Randy

    Haven’t decided on the color, but wood for sure!


    Olive back, black front & accents.

  • Dreas

    Black front, cement back, metallic blue accents

  • Aaron Saellam

    Black front, Woven black back, Metallic Orange accent. Flyers fan.

    • booster944


    • utes_86


  • Duckie1217

    I’m thinking about a simple White Back, Black Front, with Red Accents. Kinda cool.

  • Tyler

    All black everything.

  • Siebs

    Me want, me want!

  • Lee Sandler


  • Vernon

    I’ll take one

  • Ogami Itto

    Blue with white accents

  • Guest

    Black front, cement back, black accents.

  • Rob Delaney

    My color scheme

  • mruno

    Superman colors…. with tights

  • KingCollins

    Front – Black
    Back – Orange
    Accents – White
    “Once A Indian Always A Indian”

  • Andrew Chiu

    white and orange!

  • Pedro Alvizu

    I’ll make it white and navy blue!! YES!!

  • Jerry

    Royal blue back, white front and either yellow or orange accents.

  • Dustin

    Black with blue accents

  • Nick Caramico

    All black everything

  • TheRunner024

    White front, Royal Blue back, and Metallic Yellow accents.

  • Nick M

    I would just love this phone. Im ready to drop VZW and my old RAZR

  • Tyler James Edward Hills

    I love the red and black combo but that’s too “Droid” for me. (no offense DL lol) so white on woven white with red buttons

  • kivimaki

    Black front. Chalk back. Silver details.

  • Chris Sherrer

    Back – Crimson
    Front – Black
    Accents – Metallic Silver

    all with 32 GBs of awesomeness

  • Randy Palmer Jr

    red and black scheme because of being a uga fan

  • Rob

    I would certainly take a free Moto X

  • MagicMike Kelley

    Cement Back, Black front, blue accents

  • Alberto Antonio Rocha

    id go black on black, nothing better then a black phone

  • Geeware

    Black front, with lime green back and dark grey accent

  • Graham Wilson

    I would go with a black front with a blue back with light blue accents!

  • Lance

    I’d love to have a Motorola phone again!

    • Lance

      In black and blue like the picture below! Sexy!

  • 79stanger

    I would like a bright green with Chrome accents.

  • Chris Hendley

    Royal blue with red accent and white front panel.

  • Vince

    White on grey with blue accents would be a great gift for me to be able to enjoy my new college life

  • Black and yellow for me!

  • Jeff Skilling

    I’ve never been so stoked on a Droid Life contest. I think I’m digging the mockup you guys have on the rafflecopter widget, it kind of looks like the Droid DNA. I would go for something like that – matte black back (if that’s an option), red accents, and a black front. Thank you. Droid Life rocks.

  • soccerburn55

    black and black and black

  • Shockey62

    Black front, navy back, and metallic sliver.

  • Harout

    Woven black back, black front, yellow accents

  • Dan Diaz

    Red back, white front, and blue accents. USA made phone ftw.

  • MR

    Black and red all the way. …

  • John

    Woven Black on back, black front, red accents.

  • Jarrod Webber

    black with blue accents and a black screen

  • zapote21

    Blue/Green and black

  • Bharath

    DL colors

  • JL2499

    Scarlet and grey!

  • p_droid

    Black with white accents.

  • gunit


  • Tim Austin

    Red and Blue. RED SOX!

  • Justin

    Cement, with Orange Accents and white front… Because honestly, Ive never had a phone with a white front before…

  • Shaun N

    I wanna win!

  • I would go with white front, turquoise rear and blue metallic accents!

  • zwrose

    Likely dark blues and black

  • AtMostSphere

    Black and Yellow Black and Yellow!

  • Edgar

    All white everything

  • willjah

    Navy blue back, white front, metallic silver accents, woop wool.

  • Andrew

    Wine and gold. Go Cavs.

  • dtraini30

    I am thinking black front, woven white back, and red accents! 😀

  • bomonster

    Grey with red accents (or Scarlet and Grey 🙂 Go Bucks!)

  • Billy Yancey

    I wouldnt even need to customize it that much this is gotta be my next phone. However I would definitely go with the Duke colors of Blue and Black with a little white where I could

  • XvierX

    Black front, cement back, and black accentes.

  • Sequence of Sound…

    Spearmint, red, white front

  • Joseph Remy

    It’d be tough to say. My wife could use a white, purple, rose one for xmas, but I wouldn’t mind an orange and black one to match my cycling team colors

  • Cristian Campa

    i must win…

  • Andrew Egger

    Red and black

  • Brian

    Olive back, black front, black accents.

  • Bassdj

    My custom CADETS Moto X

    Maroon back and yellow accents with white front

  • knappyroot

    Orange and black WHO-DEY!

  • Michael Nixon

    Olive with Black accents and a black front! Just something about the green I want! Good Luck everyone!

  • jwrb18

    I’ve been waiting for this phone. Cant wait to customize…

  • Syraphill

    Would love to design one!

  • Josh Castor

    Woven Black, black front, and a metallic blue Moto X would be nice. 😀

  • This would be my wife’s birthday present if I win!

  • Entered.

  • YinzerRob

    i dream of a day when a fun new phone comes out exclusively on verizon…

  • James Payne

    Carbon Grey all the way!

  • caleb williams

    Love the woven black with orange.

  • JPS

    Navy with orange accent and white front.

  • Jon1029

    Olive back , black front, silver accents

  • Jack L

    Wood themed

  • Aaron Esham

    Olive…need to stay camouflaged while making calls.

  • TantraJnaan

    I would love to explore Google’s first Googorola phone !

  • jczimme

    Touch choice on color. I’m thinking light green back, black front with silver accents

  • neal

    I love how moto can make a phone with less specs than the big guys and compete.
    Plus I was looking to switch to att anyways.

  • pd240

    Cement Back, Black front, Metallic black accents

  • Lawrence Milford

    Dark Blue w/Black Front and Silver Trimmings

  • Alexander H

    I’ve always wanted a turquoise phone, just because.

  • mosbysjedi

    America! Red Accents, White Front and Blue Back!

  • Kimberly Degener

    I want pink and black!

  • Dragonscourgex

    Navy blue, white front and grey accents.

  • Evan

    I’m curious if the moto X will kill the spec war. Fascinating phone.

  • Andrew Sharrow

    Woven black back, black front, yellow accents. Fairly subtle, but still with a bit of flair.

  • Spaniard85

    I’m in love with very subtle and stealthy phones. Black with maybe a grey or white accent. If there’s a blue real close to ICS blue, maybe that for the accent.

  • john lynch

    Great Christmas present for someone!

  • Nate Bousfield

    White front, green back, and black buttons.

  • D.J. Cooley

    Teal with black accents with white front

  • calculatorwatch

    I’ve got an olive Taxi Wallet with orange insides, so I’d definitely get the phone to match… yeah, that’s classy

  • maxkobi

    woven black, black front, red accents… murdered out 😉

  • David Willden

    What I really really want my Moto X to look like, is the royal blue back, with a light blue accent. Since they don’t have that though, my favorite possibility is navy back, with back front, and the blue accents. I would freakin LOVE to win that. 🙂

  • maratu

    Woven Black and red accents

  • BigT

    I want, I want.

  • Richard Abramas

    Crimson back, black front, silver accents

  • tigerpenguin

    Woven black + red accents

  • Allison Raff

    I would do turquoise back and lime accents! LOVE this combo!!! ANd the phone of course 🙂

  • jab416171

    Minimialistic look with some accents.

  • Joe Furniss

    i would go with crimson back and black front and orange buttons

  • Jroc869, Nexus-Life


  • Ed DiGirolamo

    black with orange accents please !!!!!!!!!!

  • Justin ScottHartrich

    In for the win

  • Don Goncalves

    My daughter wants me to get black & yellow… but I’ve haven’t finalized this yet.

  • Gene

    This is the best contest ever!

  • Sarpedon1069

    A light blue back with yellow trim.

  • Justin Costa

    Blue with purple accents – my two favorite colors!!! 🙂 I want it in my life!!!!!!

  • r_scotter

    Black & blue

  • kminer1

    Turquoise back, white front,metallic silver accent

  • ftball224

    Black front, Spearmint green back, red accent…aka Futurama phone

  • glee47

    I want the White Front / Turquoise back / black accents!

  • Joe Bertolino

    I think I’d go all black with yellow accents – maybe white and red

  • Jeremy Gross

    black front, black woven back, blue accents

  • Jroc869, Nexus-Life


  • William Newman

    White front, black back, red accents!

  • imneveral0ne

    Maize and Blue U of M colors!

  • Khaf

    Taking it back to my roots with the green back, yellow, and black front.

  • Guest


  • iirundis05

    Dark Blue, Yellow accent, White Front

  • dougtallica

    I would probably go with some sort of red and black color scheme on mine. Go MD!

  • John Ross

    Hope to win

  • JeremyH

    Sign me up!

  • Reginald Jefferson

    Here we go

  • Ratamacue2

    Man, if I win this, what will I do? I’ve still got unlimited on VZW…

  • Mike

    Black with White front Blue highlights BBN baby! GoCats!


    Woven black and white please!!!

  • tobiasmann

    I would have a black front, cyan or similar back, hello keys and a magenta or similar camera ring. cymb everybody.

  • verizonchris

    I would try AT&T for comparison purposes if I won this.

  • kevinh52

    Motomaker here I come..

  • Nick

    Woven Black

  • Sheldoneous

    Something in university of Michigan colors sounds about right #hail

  • Black on black!

  • I’m having trouble deciding between Olive Green/Black w/ Red accents or Red/black w/ yellow accents. There’s so many good combos to go with.

  • Todd

    Late/Early birthday gift for me!

  • lembowski

    The cracked glass on my HTC One X would love to be replaced with this bad boy!

  • gamaliel hood

    I gonna keep it simple.. colbolt blue back, Navajo white trim with red is orange accent

  • John

    blacked out completely!

  • challenge_accepted

    Black and orange!

  • John

    Black and red is where its at!

  • Chris Morales

    I’d probably do navy back, black front & yellow accents.

  • Rafa

    BRED #SneakerHeadProblems

  • jd623

    Great looking device! Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Peter Stover

    birthday gift for mom!!

  • Turb0wned

    This guy wants the Moto X!!! Miami Heat colors!!!

  • Brandon McLamb

    Woven black, black front, and metallic red accent – yep, I’ll take it!

  • Wiil Cyclone Sanchez

    I want it…so badly.

