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Verizon is Launching Verizon Max, a Limited Time 6GB $30 Deal for Unlimited Customers Who Want Verizon Edge

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Earlier this morning, we broke news on a new Verizon plan that will be introduced in the coming days called Verizon Max. At the time, we didn’t have all of the details ironed out, but after talking to sources of ours, think we know almost everything there is to know about a new tiered data plan aimed directly at unlimited customers. 

Verizon Max will be introduced on August 25, along with Verizon Edge (Big Red’s new upgrade-often plan). We were told by a corporate Verizon spokesperson during the announcement of Edge that unlimited data customers would be excluded from participating in the upgrade-often plan. Well, they could participate, but they would lose their unlimited data. If an unlimited customer decides they want to sign up for Edge, and a pay a monthly fee for their phone without any upfront cost, Verizon Max is their point of entry.

So what is Verizon Max and who can participate?

Max is a two-tiered plan that offers unlimited data customers either a 6GB block of data for $30 per month (without tethering) or an 8GB block for $50 (includes tethering). This is not a shared block of data either, meaning your 6GB or 8GB are yours to keep. In fact, you can’t share the data in Verizon Max as it is a “line level feature.” Verizon Max is not a part of Share Everything, from what I understand.

Verizon Max will only be available for a limited time, though the dates on expiration have not been shared.

Max can only be added to an existing customer line that currently has unlimited data and is signing up for Verizon Edge.

So what’s the point?

Verizon is giving customers with unlimited data an option to participate in Verizon Edge by not charging them the normal $30 for 2GB of data pricing, and instead offering them a sizable amount of data at a price similar to what they are paying for their unlimited plan. And if they were to choose the 8GB option, which includes tethering, it looks like somewhat of a deal since unlimited customers currently have to pay an extra $30 a month to add tethering (assuming they aren’t rooted or using an app to tether for free).

verizon max

Is it a good deal?

I’m not sure that “deal” is the right word. That all depends on your needs. If you want to participate in Verizon Edge (we wouldn’t necessarily recommend that you do) and currently have unlimited data, this would allow you to join that program and still hold onto a pretty significant amount of data in comparison to Verizon’s Share Everything Plans. Verizon is currently charging $80 for 6GB and $90 for 8GB of data in Share Everything.

Random note

I think my favorite line above references Verizon Max as being a “data feature that offers large amounts of data at affordable prices.” In other words, the rest of Verizon’s prices aren’t affordable.

Thoughts on Verizon Max?

  • Avery Dejuan Herron

    They admitted it riot dammit they said it now is our chance to get everybody unlimited back! I still have mine but will sign anything that will help get it back at the 30 dollar price for others!

  • fish1552

    So clarify: ” This is not a shared block of data either, meaning your 6GB or 8GB are yours to keep.”

    Does this mean I have to buy the $30 (or $50) plan for EACH data line? So essentially it means $70-90 per line? TImes 3 lines for us, that means back to over $200/month? If so, I’m not raising my monthly costs back up another $70.

    If so, I suspect the details still are not 100% accurate. I doubt even Big Red would entice people towards a plan that simply costs them more $ outright even before adding in the monthly costs of those new phones. Hell, I could end up paying over $300 / month!

    At least BestBuy let’s me buy my phone full price and get X # of months interest free to pay it off and keep my current lower priced plan.

  • adbFreedom

    So….. They want me to downgrade to 6GB instead of the UNLIMITED plan I have now and pay the same price. And this is so I can be lucky enough to pay a monthly payment on a full price phone which I will also be paying a subsidy fee every month for. If i wanted to upgrade and couldn’t afford it, I would rather charge it on a credit card.

  • Jeff E

    Having unlimited is great but it would be nice to have a much lower bill each month. Pretty much the only reason i’m considering it.

    • Rithvik Rao

      You’d pay more because Edge is bundled.

      • Jeff E.

        ok, i guess i dont fully understand the setup then. I’m currently paying just over $140 a month for unlimited everything and it pretty much sucks spending that much money

        • Rithvik Rao

          Keep paying it.

          Definitely a lot more worth it than other options.

          • Jeff E

            gotcha. Thanks

          • Rithvik Rao

            No prob. I pay more than you for two unlimited voice, unlimited text, and shared 2GB data lines to put it into perspective.

        • ShaneJax

          With Edge you have to pay for the phone over 24 months plus they continue to stick you with the phone subsidy built into the high monthly Verizon fees. Edge is simply a rip off. You are much better off keeping unlimited and simply purchasing your phones outright or waiting for the two year upgrade time.

  • Detonation

    Only reason to do this is if you frequently want a new device and can’t afford the full upfront retail cost and need it via monthly payments. Otherwise there is absolutely no other reason to join this program.

  • jbegs

    Are they going to just offer this for a short time and then in a few months tell all those people that they have to pay the normal $80 or get knocked down to 2 GB?

    • Rithvik Rao

      No, I have a feeling it’s going to be like double data.

