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Quick Look: InCase Snap Case in Clear for the Moto X

moto x incase snapcase

Over the years, Motorola has proven to be one of the best when it comes to having accessories available for its flagship phones at launch. While other smartphone makers (read: Samsung and Google) show off fancy accessory lineups during unveilings of products, we almost never see any of them for months, if ever. But Moto almost always seems to have top quality docks, cases, and other gadgetry around so that you can make the most out of your recently purchased smartphone. With the Moto X, that appears to be the case once again. 

We have already put our hands on the Motorola Skip wearable NFC tag. But we’ve also seen a really sharp looking desktop dock, along with an official car dock that we wouldn’t be surprised to see go live tomorrow when the Moto X becomes available through AT&T.

moto x snap case clear

Another accessory you will see before long is the InCase Snap Case that we have in house to show you today. Motorola worked with InCase to create a perfectly molded clear case that can be used to protect your phone without hiding the custom design you put together through their MotoMaker service.

With the case on, you’ll feel no movement. The Snap Case attaches with a firm grip to the Moto X, and has cutouts and molded parts made specifically to help highlight Motorola’s phone design. They even cutout an extra long strip on the back so that you can use the dimple that everyone with a Moto X seems to be oddly in love with (us included). To find out more, be sure to watch the video below.

Once the phone goes live tomorrow, I’d assume that you’ll be able to buy it from Motorola’s site here. We don’t have official confirmation, but the case could run $29.95.




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moto x snap case clearmoto x snap case clearmoto x snap case clearmoto x snap case clear

  • bban157


  • bboyairwreck

    i’d probably go with a band or bumper if get the Moto X. But then again… i really wanna protect my phone. BLEH this is quite the dilemma =S

  • chris420o

    actually looked on the website…they have a smoked one which probably looks a lot better n less cheap then this one

  • Alex Goings

    That looks badass!

  • arthuruscg

    Why didn’t you just get a Black phone and a mint green case? That way when you realize you picked an ulgy color, you are only a $5 Amazon purchase away from a new case color.

    • chris420o

      its called customization…variety is the spice of life…get your head out your as* and try to realize the fact…what one person likes the other might not beauty of being able to customize a phone TO YOUR LIKING…plus i think its a nice green…not for me but nice looking

      • arthuruscg

        How does the standard black or white phones prevent someone from customizing their phone with a $5 case from amazon? and when you decide to change your phones color, you are only a $5 case away.
        I guess I really do not get the excitement over motomaker.

        • Justtyn Hutcheson

          Personally, I loathe cases, so the idea of being able to customize my phone without using a case is amazing. Plus, you can’t customize the accent colors with a case. At best, it just covers them.

          Personalization is important. Also, they give you 14 days to return the device for a new color scheme if you get it in hand and don’t like it. All in all, I doubt very many will feel buyer’s remorse once they’ve settled on their own personal device. And, if they want extra protection, this case is the perfect answer.

  • John B

    Kellex… what is the battery life??! That’s the only thing I think I am really going to care about after 2 years of a dead after 5 Gnex

    • Justtyn Hutcheson

      In their Moto X review, he was reporting making it through about 10-14 hours depending on usage and area, which is about what everyone else is seeing that I’ve read. So, unless you are a heavy user, its not an issue getting through a day with some room to spare. However, the same could be said for nearly any 2013 device, so it comes down to preference in design, aesthetics, and software really.

  • imnotmikal

    Just curious. Is the August 29th Verizon release confirmed? Or is there a chance we Verizon users will be surprised tomorrow with the X?

    • Justtyn Hutcheson

      Nothing has been confirmed by Verizon at this time. Until they say something through their usual outlets (social media or press release), we won’t know.

      I’m hoping they’re delaying to have a release-day OTA for 4.3, but I know that’s really just a pipedream.

  • Guest

    Might as well go with the ultra if you’re looking to ugly that phone up.

  • chris420o

    eh im not a fan of this….clear plastic looks cheap…shiney and cheap…why didnt they just make matching bumper cases?…please moto smarten up n do this!

  • anezarati

    i wonder if it will scratch. i got the case with the clear back from by n4 and it got scratched all to hell

  • GarHIII

    “With the Moto X, that appears to be the case once again. ” Ha…puns are fun

  • Ryan Gullett

    I’ll wait for you to headline a slim case. I really hate cases.

  • cocamoxb

    Is the case entirely hard plastic? Meaning, if it is a tight fit and you drop it, would it even protect the phone?

    I’m missing something perhaps….

  • How To Ruin Your Moto X: Part 1 – blerg…

  • Andy

    why have the edges exposed?