  • Joshua Kirchmer

    black/lemonlime with purple accents! POISON X!

  • Want.

  • Kevin

    If I win this, I’d be hard pressed to leave my unlimited data on Verizon. Oh and woven black, black front, blue accents.

  • Chris Ta


  • Cody

    Too many options, need to think and get my hands on the device!

  • J Robert Bonser

    I would go with White with Orange Accents

  • David N

    Blue back and black accents w/ black front!

  • Michael

    Navy Back with yellow accent’s. Black front.

  • Adam

    Hmmm…woven black back, black face & metallic yellow trim. Or not…

  • Chris

    Black front, Spearmint back, Silver accents

  • Ben Featherstone

    Galaxy Nexus out…Moto X in

  • dwboston

    I’d go with dark blue. Looks sharp.

  • kenjh2

    I have no idea what color combo I would choose if I won. It would need some serious thought. Only one way to find out!

  • Ray

    my setup is spearmint back, black front and metallic yellow.

  • Woven black rear, black front, and black buttons for me, please!

  • Justin Edelman

    I’m copying tjhrulz and going woven black and metallic blue!

  • Robert

    Would love a Moto X with a Woven White back, White front, & Metallic Blue accents <3

  • This would be great

  • chnsawalex

    Black and Dark blue

  • Dodger

    As close to OSU colors as I can get.

  • Brady KEITH

    mint | black | black

  • Chip

    Woven white back with white front and red accents.

  • Matt Devo

    Woven black front, white front, metallic blue accents (to match my car 🙂

  • Ruvim

    gunmetal and lime green

  • Calayna

    Raspberry, black front, with yellow accents! Or maybe turquoise. Or Royal Blue. God its so difficult to choose.

  • Landon

    Black front, white back, and red accents.

  • ParrishRSellers

    White front, blue back, black trim

  • terry12s

    I like Spearmint color

  • AndrewScottRox

    Olive back, black front, silver accents.

  • Moises E. lugo

    Crimson back , white front, blue accent

  • Jonathan Williams

    Simple… Orange and blue.

  • sukhyung shin

    i want a creamsicle phone. orange with white

  • Mark Collado

    I’m going for an all black moto x so it will match my nexus 4

  • gr227

    Woven Black with a White front and blue accents

  • Mathew Rice

    Black Front, White Back, Orange Accents – SF Giants anyone? 😛

  • Allen George

    I would love a new phone!

  • Dean Wensel

    Woven Black, black front, metallic yellow

  • pezjono

    Could totally use this to upgrade my GNex and get off of Verizon!

  • Jonathan Paul

    all white everyhting

  • Tyler Hartzheim

    woven back, black front, and still deciding on the button color.

  • geoffksu

    Navy back, silver accent, and black front.

  • Andrew Tompkins

    I want one

  • Manny

    All black with orange accents

  • Joe Jennings

    Black front, Grey back with orange accents

  • kevin

    Red body with yellow trim

  • Sidra

    So many color choices, but I’m thinking something with red! I wish I could have gotten the red S3, but maybe I could win this instead?

  • ojd514

    Blue backplate, black front, and black accents

  • serotheo

    White front, Mint back with red or blue keys!

  • Nino

    White Front, Navy Blue Back, with Metallic Orange Accent works for me!

  • masahito29

    Woo hoo! Moto X!!!!

  • Brock fletcher

    I like the green and I don’t care what color the trim is

  • Nagini

    Woven black, black front, and red accents!

  • bkosh84

    Navy back, White front and yellow accents for my Alter Mater The University of Toledo!

  • RockMarz

    mint back…black front…black accents

  • mueron

    Black back, black front, yellow accents

  • Colin

    Orange and Blue!

  • Yousef

    Black front back and red accents to match my thinkpad.

  • Garret Godfrey

    I would keep it simple red with black.

  • giovanny

    All black with custom engraving on the back!

  • Geo

    blue back. blue accent. black front

  • David

    Back: Woven Black!
    Front: Black!
    Accent: Metallic Blue!

  • Josue Rivera

    Would love to play with this device

  • James Hill

    I’ll take one!

  • djsuddenstop

    Woven black, black front, black buttons. Simple.

  • bawboh

    Spearmint back, black front, and metallic purple accents.

  • JayDub

    Turquiose, White Front, Orange Accents

  • luisrb7

    Blue, white back and orange accents… go Titans!

  • DMC

    Black with orange highlights

  • VanshGandhi

    I would go with a Maroon back, black front, and yellow keys

  • Jacob Hobbs

    I prefer the flannel. Why? I don’t know, but at least it’s different, eh?

  • javier rodriguez

    These accent colors on woven backs look really good. I might rethink the olive back and orange accents

  • SparkysShocker

    Woven Black with Red Accents

  • SubMatrix


  • Adam DeCastro

    I’m thinking grey with blue accents!

  • KennyVeltre

    Black with gold accents. so sexy!

  • alershka

    Black and Blue!

  • MrBigFeathers

    Royal Blue and Orange

  • Brandon

    I’d get something my fiance would like. Maybe one of the soft blues with metallic silver accents. Black front.

  • skillz360

    I would have to go with “Yellow back black front and black accents”

  • mendy


  • David M Gordon

    I want one please!!!

  • cweb69

    red back, black front, silver accents…GO DAWGS!

  • Abdallah Hirbawi

    woven white, front white, pink accents

  • John

    I’d like to go with a baby blue and white front

  • Jason

    White front, white back, orange accents.

  • Saul Chavez-Hernandez

    white and blue all the way. I love that you can pick the colors of the buttons!

  • Alex Farra

    Blue and black

  • Bob Allen

    Finally! I could get a Red phone without having to dress it up in a case! 🙂

  • Chris

    I obviously will have to make a UW themed one to make up for the NikeU phone made here lol

  • Royal Blue Back, White Front, Metallic Yellow Accents

  • Adam Elghor

    red back, black front, red accents

  • ncsurob

    Red black and silver

  • I haven’t had a phone in a year. This would be awesome

  • fiendishfork

    I think I would go with woven black with orange accents, black on the front as well of course.

  • noe eguia

    time to start messing with the moto-maker!

  • Paul

    Orange and black (OSU Beavers colors!

  • MikeSaver

    What about this? Mint, white and Greg accent.


      I did the mint with black front and accents. Love that mint back

  • Claude Ndahayo

    This is just simply cool!

  • ilma

    i would chose black and yellow bc its my favorite combination haha

  • good design, good looking but never be like iphone http://www.yelidesign.net

  • yummy

    Teak black black

  • Matthew Wu

    Yellow back, Black front, with Orange buttons

  • Ray Gray

    Ny Knicks colors orange and blue on back with a white front

  • zakry obrien

    I want to win!!!

  • Nobody From Oppo

    I want Black/Olive/Orange. Maybe.

  • Allan

    Congrats on making the two ugliest Moto X’s so far in existence Kellen 😛

  • Julio Hijar

    id make mine similar to whats being shown. hopefully if i get chosen i could upgrade really not trying to give up my unlimited. full price sucks when you’re a grad student

  • Jim Houpt

    I’m think black with grey accents….

  • Edgar

    Black on Black With Blue accent. nothing sweeter than that

  • topherct

    green back back white front and metallic blue accents

  • ryan f

    white front, navy back, yellow/gold accents

  • Frank

    Gun metal gray with black front and dark blue buttons

  • Mike Ranucci

    All black with the textured back and Yellow/Gold accents.

  • I would switch to at&t if I won! My Verizon contract is up and been waiting for something good to come along.

  • Kevin

    White front, navy blue back, and gray accents


    Grey/black, blue accents

  • Gator orange and blue

  • Scott Brown

    white front, wood back, and orange accents

  • chaitu

    My choice will be Woven Black + white front and blue accents

  • trainplane3

    All black with red accents!

  • Ryan Peters

    Woven black, black front, and red trim

  • ankit199

    Woven Black, Black front, and Metallic Blue

  • Taladond

    I like the woven black with the black front and either the blue or red. I cant decide!

  • Ryan Laursen

    I would love an orange phone, but yellow would do.

  • Saltine

    Black with red buttons

  • compnird

    The Olive/White/Orange one looks really cool. reminds me of Halo for some reason.
    I’d have to play with some other combos.

  • Kashif Dar

    My Color Always Black…. Black MotoX

  • MikeSaver

    double yellow

  • sam

    black and red!!

  • DanPatrickFlores

    black and blue

  • getsome831

    I think i’d go with Olive/Black…maybe silver accents…or maybe just all black. Just nothing too bright and i’m good.

  • Justin Tierney

    That’s what I’ll do, and finally switch to ATT too with hopefully no more locked bootloaders

  • Vin

    I’m Thinking. . .
    Front – White
    Back – Navy Blue
    Accent – Silver
    & a bottle of Black Label when I’m done.. just because. 🙂

  • Christopher Zoellner

    I have no idea how I’d customize it but god I would love to have one!

  • Spencer Morris

    All black yellow accents

  • valapsp

    this is it…

  • jose perez

    I want a black and silver raider colors!

  • Scott Braunworth

    So I’ve been sitting on moto maker for a good hour now (thanks droid-life lol)

    Cement back > white front> and metallic blue accents is what its looking like for me!

    • Scott Braunworth


  • Chavez Y Chavez

    Would like cabon fiber, leather, alligator, etc… to make it real custom!

  • Autumn Raine

    Raspberry and black

  • Bryan Schaefer

    black front, spearmint green back, and yellow or blue accents

  • alexo

    want that wood back already!

  • Scotty Braun

    I think i’d go for Woven Black, Black, Metallic Yellow! Looks Sexy!

  • Tyler A.

    Woven black back, black front, and orange accents.

  • Josh Oberg

    Here is my new phone yea… !

  • Rechie

    Woven black back, red accents, something lighter in the front probably gunmetal…

  • atisch12

    burnt orange and white!

  • mplacido9

    Black front, white back, red accents!

  • Jon Brashear

    A black/white/red. Like a Ferrari

  • Alex

    black front, white back, black buttons

  • Neal Horowitz

    Last I played with MotoMaker, I went with the dark blue back, red accents, and black front. But I like the deep red and purple backs too. Black front is a necessity with OLED display though; I love the way the edges of a black screen fade into the bezel on devices.

  • carluverdrm2004

    I’ve gotta go with the black front (I’m a fan of the”infinite black” on my G-Nex.) And I think black on the back with either purple or yellow accents.

