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Chromecast Finally Back in Stock at BestBuy.com, Likely Not for Long

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Google’s $35 Chromecast appears to be back in stock at BestBuy.com for the time being. Over the last 24 hours, we watched as it went in and out of stock, but for now, you can jump through the electronics retailer’s site and have one shipped within 1 business day. Store pick-up is not showing as an option for me; however, depending on your location you may see that change.

Also, BestBuy appears to still be offering the 3-month free Netflix promo.

Meanwhile, Google is still showing a ship day of September 3 through Google Play.

Update:  Annnnnnd, sold out again. Keep an eye on it though, as stock has been jumping around for a day or so.

Via:  BestBuy

Cheers Scott!

  • bban157


  • Nicolas Pipitone

    I stopped into my local BB and searched around for the display (admittedly for too long, really this thing fits into like three departments.) Found the display and it was empty 🙁 Then looked past it to the end cap where they had one lonely Chromecast sitting all by himself. I just had to take him home. 🙂 He’s been enjoying his new home and the free 3 months of Netflix that came with him.

  • Nick Hebert

    BestBuy in Stafford Va had them come in today…I got one finally…Fredericksburg said they had them but weren’t selling till tomorrow..fyi

  • LiiIiikEaBau5

    Out of stock again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • sralj

    They had quite a few at the BB in Montrose OH about 2 hrs ago. It is also listed as in stock at the Chapel Hill store.

    • andrelle

      I was just there. They are gone. The store clerk said they received 40 yesterday and they disappeared within an hour. They reserve them for Slickdeals. Just order directly from Google. Their next ship date is Sept 3.

  • dgarra

    Most Best Buys have them in stock in stores with the 3 months of netflix (there was a mistake at the register so I wound up with 3 of the 3 month codes.) Pretty happy with the device so far, nice to finally be able to use Spotify on my home theater system while controlling it from my laptop.


    I’ve been considering selling mine.

  • Fresh360

    I walked in the Best Buy and purchased mine (limit 1, and they were adamant about it) last Friday and I must say the Chromecast has been my most enjoyable tech purchase in quite some time.
    Streaming local files (Mp4) from my desktop is seamless, I get to watch my Youtube shows on the big screen, and its so simple my 4year old is able to watch his Netflix shows from his Nexus7 without an issue.
    Google really hit it out the park with this one.

  • TurdFerguson1

    I went ahead on just bought one on Ebay…paid just a tad over 35 but neveless I’ve got in coming in about a day or so.

  • Tom Christopher

    Mine just shipped from amazon. Got and email 20 minutes ago revising the october ship date.

    • Mike Hilal

      I had the same happen back in July. Ship notice, then october ship email, then email saying they goofed and I’ll get it in sept. Either way, the amazon order status still says late oct.

  • wnemrn

    You can thank those Slickdeals fckups for taking them all.

    The last time BB had some this week, someone on Slickdeals bought five.

  • Illegitimi non Carborundum

    Sold out

  • Fozzybare

    check your local stores. seriously. i got mine last night and they had 10 in stock, plus 3 other stores around me had them

  • Xin

    There is no hurry to buy this beta product. I got one, and reject it. I have 4 different android devices to use this with. Not one them work 100%. Some work with Netflix, others work with Google Music or work with Chrome. Not one of them work in all the apps advertised.

    • mcc32

      user error.

    • KleenDroid

      Try it with a newer device. It works perfectly for me.

      • Nicolas Pipitone

        Heck, I’m using my 2.5 year Thunderbolt and it works just fine. Oh and a Nexus 7. Which also works great.

    • Mine works perfectly as well

  • Ted

    Just bought one at best buy in Lancaster pa. Called to see if they had them in stock and they did. I recommend calling your local stores

  • Cody

    Bought one today. Sold out online but the store close to me had one at the store.. Columbus Ohio

  • Needs more lens flare.

  • aQuickBit

    Chromecast is in stock,


      Reddit is out of control! It’s seeping in to other discussion boards!

  • Will Frame

    I bought one the day it launched from Amazon and received it the next day. It was defective and I have been waiting for a replacement since. So screw all the people who are buying these and reselling them at gouge prices. I have been checking Best Buy daily and I checked this morning. I go to the gym for an hour and they sell out while I’m there? Eff that!

  • fauxshizzl

    Keep an eye on Slickdeals.net this deal comes up at least once a day. My local Best Buy has had them in store for a few weeks too. In store comes with the Netflix deal also.

  • picaso86

    “Sold out already”

    That escalated quickly!!!

  • JDub

    If anyone wanted the Sony google tv box that Woot had on sale, Best Buy had them for $109. Picked one up to replace my Revue. Got a Chromecast from there the first day it was out for the bedroom TV.

  • Shockey62

    I would say keep checking your local Best Buy stores. The one I work at gets trucks twice a week. We got like 20 on Tuesday and they sold out by yesterday.

  • christophermcconkey

    If you are in the Chattanooga, TN area then head on down. They are supposedly in stock.

  • Anonymous

    Sold Out already. Sheesh

  • JDHokie

    They were briefly available yesterday as well. If supply is catching up with demand and stores are getting more stock, everyone trying to sell them for $50 on eBay is going to be pissed.

  • Tom Yarrish

    I got my notification from Amazon that the one I order after the original launch shipped. So apparently everyone is in stock again.

  • I’ve been waiting for weeks after the announcement, and I finally got two Chromecasts in store yesterday. Somehow they have Netflix with them.

    Hello 6 months of free netflix.

  • dustpile

    I got one! Now just waiting for the email letting me know it is back ordered…

  • gameboy

    Will buy when I can stream emulators to my tv screen.

  • Curtis

    This is crazy. Luckily I bought one when they were in stock… three weeks ago.

  • vbanagas

    Sold out already.

  • ProZomby

    Sold out now. Was in stock, then I checked in store availablity, and then it went out of stock online.

  • Sean Stone

    Nope, now they are sold out. I was in the process of purchasing and when I clicked continue, I was told my cart was empty. Damn it.

    • KleenDroid

      For the heck of it I ran over to Best Buy and just picked one up.

      It also still came with the Netflix promotion.

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    SOLD OUT! . . . JK Jk sorry guys I ‘ll just get back to work now

  • Joe M

    Picked one up in store on Tuesday; they were nice enough to hold one aside for me until I got there (though they weren’t supposed to, just spoke with a really nice employee, and they ran out of stock by the time I did get there, so that was lucky). I did indeed still get the Netflix promo, as a pleasant surprise!

  • Lou M

    Found 2 yesterday at my local store. There was 1 left, now today none. Flying off the shelves.

  • EvanTheGamer

    Not available for Store Pickup…damn.

    • WAldenIV

      I was checking store pickup every day for a few weeks. I finally caved and ordered through Amazon two days ago hoping they’d get some inventory soon.

      • Marcel

        I ordered with Amazon on July 26 and they still haven’t gone around to shipping or updating my order. At one point the estimate went from this week in August, to November, back to August then to October. I just can’t see why they don’t get new orders since BestBuy and Play store has been back in stock twice I think.