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Verizon is Launching Verizon Max, a Limited Time 6GB $30 Deal for Unlimited Customers Who Want Verizon Edge

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Earlier this morning, we broke news on a new Verizon plan that will be introduced in the coming days called Verizon Max. At the time, we didn’t have all of the details ironed out, but after talking to sources of ours, think we know almost everything there is to know about a new tiered data plan aimed directly at unlimited customers.Β 

Verizon Max will be introduced on August 25, along with Verizon Edge (Big Red’s new upgrade-often plan). We were told by a corporate Verizon spokesperson during the announcement of Edge that unlimited data customers would be excluded from participating in the upgrade-often plan. Well, they could participate, but they would lose their unlimited data. If an unlimited customer decides they want to sign up for Edge, and a pay a monthly fee for their phone without any upfront cost, Verizon Max is their point of entry.

So what is Verizon Max and who can participate?

Max is a two-tiered plan that offers unlimited data customers either a 6GB block of data for $30 per month (without tethering) or an 8GB block for $50 (includes tethering). This is not a shared block of data either, meaning your 6GB or 8GB are yours to keep. In fact, you can’t share the data in Verizon Max as it is a “line level feature.” Verizon Max is not a part of Share Everything, from what I understand.

Verizon Max will only be available for a limited time, though the dates on expiration have not been shared.

Max can only be added to an existing customer line that currently has unlimited data and is signing up for Verizon Edge.

So what’s the point?

Verizon is giving customers with unlimited data an option to participate in Verizon Edge by not charging them the normal $30 for 2GB of data pricing, and instead offering them a sizable amount of data at a price similar to what they are paying for their unlimited plan. And if they were to choose the 8GB option, which includes tethering, it looks like somewhat of a deal since unlimited customers currently have to pay an extra $30 a month to add tethering (assuming they aren’t rooted or using an app to tether for free).

verizon max

Is it a good deal?

I’m not sure that “deal” is the right word. That all depends on your needs. If you want to participate in Verizon Edge (we wouldn’t necessarily recommend that you do)Β and currently have unlimited data, this would allow you to join that program and still hold onto a pretty significant amount of data in comparison to Verizon’s Share Everything Plans. Verizon is currently charging $80 for 6GB and $90 for 8GB of data in Share Everything.

Random note

I think my favorite line above references Verizon Max as being a “data feature that offers large amounts of data at affordable prices.” In other words, the rest of Verizon’s prices aren’t affordable.

Thoughts on Verizon Max?

  • Trevor Clement

    A special discounted bundle of data just for me? Sounds good I’ll….

    … Wait a minute, what the heck. Your Jedi-Mind-Tricks almost had me Verizon, they almost had me.

  • Savan Ghetiya

    hmm.. lets see.. left hand: $30 for 6gb + vmax .. or right hand: $30 for unlimited data for life! …. right wins πŸ™‚

  • addicuss

    So if im reading this right.. the only real advantage is I can get an upgrade price once every 2 years while not paying 300$ for 500mbs of data.

  • Paul

    I’m sure everyone already realized what a terrible deal this is. You’re giving up unlimited data in order to “borrow” money from Verizon in order to buy your next phone.

    Now, if they let their customers upgrade their phones with the 2 year contract price for this deal, it becomes more interesting.

  • Kanaga Deepan N

    Well try BigRED…. BUT NOT ENOUGH….

    We are NOT dogs to catch the bones you throw on us…

  • they call me Rob

    I currently have 3 phones on a family plan, 2 smart and one emergency phone. The smartphones both have the $30 unlimited data and I’m currently month to month. If I wanted to upgrade my GNex to a $199 S4 and max out my data to the best price offered, I would need to consider the $30 6GB deal but I would also need to sign up for “Edge” and pay for the opportunity to upgrade my phone in 2 years? That seems dumb.

    Also, does the “tether shortcut” app work on the S4 or HTC One devices without root? It works perfectly on my unrooted GNex. Just curious.

  • Logan Greenwood

    Meanwhile I go into a verizon store today and get a maxx on my dumb phone line and will reactivate the dumb phone tomorrow and activate the maxx on my unlimited line…….Suck It VZW!

    • Tyson

      Say what? How?