  • EvanJ2462

    Want this!

  • ruchir chhabra

    woven black, black front with orange or blue accents

  • Gene

    Woven black, black, orange. Go Giants!

  • Paul Good

    Black front, white weave back and orange accents

  • BAoxymoron

    Blue and black with a silver buttons

  • TheRobotCow

    Please Droid-life i would really appreciate if i won this. My galaxy Nexus is on its last legs and i need a phone badly.

    • TheRobotCow

  • Cody

    I need this.

  • Terk

    I think I would go with Black front, Olive back and Orange accents.

  • Always good to see something awesome being given from a good place – I need this upgrade to balance out all the downgrades of reality. Thanks Droid Life for the contest and Good Luck to all.

  • Nic Hess


  • PaladinBladeX

    I would probably go for an all black setup. Sorry if that’s boring, but I feel like the phone’s strengths lie elsewhere. Also, I’m currently a Verizon user. Feel bad for me!

  • Jase Quintanar

    yes please!

  • Colin Zack


  • JZ

    I’d do red with a black front and black accents 🙂

  • Tarik Dobbs

    White + Woodgrain!

  • Teddy Chen

    I would do white and black, like an open faced Oreo.

  • Malcolm Love


  • JoeTi

    Green and Yellow – Go Ducks!!

  • The. Great. Cornholio!

    Probably would go with the colors in the pic

  • Bazar6

    Black all around! With red accents… That’s mine!

  • Snowx2k5

    Black face, Black back (no custom message) and red accents.

  • Ry Sav

    im thinking white on white with lime green or light blue accents…. fresh and clean with a little pop

  • konig

    i’d go black with an accent color … maybe orange

  • Paul

    cherry red front, white front, yellow accents

  • Christian

    Epic. That woven black and metallic blue is awesome…but I think I’ll go with red accents!

  • March McLaughlin

    Black front, royal blue back, orange accents.

  • Cole

    All black with yellow accent!

  • CompCrash

    I was actually thinking of the color scheme in the post. That or Black front, crimson back and black or silver accents.

  • Guest

    Can’t wait to see what the XDA community will do with this.

  • Drew M

    Crimson and White

  • martyhalpern

    24 carat gold…. It is available, isn’t it?

  • Bryan Saroza

    olive back, white front, yellow or silver accents

  • Joey Funk

    wood. i wood wait for wood.

  • SuperTongue

    A navy with orange accents and a black front. Going for a TRON-kind of look.

  • luis abreu


  • Martin Imus

    Man I haven’t had a smart phone for about 6 months now, this would really be a cool phone to win.

  • Kyle Todoulakis

    I would love to get this phone! I would jump from Verizon to use this!

  • Taylor

    Black all around with gold accents UCF knights!

  • mistergrub

    I would go with the San Francisco 49ers color scheme. White front with the red back and metallic yellow for the “gold” look

  • Brandon Judy

    I’ll take one

  • Kill_Em_All_84

    Black front, woven black rear and yellow accents!

  • Cyn

    White front, Spearmint back, Metallic Silver accent.

  • Adam Kaczmarek

    Black front, olive back, and orange accents looks awesome!

  • Ben Myton

    I’m thinking all red…

  • chaoslimits

    Woven white back, black front, and Metallic Blue.

  • BrianLipp

    probably yellow back with blue highlights. Black face obvs.

    would be cool to do since Verizon isnt getting motomaker until people wont care about the moto x anymore. and then i would have an excuse to leave verizon

  • Ali Berenbrok-Niblett

    Woven Black, Orange accents

  • Jay Ochs

    i’d do black with metallic blue highlights!

  • Common Sense

    I want to win a MOTO X!! Go Ducks!!

  • Ezio 007 Shepard

    Always the best contests.

  • Dillon Brown

    It’s a tough choice as I’ve played around with it quite a bit, but I think a black front with a crimson back and the grey metallic accents.

  • xMrRocknRollx

    I can only hope that the choice of “most obnoxious colour ever” is available when I design my phone.

  • Woven Black, Black front, Blue highlights.

  • Serf33

    I haven’t played with motomaker yet so I don’t know what all there is, but a wood back would be tight

  • Denard Mondesir

    Woven Black, Black front, and Metallic Silver buttons


    Der She Blows!

  • Jimeong Lee

    I’d get navy with yellow accents.

  • eibyer

    Let’s give this a try. Not sure what combo I want yet. Definitely not DL green 😉

  • evan brown

    Woven white, black front, blue accents

  • icyrock1

    Woven black back, white front, and metallic silver trimming

  • Jason Tsujimura

    Black front, turquoise back, metallic yellow accent.

  • ManiDePRico

    Black Front, Turquoise Back, Orange Accents!

  • micah kling

    I would probably choose dark green and black it really wouldn’t matter I’d love just to own one to show people its not all about specs if the build quality isn’t there this looks like a nicely put together phone and I would love to sway a few people motorollas way.

  • D3lusionz

    Blue with Silver Accents! Chyea!!


    Black front, crimson back, metallic yellow accents… about as close to 49er colors add I can get.

  • Guest

    Der she blows

  • Jorge L

    I’m thinking all black with a little touch of Red.
    I’d rock that look

  • Rodeojones000

    I’d keep it simple. Either all black with metallic blue accents, or all white with metallic blue accents.

  • Rob Stanley

    Gator Blue and Orange just in time for Football Season!!!

  • Kaleb Crans

    Pick me I don’t have a phone!!! I also want a woven black, black front, and metalic blue.

  • Bryan

    Black front, woven white back, and yellow accents!!!

  • Eric Hahn

    Oh how awsome

  • larryc


  • AndrewRSmith

    I’d go all black.

  • beng8686

    Android green and black. Yeah.

  • Mark Adams

    I’d do black front, woven white back and red accents!

  • bd1212

    I’d definitely go black front, woven black back, and red accents.

  • Frank Messner

    The blue looks fantastic with that woven metal back!

  • Fahad Beg

    Black and red with a white front. Go bulls 😀

  • Gabe

    cyan on back and white accents

  • Eric Carboni

    Woven white back, black front, orange accents 🙂

  • Naveris

    Black and Blue

  • Veeman XDA

    All black with blue accents.

  • bobbymay1

    Crimson Back, Black Front, Silver Accent.

  • dawn m. armfield

    I just got a job at a new school — maybe the school colors (red and black)!

  • dgab2000

    Long time reader, when I win this goodbye Verizon.

  • Tobi De la Cuz

    Woven White Back, Black front and Metalic Black accents

  • Ian

    Garnet and Gold

  • Caleb

    I like that black on black with metallic red accents.

  • Tim Howard

    Lemon lime back w/ white front. Undecided on accent color but possibly metallic orange or black..

  • Manny Wilson

    Dude, gotta be red, white, and blue!

  • John C.

    Woven Black, Black front, and Metallic Silver for my Raiders Nation Moto X!

  • NeilOMalley

    This would let me break away from Verizon.

  • Jorge

    White front, navy back and orange/gold accents. I’ll call it Juan Pepe

  • Andrew Remmers

    Red Back, Black front, Black or Silver Accents

  • Travis Harrison

    Woven Black back, Black front, and metallic silver accents. Only way to go.

  • David McKeen

    Hope i win! I would love to have this phone. I would make it in woven black for the back, white for the front, and yellow for the buttons. I’d love to get a wood back though when they are available!

  • Joy

    Bright! Something bright for when it falls into the deep abyss of my purse.

  • Davon Moody

    White and Grey looks very awesome.

  • Cody M

    Something with purple!! Purple is awesome. Or that teal one you guys kept showing off. That one was pretty awesome looking too!

  • bacchus71

    Black and yellow

  • John C.

    I was going to wait for good Wood, but this will do!

  • Bruce Vazquez

    White front, woven black back, and red accents.

  • David Faber

    Woven black w/ black front and metallic silver accents!

  • derek blaney

    I want a New York Jets themed moto x

  • Tyler

    Red and Black. I love all the options though… This’ll be a hard choice to decide…

  • tfk232

    turquoise and black!

  • Jared Kennington

    Write front, black back, red accents..

  • rehughe

    Woven Black, Black front, and Metallic Blue is the only way to go!

  • ConCal

    Black front, Olive back, silver accent.

  • Jordan Pfingsten

    Yellow back and Black Accents with Black Front!

  • Jason Hansen

    I like the black with blue buttons, or maybe a more colorful back.

  • wcjeep

    Daughter and were checking out Moto maker the other day. Probably Mint with white buttons.

  • Ryan Burleson

    I would make the jump to AT&T for this thing.

  • giri0n

    And put me down for the army green with orange accent buttons scheme…its the sickness.

  • Jim Davis

    Royal blue with white accents.

  • Al Moral

    I’m totally going to make a Panda style Moto X!

  • j0nfer

    white front navy blue back, silver accents

  • androidkin

    Woven Black back, Black front, Metallic silver accent

  • J. Wolf

    Too many choices!

  • giri0n

    Can’t wait to win this sucker and then be forced to turn it over to my wife. 🙂

  • Taylor

    Probably green front, black back, with orange accents.

  • pmagent2013

    black and blue phone all the way

  • Zack Kallen

    has to be black and red 😀

  • James

    I”m going all wood. I’ll name him Woody

  • Flyinion

    Probably something based around a dark blue or green. Not sure right now.

  • boehmer365247

    Lime green with black.

  • Rick Brain

    Not sure there is a bad way to customize it. No matter what you do you’re a step up on any other phone on the market!!!

  • Mike

    I hope I win!!

  • Arnol Lopez

    CHI Bears! Navy Blue Back/Black Front/Metallic Orange Accents.

  • Jesse

    light urple.

  • Carlton Madden

    Cherry and white. Looks like the interior of my ’64 Comet. 🙂

  • Krishna Ersson

    Definitely digging the black with colored accents.

  • Dylan_B

    Woven Black, Black Front, and Metallic orange

  • chadstone30

    black front, chalk back, yellow buttons. hot.

  • Mr E

    pink and white, droid-life style!

  • TankerTuff

    Orange body with purple accents. If it was an option I’d have mossy oak with hunter orange accents.

  • vonny571

    Black and Yellow…Go Steelerz!

  • scruffykid

    black, I’m a purest

  • Al Chandler

    Android Maximze!

  • Ray Sommer


  • Kar Bar

    Awesome Giveaway!
    Mint back, white front w/metallic blue accents.
    Oh and 32gb lol.

