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AT&T Plans to Launch 4G LTE in the Following 50 Cities by End of 2013

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AT&T boasts America’s second largest 4G LTE network, covering 225 million people and containing around 370 markets. This morning, AT&T announced that by the end of this calendar year, its 4G LTE network would cover 270 million Americans with a total of more than 400 active markets. In comparison, T-Mobile sits somewhere around 115 LTE markets, while Verizon pretty much wrapped up its 4G rollout earlier this year at 500 markets. 

We have listed out the cities that should be seeing 4G LTE sometime later this year. If you live in one, and happen to be on AT&T, maybe it’s time for a happy dance?

Upcoming 4G LTE Markets:

  1. Fairbanks, AK
  2. Dothan, AL
  3. Selma, AL
  4. Redding, CA
  5. Durango, CO
  6. Pueblo, CO
  7. Tifton, GA
  8. Waycross, GA
  9. Kauai, HI
  10. The Big Island, HI
  11. Des Moines-West Des Moines, IA
  12. Twin Falls, ID
  13. Lewiston, ID-WA
  14. Decatur, IL
  15. Kankakee-Bradley, IL
  16. Peoria, IL
  17. Paducah, KY-IL
  18. Alexandria, LA
  19. Lake Charles, LA
  20. Lewiston-Auburn, ME
  21. Battle Creek, MI
  22. Jackson, MI
  23. Joplin, MO
  24. Poplar Bluff, MO
  25. Rolla, MO
  26. Brookhaven, MS
  27. McComb, MS
  28. Natchez, MS-LA
  29. Kalispell, MT
  30. Greenville, NC
  31. Jacksonville, NC
  32. Fargo, ND-MN
  33. Elmira, NY
  34. Utica-Rome, NY
  35. Portsmouth, OH
  36. Sandusky, OH
  37. East Stroudsburg, PA
  38. Pottsville, PA
  39. Abilene, TX
  40. Amarillo, TX
  41. Longview, TX
  42. Marshall, TX
  43. San Angelo, TX
  44. Tyler, TX
  45. Port Angeles, WA
  46. Appleton, WI
  47. Fond du Lac, WI
  48. Oshkosh-Neenah, WI
  49. Gillette, WY
  50. Sheridan, WY

Via: AT&T

  • Bryce

    While this is pretty impressive, I’m still going to stick with Verizon. Verizon has had LTE in my area up in Northern California for almost a year and AT&T has no plans on getting it here anytime soon. Ever since Verizon has got LTE up here they have been expanding rapidly in places that AT&T isn’t going to get LTE for a long, long time


    In this article, AT&T claims to have the SECOND largest 4G LTE network unlike their advertising where they LIE claiming to have the largest 4G network..

    Face it AT&T, you might catch up to Verizon by the end of 2015, MAYYYBBBEE…..

    Consumer Reports STILL rates you the absolute WORST of the BIG 4, in ALL aspects and in ALL geographical areas.

  • btown

    Why doesn’t the largest city in Montana ever get any love. Go Billings!

  • Voltism

    I live in massachusetts and I don’t get 4g most of the time. Half the time I’m lucky to get more than 1x or 1 bar of 3g

  • Torrey Shelton

    I used to have Verizon before I made the jump to AT&T. I liked Verizon’s coverage especially because I was surrounded by LTE everywhere but I hated CDMA and I wanted jump on the GSM bandwagon. AT&T HSPA+ is only available in my area as of yet but even so I have more reliable coverage using that then I do with Verizon LTE. I average between 6-12mbps over HSPA+ which is way more than enough. So even if AT&T never released LTE in this area I’m more than satisfied enough. LTE is just a way for me to burn my 5GB a month even faster. AT&T is not rushing their LTE at a fast rate like Verizon does because they don’t need to. Verizons 3G was painfully slow and was a must. But that’s just my take on things…

    • p0k3y

      71 days to go before I dump VZ…

      • Gloriaortiz326

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        • BOB Dudek

          Your comment does nothing to add to conversation..NOTHING.

          • James Monday

            I’m sure the spammer you’re responding to will take your comment to heart and never post links on a forum or post again.

          • BOB Dudek

            Your comment does nothing to add to conversation..NOTHING.

      • DMZMAN

        For crappier service!

        • p0k3y

          Maybe. But I am sick of CDMA, poor phone choices and the higher prices for prepaid plans.

    • MicroNix

      Are you including dropped calls in the conversation?

  • fakekellex

    Is anyone finding 3G to be faster(than it used to be) on VZW since a lot of people are just using 4G and clogging it?

    • Nathaniel Newman

      Nope in my area 3G is still dang slow. 4G is still fast. Just not 40 Mbps fast like it was at startup.

    • Slow here too, I’m lucky to get over 1Mbps

  • fakekellex

    Their roll-out make no sense – at least on paper. One of the largest cities in MD doesn’t have it, but some of these barely populated areas are getting it. ODD.

