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Google Reportedly in Talks With NFL to Purchase Sunday Ticket Rights

Google NFL

According to sources in Silicon Valley, a meeting is taking place which could lead to big news for both Google and NFL fans. DirecTV’s current deal for rights to NFL’s Sunday Ticket subscription package, which costs $1 billion annually for DirecTV, is coming to an end at the end of the 2014 football season. With that said, a group of NFL executives, including commissioner Roger Goodell are holding meetings with several companies to see if a bidding war could take place for the service. 

Today, Google CEO Larry Page and YouTube bigwig Robert Kyncl, are discussing possible plans to buy Sunday Ticket, which would then give Google a considerable foothold into the TV game. There is still a lot of time left on DirecTV’s deal, so you can expect to hear very little from these talks until time gets closer to NFL’s announcement of a new deal. Even if purchased, it would be pure speculation for now on how Google would intend on delivering the service to subscribers.

Do we have Sunday Ticket subscribers here? How would you feel if Google was in charge?

Via: AllThingsD

  • vastreammonster

    I’m praying that Google gets it. We could see NFL games on YouTube!!

  • footballfan1234

    Yes Google Buy it please!!!!!!!!

  • Rob Delaney

    This would hurt the sports bar industry A LOT

  • Keg Man

    google would reach so many more people and it would be cheaper…..I hope

  • Keg Man

    bidding wars rock, its already too expensive

  • S.Ober

    Finally, I hate Direct TV

  • anon_y_mous3

    Heck I’d buy individual games, or the season from the google play store. Or some sort of Youtube subscription.

  • David Parrella

    Actually I would love to see a Google channel on my TV ;D

  • JamesPelaccio

    How’s the Goog going to make this work when I have trouble streaming a 2 minute YouTube clip on low resolution with out stalling?

    • Caleb Shahamat

      Sounds like it’s your internet connection.

      • JamesPelaccio

        More likely my internet provider then my connection. I can download videos way faster then I am ever able to stream them. It’s a known issue that ISP’s don’t like to talk about, and that’s getting paid on both ends.

  • Shawn Maloney

    The NFL could make more money with deal with Google as they have a farther reach than DirectTV, more ad dollars and more exposure, Google can take this angle that they can reach more to the NFL and could also outbid as well, they have the cash

  • Joe

    I have the ticket with Directv, I like what they’ve done over the last few years with the online streaming and apps, however, I just want to Sunday ticket for cheaper. $300 a year is a lot every football season

  • jackie moore

    this will be the only reason to ever unroot my phone!!!

  • matti861

    you guys do know that you can stream games right from your android phone now right? Sites like vipboxsports stream all nfl games. I watch all my skins games from my phone while at work on sundays. Get hip people!!!

  • geedee82

    I’m all about that redzone channel!

  • tutaina

    Not for me.. I’m into Football

  • “Even if purchased, it would be pure speculation for now on how Google would intend on delivering the service to subscribers.”

    -Youtube and chromecast. This was the story on CNN while I was at the post office.

  • bp

    All you need is Red Zone!

    • David Hayden

      Unless you just want to watch your team. Red Zone is spectacular for fantasy, and if you just enjoy watching the game in general though.

  • BilboBaggns

    DirecTV is not going to let this go easily. This is their staple product to sell their Satellite package. DishNetwork has tried to finagle this away in the past without success.

  • BulletTooth_Tony

    I had Sunday Ticket for free… Not worth 300 dollars. Not even half that. Excellent service, perfect picture. But all the games are played at set times, the same day of the week… Making it nearly impossible to actually get your monies worth out of it…. Unless you do the total toolbox setup of multiple TVs… Like it’s really that exciting or you have fantasies of owning a bar.

  • jasenm

    This is really amazing in a few ways but the most important would be the chance to finally possibly being able to cast to our Chromecast from the actual app!

  • MikeSaver

    Google’s trying to bring TV to youtube through subscription channels. this would be a much more convenient way for people to use the service instead of having to install a big satellite on their roof.

    Dont expect the buying price to be that 1 billion. the sunday ticket service has gone way down in usage because of the redzone channel

  • KB

    Hopefully this would be the beginning of the end for bundled cable/satellite packages. A la carte is the future.

  • Ben Rollier

    Provided I can get Google Fiber here in Phoenix, I’m all about switching. I have DirecTV and it sucks

  • Sacrifist

    I see really, really good things coming of this, should it happen. One of the major hurdles to getting popular content online has always been that the people who control the content fear moving away from old media, at least as their primary platform.

    I have to assume a content creator like the NFL doesn’t care as long as they get their money. I’m sure they need enough confidence that Google will represent their brand well, but putting something like this online and a la carte would be a true paradigm shift.

