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Viva Movil has a Purpose! HTC One on Verizon Available From J-Lo for $99

Screen Shot 2013-08-22 at 8.22.13 AM

Forget about the colllloooors, and fontssssss, and casssesss, J-Lo and her Viva Movil stores have the best deal we’ve seen thus far for the HTC One on Verizon. For a limited time, and as an “online exclusive,” you can pick up HTC’s recently launched flagship for $99 on new 2-year contract. Verizon is currently selling the same phone for $199, while other 3rd party retailers are coming in somewhere around $150. So yeah, Viva Movil!Β 

On a related note, I walked through part of the checkout process with an HTC One in my cart, and was given the option to “keep my existing plan.” As you probably know, I’ve been hanging onto unlimited data with the best of them, so it’s almost leading me to believe that you can keep it if you use Viva Movil. That’s not confirmed, as I did not walk-through the entire process. At some point, they could kick you off and force you onto a tiered data plan. Definitely proceed with caution.

Update: Β At least one reader was stopped short of losing his unlimited data. So no, you cannot keep unlimited data when using an upgrade on Viva Movil. Here is the message he received:

With Verizon’s new Share Everything plan, unlimited data is no longer available. If you upgrade a line that has an existing unlimited data plan, you will lose unlimited data on that line.

But should you go through the process and buy from Viva Movil, let us know how it goes.

Screen Shot 2013-08-22 at 8.24.14 AM

Via: Β Viva Movil

Cheers Jose and Dan!

  • dark knight

    i have unlimited plan and it did not force me to change, fingers crossed i can keep it :S , my guess Verizon strategically selling this cheap in viva to push Viva brand by cashing-in on one’s popularity.

  • Christopher Webb

    Just ordered through Viva Movil… Paid $99, no tax, $3 for three day shipping, and $30 activation fee applied to my next bill. Overall a painless process. I am skeptical about whether this device has 4.2 or 4.1, though I assume it will have 4.2 just like devices sold through VZW.

    Oddities: You will be required to have a credit check performed (asks for social and license number). It also asked where they should ship “your first month’s bill,” although I’m simply upgrading a device and not signing up for new service.

  • Proxy

    I’m going to wait till best buy gets a blue version or Verizon, best buy does price match you just have to walk in, and ask. But yeah so I have 2 unlimited lines and got the dna at best buy 4 5 months ago and still have unlimited data I used my same sim instead of the new one and choose my keep my current plan. Any one in the same boat? Looks like best buy has a glitch, that allows you to keep your unlimited. Other line is eligible will try the Same with HTC one.

  • dk1golf

    I ordered this morning and already received an e-mail that it has shipped. Total cost in California was $190 ($60 tax and $30 Verizon upgrade fee).

    • Steve Blais

      how much was the phone by itself?

  • XboxOne

    HTC Juan πŸ˜€

  • Steve Blais

    out of stock.. πŸ™ did get $50 off via verizon wireless chat discount )

    • mrwufpack

      Omg–on Viva or VZW? Been waiting since April and already OOS. -_-

      • Steve Blais

        on VZW.. open a chat with a VZW rep and she gave me the code placed the order and voila price drop from $199 – $149.. then I saw this post on DL and was like should I cancel.. but alas I am not sure if Viva allows billing phones to your VZW account as thats how I ordered this HTC one..

        • mrwufpack

          I ended up ordering online, but the confirmation email says we need to wait for another confirmation email after credit check. That was 6 hours ago -_-

          I had just added a line and was upgrading that line via the unlimited loophole, and the activation on that took 30 min instead of the usual 30s.

  • Dan

    Wow I hope eric jumps on this!

  • HTC_1

    Does anyone know if this ships with 4.1.2 or 4.2.2 like the Verizon one? It says 4.1.2 but someone mentioned that might be a typo.

  • Picklz

    Went to best buy and got them to price match this $99 price, in and out in 20 minutes. So awesome!

    • RichFromBX

      really – where is your Best Buy located? Def going to try that with the Best Buy near me – at $99 it’s too tough to pass up…

    • al_dizzle419

      Just called best buy and they said they don’t match online prices for phones?

    • Picklz

      I went to the Blaine, MN location.

      I went in with a print-out of the WireFly deal ($149) and the Viva Movil deal as well ($99) and asked the guy if they would either match to wirefly or to the Viva Movil VZW subsidiary. He went and took the flyers to his manager and they said yeah they could price match the $99 deal.

      I was really surprised they didn’t say no to that and yes to the wirefly. Might be because it’s tied so tightly to VZW and had their logo and stuff on it, not sure. So most certainly a YMMV with getting them to price match.