      You can only grab it for a short time but you get to keep it and still upgrade until Verizon takes drastic measures like with UD customers.

      • jbegs

        Let’s hope that’s the case. I don’t want to lose my unlimited. Now I just need to call VZW and complain a little so they turn my wife’s 2 GB plan (she upgraded and didn’t care about unlimited) into this 6 GB.

        • Rithvik Rao

          Exactly what I’m going to do — except mine is worse because I upgraded to Share Everything.

          I am currently chatting with Verizon and I am sucking out all the details of the plan. I will comment with a link to my chat.

          • jbegs

            Yeah. You lose the unlimited calling and texting, but that’s not important to many people. Please pass along those details.

          • Rithvik Rao
  • Maxim∑

    I’m #winning with T-mobiles 30$ a month plan on the Nexus 4

    • Murican

      This is my plan come Nexus 5

      • Maxim∑

        yeah its a great plan, T-Mobile has a very good HSPA+ network to I get 12-18mbps down and 1.5mbps up. I was looking at AT&T originally and it was 3-6mbps down on HSPA

        • Sporttster

          Was just looking at that. From Walmart, right? Looks like it’s limited to 5gb 4g, then unlimited 3g. I could probably live with that! AND looks like I could get a HTC One and use it on their network! HMMmmm….

          • Maxim∑

            yeah I just went to T-Mobile but you can go to walmart or order the SIM kit online

            5GB at 4G speeds (its fast they invested more in HSPA then LTE)
            Unlimited text
            100 Min talk but you can just use talkatone or something if you pass that limit

  • Paul

    So if we were to do this would we have to join the edge program or could I get discounted phone on contract like a normal air breathing human?

  • Tom

    Verizon Edge isn’t worth it and why would you even upgrade your phone every year or less?

  • Zach Armstrong

    Who is actually excited about Verizon EDGE

  • RaptorOO7

    Well of course this is not the value I had hoped for, nor is it the Droids I was looking for either. Oh well nice try Verizon and also glad I didn’t bother with the HTC One FU.

  • Ghassan Shubbar

    I will never give up my unlimited plan. Verizon has best coverage but just plain sucks in it pricing schemes.

  • Victor

    I have an upgrade that I will switch to my wife’s line and enroll her in this plan because she has unlimited data but only uses about 1gb per month. This way I can try the droid ultra max or the htc one. I like my note 2 but I want a more pocket able phone.

  • jbegs

    What about existing customers that have the individual 2GB plan for $30?

    • Raj Bhatt

      That plan is such a kick in the nuts when you know that it was the same price for unlimited data.

  • ty

    I just got a phone upgrade from Verizon and lost my unlimited data. But when I got the phone activated, I was already over my 2 gigs because I upgraded in the middle of the month. I called Verizon and complained and they gave me back my unlimited data.

    • n900mixalot

      But they’re so unfair and mean!

    • AussieDood

      I had a similar experience and they flatly refused to change me back. I’ve been a Verizon customer almost 7 years. Once this contract is up, I’m out, I may not get unlimited with my next carrier but Verizon sure as hell ain’t getting any more of my money beyond this contract.

    • Joseph A. Yager

      For the rest of the month, or indefinitely?

      • Ty

        indefinitely at first I thought it was just for the rest of the month but she assured me that my plan would be for the full two years

    • josh

      No, no they didn’t. They either required you to return your device or they are crediting you for the overage. It is literally, LITERALLY, impossible to upgrade your phone on a line that had unlimited data and keep it without reverting back to your pre-upgrade state. Either you are telling the story incorrectly, or are lying (hopefully the former).

      • Ty

        Not lying, no need to. It was just that simple. I talked to a young lady and told her I was not happy about having smart phone and not being able to use it for 15ish days. She put me on hold for a minute and came back and said sorry for the inconvenience you now have your unlimited data back. basically she gave me back my old data plan

        • Did you reply to your own post?

          • Ty

            probably did I’m crazy like that lol

          • josh

            I hope not, or I would sadly not exist 🙁

        • josh

          I would check your account. A special team is involved in placing those plans back on accounts and they check to make sure the line has met the criteria I’ve stated above and they are VERY strict (then they release the feature to be available for a limited time since it is not active); it is not as simple as being placed on hold and magically getting it back. The only time that feature can be willy nilly placed back onto the line is if an esn change is performed and the tiered data plan was added instead.

  • Daeshaun Griffiths

    I like this plan. Maybe i can actually stream All Access in the car. I dont think i wanna join edge.

  • n900mixalot

    Yeah, 8 gigs is definitely not going to be enough for the existing unlimited data piggies, but if Verizon decides to start throttling them, they’ll probably wish they’d have gone with this plan. It’s very likely a clarification/warning of what they consider to be “fair use” for unlimited data users.

    • Buur

      Verizon isn’t allowed to throttle unlimited data.

      • n900mixalot

        Actually, yeah they can. They don’t, but they can.