  • starnovsky

    That would be awesome. I don’t care about football or other TV sports but I like where it’s heading to.

  • Green

    Getting Bronco games without having to get a dish? Sounds good to me. Hubby can watch his Redskins and I’ll have my Broncos. 🙂

  • Zack Kolev

    Doh! Just got DirecTV for another 2 year contract. I guess I’ll keep it for now but really hope Google can pull this off. If they do, I will look forward to getting Sunday Ticket from them next year, and dropping TV completely in 2 years. Fingers crossed. Godspeed Google!

  • vs8

    I would pay a premium price for this. It would be a dream come true.

    This + Netflix is prefect for me.

  • jh123416

    Really don’t think DirecTV will let go of this. While it is costly for them, they do “need” it.

    • arthuruscg

      Or Google says Fu and buys Direct TV

      • jh123416

        Always an option with these tech giants haha

  • Shane Redman


    HTTR by the way

  • Xious

    NFL Sunday Ticket is the ONLY reason that I ever get any kind of cable/satellite TV. If Google gets it and offers a subscription similar to MLB.tv, you can kiss DirecTV’s butt goodbye forever!

  • schoat333

    Doesn’t matter to me. I’ll stick to watching my local team. I couldn’t care less about any other teams.

  • tomgillotti

    LOVE IT! Already planning on using Chrome browser to play on TV via Chromecast for this season!!

    • Burger

      What website are you going to use?

      • Dorian Brooks

        I forget the site, but I saw all the NBA playoff games online. I know NBA….

  • Npompei

    Shut. Up. Take. My. Money. NOW

  • Nw_adventure

    Hell Yes ! This would rock, kill the Direct TV stranglehold..

  • Daeshaun Griffiths

    Once google gets a hold of live sports, i’ll axe my cable company.

  • jose

    Free Sunday Ticket for all!!!!!!!!!!

    • kfath1978

      Not going to happen….

  • Tyler Durden

    I don’t care. I want Google fiber.

    • jose

      TROLL!!!!!!!! Everything downvoted, then you comment. Coincidence?

      • Tyler Durden

        Oh yeah. Cause I down voted myself

        • Ha, wouldn’t surprise me.

          • Tyler Durden

            You can’t down vote yourself. That’s the point.

        • jose

          HAAAA!!!! That was me actually, guilty!!

          • Tyler Durden

            You gon loco Holmes

  • kfath1978

    DirectTv always out bids everyone else when this contract comes up…But if Google is in the mix now you can bet they will probably get it. If that does happen you can say good bye to Direct as the Ticket is the only thing keeping them alive at this point. This also tells me that Google definitely plans on growing their TV brand. I hope it does happen b/c the Sunday Ticket kicks some ass!

    • Justtyn Hutcheson

      I would love a public bid and a rehash of their bids for that huge patent portfolio they knew they weren’t getting, bidding sqrt 2, e, and pi 🙂

    • MikeSaver

      From Florio: ” DirecTV CFO Pat Doyle said in March that the satellite giant could strike a non-exclusive deal with NFL or dump the package completely when the current deal expires after the 2014 season.”

      The Sunday Ticket isn’t worth the 1 billion anymore because of the redzone channel’s popularity. It’s really value is now for people away from their home state.

  • Justin Kos

    This + Netflix = good bye cable companies

    • kfath1978

      All depends on how they offer it… Its not going to be free you can guarantee that. The NFL is not in the business of loosing money. It will probably end up being a monthy subscription or you can buy a game on Youtube… Not sure what if any damage it will do to cable…

      • tharealoc


        But yeah, NFL = Not Free Live ? haha

        • kfath1978


      • Ian

        NFL charges for the rights, the company that purchases the rights decides how it wants to distribute and what to charge. But yes the NFL is not in the business of losing money.

        • BilboBaggns

          Neither is Google, which is why I am sure they will offer a pay package on their new TV service.

          • Perv Bear

            If they make it available all over and sell ads I doubt they will lose any money at all.

          • michael arazan

            I can just imagine the ads after every down, waiting 5 seconds, and hitting the “skip ad” button every 30 seconds for every down

          • Perv Bear

            Yes since that is how YouTube works as well …. Get your head checked please.

    • Miguel Angel Portela

      Hell yeah. Though I kinda hope they do something with MLB…

    • Neil Fujiwara

      Yep, considering that sports is one of the few things we can’t get view hulu or netflix, this could make sense. Imagine paying for NFL, MLB, or NBA packages and just combo that with Hulu.

    • S.Ober

      Ill agree except Redbox Instant instead of Netflix,

    • SparkysShocker

      Only if it is Blackout restriction free. If its like MLB Live (AtBat) it sucks, I live in the Giants broadcast area however every couple Fridays NBC Bay Area will pick up the game and for some reason the local NBC channel doesn’t get it and MLB Live still blacks the game out.