      • Logan Greenwood

        Go into store upgrade your dumb phone line (no data) to a maxx get the 2gb $30 data plan DO NOT CHANGE PLANS IN ANY OTHER WAY. Go home get online and reactivate the dumb phone back to the line you put the maxx on taking off the 2gb data plan. Now you can activate the maxx on a unlimited line and the 2yr commitment stay on the dumb phone line. You can even use the existing sim in the phone just dial *832 after you reactivate the maxx and then reboot the phone and you should be good to go, otherwise you’ll need to go back to the store to get a new sim card. I did all of this within a 2 hour window!

  • MSmith79

    $30 for the data, $27 for the phone…How much for talk and text?

  • Character0

    So where is everyone “jumping ship” to? If T-Mobile or Sprint will work just as well then why haven’t you jumped yet? And if its AT&T, how is their tiered plan any better than Verizon’s?

    • Josh Fischer

      I have a few options, locally here, but when I jump ship(when they force me off unlimited) I will likely jump to a prepaid plan such as straight talk. First off, based on my current costs, I would save ~$40 per month and they offer unlimited, although they do throttle. If they force me off, I’m going to save some money and AT&T has decent coverage in my area now.

      I’ve also considered a local company that uses their own network but is the same frequency as T-Mobile so you can roam on T-mobile elsewhere. They have great service in my area and great prices, my only concern is data speeds and coverage when I switch over to T-mobile outside my area when roaming.

      • Character0

        The thing is, for me, I value coverage. I want to make sure if I break down traveling or have an emergency I can be contacted. In my area Verizon just has the best coverage. Going to T-Mobile or Sprint would compromise my primary value. At&t is an option but its the same price for the same service.

    • Patrick Dough

      Haven’t jumped ship since I am in a family plan until 6/14. 700 min, unlimited text, data for $80…Would be equivalent to the new T-mobile plan at $50 + $20 phone + $10 insurance. Would probably try the $30 Walmart plan though.

  • Malcolm Love

    My data usage is completely random, but I’ve never used more than 5 gigs. I would say the lack of data I use is simply because my Galaxy Nexus is way too slow. If I could get a new phone (Like a Droid MAXX) I’m sure I’d easily use more. But I REALLLY don’t wanna have to pay full price for that phone, especially because I know Verizon would still charge me for a subsidy. That’s the only kicker for me. It irks me so hard. And the fact that I pay such a low price in comparison to the tiered plans just makes it not worth it at all. I may end up buying a full price phone. The biggest plus is that I could leave whenever I wanted, AND apparently Droid MAXXs will work on other networks. So that makes me feel better.

  • Tim242

    No thanks, Verizon. I’ll keep my unlimited until you take it from me. Then, I shall take my business from you.

  • psuturtle

    If I can’t convert both my unlimited plan and my wife’s unlimited plan to a single shared 6GB plan for $30/month, then this is of no use to me. I’ll simply buy my phones off contract if I decide to stay.

    If I could convert both plan over to a single shared plan for that price, then it’s worth it as we don’t come near the cap and I’d essentially be cutting out one of two data plans.

  • jim

    They just want total controll,no thanks, mess with my unlimited and i’m gone

  • Brady Owens

    First all of you who use 10, 20, 30+ GB, good for you. We’re happy for you. Your cookie’s in the mail. Verizon obviously isn’t going after you with this. Also all you boasting you’ll happily drop Verizon the second they kill unlimited plans get real. I hate Verizon for many of the same reasons a lot of you do, but from everything I’ve heard NO ONE’S service comes close to their reliability. So for those of us who still have unlimited, but are wondering how much longer that’s going to last this sounds like a decent option.

    Maybe I missed this information, so if I have forgive me, but can someone currently on their unlimited plan just switch to this plan w/o buying a new full-price phone through Verizon Edge? Basically this is my idea. Let’s say I can switch my unlimited plan to this deal and then in two months when the Nexus 5 comes out (yes I know this isn’t confirmed yet and yes I know further that it may not even be available on Verizon, but for argument sake let’s say both of those will be true) can I just buy a new Nexus 5 at $350-$400 and activate it to this account (6 GB/Month for $30/Month)? I won’t have unlimited anymore, but I will have a Nexus 5 with 6 GB/month at $30/month.