        • Avery Dejuan Herron

          They do I have been throttled

          • Rithvik Rao

            Not on 4G LTE.

            You’ve been throttled on 3G.

            Or you think you’ve been throttled, but you were actually using your LTE connection during the peak hour.

          • Avery Dejuan Herron

            No sir I’m 100% sure I was on lte and they Throttled me until my next billing cycle because my instagram and other affected app just happened to start working like they should after the cycle ended

      • Actually they do throttle unlimited data. They throttle 3G, but they can’t throttle 4G LTE data.

        • n900mixalot

          They call it “network optimization.” http://support.verizonwireless.com/support/information/data_disclosure.html

          And if you read the bottom, they don’t do it for 3G but reserved the right to do it to 4G unlimited data users.

          “Does Network Optimization apply to customers using 4G services?
          “No. We reserve the right to include 4G LTE users later, but right now this only applies to the top 5% of users with unlimited data plans using 3G devices. If you have a 4G LTE device you will not be affected at this time.”

          • If they were to throttle 4G LTE then they can’t couldn’t boast about have the most reliable 4G LTE network if they’re going to resort to throttling. Have a blazing fast network would defeat the purpose. From my knowledge the CEO himself said that they throttle 3G data used for those who use over 2gb, but 4G isn’t throttle being that it’s faster and doesn’t cause network congestion as much as 3G.

        • Buur

          Ya I should have specified. Thanks for cleaning that up for me.

  • Louie

    You would need to be dumb and crazy to trade-in your Unlimited Data Plan for the Verizon Edge plan.

    • n900mixalot

      Keep that in mind for a few months down the road when they start implementing “network optimization” on people with unlimited 4G plans.

      • Louie

        Just have to enjoy it while it last

  • I’m definitely not falling for it. Unlimited data is my main reason as to why I’m STILL with Verizon in the first place. If T-Mobile worked in my area I would have been jumped on their unlimited plans, but unfortunately I’m not that lucky. My only fear is that maybe a year or two from now Verizon will ultimately pull the plug on the unlimited data and force us to the shared plans.

  • skiwebster

    If this wasn’t a line level feature, I’d actually think about switching. I’ve got 2 lines – one with a smartphone and unlimited data (probably only use 3-4 gb/month) and one with a dumbphone (girlfriends). she has been thinking about switching over to a smartphone and it would have been nice to have her upgrade without having to pay any extra data charges (it’d be $30 for both phones). oh well.

  • Rithvik Rao


    I was an unlimited data customer who finally caved in and switched to Share Everything because my data usage was under 2GB anyway and I wanted tethering and text, but WHAT?!

    They are alienating their customers who played with Verizon this far through?

    Why aren’t they giving me, a former unlimited data customer, this deal?

    • Jason Downing

      call them up.. raise hell

      • Rithvik Rao

        Exactly what I plan to do when this becomes official and I have a moment.

  • pd240

    I would definitly go with this option if I could share the data with wife’s phone. We are both paying for data right now so I could save a good bit of money sharing 6 or 8 gb between the two of us. But not being able to share doesnt make this plan very appealing over unlimited data.

    • Dcdanger

      Same here, 8 gbs shareable between me and my wife would work and save us money but Verizon’s greed means I keep my unlimited until they somehow screw us out of it then I’m off to t mobile

  • EdubE24

    I pay 10 dollars a piece for my wife, daughters and I unlimited data plans. I have a feature phone line that we use to upgrade our phones. This sounds reasonable, but I would still end up paying more in the end!!

  • Darren


  • gadget_hero

    I would switch back to Verizon if they had better data rates for single line users, I am not going to pay $110+taxes for 4GB of data. I know I could use prepaid, but 3G performance isn’t enough for all of my needs. I get that Verizon can charge a premium due to its coverage. I have to give AT&T props for still having single user plans that make more sense. (for disclosure I use T-Mobile)

  • amanda stengel

    What if we are already on the share everything plan could we still get that deal

    • Jason Downing

      My guess is no

  • sr_erick

    What a waste. The only way I’d even remotely consider switching to a 6 (or 8) GB plan from my single line unlimited is if operated under standard “Share Everything” rules, meaning I can tether and meaning I can add additional devices such as a tablet.

  • mec

    If you do max, must you also do edge?

    • NigelTark

      That’s what it sounds like

      • mec

        soooo, for $30 i can get 6 GB, and no phone subsidy.

        sure, i get a guaranteed phone sale back to verizon for half retail price. but, I’ll take unlimited for $30 and sell my phone on the open market, and hope i get half price, after 12 months.

        i would have considered this if I could get subsidized phones with this.

    • yes. here is a quote from a VZE rep on chat right now.

      Rebecca: The Verizon Max program will be available with the Verizon Edge program that will launches Sunday. This program will allow you to purchase a phone on a month to month contract as well as make payments on your device.

