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Moto X Now Available From AT&T for $199

moto x hero att

Motorola’s flagship for 2013, the Moto X, is now available from AT&T for $199 on new 2-year contract. It feels like this moment has been so long in the making. We have gone through months of rumors, been to New York and back to get our hands on it, watched readers take sides over the price and specs, spent enough time with the phone to put out a full review, and even customized our own through MotoMaker. As someone that lives in this industry on a daily basis, even I can admit that I’m happy this day has finally arrived and the hypebeasting can slow down a bit. Now, it won’t completely die since we still have to wait for the Moto X to arrive on other carriers, but this at least gets one out of the way. 

For those new to the Moto X, think of it as a different kind of phone. It has specs (at least on paper) that aren’t going to blow your mind. We aren’t talking about a 1080p display or a next-gen quad-core processor here. Instead, Motorola tried to fine-tune the experience like no Android phone before, but then take it all to the next level by offering users the opportunity to customize the appearance of the phone for free, something no other company has done has even attempted. We’ve grown particularly fond of the phone over the last couple of weeks, and can’t recommend enough that you all go get your hands on it before writing it off. It really is a great smartphone experience, outside of a questionable camera (that we hope can be fixed with software updates).

So again, the phone is now available from AT&T for $199 (16GB) and $249 (32GB, not available yet) both in stores and online. The 16GB model is $579 at full retail; the 32GB model will likely be $629. If you feel like getting ripped off, you could use AT&T’s Next program and pay $27 per month for it. Stores will carry the white and black versions with woven back designs.

If you want to customize your own Moto X, you’ll need to do that through MotoMaker.com (our tour of MotoMaker). If that sounds intimidating, you can always stop by an AT&T store to see all of the colors and customization options in person before taking to the web. I would actually recommend you do that, just so you know what the colors look like in person. Our spearmint green Moto X surprised us a bit upon arrival.


Note – We’re still waiting for the Moto X to go live on Motorola’s site, which means MotoMaker isn’t live either. We’ll update this post as soon as it’s all up.

Who has decided to join the Moto X party? Going custom phone or sticking with black and white?

And again, don’t forget to read our Moto X review.

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  • brkshr

    I’m so tempted to put down my Nexus 4 & buy this! I just don’t think that the Moto X will satisfy my addiction for the constant change that flashing ROMs & adding mods provide.

  • Trav

    Verizon! Release it already!

  • imnotmikal

    $579 for $16GB? Ugh, not so sure I’m as excited as I was before.

    • Justtyn Hutcheson

      When you figure that the 32GB One is $599, the 16GB w/ SD Card GS4 is $649, $579 isn’t too terrible. Not great, but not terrible. I agree with Kellen that the 32GB will probably slot in at $629, which is right between the One and GS4.

      So, the pricing is okay, but not outstanding.

      • imnotmikal

        I know spec wars are over, but honestly, the specs vs price are killing it for me. I was hoping to see a $399 retail price for the 16gb, and $449 for the 32gb, which sounded about right given the specs for me.

        That being said, I’ll likely still get it, as its the closest to a Nexus I’ll be able to get on Verizon.

        • Justtyn Hutcheson

          Depends on how you look at it. It costs just as much to build and develop as any other flagship device, so it makes sense that they would price it as a flagship.

          I love a deal as much as the next person, but I also have no problem paying what I believe to be a reasonable price for the value proposition that Motorola is presenting with the Moto X. I see it as a slightly better value than its competitors, with a 3-11% reduction in price compared to them.

  • Ronald Bernard

    I am kind of glad I can not get this on VZW right away. I am afraid I will either pay full price or give up my unlimitied and then BAM! Nexus 5 confirmed. Either way as much as I love my GNEX I reeeeeeeally need something with better battery. This is getting excessively annoying!

    • Justtyn Hutcheson

      If you pay full price, these should have excellent resale value, so you’d be out MAAAYBE $100 if you resell after the Nexus 5 drops. You’ll definitely be able to sell it for enough to cover the cost of the Nexus.

      • Ronald Bernard

        I agree for the most part except for the whole customization thing could throw a lil kink in there. I work fo rthe government and the whole furlough thing really killed my pay check these last two months, so I probably need to hold off a little longer anyhow..lol

        • Justtyn Hutcheson

          I hear ya. My father-in-law, his wife, and my brother-in-law all got hit by that pretty hard. Cheers to being fiscally responsible though, not many people in the US are nowadays. It is way too easy to get credit.