  • jathak

    Woven Black and Metallic Blue

  • Michael Veringo

    I recently traded my Unlocked LG Nexus 4 for an AT&T iPhone 5. The Moto X would be the phone to bring me back to Android.

  • Rishi

    Woven Black, Black front, Blue

  • Uday Kiran

    Woven Black with red accents

  • dannydarko

    I like black with blue our black with red.I just want this phone don’t care what color it is.

  • Butters619

    I’ve never wanted to win a Droid Life contest so bad in my life.

    Honestly I would make mine look a lot like the Dev. Plain? Sure. But sexy. Black Front. Woven white back. But I would switch it up and go black accents.

  • Josh Swenson

    I want the teak wood back (when available) orange accents and black front.

  • Reginald Jefferson

    Black front, woven white back with metallic orange accents.

  • VBM

    Olive back, black front, orange accents. That’d be awesome.

  • EKT

    Blue Back, Black accent, White front. R2-D2 baby.

  • Tisha

    Something pink!

  • Skynet


  • Michael Kelly

    Green and black

  • cyekcim

    Black Front, White Woven Back, Black Accents

  • wakefinance

    Black face, Lemon Lime back, Black accents

  • mesername

    tjhrulz is on point…Woven Black, Black front, and Metallic Blue.

  • Tweekex

    Black on black with blue accents! Nom!

  • San Pinijchob

    black front, navy back, and orange accent

  • Lodidarkening

    Jets green and white for sure!

  • Christopher Hamilton

    I’d have to do a blue on black combo…. You know something different !

  • ahhh yes

    I only get one entry oh well

  • Rich Jackson

    Black on black with Silver accents

  • Brandon Hinson

    Woven Black back, Orange accent , Black Front

    Go Giants!

  • komradefox

    Cherry red back, Black front, yellow accents. Have to rep my school.

  • boybert

    Black front, Navy Blue back, Silver Accents!

  • Fynd

    Just like Erick Schmidt’s and the developer editions: seamless black front akin to what Kellex likes, woven white back, and white buttons.

  • spearman792

    All black with gold accents probably. I would need to play around with motomaker a bit more though!

  • Chase Chick

    Can I please win the contest? I’m a huge DL fan and haven’t won anything yet! Now’s the time!!!

  • Danny Damore

    Blue back, white front, yellow buttons

  • Tim Grzadzinski

    I’d have to go with the black front, and black weave on the back with yellow accents.

  • Nikhil Rathi

    Moto moto Moto…I need U in Black n White

  • techdan1989

    Alright! I’ll play along. I’ll think about the customization while waiting for the winning notification…

  • Manthas

    Black and Red – it’s my signature color scheme (seriously!)

  • Rick Lopez

    I would design a Moto X in the same vein as the Yeezy color way. Teal back, black front and red accents. Since this phone is the 2nd coming of Yeezus!

  • Ben Modica

    Royal blue back, orange accents, and the white front.

  • Derek

    Black front; green accents and yellow back

  • shdowman

    Dark grey with metallic blue accents (all Tron’ed out!)

  • zap branigan

    I’ll wait for wood. jk

  • all black everything! Need pl0x!

  • Donnell Jones

    This Is Awesome!

  • Brien Gerber

    black front purple back white accents. Go NU

  • Alex Guenser

    Hmm, I like mine simple – Cabernet Back, with Black front and accents

  • sr_erick

    I love colorful phones! I would probably go with a red/black/white theme – or some orange mixed in there instead!

  • Mark Coppock

    Would love a nice funky Moto X.

  • Nathan Massouda

    I’ll see what my girlfriend who is stuck with an iPhone wants

  • Ansen

    Blue, Orange accents, White Front

  • wade_county

    White/Mint/Orange accents (maybe silver)

  • Blue Sun

    Black n Blue (as close to cobalt blue as possible).

  • Tyrian

    maybe a little color on the back, little color on the sides, and black on the front

  • Aaron

    all white, yellow accents! haha

  • whartwell

    I’m colorblind! This should be interesting…

  • narjisse

    oooooh, white front / chalk back / metallic black accent, aaaaah.
    it would be so sweet!

  • Aaron

    Olive, Metallic Yellow with black front.

  • Ron

    Matte black with black front and white accents

  • womels40

    Textured black back, black front, and blue or yellow accents.

  • CmRam

    Woven black with 32gb storage

  • Stephen Melley

    I just want a white back, black front with silver accents. Simple

  • JPM9289

    Black back, black front, metallic purple accents

  • mi470

    Wait, color scheme. White front with Cherry back and metallic orange accent

  • mi470

    Really excited about this. Kinda wish it was 32 GB though

  • Corey Foltman

    Green. Purple accents. Black front… I need a new phone. My 9 month old daughter smashed my screen…

  • JT

    Matte Back Back, Black front, Blue Accents

  • Tim Hickey

    Couldn’t see how to enter, but I’m guessing one way is to leave comment of preferred color scheme. Textured black back, black face, metallic blue accents

  • Andrew Elliott

    Black textured back, with the metallic yello accents now that i know they look gold. And black front for that infinity look.

  • roswellraygun

    Black and blue

  • Zachariah

    Navy-blue, Orange accents with the black front. Throw in the piano background and replace the cover with a wooden one and it gets even better!!

  • Ryan

    Aside from lack of other carriers, give me a woven black back with purple accents and I’ll be a happy camper.

  • Alvin

    Black with red accents. Go Blazers!

  • I would go with the carbon look (forget what they call it) with either yellow or orange accents. Good combo…

  • seryozha

    Chrimson back w/ a bama logo, white front, silver accents.

  • Ian Smith

    all your moto x are belong to me

  • EdsonDJ

    Mine would be black on the front, matte black on the back with blue accents.

  • Jeff Stevens

    i would go blue with red trim

  • josh

    black with orange stripe

  • IcerC

    Please DL, make my day! Black weave and blue trim for sure.

  • EC8CH

    Dev Edition

  • Addison

    I would love to go with bamboo, but since thats not an option right now, I would do Maroon and White, Texas A&M represent!

  • stridakira

    Turquoise back, black front, and metallic yellow accent.

  • corgimas

    cabernet all the way!

  • cephyr

    red and blue, going superman style

  • I want some insane colors. Yellow with those line green accents, i think.

  • Tyler Lehmann

    Olive back‚ white front‚ silver accents


    Woven black back‚ black front‚ red accents

  • Joey

    I would go blue and green. Or I would do my favorite Basketball team purple and gray with black accents. Go Kings

  • StealieSubie

    Spearmint back, black front, yellow accents

  • schmaltzy

    I’d go with the woven black back, black front, and orange accents. Somewhat simplistic.

  • Jordan Thompson

    I would love a teal back with a black front and gray accent

  • Aaron

    Sweet baby Jesus please let it be me! I’ve been on moto maker for hours.

  • pflave

    My Moto X, with black front and back, with red accents. The boot animation also say “Hi, Patrick.” Finally, for accessories, I want black Sol headphones. So Sweet!

  • Lewis Erbe

    I’m simple so all black all around. Stealth mode…

  • furryfrog

    Black on black on black

  • Tony Cooper

    Spearmint back, white front, metallic blue accents.

  • CheeseMcGee

    Gold – Like the new *phone!!!!

  • spark

    all white with blue accents

  • Warwick

    Pastel pink back (not sure what the color is on the motomaker but the light pink)
    White front
    Black accents
    White charger? :p

  • cloud36426

    Ai would like white all around with red or crimson color accents. Or black with red.

  • Pratik Amin

    I would pick the Woven Black, Black front, and Metallic Blue.

  • Ben

    I would probably just go with shades of any single color, something simple in case I ever wanted to sell it.

  • Owewil3225

    black back, white front, dark grey accents. sexy

  • Definitely textured black with yellow accents. So sexy.

  • prittjr

    purple and gold! JMU baby!

  • oinkinator

    all black, red accents.

  • Allen Crawford

    I’d go with a black/gray combo if I won the Moto-X.

  • Joe Landry

    Royal Blue, Black front, and silver accents. That or a weaved black back! 🙂

  • arealmunson

    all black, yellow accents. lookin like a pimp

  • meijin3

    Can’t wait to win! 😀

  • smisa27

    I would choose a white front, cement color with orange accents. How do I get the other materials eg. wood, aluminum, etc? I would love some kind of wood backing *drool*

  • somegreentea

    Plain ol white front and green back

  • Christina

    blue and black def.

  • justincabreira

    olive back, white front, black accents

  • BlackTaxi2d

    absolutely loving the wood variants

  • Eric Fortney

    White woven and Blue accents!

  • Nick

    Something along this.

  • MK17

    I have no idea what color I’m going to do. Black back with a nice button accent

  • Kapil

    Pay for google analytics, why you guys throw a give away just to get reader count. its much cheaper too.

  • Lary Blodgett

    Contracts we don’t need no stinking contracts.

  • Lax77

    Navy with silver accents.

  • bjcroteau

    Lime green with something…not sure the other color..but something that goes great with lime green!

  • Kal5el

    Red and black, with 6 Verizon logos. 7, if they can fit one on the volume rocker.

  • Chris Henry

    Would love me some X factor!

  • Handly Marks

    Black and yellow! woot

  • jonathon johnston

    Black with lime green accents.

  • rd

    I would do a crimson red back, white front and grey accents.

  • Guest

    Something alone this

  • Patatat

    All black everything!

  • David C. Powell

    I am not sure my exact color scheme I will pick, but that’s the beauty, picking exactly what I want not what the provider tells me I want!

  • Aaron Longoria

    I would love to do a Black/Yellow combo. I’m hearing nothing but good things about this phone, and would love to get my hands on one.

  • Andrew Knighton

    maroon and orange! yes i am a hokie and yes i will be let down again this year. but i bleed maroon and orange!!

  • KT32

    I’ll take one for free.

  • DanielP

    I hope I win!

  • Croq

    Google loves you.

  • sonicdeth

    In for the win!

  • iceburgh

    I think I’d make my look Tardisy, Some dark blues, blacks, and whites.

  • Omer Ben Shushan

    i would like the blue and white

  • Varucell

    Blue and white here.

  • RU E Z

    Royal Blue back, white front, and blue accents. Dodgers all the way.

  • Aaron Lasley

    Nice phone.

  • Andy

    Crimson back, metallic blue accents, black front. Like a superman phone.

  • TheDrizzle

    Probably a black or white back with some bright accents.

  • John Galt

    Black and blue FTW.