  • David Wanless

    I laughed at the “includes tethering” part. I still can’t get over any carrier charging people for tethering

    • Joseph A. Yager

      Especially when it’s already capped at such a low amount of the geebees.

  • john

    Still not sure how this will work,Will your unlimited be swapped out for the 6gb or 8gb and you just keep the rest of your plan.I have the 450 min nationwide plan with 250 text.
    Would I maintain the current pricing structure and discounts.

  • Buur

    Ya, not worth it at all. Especially if corporate discounts don’t apply to these plans. I’ll just keep unlimited. Oh darn.

  • XphoneTroll

    I use about 60GB a month, and you want me to switch over to 8GB? Hell f#*k no!

    • jbdan

      How in the world is that possible lol. Serious question btw

      • EdubE24

        I would he torrents the hell out of movies and music!

        • jbdan

          All day every day for a month….?! I must know the answer 🙂

          • EdubE24

            Well just think an HD movie could be 3-4 + GB’s. Just a guess though…

          • n900mixalot

            Yup, it’s about a gig an hour on netflix.

          • Paul

            I would be surprised if he were serious based on his name.

          • EdubE24

            What’s a blu-ray download off of a site like Pirate Bay?

        • creed

          You can chew through data pretty easy on Netflix. My wife and I have used 150 gb combined in a month.

      • XphoneTroll

        I use Netflix on my phone. I also tether my phone to connect my laptop. That’s right I don’t have home Internet. How much data do you use a month ?

        • jbdan

          Ahh makes sense. I use 1gb month mobile data. I have Comcast internet at home

  • Shawn Pierce

    What a joke. Switched to T Mobile and I will never go back to Verizon. They are corporate pirates that pillage and plunder there way through life.

  • duke69111

    I’m curious, are there any Verizon Unlimited Data customers that want Edge?

    • tyguy829

      I don’t think there are any customers at all that are “excited about edge”. Why would anybody voluntarily sign up to be gangbanged by Verizon?

      • Tyler Durden

        Upgrade early, pay a small fee, what’s the big deal

        • tyguy829

          Pay a small fee……on top of the subsidy already in your plan. Plus in our case, you would also be going from unlimited to 6gb.

        • EdubE24

          Or buy phone off of Craigslist, keep unlimited!

          • n900mixalot

            From some sketchy crackhead who stole the phone?

          • EdubE24

            I have bought several phones off of Craigslist. I meet them at the Verizon store, have them verify it, I make sure it’s not beat the hell up. Never once have I had a problem!!

        • Brandon Schlack

          Or buy off of swappa.com Everything is guaranteed to work (Clean ESN, Fully functional, No screen cracks) and more times then not I find better prices and easier people to work with than Craigslist. Just got a Galaxy S4 on unlimited myself through swappa.

    • Phillies3429

      I’m not!

    • dragonflyr


  • Andrew

    What if I want a new phone but do not want join Edge?

    • Robert Willis

      ^ This is my question as well.

    • Omar Amer

      easy, you pay the $500 to $800 price tag that they have for off contract pricing. simple question, simple answer. or you go to ebay or craigslist and find phones there to switch to.

  • Tyler Durden

    I don’t even see how people use that much.. I’m on 4gb and use the hell out of my data and never hit over 4gb. #rethinkyourpriorities

    • i constantly break 6GIG and sometimes get into 10gig… its not about priorities… its about being able to use your phone and its features wherever and whenever you want. some people dont always have access to WIFI. i dont get WIFI at work and thats where use my phone the most.

      • Tyler Durden

        You must sit on it 24/7. I stream Pandora, Google music, use that Facebook crap, browser, download apps, etc. Never once went over

        • Weber

          The biggest data-sucker is YouTube.

          • Tyler Durden

            Then don’t use YouTube or use the setting where it loads on WiFi and can stream data free later.

          • Weber

            I agree. I have 4GB/mo and stay the hell away from streaming video.

          • duke69111

            Then what’s the point in having a smartphone, if you can’t use it the way it was meant to be used.

          • Weber

            If I play Devil’s Advocate, I can make the comment that while I do not have WiFi at work, I shouldn’t be playing on my phone at work anyway. But I do see your point and agree. I used to have unlimited data but foolishly gave it up when I got the GNex. I just have to be conscious of what I do on my phone depending on my location and WiFi access.

          • duke69111

            I don’t do a lot of streaming, but do occasionally watch netflix or youtube and stream pandora. Most of my data usage goes toward downloading rom updates. I just hate the thought of someone not being able to use a smartphone the way they want to, because they’re continually watching the meter tick.

            I’m going to try t-mobiles service for a month and see how it compares to Verizon coverage wise and possibly make a switch and forget all about Verizon’s BS when my contract is up in December. Its too bad, because i have always been a big fan of Verizon’s coverage and I’m not totally unhappy with their service. Its just that I need to add a smartphone to my line and Verizon’s gonna make me pay for it bigtime.