  • oaxican509

    “Currently Item not Available” Anyone Else?

    • Steve Blais

      not available earlier 4pm est as of 8pm or earlier est it is available once again.. at one time the link on the flash intro on VIVA would not even take you to the HTC one page it would redirect back to VIVA.. must have gotten bogged down no thanks to the DL Post πŸ˜‰

      • oaxican509

        Yeah I tried again and I was good to go!
        $109.50 total not including 30 upgrade fee!

  • Stephen Chen

    hm….. I don’t see any option that i can upgrade to an existing line.

    • gambit07

      Yeah me neither, anybody else have any info on that?

  • Richard Bowen

    I just did it and was assured I would be able to keep my unlimited data by the customer service and never got the message about losing my unlimited data.

    • mec

      they just told me i would lose it on the phone.

  • emoney

    can you order from viva and pick up at a VZ store ?

  • mec

    Any reason why we can’t open a new account, pay the etf and be out for 450-500?

    99+350+prorated first month

    • Tom

      None that I can think of. But you’ll be stuck using an alternate telephone number until the contract is sealed, you cancel and then port your number.

      • mec

        why would i have to port my number? i’ll still have my original verizon contract, and my galaxy nexus. Instead of buying outright, i can buy on contract under a new plan… cancel… and then show up to verizon with my one and get it activated on my unlimited line, right?

        • Steve Blais

          create a 9.99 non data line transfer your upgrade to that ..line from your unlimited.. buy new phone at upgrade price.. activate on new 9.99 line.. then add 2gb data package (temporary) to that line. now once new phone activated switch it to your unlimited line activate on that line.. that cancels your 2gb data line and now re-activate the non-data line (repeat as necessary)

      • JolleyMan

        Google Voice FTW!

    • mec

      $99 + $35 +$80 + $350 = $564
      (phone + activation + first month + etf)

      dont think the headache is worth saving $45… if someone starts offering this phone for $0.99…. all over that

  • john owens

    I wonder if we could take the upgrade with VIVA and then just activate it on another line once we receive the phone. I have been doing this for a while to keep my unlimited data.

    • Big_EZ

      This shouldn’t work. They lock the phone to your specific line until it’s activated, then you can swap the sim card. My wife and I bought two RAZR MAXX’S and couldn’t get them activated, it was because I put my sim in the one locked to her line and her sim in mine, once I swapped them they activated.

      I have a non smart phone on my account. I use it to transfer upgrades so I don’t lose unlimited data.

  • David Benson

    I am on the checkout page and it says… “Verizon Individual Keep Existing Plan
    24-Month Upgrade Contract Voice Plan” and “24-Month Upgrade Contract
    Keep My Existing Plan”.. both my phones are unlimited data

  • Guest

    Verizon, por que no te vas a la mierda?

    • michael arazan

      Chupa me pinga Verizon

  • 2Berad

    Seriously who chose the color scheme and font on the viva movil web sit? They need to be fired….

  • Ohhh so there’s the big 4G LTE. On the box they made it seem as if it wasn’t gonna be up there.

  • slpbird

    Did anyone notice on viva movil page that the htc one comes with android 4.1.2 that’s a deal breaker for me

    • Justtyn Hutcheson

      It’s 4.2.2. It’s a typo πŸ™‚

  • Back2Back

    What does the logo look like?

    • Viva Movil sells Verizon phones and service. You won’t see a Viva Movil logo on any of their products.

      • ToddAwesome

        Who’s in charge of their web page? The AT&T logo in the photos made my day.

  • Chris Bailey
  • joey

    It says it has Android 4.1.2 whereas the Verizon one says Android 4.2

    • tomn1ce

      Maybe that’s why is cheaper -_-

  • thedonxr

    The catch is it the only language pack it comes with is Spanish….

    • brad0383

      For real? The phone software is a Spanish build?

      • Eric


  • Weber

    I might seriously consider ordering my next phone from Viva! since they’re cheaper on contract with almost every phone.

  • ToddAwesome

    No comprendo.

  • Ben

    That screen shot also shows a $0.00 upgrade fee which is usually $30

    • Steve Blais

      there is still a $30 activation fee.. are the upgrade and activation the same fee?

  • AC

    “With Verizon’s new Share Everything plan, unlimited data is no longer available. If you upgrade a line that has an existing unlimited data plan, you will lose unlimited data on that line.”