    Again, assuming the Nexus 5 comes out and is available on Verizon is this not a pretty good deal for ***MOST*** unlimited users

    • Josh Fischer

      How is that a good deal? If you pay full price for a Nexus 5 on Verizon, you might as well have kept your unlimited data. The only benefit of this plan is for those that plan to use the Verizon Edge plan. Because you can’t use Verizon Edge and keep unlimited, so this is the next best thing. If Google offers a Nexus that works on Verizon (highly unlikely after the GNex debacle) you’d be better off buying it at full price and keeping unlimited.

      • Brady Owens

        It all boils down to is Verizon getting ready to kill unlimited data? I haven’t read one article that says they can’t. Can you assure unlimited plan users this won’t happen? $30/month gets me unlimited now, what does it get me if they kill unlimited? What does $30/month normally get you on Verizon? 2 GB/ month? I’m not a Verizon fan, but I’m also not interested in going to ATT, TM, or Sprint for their inferior service. If the N5 is available on Verizon’s network and priced $200 less than say paying full price for a GS4 or One then is that not an option that’s at least considerable.

        If your whole argument is that Unlimited is better than 6 GB and that paying full price to stay on Unlimited is better than paying full price and taking 6 GB then you’re right, no contest. My point is asking will unlimited be gone in the near future?

        • Character0

          I see what you are saying. In 6, 8, 12 months if they took away unlimited, and you stay with Verizon, you will wish you had 6GB for $30 instead of 2GB. If they made this kind of deal on the Share Everything plan (like when they did the double data deal) they might just get me off of unlimited.

          • Brady Owens

            Exactly. If you’re
            A.) Thinking unlimited will be here forever,

            B:) Don’t care if they take away unlimited I’ll take my business elsewhere,

            C.) Don’t care if they take away unlimited I’ll happily accept whatever monthly allowance they decide to give me

            Then this deal makes no sense for you, BUT if you’re

            D;) You like Verizon’s reliable service and aren’t sure if unlimited will always be around then this deal is at least something to consider.

  • Jimmie

    Can someone explain to me how Verizon edge is worse than having month to month and paying full price for a phone (other than losing unlimited data). I’m having trouble seeing it.

  • Rob Delaney

    I have a question and need help because I am considering the 8GB plan. I have three lines on a family plan, 2 smart, one feature phone. its 700 mins a month, unlimited text and unlimited data for both smart phone and it runs us $184 a month.

    The base plan is $61 (22 percent discount with my wife’s company) + $10 line access fee + $23(22% discount) for her data so $94 there.
    The second line is $10 line add + $30 for $42 a month.
    Third line is $10 access fee + $7 insurance (my mother-in-laws line) for $17 right there.

    If I change the first smart phone line to the 8GB at $90 total ($40 for the line and %40 for the data), would that mean the second line which only runs us $42 a month would change to something different or stay the same.

    Follow up, what happens if I change the second line at $42 a month to the 8GB line.

    I would really appreciate it if I got some great feed back on this before I walk into the store. I tried to figure it out with the info on VZW site but its confusing when you want to put one on share and not the other. I know one thing with the math, putting both on the 8GB would cost us more

  • wellhayhay

    This might demonstrate they have lost a lot of their “unlimited” customers and are trying to get them back and prevent more from leaving. Ever since they screwed us over they have been getting nothing but bad publicity from us- just Google “Verizon unlimited data” and see what I’m talking about.

  • Dcdanger

    8 gigs shareable / tethered data for $50.00 a mo with contract phone upgrades, this is too much to ask for ? I,ll keep my unlimited and free tethering app till then.

  • mieshageoffsdaughter

    Edge data slow enough, but you really need “unlimited Edge data” watching still pictures of video streams as the audio comes out fuzzy? I have 3G and am happy with it on AT&T since LTE would send me over stupid cap and there’s no way to adjust the radio on an Android LTE phone to lower the speed.

  • Skittlez

    nope. $30 for unlimited>$30 for 6 GB. plus i just hit 15 GB and i still have 8 days left in my bill.

  • Sina

    Streaming music alone gets me past the 8 gig mark. I’m keeping my unlimited.

  • Davros

    Even if they offered me the 8Gb with tethering for $20 I’ll keep my unlimited purely for the principal of it all. When they tell me to change plans or they’ll drop my contract I’ll say thank you and jump ship faster than a sailor on a 6 month WestPac cruise.

  • Mike

    I was planning to use my upgrade, and I honestly am on wifi all the time anyway, i didnt care to bother with the workarounds. for me 2gb on average is enough, and this would give me 6 to myself now without moving to a shared plan and having 6 to split. So this is amazing.