      • Justin Kos

        I feel like this could be the start of more paid channels on you tube. I’m really into the idea of paying for stuff I wanna see and not 100 channels of stuff I don’t care about.

  • Ian Smith

    this is not exactly related but along the same lines: if you pre-order the new Madden game from Amazon they throw in a whole season of NFL Sunday Ticket for $40. it works out to like a $200+ savings. this works even if you don’t have directv – streamable from a laptop/tablet/phone. i guess, in essence, you may be able to ccast this to your TV. i have an HTPC though so i’ll just be using that.

    • Wolfpack93

      Thanks for this tip! I have DirecTV but don’t want to pay full price for Sunday Ticket (had it free last season). I just confirmed I can hook the old Mac Mini to the TV/receiver to stream another season of NFL on the cheap while my son enjoys Madden 25 which he had been planning to pick up at GameStop anyway. Win/win!

      • Matt Cooper

        When you call and cancel the Sunday ticket they will offer you a deal that is considerably less than full price. 100 bucks is better to them then no bucks.

      • Keg Man

        or, what I plan on doing, is subscribing to the redzone through verizon for $5/month and streaming my tablet to a second tv/monitor in the room. My team on the big screen, redzone on the side piece

  • Skeeter

    Stream Live games with Chromecast. I’m in. Too bad have to wait till 2014.

    • JustinD2473

      2015 even. Current deal goes until the END of the 2014 season.

      • Skeeter

        I should have a chromecast by then! But would be great if they get the deal and can broadcast it that way! Then you can take it with you where ever you go. Now that would be great! The new NFL Mobile!

  • Joshua Bailey

    Would love this.

  • SparkysShocker

    Directv customer but I dont have Sunday Ticket because I live in my teams broadcast area, and it way to expensive for Fantasy purposes.

    However I am traveling more for work and I don’t know how much National coverage the Niners are getting these days, so I’d be all for Google running it, if it meant cheap.

    • ReturnOfTheMack

      I have Dish so I don’t really have that option but I would love an easy way to watch Redskins games when I’m out of state for school. At least they have two Monday night games this year.

      On a side note, Droid Life has been kind of quiet on a particular subject considering the time of year…

      Droid Life Eliminator Challenge??!?!

    • Jeremy Reger

      Niners fan in Ohio.. and no one gets coverage if they aren’t playing the browns, bengals, or steelers..

      • Will

        Those teams are all on CBS most of the time, Fox still has 1-2 games per week, and the Niners are often in the featured 4:25 game.

        • Jeremy Reger

          my point is Those 3 teams are the primary games in the Ohio Market.. and in Columbus we got 1 niners game until the playoffs..

    • LionStone

      National coverage for the Niners sucks big time…I’m on the east coast a lot and the NFL Mobile app on VZW is a life saver!

    • MikeSaver

      I think they’re getting plenty of national coverage. they were just in the super bowl.

    • The Phenom

      I love football so I loved Sunday Ticket. Hate being limited to what ever the local stations get and if it is a blowout they still rarely switch to a more competitive game.

  • Kunal

    NFL Sunday Ticket would be more than just a foothold into the living room for Google.

    It would be like opening the door and inviting the entire neighborhood inside.

    • CasperTFG

      Including Mr. and Mrs. NSA down the street.

    • Lucky Armpit

      No kidding!! This would be awesome! I would love to have NFL Sunday Ticket, but refuse to sign up for DirecTV and their horrible product/customer service to get it.

      • MK17

        I guess everyone has a different experience. My bill is less than cable and my channels actually work. I had a competent professional guy come out and install my dish.

        • Nathan Choler

          2nd this comment, love DirecTV.

        • Keg Man

          took me 4 installers to get my dish aligned properly. one centimeter off on your roof and your signal is off by miles if not hundreds of miles in space.

      • michael arazan

        Plus dish and direct are always losing channels because the rates go up and they would rather drop a channel than negotiate for it. My friend has lost 3-4 channels in the past few years.

        • Matt Cooper

          Any channel that has been lost has returned very quickly. DirecTV blows the competition out of the water…hands down. I don’t see them losing the Sunday Ticket to anyone. I have had DTV for 5 years and have no plans to stray from it.

        • Keg Man

          I’ve only lost one channel that I missed but to be honest, it catered only to geeks and nerds. so I can understand no one was going to watch it.

      • Keg Man

        directv is hands down the best tv service i’ve ever had. the installers are the ones that give that company a bad name. took me 4 installers later, but once its done right, you dont lose your signal

      • The Phenom

        Until I was forced to move I had Direct TV 8 years with not issues