  • Adam Staggenborg

    whatever I feel like at the time

  • Pairasol

    Black front, woven white back and black accents. Just like Eric Schmidt.

  • RadicalPie

    Pink BABY!!! DROID LIFE!

  • i want mint back, white front, blue accent. would be bad ass

  • Jared Hull III

    Crimson And Yellow BBY

  • Aaron

    Teal and yellow like advertised with a white front.

  • CJ Vanilla

    White and red

  • d1ckdame

    I need this in my life.

  • ApplesNAndroids

    Already figured I’d go all black with silver accent buttons!

  • BillJude56

    Black back, silver front with royal blue accents.

  • David Rhiley

    Woven Black, Black front, and Metallic Yellow. I wish that they had a darker yellow for the back, but lemon is too bright.

  • One An9ry N00b

    Id get mine all blue!

  • Capt. Crunch

    I prefer a blue and white MotoX with silver trim

  • Black and Orange, baby! Bringing some Moto Mojo to my Chicago Bears!

  • Isaac W

    Pink, it’s not even a question.

  • beyourgravity

    I would go with red and black trims. Awesome

  • Jonathan Bunch

    Black front black back, holo blue accents if applicable, if not closest thing to that.

  • will

    all blacked out

  • Petru Nechita

    all black

  • rader023

    I am simple. Turquoise and black.

  • Jaxon Wright

    almost exactly like kellen’s green one. Except black accents, not yellow

  • Romek17

    Butter front, margarine back, gun metal accents

  • ezbbycame2play

    Black front, Navy Blue back, Silver accents

  • Richard Jackson

    I’m going to play it safe. Woven black with a black front but with yellow highlights.

  • Gregory Hill

    Black white silver

  • Roy Harrigan

    Will i win this time? I’d like white and black.

  • Mike Ampaabeng

    I would definitely do a white Moto X with red trims! My dream right there guys 🙂

  • Alan Cohen


  • Commandcorps

    I would go with one of the wood ones

  • I would love a blue phone of some sort.

  • Thorsten Kober


  • Brian Walker

    I like the white front, woven white back, and blue accents. It’s like a winter phone.

  • Travis Faulkner

    Id like orange with black highlights

  • keeley991

    Red on black

  • CAPerkins22

    Wish they had an orange back….

  • Happy!!

    Orange and white. Go Vols

  • dunkaroos and gushers

    all green

  • Jay Rosser

    I like the woven white back with the solid black face. Either Red or orange accents all the way!

  • Hesedguy

    White front, cement back, blue accents.

  • Ryan Verley

    Black front with a Royal Blue back and Metallic silver accents. Oh if only the wood was available.

  • Patmw123

    I would go with all black front and back with some red accents (buttons)

  • jaybar

    white woven back, black front, metallic red accents

  • Ashish Raj

    The color scheme that I’m gonna go with is all Black with red accents.

  • D Smith

    Black and Yellow

  • Teresa Broyles

    Pink back white face black accents in true droid life fashion. Plus as a girl I like it so what.

  • iSlackerz

    I’m not sure what color combo I want yet, but I’ll start playing with it so I can be ready when I win.

  • Brendon Maldonado

    Cherry back, black front, silver accents

  • Clay Johnston

    Black woven back, black front, metallic black accents.

  • I think I would get one with off the wall colors since there are very few opportunities to get such a phone Like a bright blue

  • Eldorath

    Colorscheme.. I’m thinking purple and black.. would go well with my logo 🙂

  • McCord

    White Front, White woven back with pink accents!

  • jetnoirz

    white front crimson back with black accent beautiful

  • Manny

    I so want this. Can I have it?

    That’s how it works, right?

  • tim

    Olive back, white front, orange accents

    is nice

  • I would do all black because there is nothing more sleek than a glossy smooth phone.

  • germanagonzalez

    yes, please

  • irtechneo

    Contests are awesome Wouldnt mind trying a blue back with silver buttons setup (Detroit Lions colors)

  • Christopher R. Rice

    The orange is teh awesomez.

  • Rob G

    I like the option of the wood back, but for my color scheme I would go with Black or Grey, with Royal Blue accents.

  • Jonathan

    Soft black back, black front, red accents.

  • I FRIGGIN WANT A MOTO X!!!!! Black face, blue back (or maybe even a gray back), maybe gold/yellow trim.

  • Dustin Zirkle

    Black front, green back, yellow accents.

  • Wesley


  • Bruce Wayne

    I’d like all red please.

  • Janelle Scinta

    I’d go with pink and black (typical girlie, I know! xD)

  • Nirav Desai

    X..Moto X…X

  • mackjao

    want a wood one too. this should be fun

  • Tuck Ngun

    Yellow back, black front, purple accents 🙂

  • SmokeNMirrors

    I never win anything… Purple and Back for the Ravens!

  • Stretch44

    Yes, please!

  • Eric Matthew Woodrum

    Black and green. Like the best Superhero ever, Green Lantern.

  • sam_evans7


  • tdpietrini

    Olive back, Black front, green accents

  • En

    white and blue color combo 4 me

  • Chuck Ehrlich

    White front…orange back..Blue buttons

  • Eric


  • igloobunny

    Sounds like a great prize.

  • Sivaprasad Raju Pamdurti

    Waiting for this..

  • tdpietrini

    I want.

  • dscott1027

    Black Front, teal blue back, lime green accents

  • Anthony Hopf

    I hope to add to all of the gross phones being designed
    black front/navy back with white accents.

  • Woven black, black front, and red accents is where its at. Reminds me of the original Droid Incredibles 🙂

  • Brendan Owens

    Woven white back with white front and yellow accents

  • Bruce Wayne

    I like what Mort wrote

  • Rob H

    I’d go with mint back, white front, silver accent

  • Martin JoFX

    I would like to have it with Navy Blue back, Metallic Silver buttons and Black front. That would be my awesome phone 🙂

    • Martin JoFX

      Behold my phone!

  • Digbob

    Write front, black back, red accents. Like a pair of 90’s Air Jordan’s. Lol.

  • Michael OBrien

    black and yellow

  • b00sted

    Olive back, black front (I love the blacked out look), orange accents. and I already forgot about my vzw gnex

  • Aaron Lathrop

    Black with checker white back and blue accents

  • Ryan Powell

    I want to win this so I have no excuse NOT to leave Verizon.

  • Mike

    Red and yellow. Gryffindor FTW.

  • kelly

    So many possibilities

  • Zachary Manville

    All black

  • Sean Stone

    Royal Blue and Red, works for my Red Sox and Patriots…

  • Carlos Poblano

    I’d probably go for black with red accents or black front & red back with black, yellow, or silver accents

  • DPG

    black front, royal blue back, yellow accents.

  • Kieron Quinn

    Black with electric blue parts. Would look cool IMO

  • AeySimp

    Can I get one with a gel back?

  • Joe Fischer

    Soft white back (not woven) black front and black or yellow accents. Nothing flashy, but definitely ultra sexy

  • Adam Collins

    I would make it as pink as possible, maybe pink and yellow, that way when I go to the local gentleman’s club for cheap drinks the dancers might think I’m gay and leave me alone for private dances and let me talk with my friends. Also how many people have a pink phone? Legit.

  • DodgingDonkey

    Black with red accents.

  • Jimmy Duong

    Weaved Black with metallic yellow accents with a black front! BOOOOOOOM!!!!!

  • FrankBoston


  • seven2k

    i have the perfect colors picked out!! lol

  • Jason Bowers

    I’m looking at a black front and back with the metallic blue trim. Basic but boss.

  • looneylu

    It’d be awesome to have the royal blue back with white front and orange accents!!!

  • Sandcrab3

    Blue/Yellow accents

  • borche

    Custom back side wood will be nice, black front and metal red or blue buttons

  • bb

    Olive with Blue accents

  • zaxwashere

    I’m really interested in this phone, specs be dammed

  • Bootleg Zani

    Turquoise and Metallic Yellow Accent with a Black Front.

  • JMillion

    hello moto

  • Andrew Benson

    i want a blue and black one!

  • Walter Partlo

    Olive and Black. Moto X Tactical Edition.

  • Josh Martin

    ALL black but with blue accents!!!! 😀 mmmm sexyness.

  • Nick Knack

    Blue/Yellow accents

  • Paul Pottle

    I could really use this as my phone just died on my yesterday. I would have to go with the Cement back, White Front, and Black accents.

  • Joshua Casey

    Broncos Orange and Blue!

  • Colin

    Royal Blue and Red. I’ve went into ATT store twice to play with this phone, it’s really quite amazing!

  • Doah22

    I would LOVE spearmint and white with yellow accents! AWEsome!

  • indiecognition

    I’d go with black back, black front, black accents…totally original color scheme!

  • ragnarok180

    Just white. White all over. Sexy.

  • Woven Black, Black front, and Metallic Blue is where its at!

    • Comeiro


    • Wes Thomson

      Sexy, you’ve convinced me.

      • Although I guess discus turns transparent pixels black. It looked better before I uploaded it 😛

        • rebeccaespinoza325

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          handsome earning, go to this site… Bay35.coℳ

    • PaladinBladeX

      I’m changing my answer to THIS

    • VATO

      THIS is my new design (if I win).

    • Sean Workman


    • David Foggia

      Whatever this guy did

    • FrankTheTank


    • ArrowCool

      Ya, mine would probably be this too

    • Stefan Teske

      That sounds sweet

    • siphyn

      Very nice. Magenta accents would look nice as well.

    • TylerCameron

      That’s the sickest thing ever… o_O

    • mercado79

      Do like.

    • Zander_206

      This is definitely what I’ll get if I win

    • Racer159

      Ooooh, nice, but I would probably go for an orange or a red instead of the blue… But thats just me.

    • Cris Gizzi

      I would also choose this color combination.

    • G1ost26

      this is sick!

    • Andrew Maner

      Yep, that’s the one.

    • Kevin


    • Chester

      Great minimalist design!

    • BobbyG


    • deadpenguins

      That was the same one I had picked out. 😛

    • Q’s

      I like this! But I personally would have went with red accents instead!

    • ₱⍥₩€₹⍘ ✪ ʟ¡°ᴎ Ϟ®

      I hope I win I never do :/

    • Captain_Doug

      Same set up. Very classy.

  • Tyler Lawhon

    I’m not on at&t but this would be sick. I’m feeling mostly black with red and green accents

  • Derek

    I’d go with a Seattle Seahawks look. Dark blue and grey with lime green accents

  • Joe Avery

    I hate these.. I only do G+, I hate Twitter and Facebook!
    Anyway I’m dieing to get my hands on one of these… I’m so ready!

