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Save Up to $50 on Your Verizon HTC One Order With These Coupon Codes

verizon htc one

As you all know, the HTC One is now available from Verizon for $199 on-contract. Interested in getting the phone for an even cheaper price without having to deal with a shady 3rd party outlet? A couple of coupon codes have passed through our inbox that both seem to work to get you around a $50 discount. So after the bullshit upgrade fee of $30, you could jump into a new HTC One for around $170 or $180. 

We have a couple of codes for you to try. The first is FIFTYRMN. This apparently drops the phone $50 to $180. We’ve also been told that VERIZON30 is another that could drop your phone purchase even lower, to around $170.

I’ve tried to verify both, but my Verizon account is trying to hand me some sort of special discount. So it’s tough to tell what is and what isn’t working. I know that the VERIZON30 code most definitely works in some capacity.

Try both, and let us know!

Also, if you don’t want to wait for the phone to ship to you, choose “store pickup” and get your phone today.

Cheers Alex and John!

  • Adam ‘Wampi’ Polak

    http://validcoupons.net/ offering big selection of coupon codes

  • Braylenxoxo

    Its not working, is there any on mefindcoupon.com or retailmenot?

  • jwlgrant

    VERIZON30 dropped it down to $140 (Plus the fees and stuff..)

  • HappyFunRock

    Both codes worked for me. $169.99 shipped, before taxes.

  • Ben

    Just letting everyone know I bought my htc one on verizonwireless just now, it dropped my total price from $229.xx to $169.xx using VERIZON30

  • Happiness

    I used VERIZON30 and got $60 off the $199 purchase price! Thank you!

  • Anonymous Guest

    The VERIZON30 code worked for me and gives you a 60 dollar discount on the HTC One, making it 139.99.

  • bumpkin

    codes dont work, you can not check out your cart and make the purchcase using these codes. They appear to work,discount the phone, however when you try check out the webiste does not let you

    • Kent

      I had the same issues.

    • Ed Waters

      I had the same issue with the codes working. The Verizon Wireless CSR I spoke to tried to tell me it was a scam code. How can it be a scam a code if when you enter it it takes off the discount. I am curious if Verizon Wireless was get too many people looking for this deal and shut it down.

      I told the CSR if they weren’t going to honor the deal, I’ll just wait until the phone goes on sale and buy it then and continue to enjoy unlimited data. My upgrade has been available since January, so I’m in no rush to pay VZW full price for phone.

  • David Salsburg

    I tried both codes above, and it brought the device to $139.00.. then of course the $30 upgrade fee… allowed me to keep unlimited data as well.

  • Why do they still stamp 4G LTE on everything, of course it’s a 4G phone, they don’t even make 3G phones anymore!

  • AndrewScottRox

    Has anyone tried buying this with Verizon’s Device Payment Program? I just got off the phone with a local rep and they couldn’t give me any information until the 25th. I was told it didn’t launch until then. Probably a bad rep on the phone.

  • hooty5150

    Verizon30 code is giving me $60 off upgrade contract $199 price with eligible pickup from local store. (in SanFran)

  • Ashlei

    The Verizon30 code works but it won’t let you choose in store pickup. When I chatted online with a rep they told me the phone is not available in stores. I called a local store and they told me they do in fact have them in store but the code may be an online only code. When I told the online rep they do have them in store, she repeatedly tole me they do not have them in store.

    Verizon STOP being so difficult!!

    • jose

      No wonder it wouldn’t let me do in store pickup. Couldn’t figure out why. I was using both codes listed above. Oh well, it will be here tomorrow morning.

    • Ed Waters

      VZW Rep told me if you are changing plans (Unlimited data to shared data) that in-store pickup was not an option. I asked her to wave the $12.99 overnight shipping cost. She refused, so they let $12.99 stand in the way of picking off another unlimited data user. I have resolved myself that I will wait until the phone goes on sale in the store to buy it.

      BTW…they will easily make that $12.99 up over the 2 years I am paying $30 more per month.

      • LionStone

        Nice, good for you sticking to your guns!

    • CooperstownKid

      I used the verizon30 code just moments ago and chose in store pickup with a price of $139… got the text confirmation ready in an hour!

  • MatthewSimmons

    It would be awesome if this coupon worked for those of us paying full retail in order to keep unlimited data. Nothing like dropping $600 +tax on a phone.

    • LionStone

      Can’t you do the monthly plan to spread out your payments when paying full price to keep unlimited data?

      • MatthewSimmons

        I’m pretty sure they don’t allow unlimited data users to participate in this. We are the most loyal customers and yet the most hated by Verizon. I’m waiting for the day when Verizon finally says alright unlimited users party is over you HAVE to switch to shared data plans.

