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Verizon Signs Deal With NYC’s Transit Wireless, Brings Service to the Underground

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Transit Wireless in New York City currently operates around 36 wireless networks in underground subway stations across Manhattan and Chelsea. As of now, agreements with AT&T and T-Mobile allow for customers to never lose their precious Internet while commuting, but today, Verizon has hopped onboard. 

With plans of offering both Verizon’s 3G and 4G LTE service in the subway later this year, Transit Wireless plans on building another 40 stations for smartphone-happy riders.

We are extremely pleased to gain Verizon’s participation in our wireless network in the New York City subway system, facilitating high quality voice and data services in the underground. We have now secured partnerships with all four major wireless carriers to bring the vast majority of New Yorkers, visitors, government agency personnel, transit employees, contractors and first responders the ability to be connected in the stations we’ve constructed – a real milestone.

Good news, New Yorkers!

Via: Business Wire

  • Obvious Sarcasm

    Yay… another reason for the MTA to hike up the fares…

  • Prox

    O Crap, now I have to listen to people yap their mouths on the phones non stop on the subway to and from work. I hope they institute quite cars. Bad enough some new yorks already think its ok to blast their music and game sounds on the subway. Lets let them call on the phone. FML.

  • Inquizitor

    This is great, but I’d be over the moon if they bring it to Chicago too. I’m not in NYC as often.

    • Tom Z

      I think that is already in the works. I remember seeing an article saying the CTA system will be a third party supporting all networks.

      • michael arazan

        Verizon needs to improve their signal for the whole city of Chicago, I lose signal all over the city especially down town

  • Ryan

    To bad they can’t sign deals to offer a better phone inventory.

  • master94

    About time. VZW better not charge me more for this. Now to make it work between train stops

  • AnotherAndroidKid

    The guys who work for me are going to hate losing their “I was underground and didn’t get the job order email” excuse.

  • a.d.AM

    Tmob has been doing this already in some of the stations. Theres no signal while you are in between stations. I get signal just as i arrive at a staion, while passngers are getting on/off, and shortly after the train leaves the station. Its basically long enough to get/send a quick IM. Most of my messages underground read like this, “hey im on the train!”

  • plooch23

    Now bring this to DC!

    • BulletTooth_Tony

      ? It already exists in DC… Verizon was forever the exclusive cell carrier in the Metro. And the company hired to replace the system and make it available to all carriers was supposed to finish in 2012… Now delayed til 2015 after that company filed bankruptcy. But even that aside… Verizon still has bare minimum 1x throughout the system, including tunnels and at least the 20 stops that company had finished full upgrades for already.

  • BigWormBigPerm

    Verizon offering separate data and voice underground plan for only $60 more a month

    • El_Big_CHRIS

      i thought i read that, and i wasnt surprised at all. guess thats how bad VZW is smh

  • BobbyG

    Google Music on the subway. Thank you very much

    • neo1738

      not necessarily, as a.d.AM stated below this is only in the stations, not in between stations. Good enough for a quick text or email send/receive on the train or to do w/e while waiting for your train.

      • cortesjues

        i believe google music preloads a couple of songs, so even sporadic data connection will allow for a seamless experience

        • neo1738

          guess it will depend on how fast the phone reconnects to towers in station, those trains are pretty quick in and out on the subway usually idk how many songs you can get

  • jose

    “Verizon ✔ 4G LTE” on every train, tunnel and platform. YESSSSS

  • sparty569

    I’m curious to see how loud the subways will be in NYC now. I only visit a couple of times a year, but the rides are generally not bad, hearing the subway make its way down the tracks being the loudest noise I hear.

    Now, “CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW??!??!?!!” will be all over the place.

    • DanSan

      no, thats the kind of stuff that gets you stabbed. Us new yorkers know better lol

      • sparty569

        Not saying that I would be doing it…but I know how some people are and they wont care where they are and what they’re talking about…as long as they can talk. I hope you are right.

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      I don’t think this covers the actual SubWAY tunnels…. Just he platforms. From what I understand.

      • sparty569

        Good. On the platforms, it would be as bad.

      • Jarred Sutherland

        When I was on T-Mobile I had service through some of the tunnels with my last visit, not just the platform.

      • AnotherAndroidKid

        in general, this is correct.

  • Nexus 4

    About time!

  • me

    Been waiting years for VZW to do this in Boston.
    AT&T and TMo have had it for a few years already.