    • scotch1337

      If you can use your upgrade. The way it is worded atm you only have the new edge program which wouldn’t be good.

  • scotch1337

    so going with this new plan, am i forced into doing the edge thing or am
    I able to still do the 2 year phone contract with a subsidized phone?

  • Jason Brown

    let me see if I follow, so you would forego unlimited data to be apart of the “vzw edge” program where you pay monthly fees until you pay off the full retail price of the phone. you would also get unlimited talk and text. so the only major benefit would be to pay monthly payments to pay off the price of the phone.

    6gb for $30 bucks seemed tempting until I remembered what Vz Edge was about. I thought we could get a new phone at the subsidized price and get 6 gb for $30. wishful thinking / too good to be true.

  • JMonkeYJ

    so wait, they want you to give up unlimited data so you can be ripped off by the EDGE program? who in their right mind would take this offer???

  • James Briano

    Is unlimited>6 (I’m bad at maths)?

    • scotch1337

      I dunno is a throttled unlimited > than a nonthrottled 6MB because that would surely be the next action

      • Lefank

        They can’t throttle 4g…it’s illegal… Only 3g

        • scotch1337

          illegal?? how is that??

          • lefank

            It’s impossible for them to do it on the 4g lte network…If you google this “why verizon can’t throttle 4g” click on the cnet link

          • scotch1337

            Well after reading that article, which was a good read, It doesn’t say anything about can’t or is illegal. Rather it is stated that they choose not to, because there is no reason to. I think this could be done though as a way to push people off unlimited down the road.

            Also did you go to a official Verizon store or a 3rd party?

          • lefank

            the official verizon page also stated that verizon would not throttle 4g…i actually read in a few places that it’s not possible?! I will try to find that information as well…I may be wrong about the illegal part but I also know it’s not illegal to tether your phone using a third party app…The government got a hold of that deal apparently…

          • lefank

            i actually NEVER go to the verizon store…i always call because I feel like you get a better deal and you can have a real conversation because they aren’t trying to sell you a phone and accessories to make money but rather trying to keep your service…so I always call

          • scotch1337

            Thank you for that information!! That is really insightful knowledge. I had always thought that calling did the same thing and actually I was always more cautious with phone calls because I felt like they would try and find more problems and charge me more in the end. My wife’s contract ends in November. Ill have to remember to try and do that.

          • lefank

            good luck! I have a feeling I will have my DNA for a long time haha…but I love the phone!

          • lefank

            it should be the 4th article down, it’s an article by cnet…

          • lefank

            I’m on a mac computer and don’t know how to copy the url haha or else I would…I have checked this out on various other sites as well…also, I just upgraded my line back in June and asked to keep my unlimited data…I got a DNA at discounted price and now my contract runs through June of 2015…I have no idea why or how they let me but I specifically told them I wanted to keep unlimited and I still have it…sorry for all the replies by the way πŸ™‚

      • Lefank

        I hit near twenty gigs a month streaming my Google music, slacker and Netflix… Speed is always near 30 megs

  • jerry turner

    Like I posted on the other post about this. If you have another line on your account that is up for an upgrade, you can upgrade that line and transfer that phone to your line with unlimited data. Once you transferred that phone just reactivate the old phone on the other line. I was told that directly by someone at a Verizon store. They said you can keep during that to get the upgraded pricing and never lose your unlimited data.

    • NoBullFitness

      I wonder why people don’t know about this trick.

    • Charlie R.

      This is exactly what I do every year. My wife has a tiered 4gb plan and I have unlimited. So we always upgrade on her line, and just transfer it right over to my unlimited plan. So easy.

      • James Briano

        Ya….. I have my mom on a 2gb plan and she doesn’t want a new phone… she comfortable with what she has and doesn’t want to learn a new system. So….. transfer to me!

        EDIT: Verizon doesn’t currently carry a phone I’d want.

  • watson111505


  • James Briano

    Will VZW start releasing devices worthy of an “upgrade”?

  • mcdonsco

    I used 17GB’s last month = PASS

    • Chris

      I stayed in a house for a week with no wifi, I used my phone to tether to me and my girlfriend’s laptop, and I wound up using 21 GB that month haha

  • sk3litor

    Bull pucky. Everyone who has unlimited you keep it. And to boot, the next time you pass a verizon store, go pee in the bushes

  • MikeSaver

    I’d rather pay 5-600 for my next phone up front and keep unlimited than pay twice that with the Edge program

  • Nathaniel Newman

    Give me 12 GB for $30 and we’ll talk! Til then shove it!

