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In Case You Were Worried, QWERTY Slider LG Enact Coming to Verizon Soon


There might not be a more hardcore group of Android users than the group that wait for a phone with a physical keyboard before they upgrade. Since it seems like the DROID line has moved away from the keyboard, the future looked grim for QWERTY sliders on Verizon, but the ever reliable @evleaks tells us today to keep the hope. The LG Enact will be here before too long. 

The phone looks squarely aimed at the midrange market with a 4″ WVGA screen as well as a 5MP camera on the rear. It will run on Verizon’s 4G LTE however, and come with LG’s skinned version of Android, even though most of us around here are not fans. @evleaks says we can expect the phone in the coming days, but our sources tell us late September might be a better date. Either way, it won’t be too long.

Anyone considering this because of its physical keyboard?

Via: @evleaks

  • Stephen Cox

    Why are sliders always midrange? Seriously?

    WAKE UP MANUFACTURERS! There are still a big group of people who want a physical keyboard on their phone in lieu of thinness.

    No, these people aren’t wives and children and people stuck in the past. These are people who enjoy the precision and feedback that only composing text on a physical interface can provide. These are people who would rather give up a few millimeters in thickness to keep 100% of their screen when they type. These are people who want a mobile companion with the fastest processor, loaded of memory, and the highest resolution available to plain, boring, bleeding-edge slate phones.

    Of course that would be yet another handset to support, adding costs and time to the design process and manufacturing to pump out yet another model. Why waste your time?

    I offer you a compromise to make everyone happy: How about you take the next leading edge device you have on the drawing board, and add a small expansion port inside the battery cover that uses standard USB signaling, then create a sliding keyboard attachment that replaces the battery cover and connects via this port? Then, sell it as an accessory for $50 or so, with another battery in it to add weight, and let the people who want it pay the extra money for it, and people who want slate can just not buy it.

    Wow, that would make everyone happy! One phone to support, manage, and upgrade, two groups of people are happy. Market expanded. More money comes in. Heck, Chinese sellers make keyboard cases for the GS3 and GS4, but that can be clunky without a physical communication to the device. Asus has done it with the keyboard dock on their HIGHLY successful Transformer line of tablets.

    Seriously, why hasn’t this NOT happened yet in a phone?

  • XboxOne

    that keyboard a copy of the keyboard on the HTC Touch Pro 2

  • imns

    If it is a non-motorola slider, I don’t want it. I waited and waited for worthy successor to my D3 but one never came. I went with the S4 two weeks ago. I still can’t stand the touch screen and will be getting a qwerty attachment for it.

    • OrlandoBob

      I have had the Droid 1,2 and now have the 4. Physical keyboard is a must for me. Galaxy S4 looks sweet, but I’ll stick with the physical keyboard.

  • Dorian Brooks

    Anyone else think this thing looks like the Samsung U940, aka Glyde, from 2007?

    Even the crappy LG UI looks like Verizon’s old proprietary UI they forced OEM’s to use back then.


  • Liang Li

    This is actually a great keyboard. I have a droid 4 and the keyboard mapping really REALLY sucked. I had to root my phone, which was a huge pain, to get ,{,},[,],`,~,|,search, back, home, on the keyboard.

    This actually filled me with rage because the one reason I can think of to leave the alt-functions blank on the letters was because they wanted a “sleeker look”. On a goddamn keyboard. (“Take out those ugly yellow letters. It looks cluttered. Where’s my frappaccino?”)

    Search is really useful to have on the keyboard, it allows you to quickly switch tasks using the built-in quickkeys function. Even menu is useful since menu-c, etc. are often used as copy / paste. From the looks of things, this keyboard even has cut / copy / paste built in, which is an awesome idea.

  • Xious

    That phone is buggin’! The navigation buttons are not centered (the three-dot menu button is not supposed to shift the others) and it looks like they ripped the keyboard directly off a Droid 2. LG doesn’t even get a “thank, but no thanks” for that.

  • Kanaga Deepan N

    4″ WVGA screen, 5 row keyboard, 4G (though NOT LTE)… Those are mind blowing specs when I first saw EPIC 4G on Sprint almost 4 years back…

    But NOW, meh….

  • jonnyrazr

    my wife hates her Droid 4 since the Jellybean upgrade. it’s just not compatible. Maybe this phone will come through, or even open the doors for more qwerty phones to arise as an alternative. Technology is always improving, so there’s got to be a way to make the qwerty smart phone that can be credible.