  • kretz7

    motomaker’s live..

    • Justin W

      Live, but it still says “coming soon”. You can build one and e-mail yourself the design. Now just to figure out what color I want…

  • Wes Jordan

    I’ll consider getting the custom if I can use it with my T-Mobile plan.

  • Logan Greenwood

    Headed to AT&T at 9am gonna check out the X and make my mind up wait for X on VZW or go maxx. I think the X will have to blow me away because I want the battery life but I gotta feel it in hand before I write it off.

    • Logan Greenwood

      I went to AT&T they only have black and white no color not even on display and the won’t have them on the floor to look at until 2 hours after the store opens. .. WTF! As much as I hate verizon new phones are on display WHEN THE STORE OPENS!

      • emoney

        i went to look at the HTC One at Verizon yesterday, they didn’t have any set up or on display at all. And this was a few hours after opening.

        • Logan Greenwood

          I reword my previous statement MY verizon store has stuff ready at opening…….. I saw the x eventually it was nice! I got a maxx can’t get over the batt life.

          • emoney

            haha i understood what you meant, my local store was clearly slacking though.

  • Jess

    If i bought the $579 model from motomaker, would it be unlocked version?

    • bkosh84


    • Justin W

      It’d still be AT&T, but you could buy it and AT&T Customer Service should be able to SIM unlock it if you ask.

    • Justtyn Hutcheson

      No. They have confirmed a North American Developer Edition that will be compatible with AT&T LTE and will be unlockable, but nothing yet on release date or how to get one. I’m going to assume that it will be online only, and match the $579.99 for the AT&T version.

  • Joseph Pojunis

    I now know what it’ll look like to see my Moto X face down on the wood floor after I drop it, too afraid to pick it up.

  • Tim242

    Wow. Such a long article about retail availability. You wrote quite a bit, trying to convince how great it is. You laugh at people that are saying Moto is paying you. This is why we believe that to be the case. They sure aren’t spending the marketing dollars anywhere else.

    • bkosh84

      Dude.. Take off the tinfoil hat and walk away from the computer for a bit…

      • Tim242

        They have already praised the phone over and over. Why would there be a need to praise it in a release announcement? It is not unheard of for carriers and or OEM’s to pay sites to promote their product. This seems quite obvious here.

        • bkosh84

          Who cares if he gets paid for reporting this? He runs this site for a living… This isn’t a hobby for him.

          • Tim242

            Who cares? It’s not ethical practice. The massive ads all over the page is the money-maker.

          • TuckandRoll84


            Blogs are legally obligated to tell us when a review has been endorsed. Of all the reviews I have read I have not seen one reviewer come out and say “By the way, we’ve been paid to write this.” Isn’t it just more likely that the reviewers actually really like the phone and are recommending it because it is one of the best android experiences to date?

          • John Galt


        • Justtyn Hutcheson

          They haven’t started the marketing push yet, but I’d expect it to get rolling with TV, print, and online ads once they are sure of availability for more than just AT&T, and their Moto Maker site is live.

          If you want to believe that Motorola is paying them for promotion, that’s your right. But I’m of the opinion that this is an unprecedented time in Motorola’s history, they made a really amazing device that the Droid-Life guys (and most everyone who’s been able to handle the phone, incidentally) really like, and are trying to get people to give it a chance rather than writing it off as “mid-range” when it really is a flagship.

  • Not sure if this is going to be the phone for me, but it’s DEFINITELY the phone I’ll be recommending to all of my “casual” friends when they ask what they should get. So, well done Moto! I think you’re going to reach the masses and sell a lot of these!

  • Ordered the 16GB Black one, off-contract. Not really up for the neon colors, and I just want to get the device anyways.

    • Tim242

      You paid $600 for this?

  • duoexo

    I’ve been playing with a friends HTC One and Verizon’s One. My hands just can’t seem to like the feel. The GNex just feels right. Might drop by at&t and see how the MotoX feels in hand.

  • Butters619

    So am I an idiot or is there no 32GB option posted currently?

    • Not posted yet for some reason.

  • Moto Fanboy

    Can I buy this full price with MotoMaker and use it on the T-Mobile prepaid plan?

  • Derek L.

    Here’s to hoping that it’ll eventually be on the Play Store very soon… I’m using a Droid Maxx HD from last year, and I’m getting so antsy to get rid of VZW that it’s so tempting to just go with AT&T and get that phone on MotoMaker when it’s live.