  • Jordan Wires

    Still no VT?

  • Jordan Pfingsten

    Fargo! Finally ATT!

    • Justin W

      Sioux Falls checking in… Still no LTE and the manager of my local corporate store said by the end of summer. Sad day 🙁

  • shehippie

    *sigh* They still can’t figure out how to get 3G to my side of the mountain in TN.

  • Ben

    Oh, sure, finally Peoria. I wonder if that includes the surrounding cities like East Peoria and Pekin? Same goes for all those markets I guess…

    • timrcm

      If it’s anything like Verizon’s initial rollout in the Peoria area, it’ll be one or two towers that you won’t be able to pick up unless you’re standing next to the river. Luckily it’s better now, but..

      • Ben

        Verizon had the benefit of going first; hopefully AT&T is faster about it, but since VZW is already up and running I think I’ll just stick with it.

  • Travillion

    Still no State College, PA? Verizon has had LTE here for over two years. Come on AT&T!

  • XvierX

    San Angelo!! Wut wuttttttt?

  • heckmanjudith

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  • Armus

    Huh’ Do than and Selma, Al, but it’s not in the three biggest cities. Oh wait, I don’t care, I’m on Verizon.

  • Tyler Durden

    At least those in BFE, aka Fargo, can get 4G LTE

    • Justin W

      And yet the bigger BFE (aka Sioux Falls, SD) still don’t have it 🙁

  • Too Lazy for Disqus

    AT&T is currently looking like a decent alternative to a carrier such as Verizon. Given its rapid LTE deployment and array of smartphones…sorta regretting signing a contract with VZW this past May. However, with VoLTE coming soon and Verizon always trying lead when it comes to providing excellent network services, it’s only a matter of time before AT&T loses its luster.
    just my 2 cents

    • Ben

      I just jumped this week because my area only has LTE from Verizon and US Cellular. Went with VZW and a couple Galaxy S4’s. Now that my area is represented on this list, I have a minor regret, but overall I think I’m happy with VZW’s coverage in my area.

    • mos0ne

      “Rapid LTE deployment”? When Vzw was rolling out LTE droid life would post these updates with 15-50 cities per month… Nobody took at&t seriously with 3-5 cities per month so they changed the update period from month to month to “by the end of year”… And there’s still not many relevant cities. Have to admit I was impressed by Sprint’s last update(much needed capital injection from softbank, worth keeping an eye on)… For sprint standards, anyway. It really saddens me that there’s really no competition for Verizon in my area. I live in Madison Wi and we have just about every carrier covering here, but I work for Vzw and travel a lot and there’s really no GSM service in this state. Even with the free phones… I’d still be happy to pay for the freedom and choices you have on GSM carriers.

  • El_Big_CHRIS

    makes this 4g lte race more interesting. Once i loose my unlimited and discounts from VZW i’ll be able to choose which carrier and phone to go to *hint* unlocked google play edition phones 🙂

    • Trevor

      Plus, if you’re going the unlocked phone route anyway, you can just hop on one of AT&T’s $60 for 2gb of data (or $70 for 3gb) plans. Not a bad deal, especially since those plans give you access to their LTE network now.

      Not to be a tool, but it’s “lose” not “loose.”

      • LJ

        $70 for 3GB is not bad??? I thought about switching to AT&T for their awesome phone selection but when I did the calculations it’s more expensive. This even takes into account my 18% VZW discount vs the 20% discount I would get on AT&T.

        • Jordan Pfingsten

          He’s talking prepaid.

        • Ryan

          Are you talking a family shared plan?

          AT&T individual smartphone plans are cheaper and you get 1gb of more data a month for the same price or less per month. 4gb of data from VZW with unlimited txt and insurance is 115/month on a 2 year contract. AT&T for 5gb of data with unlimited txt, 450 mins, and insurance is 116/month on a 2 year contract. If you take AT&T’s data to the 3gb a month the monthly bill drops to 96/month on a 2 year contract. If you take VZW down to 2gb on a 2 year contract it comes to 105/month.

          You need to work on your math skills.

          • Ricky

            Yea but this is not apples to apples your comparing a unlimited talking/texting and mobile hotspot plan to a limited 450 mins/ unlimited texting and no hotspot! Your math is flawed! Add more mins and hotspot it is more!

          • Ryan

            There is nothing flawed. That came straight from their websites. No hotspots. 450 minutes because it was lowest amount. Unlimited txt is included in the plans.

            Check yourself, and your math.

          • Guest

            Uh somebody missed the point! Add mobile hotspot and and a compareable amount of mins! And ATT is higher check mate!

        • Justin W

          This is prepaid, not post-paid. It’s a good deal because it’s straight through AT&T, not an MVNO that has unclear guidelines. In addition, you get access to their LTE Network which is why I’m signing up for it once we get LTE in my area.

  • Mike McDaniel