    Damn you Mort |/ I was looking at the same scheme. Green with orange accents. I’m thinking black front though.

  • Turdferguson

    Blue and Orange!

  • MichaelFranz

    this or black face with blue back and orange ring/rockers

  • Michael Henrich

    Blue Back with White Front and Silver Accents

  • ccrsems5

    Mine would be orange and white… Go Vols!

  • jtc276

    This is the Moto X I’d love to have.

  • AMPthe13th

    I’d probably go with Navy back, black front, and black metallic buttons.

  • Justin W

    Woven black, black front, metallic blue accents.

  • kjensen82

    football season is here…can I get one with a pigskin back?

  • n3ssie

    Any color will do, the brighter the better; that way I can find it after one of the kids grabs it.

  • Chris Hilbert


  • Andrew

    Winning a moto maker x would be awesome!

  • Alex Mette

    all black, red accents

  • KleenDroid

    Im a guy. So it would be black.

  • DRAF_Werd

    Gotta do it – Can’t Stop Won’t Stop.

  • Quintin Williams

    would love this phone so i can customize it for my wife and get her to give up that ratchet iphone5

  • James

    Green & Yellow.

  • Eric J.

    I’d do a red back with black front combo. Maybe with black accents as well.

  • Justin Barrett

    Blue and gold. Bolt up!!

  • Jason Bittner

    black front with red back sounds good to me
    comment posted, please return the favor with the moto x now 🙂

  • Dustin Wen

    Hello moto

  • kash521

    I’d have to go with Black Woven Back, White front, and Metallic Blue accents

  • Jonathan Wolf

    Navy blue back, white front, yellow accents. Always yellow accents.

  • maynardtwinn

    Black and red, that looks cool.

  • Ben

    Love to give this hyperbeasted phone a try

  • Timothy Robinson

    Cherry Red Back, White Front, Yellow Accents……Arsenal Phone

  • heat361

    Black front,cement back,metallic blue accents.

  • joedroid

    liking the x phone more everyday!

  • Flat_Stanley

    I’m a blue+silver man, myself

  • HowDoIShotWeb

    Loud green and black. Highlighters will envy the Moto.

  • icantremember

    Leaning toward green and white.

  • Stephen

    White phone with Lime green accents.

  • antwonw

    Back: Woven Black. Front: White. Accent: Metallic Blue.

  • dirtytofu00

    Daddy needs a new phone!

    Black back; white front, yellow accents!

  • Jordan Scott

    Black front, chalk back, blue accents

  • Tom Allen

    Rave green and shale for my sounders?

  • Greyhame

    I like green and gold a lot (Packer fan here). Otherwise I would imagine something with red.

  • Carlos

    Whether I win or not, I Finally get to replace my GNEX with the Moto X!

  • Douglas V.

    Red with black buttons looks nice

  • bionichomer

    I’d go with black front, white weave back, red accents

  • Scott Smith

    Pick me, pick me. It would be X-hilirating. I’d go white front, blue back – well actually wood if it were available.

  • Steve Giralt

    I think a red and black would be sweet.

  • Brian Williams

    Mint back, white front, metallic silver accents… then i’d invest in wood later down the line.

  • diehardbattery

    Spearmint with a white front and yellow accent

  • epps720

    I would do the black front, maroon back and silver trim. Now just pick me, I need this phone.

  • drpencilcase

    mint with orange accent

  • acontreras426

    Make mine black with silver accents! Time to dump Verizon!

  • Jonik Cannon

    orange and purple with a white tigerpaw on the back…

  • K Hung

    wood back!

  • skeeter1052

    Blue back, white front with orange accents!

  • diehardbattery

    This would be a cool phone to have 🙂

  • Black front, White weave back, silver accents.

  • JeffColorado

    Me Want

  • mawtenbiker

    I love this device and can’t wait to own one. I want a black face with Navy back and yellow accent.

  • Alex

    Red, White and Black. Go Terps

  • Evan

    Woven Black back, Black front, red accents

  • Lynnyrd

    I would choose orange, black brown, gray and wood.

  • brandon johnson

    black and red are timeless…and easily identify me as a georgia bulldog/atlanta falcon fan!

  • Each3

    Hmm either all wood or the typical black and white or maybe a mint green.

  • Micah Madru

    Blue Front, Blue Back and white accents.

  • Phil Hyde

    White front and black face with copper buttons.

  • Bradley Allen

    Please pick me (I know lame comment, but I WANT THIS PHONE) I would go pretty basic red on red

  • pgb33

    Navy blue back, gray/silver accents

  • Mitchell Steele

    I would go with the woven black back, black front, and pink accents. All in a 32GB package.

  • Eddie J Camacho

    Carbon Black, white front, Blue accents 😉

  • zionlion02

    Either a gray with an understated accent, or possibly the maroon with blue accents.

  • MJ1030

    Thanks as always

  • Ross Newhouse

    gold + black

  • Michael Withers

    Its gotta be the LiveStrong Black and Yellow, go Lance!! Oh wait…….

  • Kaitlyn

    Black matte back, black front, red accents!

  • chris

    All black with blue outlines

  • markswoods

    I want Pink with Teal accents. or vice versa. Something preppy from the 80’s.

  • stephen shavers

    Silver, black and blue.. Go lions

  • Kory Knopp

    Blue back, black front, yellow accents

  • tsr

    black on black

  • Eric Soriano

    Time to leave Verizon for ATT!

  • zachos

    Murdered out… black on black on black.

  • Sam Fehling

    I would go with a black phone with blue or red accents.

  • Orion Petrie

    Lets give it a try!!?!? 🙂

  • Dan


  • michaeluchikado

    Turquoise back white front and gold accents =)

  • Ryan Batty

    i want black front with wood back!!

  • therealjbriggs

    Boise State colors… all the way!

  • Fawzi94

    Olive back, orange accents

  • Bowen9284

    Loving the blue back, black front, with silver accents!

  • Tony Byatt

    Blue & White with Silver Accents…

  • jmasterj

    Red and white for Maryland!

  • Josue Rodriguez

    blue back, red accent colors and white front

  • Ryan Minnema

    Maize and blue, just in time for the football season

  • dan

    orange blue

  • Chippah

    White-Red like an Abarth

  • Morbid138

    Black front, maroon back and silver accents!

  • Fabyloso

    Neon accents!

  • Michael Harman

    Not sure what colors I’d choose, probably spend a day just playing around with it. Good-bye productivity!

  • abqnm

    Black front, crimson back & yellow accents, please.

  • middlehead

    Black with blue

  • Cody Diehl

    If I win can I delay cashing out until motomaker is live for Verizon?

  • I don’t know what color combo i would go for, too many to choose from.

  • Black and red to match my Lenovo

  • Michael Meloy

    Green and yellow–Packer colors

  • Kyle Bieze

    Black front white back would be sexy.

  • Chris Doerman

    Hmmm… this would be a present for my wife so she will probably go with something like pink and purple. 🙂

  • Shane Cottrell

    Moto x

  • MJZ

    I wants!

  • chuckfu

    blue with orange accents. though i really like that render of the olive back/white front/orange below…

  • Jose Calderon

    I want MOTO

  • Eric

    Black w/red trim.

  • HMB


  • MasterEthan

    Green and Red or yellow.

  • Abood Kadi

    I would like my Moto X to be ALL Black with RED Accent 🙂

  • Scott Hardy

    Black with red accents

  • Jared B.

    I’d go with a black front, black woven back, and red accents on the button and camera. I keep is simple and original. Can’t beat the black/red color combo.

  • Nathan Ranson

    Teal. All over.

  • Van Hicks

    Baby blue and White!!!!

  • Bryan Spina

    Navy back, white front, red accents.

  • Rafd08 ☫

    Mine would be palid blue back, silver front and orange accents :)) pure greatness

  • Really?

    White with Blue AT&T, & Silver Motorola logos

  • gameworm

    I’ll have to play around to find my perfect combo, but purple/black with metalic silver looks nice.

  • Boston

    Green and Yellow! GO PACK GO

  • dunk

    Blue and silverr

  • Matt

    Stoked to get a Black case with red accents.

  • bingho

    i hope i win!

  • Broncos Just Win Baby! (We NEED an orange back Motorola!)

    Another day, another #MotoX contest!
    Thanks @droid_life Can I win one already? 🙂 http://goo.gl/WgMkMV

  • Duffy Olson

    Green Back, Yellow Front, Blue Accents. Viva Brasil!

  • sam kessler

    woven black back, black front, blue accents

  • john owens

    Blue & White

  • AntiJeff

    Cubby Blue

  • Wudien

    i want one!

  • TheWenger

    Slick blue accents. That’s all.

  • emoney

    i vant one!

  • GoBlue

    GO BLUE!

  • Tomas Reyna

    mine is going to have an awesome design 😀

  • Daeshaun Griffiths

    i’d get it in all white. woven back. Silver accents for the premium feel.
    but if thats too apple-ish for me to win i understand.

  • mcdonsco

    Yo, gimmie

  • Bobby Webber

    Black front Crimson back with metallic orange accent would be a great bday gift for my lady.

  • Mike_Cook7

    Now this would be the way to leave VZ in style! I’m in!!!!


    Black & Purple!

  • Eric J. Peterson

    Not sure, something bright would be fun.

  • John Lee

    Navy blue back, black front, orange accents.

  • Antonio Francis

    i would probably go all black with .gold volume key or silver keys


    Bow tie. Black on the back. White on the front. Red accents

  • alexchan338

    I actually really like the idea of customizing your own case and the voice control!

  • Matthew Finco

    Black front, Royal Blue back, Metallic Yellow accent.

  • NolBi-Wan

    they’re magically delicious…

  • Oscar Lopez

    All black and red

  • Bobby Jordan

    I’m not sure what color scheme, probably would depend on case choices.

  • Crow

    Black with Purple accents

  • Pro Pp’s

    I`ll go with puerple + white 🙂

  • bogy25

    Black is beautiful

  • wolfedude88

    Dark red back, yellow accents, Black front.

  • Evan Knofsky

    What an awesome phone

  • Billy

    Definitely something Blue and White to match the car.

  • Miguel Zamora Oceguera

    I want it!!!!

  • jofficus44

    I would love a wood-grain back with red accents …

  • nexusfever


  • Eilrahc Onairos

    Black/Yellow/Cyan, with a hint of red… It’ll be the greatest!