  • GigaJake

    The qwerty market is dying, should we make a really good phone and get all of the customers who still want it? NOPE lets make a mid range device.

    The poor sales of this device will feed into the ‘death of the qwerty’ mindset for everyone else. This isn’t a good thing, this is harmful. Make the Droid 5 or nothing at all.

  • Nathaniel Newman

    RIP Droid (OG to 4) 2009-2012! HERE LIES OG DROID, YOU RULE!

  • MacNificent

    It makes perfect sense that they put so much bezel so that you have a place to put your thumbs when the keyboard is open. Not sure if i should get this, the moto x or the iphone 3gs. Please help?

    • verbal_judo2

      I dont know what the specs of this are but if they are not better than the droid 4. You might as well just pick up a D4 on the cheep.

      • MacNificent

        lol i don’t miss my droid 4 at all. got rid of that so quickly for my gnex

        • verbal_judo2

          Well I still have a droid 4 and quite frankly it is still the best qwerty with the best specs on Verizon.

          If you have a Gnex I dont know why this LG phone would even be in the running in terms of phones to consider.

          • MacNificent

            this is the results of a joke gone bad. i would never buy an i*hone or a this phone and my gnex was phones ago. i buy phones (probably) every 9 months. and my next will definitely be the moto x. sorry that you got sucked into this joke

  • All I have to say is I really hope they keep making at least one phone with a slide/fold keyboard. My wife hates onscreen keyboards and needs a physical one. She has a Transform Ultra now and that was the only choice. When her phone breaks….not fun.

  • Daniel

    Looks like a qwerty sliding Lucid 2, which was actually a very-capable phone. My mom would have loved this instead of her Lucid 2, but it’s a shame the screen is only 480×800?!?! WTF, my Droid 4 is better than that at the same size. I love keyboard phones, and this is actually nice to see, but they will never sell as well unless they at least have half-way-decent specs. That being said, the LG-skinned Android, as you put it, is surprisingly very good; it has a lot of settings and customizations that are not available in stock and often you’d need another ROM to do.

  • David Narada Brown

    that is 1 ugly phone.

  • poocaster

    My verizon contract with my Droid 4 is about to be up and now I’s got nowhere to turn – probably gonna end up with the Moto X just cuz of the form factor….another 2 years with a crappy moto camera for me >.<

  • Ryan Ropero

    This is the kinda crap that ruins the android experience. The Citrus, the Droid Eris, The Vortex. When I worked for big red, we had a whole support team dedicated to the Eris. It had its own hotline, because it was so terrible.
    People get these phones, then they are effed for two years. You want to make a killing?? Make a mid range vanilla android phone with decent specs for $99. Bam!! Money in the bank.
    RDJ knows how i feel.
    Edit: No gifs? Am I doing this wrong?

  • Ross

    I am still holding out for a Droid 5 announcement soon. I will probably wait until October or so until I move on and possibly buy this. I also want to give Blackberry a little more time to announce a new phone. I love their phone design. If I recall correctly, the Droid 4 was announced around this time last year.

    • BOB Dudek

      Feb 10 2012

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  • Famouz Starz

    sweet looks like ill be able to sleep better tonight the world is saved by lg yet again!

  • Steve B

    YES! Give me an LG Qwerty slider…..said no one ever.

    • ColoNiner

      Actually, I’ve said it twice in the last two days. I prefer a physical keyboard.

  • Maximus

    I would gladly trade my Galaxy S4 and left nut for a 4.5 inch 2GB/16ROM w/SD slot and 2400+ MAh Qwerty slider….provided it was made my Motorola. All things aside, no phone has ever has the build quality and feel that Moto does.

    • Nicholassss

      Even though i’m rocking a note 2, my back up is the OG droid.

      OG droid and Droid 3 were the most well built phones ever. Tanks.

      • Pedro4Prez

        Nokia 3310

        • Nicholassss

          well when a phone is made from fischer-price plastic of course it will be tough, but not in the same way as an OG droid.

  • Geonerd

    I want a Keyboard but on a S4 or S4 Active, that would be really smtn. Physical keyboards must return !!!! But must be on top of the line mobiles. People that use physical keyboards are usually advanced users

    • Eric R.

      You can get a Bluetooth slider on Amazon for the S4. $40

      • Paitor

        Doesn’t that make the phone very thick compared to droid 4

      • ashley

        I bought one of those for my S3 and it was TERRIBLE. I was so sad that I ended up downgrading to a Photon. Anxiously awaiting the Droid 5!