        • LionStone

          Yep me too…that’s why my 2 lines are month to month and by that time other carriers will have pretty comparable coverage, etc..hope so anyway, because I will gladly exit if they flat out kick us to the curb.

        • Phillies3429

          Let’s hope that doesn’t come for a long time!

  • Guest

    Go to Newegg, it has it for $129

  • Andy_only

    KELLEN… I have to say I’ve been a DL fan for quite some time. I refer to this website daily and a lot of times HOURLY counting on you guys for the most up to date droid news that I respect and appreciate. I have used insight gained here to make important buying and downloading decisions for years. Today I am scrolling through this mornings update’s and I see you refer to 3rd party retailers as SHADY!!! Full on underhandedly bashing my chosen line of work. I don’t want a huge community of DL readers taking that to heart like they do with so many other smart phone issues! I’ve been working with VZW for 3 years now at one of the largest Authorized (or 3rd party) Retailers in the nation. I can speak from extensive experience and say that we are WAY more customer service oriented as a whole than Core/Corporate VZW. We build a customer base of return business by getting to know our customers and truly trying to help the ones that don’t come off as total assholes. A LOT of times you’re going to get a better deal and a WAY better experience going through one of our channels. I help people keep their unlimited data every day. Core DOES NOT! I respectfully request you retract and rephrase. Thank you.

    • dwaynaz

      Pretty sure that around here Indirects are the ones who have poor customer service. They are the ones that send customers to a corporate store because they don’t want to do basic troubleshooting. They sometimes sell used phones and don’t tell customers. They sometimes don’t tell customers about the upgrade fees. I have heard the opposite from customers in regards to 3rd party customer service.

      I don’t think Kellen needs to retract or rephrase anything because 85% of the time its true.

      • Andy_only

        where ya from? name of the store you visit and where? I move around the country to improve stores and if it’s within my reach, I’ll make it to yours. Try getting that response from any corporate employee. you have had a minute and limited experience as compared to a vast majority. that I can promise. I’ve been in plenty of states recently and can speak to that. I hear A vast majority of complaints come from Corporate experiences. How many states have you visited lately. Are you living in your town and have your small limited experience and calling that 85% of all customer encounters? if so, F*ck on. Not F*ck off, because I want you to keep trying to get better as a human. F*ck on.

        • dwaynaz

          Whoa whoa, don’t get bent out of shape… Indirects have horrible customer service. I am just stating that facts. I am not sure where you’re from, nor do I care, but as far as reputations go indirects have the worst. All you guys do is care about the sale… Need pictures moved go to a corporate store. Need any sort of troubleshooting? Go to a corporate store. Not to mention in my experiences with Best Buy, because that is a 3rd party retailer… Not even willing to help the customer with basic device questions… More concerned about the sale.

          • Andy_only

            I’ve spent HOURS TRANSFERING photos and contacts for customers as well as hooking phones up to personal computers to recover info and data that may have been lost otherwise. I know plenty of core locations that wouldn’t go to the trouble. I could care less about closing one individual sale. The salesman in me knows i’m one of the best and I’ll always, always make it up on the back end or on the next sale. The ones who are confident know this. And you’ve got to be a pretty basic idiot to go visit the braindead washouts at BestBuy. That’s on you right there. I’m the furthest from bent out of shape. My life is good. But if I didn’t respond to incorrect and idiotic assumptions made by every day folks thinking small, I wouldn’t be able to be in the position I am. Sometimes you gotta step up and use your voice. put your panties back on and jump back in to this conversation.

        • VZW Rep86

          Wow honestly as me working at a call center for Verizon Wireless for over 5 years all we do is clean up indirect agents mess I have seen them scam the less informative mostly older customers there is no integrity it is all about that sell with corporate Verizon Wireless we’re held to higher standards. I have seen indirect agent sale a elderly couple two devices that where going on 5 years old been on at least 4 other accounts as a upgrade for a two year contract the customers where lead to believe they where new thank God I was able to help them take back the phones within the wfg 14 days and got them into a a corporate store for help this is just one of many situations I can tell you about where I had to personally clean up the mess of a indirect agent. It makes my job harder when a indirect agent scheme the customer and don’t provide them with the correct information because then I have to explain to them the truth. Also by the way your language you used in representing agents of 3rd party just proves my point as a Verizon Wireless employee I would never use that language in front of the customers especially not representing the company I work for. I am sure not all indirect agents are the same and your representation of them that you display is not the correct picture for all just majority I do believe.