  • Red, white and blue! Red back, blue accent, and white front!

  • Steve S

    Hmmm, well I’d go with Blue and Orange too, but it’d be for the Illini 😉

  • I can not wait to pick one of these up

  • Travis Erickson

    Forest green with orange accents, or purple with gold accents

  • michael slampak

    I would def rock some green and white!

  • Favad

    Navy and White! What a delight!

  • Travis Knight

    Black front with woven white back & metallic yellow accents. Go Steelers!

  • Matthew Becker

    Black and Red!

  • 3M4NU31

    I’d have a navy blue back, black front, and silver accents!

  • Mr_Pinkey

    I think I’d go for a Dark blue with red trim to represent my Minnesota Twins!

  • Shirtless_Peja

    Orange with accents of Blue……go Broncos!!!

  • Nathan Wright

    My GNex feels much better after getting 4.3 installed, but I could definitely go for something with more RAM, and the touchless control on the X is seriously cool. Mine would be black with blue accents to match the ICS/JB color scheme.

  • S.

    Metallic blue back and accents with a black front.

  • freebies

    red and black

  • Elias Enriquez

    Red, White and Black!! Crossing my fingers!!

  • Kerry Knopp

    teal and red

  • Cudemonster

    I really wish the teak backs were out already.

  • Rhino

    cement, black, metallic blue accents

  • Russell Sprague

    Solid black with orange accents. mmmm

  • Josh Eck

    Blue, black. Like to keep it low key.

  • engwalker

    Don’t even know how I would like to customize mine but it would be awesome to have the option.

  • Aaron Brodsky

    Black Face, Grey back, red buttons


    I would make MINE blue and red.

  • Jordan Dewey

    If I could get one today, it would be black front, white woven back, with metallic blue accents. If I were to get it in the future, I would definitely pick one of the wooden materials for the back.

  • VicMatson

    My contract is up. need I say more!

  • David

    Green back, purple accents, black front.

  • disqus_OiXbQXy3Tu

    White on white, but I’d likely change my mind if I thought about it.

  • Richard Martin

    I really liked the mint with a white front

  • Futbolrunner

    Android Green & Black!

  • Steve Sullivan

    I would go with electric blue with electric green trim

  • Black front, Navy back, Silver trim!

  • Michael Watson

    Black front… Royal blue back… Black accents… Please help my overworked GNex into retirement : )

  • Chris A.

    electric blue and yellow!!

  • maxx1987

    green and yellow. GO DUCKS!

  • Joshua P.

    red and blue

  • I have a lot of options, but getting one with Blue accents is key.

  • Charles Braswell

    I’d have to go primarily white. I’m a fan of white phones and my design would reflect that.

  • JDub429

    Blue and white? Green and yellow? So many options…

  • Guest

    Would be sure to get off contract with this beauty.

  • FrankA

    Navy back, white front, with gray accents…great phone

  • RIGSSanchez

    Black and something neon..awesome.

  • Omar Cruz

    Blue and orange

  • MichaelHathaway

    Black and Blue

  • mike dunham

    Black front, Black weave back and metallic orange accents.

  • jksong83

    Black front, cement back, blue highlights!

  • Greg Morgan

    I want a black face, with the navy blue back and silver accents.

  • Ty Collum

    I’m thinking black and red would be sexy as heck. Or a nice grey/white.

  • Sperric

    Red and black

  • Zack Stewart

    I like Black front, Crimson back and yellow accents. Love the concept of getting to control some of the style of your phone…

  • Keith Kozma

    Color combo? Black face, red back, orange accents

  • Rick McConville

    Blue and gray if available. Black and red if not.

  • Lambo_21


  • MSlab

    i’m really liking that dark blue back.

  • LoganLopez

    Green and Black. I think would make a beautiful combination.

  • Spazmonic

    I would be boring probably. Just go with Black and Orange for the Flyers. I love hockey

  • Patrick Lahni

    I’ve never had a white phone. I’d probably do white checkered on white with orange highlights.

  • white front with andy green back and white accents

  • roberthenderson

    Would love to customize one for my wife

  • RGiskard

    That would be a cool prize…

  • OligarchyAmbulance

    I think the turquoise and yellow that’s in the press pictures is my favorite. And a black front of course.

  • Josh

    I would have to put the Droid-Life logo on mine somewhere to show my gratitude for picking me. 🙂

  • Kevin Bukowski

    I want!!! So bad! Pleeeeeeassse! 🙂

  • DainLaguna

    I want. Color combo? I have like 4 choices saved. Its gonna be tough

  • Nicholas Ruiz

    Black and red

  • Ben

    I am going lime green and blue accents for sure. 😀 😀

  • Cameron

    Red with either black or yellow highlights

  • peezwizz

    lime green back, yellow accents, white front! BOOM

  • Dorian Brooks

    I’m in….

  • Terrance Steiner

    The Moto X will be my next phone…one way or the other. I would really like the wood back but I do not think they are out yet. I would love the bamboo back, white face and silver accents

  • Mike Hilal

    I’d leave verizon for a free X

  • Brian C

    I would go with the Black front, White back and orange accents!

  • Bigwavedave25

    Oh, no doubt…
    BLACK front / WHITE back / BLUE accents! 🙂

  • jpfrasier

    Got to win this for my wife! Green back, Black front, with Metallic Silver accent.

    • jpfrasier

      c’mon man, why did someone vote me down because I wanted one for my wife?

      • PaladinBladeX

        Who knows? Crazy internet people. You are a gentleman and a scholar though.

  • Matt Sasges

    Could really use this

  • notatechie

    I do like the simple black with red…

  • slyder0244

    woven black and metallic yellow

  • JSTARS03

    I would like it in Blue and black

  • GrayWest

    I’m absolutely loving the Royal blue, and I’d probably go with a white or red accent. Can’t wait to replace my galaxy nexus.

  • disqus_0QOzDILuK2

    Blue and orange

  • Zach B.

    Black with white accents.

  • deadpenguins

    Oh, PLEASE give me a reason to ditch VZW… My contract is up.
    Good luck, everyone!

  • Jared Bird

    I want a Scarlett and Grey phone!

  • Jigmp

    White front, lemon lime back, metallic blue accents.

  • jaredgreenwald

    I’m kinda digging the green/yellow scheme.

  • Tyler Spurgeon

    I kinda like the woven white look.

  • Joshua Bailey

    I would make mine with the woven black back, white front, orange accents and a black charger.

    Go Flyers!

  • Michael Persico

    Navy blue with red accents

  • Austin

    Black Front, Red back, Silver Highlights

  • basset16

    Olive green back, white front, and silver accents

  • Caleb Ng

    I’m thinking of black and a bamboo back.

  • blaine

    Can’t wait to get my red, white, and blue Moto X on!

  • Adam Johnson

    Really interested in trying this out. I would go with a red, black, and white color scheme for my Georgia football teams

  • nsnsmj

    Black front, navy blue back, gray/silver accents.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Joe Cross

    Green and Black

  • kaneland

    black + white

  • Darin Styles

    I would go with a white face and bamboo back

  • Patrick Davis

    Can I get one with the wood grain and red accents?

  • Captain_Doug

    Black front, woven black back, metallic blue buttons. Classic look with a touch of style.

  • Ben Ninety-four Nunez

    I would go gold and black….my pimp phone…lol

  • Johncsuh

    My phone would be navy blue, with red buttons

  • Velmeran

    I’d go with a red and black combo.

  • Boss As Hell

    Man, I love the default color scheme, turquoise and that yellow with a black front. Also like the cement gray back, blue accents and white front.

  • Shuang L De Jesus

    white front, black woven back, and orange accents. Swag Juice Dripping

  • john

    i would go dodgers blue!

  • Jscoppa

    Red and blue like the Buffalo Bills!

  • Rktyr

    Blue and White

  • bipedal

    Is piano black an option?

  • poiuyt580

    White woven and yellow accent. Not sure about white or black front yet

  • Mort

    Olive back, white front, orange accents. Hella dope.

    • Daeshaun Griffiths

      i feel as if…oh yeah i made that too

      • Stevedub40

        Lol, so did I.

    • Cory_S

      I like this setup the the gun metal grey buttons

    • nick618

      Gun metal with white front

    • Aaron Gerfen

      Might have to steal this color combo

    • Andrew Briare

      Yea this is pretty hot

    • YinzerRob

      did this too but went with a black face, then changed the accents to black as well…very tactical looking.

  • Will Wells

    Dying to get one in Rice U Blue and Gray to get ready to take on Johnny Hancock

  • hochoch

    does it come in maroon? maybe a nice garnet and white

  • Jérôme Besnard

    Black front, black carbon back, ICS blue accent!

  • skylog

    i have no idea how i would customize it, but, given i never win, i don’t think that will be a problem. black in there somewhere, with some blue.

  • Muddy B00ts

    White back, Black front, shiny yellow accents.

  • Roga

    I’d make mine black and yellow..black and yellow..black and yellow…

  • Dave

    please please please lol I want one so bad!

  • Tron_67

    Black, but some florescent colors… maybe pink in honor of DL!

  • mrtrobs

    Black/orange combo.

  • JadedDJay

    olive back, white front, black buttons

  • Brian P.

    Id like a Navy Blue with Pewter accents….Manly colors!!

  • Dain Fordell

    I am dying for a free reason to switch to AT&T 🙂

  • Matthew Manne

    Can’t wait to design my own

  • Mark

    For a custom MotoX, I might be tempted to go back to AT&T! Blue & Gold!

  • Tyler Martin

    I want the woody!! lol

  • John

    Black front woven white back

  • Charles

    want a navy blue with white front… ny yankees!!! pick me!!!!!!!!!

  • p2dela07

    Im a black and red guy

  • Shaun Chaudoin

    Same as the Dev Edition photos…

  • Andrew Weckerly

    I want one in an R2-D2 scheme

  • gmplr831

    Id use a aqua green with a red setup. I want the back that cool aqua green, with red accents for fun.

  • Heyitspeej

    Black and red. #GoNU

  • NCSUgolfer01

    Blue back, black face, silver accent.

  • MikBelch

    Black front White back, black trim, perfect

  • eibook

    Pink and Black for when I put it on T-Mobile

  • iOSh8er

    Black woven back, black front & silver accents.

  • Will P


  • Gregg Sarra

    Cement or chalk back, white front, blue accents is my go-to right now.

  • roz

    Black and red or Blue/Orange/White

  • David Moore

    A wood paneling one would be sick. Or a bright red.