  • geedee82

    Reminds me of my wife’s old Ally, which was a flaming pile of crap.

  • speraider430

    Just give me the LG EnV!!!

    • Eric R.

      Those. Were the days

    • shehippie

      My old EnV ouch is still kickin’ butt and taking names. It’s been our “house” phone for three years. lol

      • Nathaniel Newman

        Try the V. I’m that old baby!

        • HarleyGuy72

          Still rockin’ the OG Strat!!!!

    • bboyairwreck

      The LG EnV Touch had the BEEESSSTT keyboard ever. Omg i loved that thing. I miss it so much.

      • DaisyMae

        I loooooved my enV! I even tried to find another one when mine busted.. (cuz I uh.. dropped it one too many times..) I just got the Enact though, because they were sold out of Droid 4s, so we’ll see.

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    Why in KELLEN’s NAME would ANYONE want a keyboard device anymore? I mean come on… it doesn’t take long to get used to soft keys. I’m pretty sure I type faster on soft keys than KB devices

    • Geonerd

      but those soft keys take half my screen and they aren’t faster to type, that’s a fact. I want a mobile computer and a physical keyboard is the closest to that

      • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

        Takes up Half your screen?…. you’re typing something how much screen do you need to type something?

  • Milind Shah

    woo! physical keyboard! woo!

  • akazerotime

    But does it have a 1440 screen? No? Pass..

  • OneForTheGoodDays

    Might want to pluralize “wait” in the first sentence. I usually don’t do this, but it bugged me.

  • dannydarko

    LG Flagship device CIRCA 2009 sweetness………………

  • lgreg64

    now if they put a keyboard on a note you will have a notebook 🙂

    • FAL_Fan

      Clever…+1 to you sir.

      • Gloriaortiz326

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    • Joe Bob

      I’d get it. I think they called them UMPCs a few years ago. Ah, I miss my Viliv N5.

  • KleenDroid

    My wife still wants a keyboard. She loved the LG Voyager keyboard and has always wanted one since.

    But she also wants a quality phone which is why she hasn’t had one.

  • silver_arrow

    Why is it that every slider that gets released is a low end WVGA device on Verizon. Why not get a good Droid 5 on Verizon. Put a Droid Maxx and give it a QWERTY keyboard. That device would be able to be sold for at least a year and would still hold up in that time. Would probably get updates and the QWERTY diehards would be satisfied as it would also have global H+ bands so people could import it

    • normmcgarry

      A thought process like this requires logic.

    • Yeah I am still holding out hope for a Droid V

    • michael arazan

      If the Maxx had a qwerty I’d probably buy it

  • tyguy829

    If I really wanted a keyboard, I would still take a Droid 4 over this

    • ddub

      It’s funny that you mention that. I have a friend who ONLY uses phones with slide-out keyboards. She’s still chugging along with the Droid 4, but admittedly hating every minute of that qHD pentile screen.

      • T4rd

        Yeah, that display is probably the worst display ever in a smart phone. It was the exact same display as the Droid 3’s, which my friend had and I thought it looked significantly worse than my OG Droid’s despite being higher resolution.
        I think lots of people would kill for an OG Droid (maybe 4″ at least though) with modern internals.

        • ddub

          I absolutely agree. In lieu of the Droid Ultra (Can anyone please tell me why this phone exists), it would be much smarter to release another droid slider with the current specs present in all of Moto’s other phones. I mean at least they’d be able to argue that they are servicing a particular niche group of customers– and who knows, they may even see a uptick in attachment rate because they’d be releasing the only slider out there with top-end specs (assuming you consider the x8 computing platform top-end, of course).

          Moto is going to be releasing the Mini, Ultra, Maxx, and the Moto X. Am I the only one that thinks that Moto’s strategy is somewhat ill-advised? it’s tough enough as it is to realize economies of scale with releasing so many different models. I can’t help but think that the Moto X and the Maxx are going to eat away at the Ultra’s sales and vice versa.

      • Daniel

        yeah, well, besides the Photon Q, there has yet to be a better qwerty slider than the Droid4…which I love and refuse to give up

  • viewthis66

    haha love the title

  • Droidzilla

    Both of the physical keyboard lovers on Verizon will be so happy to see this.

  • picaso86

    Welcome to 2009 people!