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Nexus 4 to Receive Update to Build JWR66Y of Android 4.3

nexus 4 sentinel protector

According to T-Mobile support, the Nexus 4 is scheduled to receive a new build of Android 4.3 any day now. The build number is JWR66Y, which differs slightly from the JWR66V that rolled out a few weeks ago. The only improvement they list is for “security,” so this likely is incredibly minor. Also, the jump from “V” to “Y” shouldn’t get you all that excited anyway.

The update should become available today, at least in some form, probably a staged rollout. The update is 1.8MB in size.

Via:  T-Mobile Support

  • HymezKidd

    4.3 again today…

    • Guest

      You shouldn’t side with TxCreepyGirl…she’s putting you in the middle of her battle. She isn’t innocent. Trust me. I’ve given her a break but she just can’t keep that old mouth shut.

      • HymezKidd

        Side’s. I’m multifaceted. I take no offence. Like i said some of ur comments received the ol thumbs up from me. If I like what u say idc who you are. I only posted here cuz I knew you’d find me… 😉

  • Akshay Singh Thakur

    Hey my touchscreen iS giving a lot of prblm after updating…..

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    • Droidzilla

      So that’s what they’re calling it these days; “on the laptop.” A lot of working moms make some fast cash “on the laptop.” This isn’t news.

  • Rabid Rotty


    • Impossible. The Nexus 7 has JSS15J (which is a later build than JWR66Y) and JSS15J is still 4.3. If JSS15J is 4.3, JWR66Y is as well.

      • Rabid Rotty

        Well thank you for clearing that up Dr. Sheldon Cooper.

        • Pfffft. That guy is a royal blowhard. 😉

  • dcdttu

    Wonder if it will it actually fix the Wi-Fi notification issues that this phone has had since day one that are mostly resolved with the AOSP release of 4.3, but somehow mysteriously turned off on the OTA update of 4.3 for the Nexus 4…

  • Adrian

    That picture makes me cringe, the thought of a slight nudge of the phone or having to pick it up carefully

    • Jeff718

      There’s a 1/8″ thick piece of felt under the glass, just smaller (in surface area) than the phone so you can’t see it. They do this for media shots as to not scratch the glass.

      Source: I have no idea what I’m saying.

    • mgamerz

      Screen protector bro

  • Jordi

    Anyone? Can someone help? How do I fix what the update broke? I want to install Temple Run 3000? I hear it has more endless running! Ugh, I’m heading over to Android Police to read the apk teardown of the new update and to see if they, as a fully licensed authority of the android world, can fix my problem.


      Dude just get an iPhone. More time actually using your device. Android is fundamentally broken.

      Sad really.

      • tomn1ce

        He should get a life or crawl out of his mother’s basement…..

      • XCMeathead

        I can no longer tell if you two are being ironic!

        • Drew

          Upon further review, the replay shows that while Jordi was being sarcastic, IHATEHPSTERSSS fell for the sarcasm resulting in a 10yd penalty on the receiving team…which is declined. We also have a personal foul on XCMeathead for the improper use of the word ‘ironic’, that penalty is excepted and will result in a first down…

          • Pedro

            Upon further review, Drew’s improper use of ‘excepted’ results in offsetting penalties.

            Replay the down.

          • XCMeathead

            Down? Is this some american sports analogy the rest of us don’t get?

  • Jordi

    One minor problem. Since updating to e JWR66Y now I can’t download apps from the playstore, I keep getting the same error message over and over again. What da hell Google? You broke my Droid!

    • tomn1ce

      I guess you don’t have a Nexus but one of the Motorola or HTC Droid devices…. get your act together…. O_O

      • Maxim∑

        that’s possible. because this build clearly wasn’t for the Nexus 4…

    • Cary Zuber

      probably from clearing data on google services framework. log out then back into your google account, that will fix it.

  • Jordi

    I got it!!!! After clearing the device framerwork like 20 times, and restarting I got it! OMG, the device feels so much faster, it’s like butter, but slightly melted, giving it more of a glide feel. OMG, they updated Hangouts too? Holy Cow! Hangouts now supports intergalactic SMS! Man, I feel sorry you guys haven’t received it yet. Trust me, its worth waiting for.

  • Jordi

    Where is the update? OMG, why can’t google get their act together? There is so much fragmentation on Android, why am I still on JB Android 4.3 version JWR66V? It’s already been like 20 seconds. I’ve cleared the device framework, rebooted, cleared cache, including music and still nothing. My phone says it is up to date, which it very clearly isn’t. Maybe if I uninstall Temple Run 2, I’ll get the update faster! BRB I’ll report.


      Yeah, android just “doesn’t work”. Broken promises and broken updates.

      Sad really.

      • cf-cob

        I’m sorry it took Apple 7 tries to get a UI change. Seems you like something that Google is doing to nag about Android. Good luck with Pokemon Yellow on the App Store 🙂

  • capecodcarl

    I bet it’s a fix for that flaw with Android’s pseudo-random number generator that was announced last week.

  • On a side note, has anyone gotten Wi-fi calling working on the N4? That would be a super nice feature and one of the only reasons to *consider* a skinned phone.

    • Chris Carter

      Groove IP lets you make calls over WiFi

  • Somebody grab the update URL please so I can mirror it on randomphantasmagoria.com.

  • MichaelFranz

    the mobile world explodes and now wants the Y

    • Don’t laugh. People on XDA have actually complained about that. I’ll never forget when 4.0.4/IMM76K launched for the Verizon Galaxy Nexus. Owners of the GSM variant started complaing about the fact that they were “stuck” on IMM76I. I’ll take “Signs You Need to Get Laid” for $200, Alex.

      • MichaelFranz

        My point exactly…

  • MrJigolo

    Probably bug fixes.

  • Qbancelli

    LTE support, Maybe?

    • ReturnOfTheMack

      Of course.

    • Jason Newman

      That is definitely not in the update, and never will be on the Nexus 4.

      • Qbancelli

        Never? Lol
        It would take Google just to summit 2 or 3 sheets of paper to the FCC.

        • Jason Newman

          No. It would take more than that. The Nexus 4 is missing a couple pieces of hardware that would be needed to get it certified.

          • Tirionfive

            Plus the licensing fees.

          • Qbancelli

            It is basically the same hardware as the LG Optimus G, which was certified by the FCC before.

            99% of mobile tech fans know this, do your homework before posting nonsense.

          • Jason Newman

            I’ve done my homework. I don’t care what anandtech says. It is similar hardware, but not the same. It is missing a few components necessary for any certification. But, good job on arguing about things you’re clueless about.

          • dcdttu

            ….but it works perfectly. What on Earth is the N4 missing if it works perfectly fine?

            The issue is really political more than anything. Nexus devices always are crippled in some form to make sure they don’t outshine the Galaxy’s and One’s of the world. GN’s camera sucked, and N4’s LTE is actually there, but not functioning.

          • michael bourgoin

            i believe its missing the amplifier if i remember correctly. So it can pick up the band, but it doesn’t pick it up as well or something like that.

          • Qbancelli

            Did you even read the Anandtech piece?
            It is missing nothing. There are even pics of the amps.
            Read it!

          • Russ

            Not true, it is missing bits. But it just so happens there is enough there for it to run LTE on AWS only.

          • dcdttu

            My phone has the LTE Band 4 amplifier, and picks up LTE just as well as my friend’s LTE-enabled Note II. I tested with him alongside my phone and wherever he had LTE, I did as well.

            The N4 has everything you need to run LTE on Band 4, just as Anandtech said.