  • man_pancake

    Black woven back, blakc front with orange accents. Kinda Halloweenie…

  • br_hermon

    I played around with this some already but I actually like the black front, black back with blue trim.

  • dukenilnil

    Love me some Moto – Blue and White — Go Duke!

  • dnwtn

    Must win…. Black front, Maroon back, with silver accents

  • RhinoShock

    I would want to get a cyan or light blue back with a white front and yellow accents!

  • justinpoirier

    This is the first phone I’v been really excited about in a while

  • DennisHeffernan

    Woven black back, black front, metallic silver accents…Yeah, I prefer the basics to the tutti-frutti stuff….

  • Inquizitor

    Probably a nice dark green or black, with distinctive accents in red or blue. Classy with a bit of flare.

  • Ballerado

    Red and blue!

  • Kevin Lane

    Andy Green

  • Joseph Trujillo

    Red and black is an awesome color scheme.

  • Daniel Russell


  • kuncussion

    I just need some alligator!!!

  • SagarPatel

    Michigan Wolverine colors

  • eddieg28sp

    Black and Blue or Black and Red. But either way. I need a new phone. Haven’t officially bought a new one since getting the Thunderbolt on Launch day. Finished school Yesterday, would make an awesome gift 🙂

  • Bill Slowey

    Black front, Bright red back.

  • Justin Fosco

    blue back with black buttons

  • Elliot

    If it all possible, I want my color scheme to be based on the fact that the back is made from pure ivory.

  • Damian

    White front, cement back and metallic silver accents.

  • BSweetness


  • GT500_Grad

    I think Black front, dark blue back and silver accents would be cool

  • Bruce

    Egh. It wouldn’t be the phone I’d choose if I had to spend my own money, but I’ll take it if it’s free.

  • shosey

    black front – not sure about back color or accent – need to play with moto maker!

  • diversion

    I’d like the back of mine to be made from the tears of orphans. That’s an option, right?

  • richie97

    All Black with red highlights. Because that’s just how I roll.

  • gear_h34d_2012

    Definitely need a Black front and back with Orange trim!

  • Caleb Shahamat

    Black front, Navy back with orange accents!! GO BEARS!

  • Andrew Hodes

    Woven black, black front, blue accents.

  • If one comes out with metal backing I’d get that, but if not probably the deep red with orange accents!

  • Tommy Davidson

    White front. Black back. Red accents. Please and thank you.

  • Connor M


  • Ryan Moya

    my gnex is extremely outdated at this point need to upgrade. would go with white front, white woven back, and red accents

  • BeavisIsMe

    Droif Life for Life! I can think of a lot of things I would give to get one of these.

    Black front, red back, black accents….mmmmmm

  • Adam K. Beebe

    Black, blue and silver

  • J. Gilbertson

    I’d go with black with green accents. Go Stars!

  • _josh__

    I would probably go with a blue/white of some sort. Really hope im the winner

  • sanchpa

    I would looooove it.

  • Daniel Aceves

    Woven black with black front and metallic orange accent. 32g. I have been dreaming about this phone forever

  • Kurt Thompson

    This would be amazing!

  • m1ghtysauc3

    Carolina blue.

  • MrMLK

    black front, red accents, probably a green back

  • Jason Stuhmer

    I’m thinking red and blue for the NY Rangers and NY Giants!

  • Colin Huber

    Gold and red. Go Niners!

  • iamevie

    Mint & orange… I want to stand out!

  • Justin McKell

    I love that green that you guys pick. Something along those lines.

  • Andrew Pritykin

    The color scheme of epic proportions! Cyan with Orange

  • James Thomas

    I’ve already got my design ready! Thanks for doing this guys!

  • nocalbruin

    black front, olive back, metallic orange trim.

  • Jeremy_Bowling

    Crimson & White. Roll Tide

  • ejtsang

    I’d probably pick blue & gold. GO BEARS!

  • jaylanPHNX

    I’d love a Moto X.

  • justjmatt

    I would go with Spearmint back, White front and metallic blue accents.

  • chris

    Royal blue back with black front and yellow accent.

  • Alonzo Davalos


  • rdc37

    I seriously need to upgrade my GNex, this would do just fine!

  • Andres Ormeno

    Yeaahhh Baby!! this phone is amazing

  • Scott

    Black with blue accents.

  • Ryan

    The black phone with red accents is the best looking phone!

  • Nick

    I would either go with Duck colors to represent my school or some sort of blue tone just because its different.

  • MikeCiggy


  • Justin Bontrager


  • Jonathan Ly

    I’d used the Cool Colors, either Navy or Mint. And then either metallic yellow or metallic silver for the accent color.

  • Fresh

    gotta go with wood… its so unique

  • C C

    black front – cement back – blue accents (or maybe yellow)

  • Dc

    I would make a panda Moto X. Lots of black & white!

  • Christian Görke

    I want it!

  • Robert Rascon

    All I want for X-Mas is…..a MOTO X!

  • I’d go with a navy/red scheme like the Red Sox.

  • Kyle Miller

    Bears colors! Navy Blue, Orange, White. Tis the season to Bear Down!

  • B J Books

    Back = Olive, Front = White, Accent = Orange

  • grumpypants

    still debating, will have to play with the options to see what looks good (after i win? =D)

  • bratliff

    I am getting this phone.. this would just be icing on the cake… Black front, gray back, orange accents..

  • Thomas

    I would have a black matte back and blue accents

  • Fresh

    thanks guys!!

  • Justin Rogers

    Oh god I would LOVE to win this.. New AT&T user too 🙂

    I think I would go with an Olive back, Black front and black accents.

  • Francis Scardino

    I’m feeling the Olive, Black and Silver. Probably no case just to pimp it up and down the coast.

  • Connor Jones

    I would make it black with red accent colors

  • Jason Shook

    Red with orange!

  • zach471


  • aculbreth

    Red & White with Black accents. NC State all day B-)

  • seajay0909

    Black back, black camera ring accent, black front, and red buttons!

  • John A.

    White bezel, light blue back, and green buttons.

  • Patrick Crumpler

    Thinking or a PAtriots Themed X. White face, deep blue back and red accents.

  • Mark

    Droid Incredible color scheme (matte black front and rear, red accents), to honor Verizon Wireless and their love of their user base!

  • Adamania

    I really like a blue on blue scheme, though I’d want to play with it a bit more first. Pick me and then I can bestow upon someone by Nexus 4!

  • supra_2nr

    do a green and white one to represent MSU! Go Green!

  • david

    To many colors to choose but I can tell you what color I wouldn’t go with cause it’s to bright! Lookin at you official droid life moto x hahaha

  • jer85008

    I think woven white back with black front, black metallic buttons. Like the dev edition.

  • Brian O.

    I actually think this phone will take off. I’d be happy to carry one around for you guys!

  • faganm24

    I’d do something orange and blue for the Broncos!

  • I think I’d go with purple/gold because I am a Minnesota Vikings fan and I like to let everyone know that I spend the entire NFL season in misery.

  • Chuck King

    Black on black with the blue accents, this phone looks incredible

  • Tom Luley

    Gimme a white front, crimson back and grey accents please!

  • ®yan C

    Wood! ( I know its not out yet)

  • watson111505

    MotoX…Motox…Mottttoooooo xxxxxxxxx

  • Jeremy Alajajian

    I would go Notre Dame color scheme. Also, I didn’t read the instructions the first time.

  • Ben Klene

    I would like to get this for my sis who is on AT&T. Using my Nexus 7 and Chromecast recently, she’s almost ready to break away from iOS. Let the revolution begin!

  • orrehho

    all black, blue trim.

  • JohnBergman

    I don’t know what color scheme I would go with. I would be interested in playing around for a while to see what I could come up with.

  • Julie Jones

    Pink and blue for my babies

  • Craig

    I’m getting one of these no matter what, would love it for free!

  • ChrisCorp

    Favorite color is green, so green accents with a black body? Who knows!

  • jstew182

    I will give you my old Droid X if you give me a Moto X

  • lensgrabber

    Black front, white woven back, red accents. I think that would look pretty slick.

  • Nic Gillespie

    I feel a little limited when I checked it out based on how big they made it sound but i like when woven black on blue

  • Ryan


  • Josh White


  • Jay Choe

    Let me show you how to pimp this thing!

  • Jeremy Alajajian


  • ddevito

    I would make mine Blue & Orange to Represent NY!!!

    • Spazmonic

      Going with SU? Nice

  • misterhijinx

    I must have this

  • David Lopez

    Im going with the green!

  • Matthew Hoffman

    I would go with a black and purple accents scheme.

  • MatthewJohnston

    White front, Dark Blue back, Silver accents, Deathstar on the back No special wallpapers or boot message.

  • Thomas Paulsen

    DL is awesome!

  • Genetic_Bloom

    I want one of the wood back Moto Xs.

  • John Carlo Cacho Gucilatar

    Maroon and gray!!

  • David Baldwin

    Olive all the way!

  • Alex Coldstone Simon

    Black front. Grey or red or white back. Great or red or white accents.

  • nwmotiv

    I want this phone, but in the color I want. #verizonproblems

  • I’d like to match Garnet and Gold of FSU – the crimson back with gold accents, and the black front.

  • Jim

    Navy Blue with Metallic Yellow Accents

  • hollerwt


  • avataranjie

    blue and orange or black and white

  • mikewilson1021

    I think white with orange accents is pretty slick!

  • turdbogls

    Black front, Navy back and silver accents….i like classy designs…something i can live with for a while.

  • 2andFro

    I need a wood one

  • Joshua Fowler

    I’d design this: a white backed version, with a black front that allows the device to have that “infinite black” look akin to the Nexus line of devices. Then, I’d go with orange accents to round out a sharp looking device.

  • Weber


  • Jerred Vidal

    Black and red for me

  • kylebrodeur

    I’d do a ZISSOU edition!

  • Zangetsu

    white front, royal blue back..metallic yellow accents

  • Gabriel Hart

    Black and red… classy, but with a punch of color

  • Rushi

    I like that black and red color scheme doeee

  • pbolton70

    please let me do this. Customizing your own phone is so me. I would love to play with motomaker. I would make my phone black and white with blue accents

  • heyimsteve029

    i want red on black!


    Probably pick Blue/Silver or Red/Silver, I’d have to go to an AT&T store again to finalize my pick.

  • johnediii

    I miss having a Moto phone. Glad they are getting back to good stuff.