  • STEV3

    The modern latino gets a nice discount… might have to adopt a modern latino child…

  • Jason Self

    When I go there to upgrade my line it says
    “With Verizon’s new Share Everything plan, unlimited data is no longer available. If you upgrade a line that has an existing unlimited data plan, you will lose unlimited data on that line.”

    Makes me think you are not going to keep unlimited data.

    • Anon

      And this is news? Buying ANY phone on contract removes unlimited data. You have to buy off-contract phones to keep an unlimited plan.

      • faganm24

        I think he was just adding to the comments in the article and the fact that it gives you the option to keep your existing plan, but states what he quoted.

        • Jason Self


      • Jason Self

        Well I guess you did not read what was posted above

      • Big_EZ

        I’ve bought 5 new phones on contract since they dropped unlimited data without losing unlimited data. Buying at full retail isn’t the only way to keep unlimited data.

        • Mahercs

          Mind sharing the secret? I have 3 lines on my account. My line is the main one and the contract isn’t due until Nov. One is due in Dec. The third line (dumb phone) is currently up and eligible. I understand I can order a new smartphone at the subsidized price on that line, then activate it on my line. Is that what you do?

          • Big_EZ

            I have 3 lines, my wife’s, mine, and my mother’s. My wife and I have smart phones, my mom’s phone is a regular phone for emergencies. I transfer the upgrades to my mother’s line, then add a data plan and activate the new smart phone. Once it’s activated I put one of our other sim cards in and add the old feature phone back to my mother’s line, which automatically drops her new data plan. New phones for contract pricing, and unlimited data. The feature phone line added about $17 ($9.99 + taxes) to my bill

          • Mahercs

            Ha! Ha! That’s my exact setup as well. I’m unlimited, my wife has the 2GB plan for $30 + $9.99, and my mother has a basic phone at $9.99. What you described is what I have heard repeatedly, so rather than wait until the end of the year, I can upgrade now, and again in Dec, if anything new comes around by transferring my upgrade to her line when the time comes. SWEET! Thx!

          • M.D.69

            Can you switch the sim card on the One with the unibody design and unremovable battery

          • Big_EZ

            The sim card has to be accessible, so I’d say yes.

          • deskjob

            That’s awesome – but I thought that when you transfer upgrades, you basically sign/extend a new contract onto the original line. So if you transferred your line’s upgrade to your mom’s and get a new phone on her line, then you would sign a new contract on YOUR line, thereby losing your unlimited data.

            Please prove me wrong! and if you have been able to pull it off successfully and consistently… please let me know! I’ve done the upgrade transfer from the dumb phone to the smartphone, but not the other way around.

          • Big_EZ

            It does extend the contract (now it’s renew, not extend) of the line that has the upgrade, but it doesn’t lose its plan. When you transfer the upgrade, it changes the plan of the line it’s activated under, this is why they add data to the dumb phone line. Once it’s activated, you swap Sims and add the feature phone back, and it drops the new data plan.

          • deskjob

            Wow. So that’s what I originally thought would work when Verizon first took away unlimited, but I got the impression from forum posts and friends and local VZ store reps that any extending/renewing of contract would require the switch to the 2GB plan or later, the share-everything plan. Dude you have no idea how excited I am to hear what you just said/typed!

            So bear with me – here’s my current setup:

            5-lines 700 min family share plan
            -3 smartphone lines, all three have unlimited data and upgrades available
            -2 dumbphone lines, upgrades were transferred last summer to me and another smartphone line so they won’t be eligible for upgrade for a while
            -I am the primary line/owner

            Up to this point, I thought as soon as I transfer an upgrade from one of the unlimited data lines the dumbphone and use it, I extend the contract by 2 yrs on the unlimited data line, which by default loses the unlimited data. The upgrade transfer from dumbphone to smartphone is okay, since it’s just extending the contract on the dumbphone. So essentially, every two years I will have two upgrades to share among 5 lines.

            From what you’re saying, I can RIGHT NOW transfer say my upgrade (primary line) to one of the dumbphone lines, get the HTC One on that line, activate it on that line, then switch out my sim card from my Rezound to the HTC One, then reactivate the old dumbphone – all without losing unlimited data on my primary line?! The contract will be extended by 2 yrs, and that’s it.

          • Big_EZ

            I’ve heard people say that the Verizon reps they talked to wouldn’t do it, but I haven’t had a problem yet. The last time I did this was in February or March of this year for the Note 2. I have done this at Verizon a few times, and a 3rd party once. Make sure they know what you want and that they know how to do it correctly. At the 3rd party store the first guy didn’t know how, but he didn’t hesitate to get a co-worker that did know how.