          • Basil

            I recently added a data plan for my wife (she had a feature phone up until then) and all I had to do was add data to her line. No need to sign up for the share everything plan. I kept my unlimited data and she has her own 2gigs to use as she sees fit.

          • duke69111

            That’s good to know. I wish I could add the 6gb’s for $30 to the new line. That I would do.

            My only thought about switching to T-mobile is that we could get two smartphones with unlimited everything for about the same price.

          • Lane W.

            That’s what a friend of mine did a few months ago. He & wife went tmob and they each have an apple i4 = $120/month total bill

            Then there’s me who doesn’t believe tmob has enough coverage – 1 Droid X2, 900 mins talk, 250 text, unlimted GB = $110/month total

            :~| #puzzled

          • duke69111

            That’s my exact problem. T-mobile has excellent 4g LTE where I spend 90%+ of my time, but its the other 10% that kind of worries me. Verizon has me spoiled when it comes to adequate coverage.

          • n900mixalot

            If it was meant to stream all day long off of mobile networks, it’d have the battery to do so.

          • duke69111

            I’m not saying that it was meant to stream data all day every day. But it was designed to stream media and if I can’t stream what I want because i’m limited, then what’s the point.

          • Joseph A. Yager

            Especially as everything is becoming cloud-based. Your “mobile” phone becomes less and less mobile if you have to use it at home with wifi.

    • Phillies3429

      I have used 14 GB this month. I never connect to wifi unless signal strength is bad. Love unlimited data

    • AussieDood

      I regularly go over 4GB. I lost my unlimited plan about 7 months ago and curtailed my audio streaming considerably to the point of almost never. I use facebook, twitter, foursquare, google+ and maps regularly and that’s about it. Any app installs, app upgrades, podcast downloads etc are done while I’m on wi-fi.

    • Bionic_Pags

      I hate your face…but love your priorities… an epic battle of emotions.

  • modernbummer

    So those of us already on the Share Everything plans get the shaft. **** you, Verizon.

    • DroidzFX

      If this was shareable data I would take the 8 Gb. But since Verzion insists they can charge 2 different prices for the same amount data. Fukem.

    • Sqube

      This isn’t about you. This is about eventually prying everyone away from unlimited data packages because, God, what if people used what they paid for? Can’t have that.

  • JonathonFlores

    F*ck that sh*t!!!!! Unlimited until you force me off.

    • Phillies3429

      Which they shouldn’t. Sucks having to pay $600-$700 to get a new phone. They should respect their loyal customers

      • They don’t make money off of that. They make money off of your contract and off of their subsidy….that hate you for paying outright for that phone.

        • n900mixalot

          Unless you buy it from them. Trust me, they took my $600.00 with a smile.

          • They are payed to do that. Same happens in retail…if you buy a laptop with nothing on it the company is making literally nothing on that laptop. If it is on sale chances are they are taking it at a loss. Still smiling while doing so. Trust me, Verizon hates us. Whether we buy a phone or not.

          • charles rogers

            I guess its okay because i hate them too.

        • Phillies3429

          I know that they don’t. Still hurts to slide that card when the person tells you your total

        • C-Law

          That makes no sense! You are paying for the subsidy no matter what. Even if phone contact is up, you are still paying the subsidized rate! Your bill doesn’t drop. So Verizon is actually getting the subsidy from us unlimited users without even subsidizing a phone for us. They are getting double the money from us bc not only do we have to buy their phones full price, we pay the subsidy too!

          • I see your point. I guess it depends on how much of that unlimited they use. If it is a lot they probably hate us and if not they probably don’t care.

          • Greyhame

            This is 100% correct and why I’m holding out hope they don’t cancel unlimited plans until prices come down or I can find a prepaid option worth living with.

            You’d really think they would realize their prices are absolutely outrageous, but I’m not holding my breath.

          • Kanaga Deepan N

            Just think about that extra 20$ per month of subsidy as extra charge to keep unlimited data… Instead of 30$, we are paying 50$ and getting UNLIMITED data in return….

          • Jason

            You’re reasoning is flawed here. The subsidy is contained within the early termination fee, which degrades over the life of your contract. The plans do not contain subsidies. When you first sign up, subsidy is the 200 for the phone, 350 for the ETF, and 30 for upgrade fee.

          • C-Law

            It doesn’t make a difference, it’s all the same, bc we are still paying more per month than we should have to if our contract ends and we don’t upgrade to a new device

          • chadlnc

            But what makes the ETF go down over time? You staying on a plan with a subsidy built in. The longer you stay on the plan the more the ETF goes down. The plans are where they subsidize the phones, if you pay full price for a phone the plan should be less per month.