    • Jordan

      I hopped over to AT&T(T-Mobile isn’t an option in my area) a couple months ago from Verizon. Soo much happier with them.

      • Derek L.

        The problem for me is their current plans are a joke price-wise… just like VZW. I want to hop over on prepaid AT&T for the time being, but I need a ROM capable of GSM on this phone because the one I’m using right now doesn’t work for GSM.

    • anezarati

      i hope there is one too, just for us on prepaid plans. i at least want an unlocked version that i can use on straight talk.

      • Derek L.

        Are you on ST AT&T or ST T-Mo?

        • anezarati


          • Derek L.

            How has your data been with them? I’ve read that if you go over an unspoken GB count, they cut you off or throttle you. Is that true with you?

          • anezarati

            I have no complaints. The most data I have used is around 1.5 gigs. I have heard some people say they have been throttled after 2 gigs but I have never experienced it. HSPA+ plus the nexus 4 had been great

          • Derek L.

            That’s going to be tough for me. I usually use about 3-4 GB a month, sometimes 5 if I’m streaming really heavily.

  • fullmetal509

    I love reading articles on Droid Life right before I go to bed!!!

    • 🙂

      • genahamilton

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        was $9500 working 12 hours a week online. My sisters friend has been
        averaging 15k for months now and she works about 20 hours a week. I can’t
        believe how easy it was once I tried it out. This is what I do,

  • Jeremy B.

    I’m perfectly happy with my ginourmous droid maxx battery thank u very much, and I’d rather have a phone that has everything the moto x has with the added plus of a 5″ screen and a 3,500mah battery…

    • dougtallica

      Completely agree. This phone is a monster so far. Unlocked GSM capability that DL talked about earlier was a huge surprise added bonus for traveling too!

      • michael arazan

        he Moto X should of been the same as the Ultra Maxx

        Verizon actually made something better, shocking

        • Justtyn Hutcheson

          One of the reviewers summed up the Moto X design as: they created the exterior of the phone first, then stuffed everything inside the casing.

          I’m absolutely certain they shoved the largest battery they could into it. That said, it seems to be pretty good on battery for an average user, so I’m not worried.

          I’m still torn between the camera/screen on the One, the battery on the Maxx, and the ergonomics/design of the Moto X. Such a freaking tough decision!

    • elvisgp

      What kind of battery life are you getting? 48 hour worthy, as motorola claims?

      • Jeremy B.

        i have 16h 47m27s on my battery now (it’s been on all day since 8am- its now 12:25 the next day) and the screens been on for 1h53m 45s, android OS has been using 1h 28m 22s, Idle is 14h 53m 42s, wifi on the whole time, ran pandora at work for 2hrs and i still have 55% battery life left, AND THIS IS ALL WITHOUT THE BATTERY SAVING MODE ENABLED IN THE SETTINGS! So it could just very well make it to 48 hours on mixed normal usage.

        • Justin Kos

          I wish…other OEMS could jam monster batts in all phones, like the next nexus should have

        • Justin Larmay

          Almost bought the htc one today but checked out the droid maxx while I was there and was torn between the two so I decided to wait and think more on it. You sir, just convinced me to pick up the maxx tomorrow. 🙂

          • Teddy Chen

            I was torn between both phones as well, then it hit me ; what good is a phone if it has no power left? Got my Droid Maxx and loving it. Super smooth and the battery lasts forever.

          • Jeremy B.

            Glad I could sway ur decision the right way lol

      • Jordan Webb

        I’m going to hit 36 hours before it dies with 5-6 hours of screen time. It’s…amazing. Especially coming from a Gnex.

    • Aardvark99

      How’s the screen? I looked at one in-store yesterday. Text looked a bit blurry, specifically white text on a black background (app drawer). Well. blurry may be an overstatement – not as crisp as a S4 and HTC One sitting close by.

    • MK17

      Except for the lack of on screen buttons 🙁 Unfortunately its a deal breaker for me…

  • Depends if I can walk away with a 32 GB black one. Otherwise I’ll order custom.

    • Justtyn Hutcheson

      As far as I know, the 32GB is a Moto Maker exclusive, so you’ll definitely want to customize it.

      • ceric20

        I ordered mine this morning and not happy it says i wont get it till sept 3rd

        • Justtyn Hutcheson

          HOLY CRAP. They weren’t kidding with that press release earlier about “delays due to high demand”. I was hoping it wouldn’t get out that far. They’re going to start losing orders if they don’t get that under control quick fast and in a hurry.