    • SA_NYC

      Actually only until VZW says so, as they do have the right to change your (and my) plan. It’s safe to assume the only reason they haven’t done so thus far is the bad PR such a move would generate among hardcore users who frequent sites like this.

  • Eric Whitaker

    It makes sense to people that don’t have the money to buy a phone outright. You can go with the subsides plan get 6Gb which should cover most people. I might consider taking advantage of this.

    • Tim242

      You still have to pay for the full price…twice.

      • Eric Whitaker

        How is that? Unlimited data is $25 where 6Gb is $30. $5 over 2 years is $120. Subside phones are normally $200 where full retail is say $650 you are money ahead. Im not talking about Edge, that part is terrible.

        • Skittlez

          i think that deal is only if you have unlimited and want to use Edge

  • Jared Tau

    If this was a share everything promo, I would consider making the move; why would I want to pay 30 for capped data when I pay the same for unlimited?

  • joejoe5709

    I don’t have unlimited data so I can’t comment, but I’m glad Verizon at least realizes this is a problem and they’re working to fix it.

    • Skittlez

      lol their fix will just be to force everyone off once all the unlimited contracts end.

  • David Narada Brown

    whats the benefits of edge and limited data? we want edge with unlimited data. The point of buying the phone and avoiding contract was to keep unlimited data. they will try and screw us every chance they get. hope no one falls for this. hold out longer it may get better. wishful thinking huh!

  • Justin Kos

    Straight talk wireless $45 a month with a nexus 4..screw vzw

    • Paul

      Do you get HSPA+ on straight talk or what? Not very familiar with speeds/coverage

      • Justin Kos

        I do, the T-Mobile 30 dollar plan got me 10 to 12 Mbps sometimes 5 to 8 ..now I’m trying atnt straight talk I get 5 to 8 I’m located in north jersey

      • Tom

        Too bad Straight Talk terminates your account at seemingly random amounts of data usage.

        • Justin Kos

          I herd about it before I signed up, good news is I’m not bound by contract anymore

    • watson111505

      ” No Offense to you ,, But Straight Talk is Horrible”

    • Tim242

      StraightTalk is horrible. I’m sorry you have to deal with that

  • MK17

    I would likely do that if I could share the 6gbs

  • Rob

    It’s still a trap. Don’t do it fellow unlimited data users!

  • Paul

    T-Mobs or Bust once they take away my unlimited. SO LONG ASSHOLES!!!!!!!

  • Alexa White

    $30 for 6 GB is still 1 cent more expensive than my current rate of $29.99 for unlimited. I don’t even use nearly that much data, but it’s the principle of the matter.

    • Rithvik Rao

      Yeah, and you are forced into Edge.


    you can add tethering “per day” at 99cents/day. add instantly when i need it and not pay the full $30! ill keep my unlimited

    • Rithvik Rao

      I wasn’t aware of that.

    • paulmike3


      • Stev J

        Call. Ask them to add it. Then when done. Call and ask to remove it. (I don’t know if it can be done online.) I did it for my Vacation to Folly Beach for 2 weeks. Was awesome and cheaper than the house’s wifi fee. ($14)

        • paulmike3

          Folly Beach – went there last summer. Good times! πŸ™‚

          How much data do you get?

          • Stev J

            Its for the Unlimited Data plan. Add for $30/mo… Pro-rated for duration on account…

      • BGRUGGER

        i called them to get it for a day, the lady said she would have it turned off after a day. if its $30 a month, would make sense for 99cents a day! i asked if i could do this anytime, and the response was yes. makes sense.

        • paulmike3

          Unlimited? Or… how much data?

          • BGRUGGER

            Unlimited…i assume from my unlimited plan

    • Tim242

      Ummm you can tether for free with a simple toggle.

  • Stev J

    JUST A NOTE… This doesn’t say you HAVE TO HAVE unlimited data to participate. (That might change, but not as of this screenshot. It might be implied but not expressly stated.)

  • Master O’Disaster

    A lot of the folks here are saying that they would keep their unlimited data instead of going to this plan. I don’t think that people are perceiving this correctly. VZW has clearly stated that they have a goal to eliminate all unlimited data customers. The only reason to consider this is because VZW will almost certainly be
    terminating all of our grandfathered unlimited data plans in about a
    year or so, when the Early Termination Fees will no longer apply.