          • Avery Dejuan Herron

            Exactly they make more money if you but the phone right out because they still get the subsidy of the phone in there plan priceing

      • josh

        Food for thought (not necessary directed at you): What makes you a loyal customer? The fact that you pay your bill every month? We have to approach telecomm’s like any other utility – loyalty means nothing. You pay your bill, the utility provides you service; As long as you do one, the other happens. What about brand loyalty? Do we expect Motorola to drop prices of their products simply because you only purchase Motorola products? I think we need to move away from the argument that “loyal customers are getting the shaft” to the idea that these are just businesses that are trying to make money. If Verizon cared so much about loyal customers, you think they would be pushing (and pushing hard) for their customers to go onto Edge? Service contracts are disappearing and the embracing of the idea of a floating user base based solely on the product they offer: wireless service and the peripheral benefits thereof.

        • Phillies3429

          People who have been customers for an extended period of time. If they literally kick off unlimited data customers they will most likely lose this long term customer

          • josh

            Exactly, you are a long term customer, but you are literally no more important than any other customer (and that’s how these companies view you). Unless, of course, you are a business and pay $100,000+ per month 🙁

          • Good point, they would probably rather ditch a $30 unlimited customer who has been with them for 5 years and sign up a brand new guy into a 2 year contract paying $100+ for a share everything plan.

          • Joe Gugelman

            That’s all well and good, and would be 100% true, if VZW truly had a monopoly. I know it sometimes feels like they do (especially those of us who are spoiled by their coverage/speeds), but as long as there is viable competition, they BETTER care about retaining a loyal customer base. No company is too large to fall from grace, excluding the giant banks, the government has seen to that.

            Subscriber churn is a large worry to every subscription based corporation, and I truly believe that the day will come where Verizon will finally push enough of us too far, and will wind up losing a large chunk of market share to the other big three.

          • Avery Dejuan Herron

            Verzion is at&t don’t be fooled by the different names.

          • Martin

            Nothing kills quicker than complacency and resting on one’s laurels… pride always comes before the fall.

        • Unbiased Experimentor

          Loyalty is great, it means you’ll pay more and still won’t leave..

  • Firant

    I found another way to get a better deal – I went to T-Mobile. The water is warm over here.

    • jbdan

      Me too. It’s been bliss so far…./knocks on wood/

    • Big_EZ

      I’mstay ingu ntil they kick me off of unlimited data, then I’ll try T-Mobile. I hope T-Mobile can grow their network before Verizon forces me off of unlimited data though.

      • SUNupe

        And you have to know that this is their “last change” plan….So when they take it away (my guess within the next 12 months) they can say, “we gave you a chance”. The vast number of people saying they’ll leave for T-Mobile won’t.

        • Big_EZ

          I’ll leave, because I won’t pay them $500 for service. They can take their “last change? to f*** you” somewhere else.

        • KleenDroid

          It would never make sense to kick anyone off unlimited data.

          Most still only use the same amount as everyone else. Plus we are willing to pay full price for our phones. We are loyal customers.

          I would never go for this deal especially since I only pay 10 per line for unlumited instead of 30.

        • C-Law

          Trust me, people will leave if they force us off unlimited to a 2gb plan. I 100% will leave

    • n900mixalot

      No T-Mobile over here …

    • Derek Lockovich

      I wish I knew anyone in my area with T-Mobile. I want to try their service, but I can’t justify paying for it when I don’t know if it’ll even be good. What good is a map of coverage when it’s just a giant splatter of paint instead of real world use!?

      • jbdan

        Obviously not cost effective (unless it works out for ya), but on a whim I tried tmo service (Atlanta GA and surrounding suburbs). Was with VZW 10+ years and I got sick of their antics. Grabbed a N4 (you have 14 days to test) and was pleasantly surprised. Better service in my locations in all but the deepest centers of interior buildings/offices. That plus HSPA beats vzw 3G all day. Heck even tmo Edge is almost as fast as was my vzw 3G in my area. So it worked out and I ported my #. Worst thing you experience is a $35 loss restocking fee on the N4.

        • Derek L.

          That’s really not a bad idea at all. The only problem with that is I’d prefer to have a physical T-Mo store close by, but the closest is about 30 some odd miles away. 🙁

      • fish1552

        The same applies to Verizon. Their map says I have 4G in my area for miles around. I’m lucky if I get more than 2 bars of 3G. I drive 3 minutes west and I get dropped calls and no data – a wireless Bermuda Triangle. Yet I drive 2 hours away into the boonies and they have 3 bars of 4G!?!?!

        • Derek L.

          Yeah, I definitely know what you mean. VZW says I have 4G in every area of my city, and the worst part is it says I should have 80-100% signal of 4G. Sometimes, it’s a struggle, but I’ve never had like a true problem with dropped calls or lost data.

      • Sqube

        Have you tried Open Signal? Basically, it’s a crowd-sourced coverage map. So forget their irrelevant splatter and see what it’s really like where you’re most likely to be.


        • Kyle Wilkins

          Had no idea about this website. Checked it out and am liking what I see. Thank you for this sir.

          • Kevin

            Rootmetrics may have even better data than OpenSignal. Between the two, you can figure it out I’m sure. 🙂

          • Sqube

            I didn’t even know about RootMetrics… until now. This makes me so happy.


