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Tuesday Poll: Would You be Interested in a Gold Phone?

Gold Android

With talks of a possible “gold” iPhone hitting the streets, it reminds us of all of the overly-priced gold Android devices we have seen in the past. The gold rumored to be on the new iPhone isn’t real though, it’s just a champagne-color coating apparently, but does a gold/champagne phone actually interest anybody?

If your Galaxy S4 or HTC One came in gold, would you even think about buying it? What about the Moto X? Is it just over the top or does it sound hot?

Let us know what you think about gold phones down below.

Would you be interested in a gold phone?

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  • James Burkett

    Is anyone actually entertaining the idea of buying this junk???

  • JolleyMan

    My OGD has a gold camera button. That’s enough for me.

  • JohanV

    NO. Leave that to the iUsers.

  • carolynlong

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  • rabidhunter

    There are some neighborhoods In my city I don’t even want to be talking on my crappy phone. Imagine walking down those streets and you get a phonecall. You pull out your bling phone and it’s gone.

  • super duper pooper

    I only want a gold phone if i can bedazzle it

  • NexusMan

    It would have to be REAL…and even then, I wouldn’t buy it, but if given to me, I’d rock it.

  • n11

    Gold? For some reason I always relate gold to bling, like chains and teeth, which always gives me the perception of being pretentious and maybe a gangster. So, no actually.