          • Andy_only

            ok VZW Rep86… this is gonna be a fun one. You’ve been stuck in that cubicle for too long and I can tell from your descriptions they’ve got you using corporate speak even in your off time. grw a set! we’re off the clock and we’re not offending anyone here we’re simply stating facts and occasionally men use choice words to get that point across. It seemed to reach you. I’m not representing an entire collection of people or side of a business if I were to call you an ass, I’m just stating what may or may not be a fact but simply reflects my opinion. So calm your nerves and have another soy chai or sumthin. You don’t have to be prim and proper here, this is DroidLife pal. Most of us have a sense of humor. We’re not dealing directly with customers in a formal setting, so briefly step off your high horse on that one as well. (you have permission to jump right back on once we’re through). More to the points you raised: I’ve dealt with my share of elderly folks as well. I have a granny and a granddad. I love em. I wouldn’t want anyone to take em for a ride. that’s how I sell. But sometimes they make a decision with the best info we give them, change their mind or maybe even completely forget we told them something.. and they want to go back on it. They’ll use that “old man, I didn’t know better and I was lied to” card all day. I’m sure you’ve been duped plenty over your five years. I’m on the ground floor. in the trenches seeing and witnessing what’s going on. I have a much better view from down here than from up in your office on the phone. bet that. Go ahead and believe that Verizon as a corperation holds you to higher standards. be a lemming. Everyone who’s been a VZW customer for 10+ years can tell you the changes made by the company rarely if ever benefit the customer in a major way. But they are dressed up like so. There has been a trend toward this side of things and I’ve witnessed VZW lose a lot of customers behind it. fact is, we still have the most customers because of the network. people will continue to pay for a solid network. end of story. Verizon took my unlimited data in a way that was actually pretty wrong. I didn’t cry about it. instead, I went to work on finding and using any and all loopholes to keep it for whoever I could from then on out. these are the kinds of things indirect does. we take the training and bend it a bit. we use it to find more beneficial ways to remain flexible for our customers. we don’t just blindly follow EVERY directive given and handed down by big red because we know it’s not always the right thing. I know who you are. you’re that guy on the other end of the phone who isn’t willing to budge. you’re the guy we call for help and we have to go above you. or hang up, call back to get someone else and the response we’re looking for. I know you all too well. Bad eggs land in all locations. you may have spent more time cleaning up messes from indirect, but a lot of the messes the snakes at core cause can be cleaned up in house and swept under the rug so they look clean as a whistle. I bet you haven’t seen a lot of that from your office. But I have. There are plenty of bad guys at core locations doing the same thing, but have the backing of managers driving #’s and much Higher quotas. Those guys have a lot of pressure to hit a certain level. we both know the truth. Go work in a store for a few months before replying to a post like this again. and have a nice day 🙂

          • vzw rep86

            I will send you a email for more of a private reply to your rude respones since you want me to get off my high horse lol I got you boo boo “wink” have a wonderful day and thank you for being a value part of the vzw team

    • sski66

      Is there anything u can do for me, & people in my situation? I was set to upgrade Sept3, that got blown to hell because of 3 DAMN days, I was told I can’t upgrade till Jan3 now, because they pushed everybody 4 months if u were after Sept1. Anyway I have Unlimited & I guess I’m going to have to pay Full Price for my HTC1 or Moto X, any ideas???

  • Guest

    Go to Newegg…it has it for $129.99


    • Luke Shipstad

      Can you keep unlimited data with Newegg?

      • herp


      • Phillies3429

        You can’t keep unlimited data when upgrading any phone for a 2 year price. Yeah, there are back ways but no real easy way. It sucks. But now I can accept getting new phones more often and just selling them after I feel like it. It just hurts when you slide your card when you hear $599-$699 for a phone.

  • fritzo2162

    OK, I’m in and confirm it works. I’ve never been so stressed over buying a phones 😀 The problem is I don’t want a 5″+ phone, I don’t want rear speakers, and the HTC still seems to be the big boy on the block spec-wise and screen-wise. The fact that I don’t see anything better coming out in the next several months +$50 off, I can’t say no! 🙂

    • OneForTheGoodDays

      The deal is on until the end of September. Waiting to get my freakishly large hands on a Moto X to see if the screen is too small. If it is I’ll likely go with the HTC One or the Droid Maxx… I really want the stock experience though.

      • Chris

        This is my thoughts exactly. I’m leaning towards the Moto X in terms of device form, but will try the HTC One and Maxx in the store.

    • ezpotato

      I cant get it to update the price with the coupon. it still shows 229.99 even after trying both codes. What am I doing wrong here?

      • fritzo2162

        229 isn’t the right price—it should be $199. Are you trying to do a bundle or something?

        • ezpotato

          no it’s including that and the upgrade fee. still cant get the price to drop.

  • dshizzel

    I got online today, and the rep I was on chat with gave me a discount code to use (didn’t write it down), so I got $100 off 2 Ones (my wife’s and mine). I used that to get overnight shipping and it did cut my out of pocket nicely to a total of about $407 for the two phones (after the $@# fees 🙂 ).