    We have to stay with VZW, because none of the other carriers are available at our house.

    So, to reframe this issue: My question to the crowd is, “Let’s say that VZW announces that they will be transitioning all customers to tiered data plans on 31-DEC-2013. Would you consider getting on the Verizon Max plan now (and keeping a decent amount of data) instead of getting forced to a tiered plan?”

    • Sporttster

      If I lose unlimited, there are plenty of other ‘limited’ plans out there, many cheaper than VZW. My wife is on Virgin Mobile and is unlimited for less. Sprint has true unlimited. T-Mo has good speeds and has better pricing. VZW would be truly slitting its own throat eliminating unlimited….

    • JMonkeYJ

      if you really get no other service at your house, then unfortunately Verizon has you over a barrel….i don’t envy your position, and there’s really just not enough information to make a good decision at this point. good luck!

    • Tim242

      I’m out of contact. Unlimited, or no dice 3 lines out the door, the second they even announce they are eliminating it.

    • Patrick Dough

      My upgrade is not until the end of 6/14. Might be able to get out of the ETF, although I am on a family plan. I currently have a HTC Rezound, the microusb port has broken, so I can only use an external charger. Getting around 2 hours of battery life. Use around 4-8gb of data (pretty much 4gb when I use mostly pandora/slacker…jumps to 8 gb when I use Google Music).

      Right now, most of my friends/family have Verizon. I am on a family plan where my part is $80, which is right where t-moblies family plan w/ upgrades would put me. I would most likely try the $30 plan from Walmart.

      I would consider this deal if I could get subsidized pricing instead of needing to join Edge. Right now I am considering buying a Droid Razr M from Swappa/Ebay at around $150-$200. The only issue is I do not know what the battery life would be like, since I cannot swap in a fresh one.

  • Zeke

    Staying with unlimited or this plan I’d still be paying full retail price for the phone….. so there is next to no benefit. If they made a $30 6gb single line plan with the ability to buy a phone at a subsidized price, they might be on to something.
    Trading unlimited data for th option to buy multiple phones at full retail AND less data….. FAIL.

  • Rithvik Rao

    I have some sweet info for you guys, take a look at my chat log (hint: It’s a mean plan, and sorry Tim!): http://pastebin.com/LhGgtbmh

  • MichaelFranz

    so 8GB is $50, but what about my rate plan? and is that on top of a $40 smartphone line access…im confused

    • Rithvik Rao


      All the details are there πŸ™‚

      • MichaelFranz

        correct me if im wrong but the way i read it is,m you get edge and for $30 you get 6Gb and keep the rest….so the only deal here is edge, which isnt much of a deal..

        • Rithvik Rao

          Correct. Unlimited data is replaced with 6GB, and you’re forced to use Edge. So the exact same rate you pay now + Edge and you are losing data. If you’ve stuck it out this long with unlimited data, KEEP IT.

          • MichaelFranz

            basically….cant wait to go to a store and talk to them and get them all hyped that I am going to go with this then say….no no no no no…lol

          • Rithvik Rao


            *leaves store*

          • MichaelFranz

            sad how verizon cant do anything right by what customers want….so annoying….shared data is not terrible, but the price points are…wish i could leave and get the same service…sucks i cant

          • Rithvik Rao

            They are in a good position to hurt the customers and get away with it.

            Think of how many people are on two year contracts right now.

            If they increased all their plans by $300 everyone might leave, but they would be replenished by all the ETFs. Now, they wouldn’t do this, but it is an example of how powerful they are without us even knowing

  • Alan

    For $50 for 8 GB + tethering or $60 for unlimited data and tethering or $30 for unlimited tethering and using a 3rd party tethering app (which is perfectly legal)…

    Choices, choices. So difficult.

    • OBK1352

      According to cnet, you may not be legal since you agreed to certain terms and services.
      “What if I have an old Verizon unlimited data plan? Can I download an app and avoid the $20 tethering fee too?Unfortunately, the answer to this question is no. Verizon says that customers under the unlimited plan are required by the company’s terms of service to pay an additional fee to tether their device.”


      • Duh

        FCC C-Block Rules supersede VZW TOS.

        • OBK1352

          does that apply to all spectrum, or just 4G?