          • deskjob

            I see the “transfer upgrade” option under the Upgrades section on the MyVerizon site. Have you done it online or have you always done it in VZ stores?

          • Big_EZ

            I’ve always done it in stores. I wouldn’t risk it online.

          • deskjob

            I went to the store last night, and the rep refused to do it as he said it will definitely take away my unlimited data on the donor line. He said that a new contract is needed for that line, and since the unlimited data is no longer an option, the new tier data (2GB for $30) must be chosen for the contract to be put in place πŸ™

          • Big_EZ

            I heard others say that as well before I did it. Some people said they had to go through a few different reps to get it done, I guess I was lucky since I’ve done it multiple times without a problem. The last time I did it was in March, it could be possible they changed their system to prevent it, but I doubt it. It just sounds like you got a rep that didn’t know how to do it.

          • deskjob

            Yeah, I’ve only tried one store rep so far. I’ll keep trying! Do you know if there’s any difference or complications in transferring an upgrade from the primary line? A friend who worked with vz a while back said that it might be safer to avoid touching the primary line’s upgrade, since it’s the line that’s tied to the overall family share plan – you know the 700 min plan or what have you.
            Were you able to use your primary line upgrade without issue?

          • Big_EZ

            I transfered the upgrade from tLeaveake primary line (mine) twice to the dumb phone line. If the rep doesn’t know what he’s doing you could lose it, just make sure they know exactly what you want.

        • mrwufpack

          I just added a basic phone I had lying around and it’s already eligible for upgrade!

          However, can I use the upgrade at Viva Movil? I know I can’t at other 3rd party sellers such as Amazon, because they’ll charge me their own exorbitant fee when I switch the upgraded phone from the old basic phone line to the old smartphone/unlimited line.

      • Steve Blais

        here’s the ticket on how to keep unlimited data.. (it will cost you a $10/ month basic line.. but hey thats worth it..

        we have two unlimited data phones my wife added a $10/month talk (no data) line.. I just transferred my upgrade to the non-data phone.. ordered the htc one & added data to the non data line (at upgrade price $150/ via verizon chat discount).. now once I activate the htc one on the “new” data line I’ll call verizon.. they’ll switch it to my unlimited then I reactivate my dumb phone under the $10/month plan.. (repeat as necessary) ..

        See the chat response

        Yes my name is “I’m logged in now” *face-palm*

        Im logged in now
        : just one more?.. have you ever
        performed a transaction where a customer wanted to upgrade and keep their unlimited before.. and if so were they successful?

        Jessica: Yes, we’ve done the transaction by adding a new line
        to the account to get the phone at discounted price and then activating that phone under the unlimited data line.

  • Robert Macri

    Must wait for G2 and GN3 before pulling the trigger. Damn you Maxx for not having quad core and making this an easy decision.

    • Daniel

      you say that as though there is really any task on the phone that the newer dual-core chips cannot do equally as well as the quad-core ones in the G2…in fact, GPU performance is better on the Maxx, so processor-intensive games will perform better than on other devices with a slower GPU but quad-core.

  • Nexus_FrEak

    The screen shot shows “keep existing plan” Kellex has Viva Movil!!!!!

  • mog386

    If you look at the device pictures on the Viva Movil website they used the AT&T press photo for the back of the device. It clearly shows the AT&T logo on it. LOL

    • Jordan Webb

      Clearly, JLo thought the ATT logo was better than the VZW one for this device, so she picked that one for her website even though she can’t sell it.

      • ToddAwesome

        That’s fantastic.

  • Joseph

    And S4 is only $99 compared to $199 on Verizon.

  • Zach B.

    May 22nd, 2013. NEVER FORGET

    • Silver Veloz

      Who remembers this?

      • Zach B.

        Taco taco! Burrito Burrito!

        • T4rd

          I fulfill your weeshes with my TACO FLAVORED KIIIISSES!

    • Taco

      Viva Movil is stupid, and she is stupid hot!

      • michael arazan

        I would of preferred Sofia Vergera, or at the least Christina Aguilera

  • Ray Gray

    Oh Mierda!

  • Butters619

    I’m sorry but I want Viva Movil stamped on the back of my One. That’s a deal breaker for me.

  • SA_NYC

    Ha, terrific headline.

  • chris420o

    im in…viva la viva movil!

  • Joseph

    No upgrade fee either

  • brkshr

    HTC Uno…

    • Tyler Durden

      HTC Juan.

  • prestone1

    thats the price it should be launching in August!

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    VIVA Full Price?

    • Ray Gray


      • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

        Damn…. Thought VIVA might have a special price there too!