    • dshizzel

      Oh, and then filled out the recycle forms to get $46 gift cards for each of our 2 Droid Razr’s. I’m pulling the SD cards out of ’em though 😉

      • Droidzilla

        Can’t you get way more than that for them on Craigslist? Should be able to get at least $100 each if they’re in working condition.

        • dshizzel

          I probably could, but I’m lazy and just dropping it in an envelope and sticking it in the mailbox is easy. Maybe I got more money than good sense, but that’s the biz.

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    Need to be clear that these don’t work if you want full price. Trust me… I tried this morning.

    • jose

      No wonder I couldn’t get anything to work! Do you know if corporate discounts apply to buying phones at full retail? I get 25% off accessories, but phones too?

      • violator702

        It’s just for accessories as far as I know.

  • Russ

    Too late. I switched to AT&T party because I was tired of waiting for Verizon to offer this phone (and even when they did it was only in silver) and partly because I just moved and service at my house sucks. VZW just dicked around a little too long and lost a customer. They probably don’t care though.

    • housetiger77

      How do you like the phone? I’ve had nothing but HTC phones, Incredible, Incredible2, and now the Rezound. The Rezound was great when it first came out, but it’s lagging so much now. I love the front speakers on the One, but I don’t know if I should stay with HTC or jump to another phone.

      • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

        Check After The Buzz on YouTube from Pocket now. It’s as smooth as butter 5 months later

        • housetiger77


  • Adan H.

    I just monkeyed with the Verizon shopping cart. The codes won’t work if you’re buying the phone at full price. What a shame.

    • Raj Bhatt

      Dang, that is exactly what I wanted to do. They really don’t want us to keep our Unlimited Data haha

      • Phillies3429

        This and the fact that they don’t get them amazingly cheap. They maybe charge $50-$100 extra for full retail for what they buy them for.

  • Matt

    Does it work off contact as well?

    • James

      Worked for me on-contract but no dice when I played around and tried off contact.

    • Michael Tate

      No … I just tried both codes off contract and no discount. 🙁

  • Kevin McDole

    I got my HTC One on AT&T for just $24.99 through Amazon.com

    • Kevin McDole

      I know, that sounds like total spam…

      • Weber

        Tell us about your friend’s mom that makes $29/hr working from home

        • Michael

          What she does in her own bed is none of your concern.

    • dshizzel

      That sounds like total spam…

      • REDGE

        Just bought mine for 149.00 from verizion online with in-store pick up. Better deals out there but no waiting and latest 4.x.x JB… Didn’t know the code, did on-line chat and was given a promo code after I threatend to go to Dell for the Beats headset. Good luck

  • Droidzilla

    Try the code FUVZW to order one without the branding.

    • Mon

      also try b0n3d

    • Bassdj


    • NickA

      OMG, enough with the branding. You don’t see anything on the front do you? Give it a rest. Look down at the clothes you are wearing today, any logos? Anything on your shoes/sneakers? What about your car? Isn’t the Make/Model somewhere on it?

      Let it go, be free of the branding war you are waging on yourself.

      • Droidzilla

        Ironically enough, the only thing of what you listed that I have branded are my shoes (even then it’s just a little “Vibram” logo on the soles). I guess I hate branding even more than I thought. I don’t like paying to be a walking billboard. If companies want to give me their stuff for free or for a big discount, I’d be happy to advertise for them via stupid brand logos.

        • NickA

          I get it, looking at what I have on, the only thing with a logo are my sneakers. And it’s not so much a logo as they are stripes (Asics).

          Well, at least it’s not on the front.

          • Droidzilla

            That’s what she said.

      • malcmilli

        the only argument against that is that most of these logos you mentioned are somewhat appealing and/or add to the status of the thing you mentioned… Many people feel the Verizon logo dis detract aesthetically from the device…

        so its not about seeing the make/model on your car… its about also seeing Geico strapped across the side of your car as well. Or imagine your car came with a non-removable bumper sticker… im sure you’d be annoyed.

        • NickA

          Good point. I would not want Geico (or similar) plastered on my car.

        • michael arazan

          Its the principle of the matter. Verizon is basically making you a free advertisement by branding logos on the device. They are NOT the Maker of the device, that would be the Manufacturer, and that is ok.

          This is just taking advantage of the consumer to advertise for free without giving us any compensation.

    • Detonation

      I don’t know why everyone singles out Verizon for their branding. Aside from the horrendous logo on the Note 2, Verizon’s branding isn’t really different than the other carriers. Usually a logo on the back and sometimes one on the front.

  • BloodiedWraith

    Has anyone gotten the phone yet and tried unlocking it through HTC Dev? I will not buy the phone if I can’t and will instead buy the Moto X Developer Edition if that’s the case.

    • BloodiedWraith

      HTC Dev Unlock works!

  • Geo

    Which coupon code gets you the next nexus?