  • Tyler Durden


  • BiggiePhat

    Even in the case, why is this not face down on a rock?

    • Warwick

      The case isn’t as strong as the screen :p

  • jaybar

    holy fugly case batman

  • NexusPhan69

    I’ve been getting more upset about the $629 price of the custom moto x off contract the more I’ve thought about it.

    • Nobody cares

      Cool, tell us more.

    • Jordan Pfingsten

      Already got it, love it.

    • findjaysee

      Will the bloatware still be present if you buy it full price directly from Motorola? Or does that not matter?

      • William_Morris

        Bloatware will still be present. :: le sigh ::

  • beat it kook

    should be named, the ‘grandparents couch case’

    • ToddAwesome

      the Italian grandparents.

  • Rick Lopez

    I for one, am glad they decided to due away with the custom lettering. The DL looks really out of place.

    • HeartStrong07

      The customer / signature was one of truly personal touches I liked.

      • ToddAwesome

        personal touches are good, but they need to LOOK good as well.

        • HeartStrong07

          Hey, a clean looking phone with limited, or no carrier and manufacture logos but with my name and my company’s name in accent colors would LOOK good as well

  • reyalP

    That phone reminds me of Gumby!

  • n900mixalot

    This kind of stuff makes my brain implode.

  • Daeshaun Griffiths


  • “Over the years, Motorola has proven to be one of the best when it comes to having accessories available for its flagship phones at launch.”

    That’s the truth, Kellen. Even for products that didn’t perform well commercially, such as the Xoom. That’s the only Motorola product I ever owned, but I couldn’t believe how many great accessories were available for that thing. For the Xoom, they made a standard dock that only charged, an HD speaker dock that charged, had two decent sounding speakers and an HDMI out, a beautiful portfolio case, multiple colors of gel skins, a bluetooth keyboard and mouse, and a microUSB to full-size USB adapter cable…for a flagship device that sold so bad.

    Look at some of the accessories for the original Atrix…yeah.

    Motorola has always understood that accessories are important to have out there at launch because people want them when they’re buying the device, not after the fact. Accessories are impulse purchases a lot of the time.

  • Detonation

    Doesn’t even protect the top and bottom edges of the phone…fail

  • jose

    Looking at these pics makes me wish Moto had custom colors on the front too. Black and white for the front just doesn’t look good with skittles colors on the back.

    • Would have been nice to match the front color to the back. I’m with you.

      • gabe

        its a sourcing issue id imagine. you cant guarantee that certain colors will sell more than others, and since the displays themselves are expensive, you risk not using expensive parts the company has already paid for.

        I can see motomaker evolving into something much bigger, this is only a first step

        • michael arazan

          Looks like a Moto X Glazed Donut

          Also, any word on the battery life on the Moto X now after having it for a few weeks, May we get an update please?

  • Godzilla

    Ugly, ruins the phone.

    • n900mixalot

      And we’re back to glossy plastic! Hahaha!

  • jbdan

    Viewing with case on from the front….kills the “MotoX” look for me. Otherwise, looks like some decent protection albeit shiny/glossy

  • Shane Redman

    I was wondering how a case would look on a fully customized device….not too bad. They probably should’ve went with a bumber of sorts like the N4.

    Although I’ve learned how to be extra careful going case-less these past few months with the Gnex.

  • Geo

    Man…. that’s unattractive IMO.

    • emoney

      yeah it takes away from the natural beauty of the device for sure

    • Liderc

      Very. Clear plastic is about the worst looking kind of case imaginable.

      • I think they are also making a foggy or almost matte-clear finish as well.

      • kretz7

        So customize the phone and then not enjoy it by covering it up with a case. Seems like a solid plan.

        • DCABuckeye

          And the sin of sins: “PLASTICY!!!” But it’s okay here because it’s the Moto X, right? Right.

          • kretz7

            I will probably grab this phone because I want a moto device again and not being on Verizon makes my decision much easier. I wouldn’t argue that it is the greatest thing since sliced bread; however, coming from Samsung (gnex) I am going to appreciate decent radios.

      • GTIguy

        All of the clear plastic cases I have seen have always scuffed and become kind of cloudy over time and look horrible. I don’t think it’s a good idea. Motorola should really have made the covers replaceable by the end users and sold them cheaply so if you dropped of scuffed you could just buy another and replace. Or if you had second thought about your original customization you could buy other colors. They should have made the backplate act as the case.

    • Stnkycheezman

      Yeah, you might as well buy the ultra if you don’t mind “uglying” that phone up.

    • Cory_S

      It seems like it makes the vibration motor sound really bad too.

    • michael arazan

      Maybe call it the Bukake Case, like the glazed face of a porn starlet