          • Kevin

            They have an app as well. Download it and you can see/compare all carriers in a given area. You can also run tests and contribute data and/or set it to do background testing and REALLY contribute (but kiss your battery life goodbye).

          • Sqube

            I’ve already got the OpenSignal app, why the hell not? I could run it overnight while I’m sleeping and the phone is charging.

            Annihilating my battery life… for science!

      • D1andOnlyOmen

        I’ve been trying to do the same thing in my area (Central Iowa) and have been asking around my workplace and even threw the question out to friends on FB and NO ONE I’ve come across has or even knows anyone w/ T-Mobile in this area…… but if you go by their “paint splatter” (as you put it)…..it would appear they have great coverage here…..but somehow if that were true I would have to assume it wouldn’t be so hard to find someone that uses the service.

        • Derek L.

          Exactly! T-Mo looks like it has awesome coverage in my area, but then you realize, no one you know uses T-Mo! So how can it be good if no one in your area uses it!?

      • Can’t Hear You Anymore

        You could go buy a cheap pre-paid phone to test the waters. Don’t even need a plan.. just get the phone and watch the signal.

        • Derek L.

          Well, I know I could check the signal, but I’d prefer to be able to actually test the network. I don’t want to buy a prepaid phone and test that out (like the Lumia 521) because, and I might be mistaken, prepaid usually gets lower priority to the network.

          That’s kind of why I’m even a little skeptical to go with AT&T prepaid.

    • From too many kids peeing in the pool?

    • RaptorOO7

      Did someone pee near you in the pool

      • tyguy829


      • MacNificent

        lol there sure is a lot of pee references here on DL today

    • nex1

      I’m surprised you still wanted to write this comment after the 5 minutes it took you to load this page on T-Mobile’s network, you must be on WiFi 😉

      • Justin W

        T-Mo’s HSPA+ network is roughly as fast as Vzw’s LTE network, so I’m not sure where you got that from.

        • nex1

          Anytime I have used a friends phone that has TMO it makes me want to throw it at a wall. It is a painful experience.

          • nick leffler

            I have TMO $30 a month plan and I get roughly 5-15mbps not great but for the price you can’t beat it.

          • kixofmyg0t

            That $30 a month plan, that’s really $30 a month? Like not just part of a elaborate scheme of charges?

            I’m thinking about securing a line of that before it goes away.

          • nick leffler

            Nope its prepay tho so you have to buy the phone unsubsidised but its still cheap as hell. Its 30 bucks a month 100 voice minutes, 5 gb of high speed data and after that your throttled to edge and unlimited texting. But you can use Google voice for unlimited voice calls

      • jbdan

        It depends where you live. I bet he lives in a good tmo area like myself. An area that experiences better coverage than VZ. Also, VZW 3G is as abysmal as TMO Edge in my area (I can force edge and have tested it).

  • avinyc

    Some of us get a discount on voice and data which do not qualify under the share everything or other new tiered data plans. The $30 a month unlimited only costs $24 with a 20% discount. So no, it’s still not a deal for everyone.

    • jose

      Really! Discounts don’t apply the new plans? What a crock.

      • anon

        he is wrong.

  • Tyler Lamb

    Not a terrible deal if you are going to ditch unlimited (aka Wife wants a new phone and won’t pay full price for it.)

    • zwieblekopf

      It’s still full price, just spread out

      • jbdan

        The American way, right. Finance it!

        • Bob

          Yeah, right? finance it AND pay the baked-in device subsidy. mhmmm the American way!

          • jbdan

            Not everyone is as clever as you 😉

    • tyguy829

      But Edge is like paying the full price twice!!

      • Tyler Lamb

        Didn’t say we’d be using Edge – Unless I understood this VZW Max thing wrong, you can use the VZW Max and not use Edge. It just enables you to use Edge if you want to.

        We’d be getting phones at the subsidized price. Screw that Edge crap.

        • tyguy829

          Oh I understood it to be coupled with edge. I could be wrong though.

        • Nope. Its an Edge thing only.
          Heard it from the Verizon rep on chat and you know they always know what they are talking about /s

          • Tyler Lamb

            Well if that’s the case then this is definitely the route I want to go /endsarcasm

  • ConroeEd

    Will people who just switched be able to get these plans?

  • Thomas

    Not falling for it. Will keep my unlimited until I die.

    • DSharpark

      Well… if you stay with Verizon til you die, the NSA will greatly appreciate it.

      • Wildkatct

        The NSA wont care because they have the same access to all the other carriers too.

        • DoctorJB

          Straight Talk burner for the win?!?

          • Edward Smith

            Random rotating comm methods like detailed here http://xkcd.com/1254/ Preferred Chat System.

      • michael

        As long as the NSA don’t tell my mama about my porn, they can have all the data they want.

    • Rob

      Me too… or when I change carriers. Whichever comes first.

    • Shon

      Damn right

    • Moses

      Ya, doesn’t seem to be worth it.

      Also, what’s the current status of tethering apps and LTE devices? Why get the tethering option when you can do it already with the 6 GB plan assuming you don’t need the extra 2 GB of data.

      • Moe

        I’m no lawyer but Verizon has stated that they don’t block any apps (not specifically just tethering apps) from being downloaded and used. However, those on unlimited data plans are still bound by their original terms and must pay for tethering. Unlimited users can still download and use 3rd party tethering apps due to the FCC ruling but if they’re caught and per the terms they signed, Verizon is allowed to put you on a tethering plan, change your plan to a tiered one or terminate you account.

        That’s what they claim whether it’s legal or not.

        • Kisuk3

          And how exactly do you think Verizon will catch you?

          • If you are irresponsible with it and use some absurd amount of data like say 100gb in a month that right there would send up a red flag and if they really wanted to they could inspect the packages of data and once they do that it is completely obvious as to where the packages are going (your desktop browser includes things like screen resolution, OS version, etc in some of its data requests). Not to mention if they see something like your phone trying to contact an XBOX Live or Play Station server then they KNOW you are tethering!

          • themiddleman07

            I’ve used up to 60gb one month and even talked to Verizon complaining of my 4g being slow. Lol… they didn’t care at all.

          • ServedTheUS

            I literally did EXACTLY this and didnt get caught. Used 99gb of data in a month while I was on a business trip and played Steam games on a pc that I bought while on the trip and watched netflix on xbox live every night. Never got a letter, warning, or call about it.

    • Zee Masai

      No thank you on that deal. I’d rather pay for the phone outright and keep my unlimited data

      • michael arazan

        Verizon kind of shot themselves in the foot with unlimited users by offering a 12 month payment plan available to us allowing us to pay off a new phone at full price. Then we can just sell it at 1 year and put it towards a new phone if one chooses. Instead of 2 phones a year it would be 1 phone a year, which is better than 1 phone every 2 years, So why the hell would we join VZ edge and lose unlimited.

        Also if they yanked out unlimited from under the grandfathered in customers there would be a mass exodus of probably at least 10% of their customers. which would kill their quarterlies and yearly profit for a year and dropping stock prices too

        • Jose Xp Driod

          Common knowledge for us

        • MattyP

          Exactly. The only thing holding myself and numerous people I know (including three lines on my account) to Verizon, is our old unlimited data. If they ever take it away, it’s off to unlocked devices on other carriers. Not to mention a lot better variety of devices to choose from. Plus I’m in a market with great coverage from every carrier except Sprint (still 3G), so I’d have no worries about switching.

          Well, my corporate discount of 17% for my main line helps too, but would be made up for in the plans, depending on carrier.

    • bassmaster118

      More like till Verizon decides to revoke it! Probably when VoLTE is activated.

      • arlhokie

        Verizon won’t revoke it. It’s just a scheme to get people to voluntarily give up unlimited. The play about $5 cheaper than what an equivalent share your wallet plan would cost on-contract over the course of 2 years.

    • Capt. Crunch
  • Shssael Perez

    There is no benefit in changing your data plan. Why would anybody switch from *unlimited data* to a 6GB plan?

    • schoat333

      The only reason would be to have the ability to upgrade your device without paying full retail price

    • BCoils

      i would guess 99.9% don’t use over 6gb on average and a decent amount of “normal” users would consider this deal if they are currently on unlimited plans.

  • Jeff Broders

    Lol Go back to work Verizon, you’re drunk.

    • nwd1911

      You’re sexy.

      • racheljacobs

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    • Jared

      They must think we’re drunk to do this “deal”.

    • Unbiased Experimentor

      I wonder if there are any Walmarts selling Galaxies for Straight Talk

      • Wildfire1962

        you can get one from the straight talk web site. Currently they have the Galaxy SIII.

  • Pedro4Prez


  • tutaina

    Nice try verizon, I was born at night but not last night

  • Boles

    I’ve been waiting for Verizon to force those of us with the grandfathered unlimited data into one of their more expensive tiered plans. Is this the first step towards that end?

    • OrangeAttack

      Seems like foreshadowing to me. Making us make all these decisions.

    • AussieDood


  • duoexo

    Hmmm looks at last months use… 28GB… Hmm no thank you.

    • Sam Freistedt

      My June usage…52GB! I’m holding on to mine too.

      • Justin W

        Do you tether a lot? I used around 100GB on my broadband connection this month, but with my mobile data, I used around 2GB’s with additional data being used on WiFi at work or at home.

        • Sam Freistedt

          I do. Netflix mostly on my tablet. Nothing I couldn’t do on my phone but which would you rather watch on, a 10″ screen or a 4.7″ screen?

          • Justin W

            Of those options, of course the 10″. I have my Chromecast, which I use for Netflix, which goes through my broadband connection of course. Much better than my HSPA connection on my phone, but I can see why you use it 🙂

  • Shssael Perez

    Limited Time huh… If you are unlimited data, there is no point in doing this.