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Chromecast Orders Through Google Play Now Shipping by September 3

It has been a month since Google first announced its Chromecast HDMI dongle, and the company still can’t catch up on back-ordered stock. For weeks, the status of stock levels in Google Play has read “ships in 2-3 weeks,” however, this morning that all changed to “ships by September 3.” That puts orders ready to ship in two weeks time, so either Google has finally been able to produce enough to meet demand or that demand has slowed some. Either way, your Chromecasts are now two weeks away instead of almost a month.

Meanwhile, Amazon has changed their status on the Chromecast to completely “out of stock.”

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  • Jose Luis

    waiting more than a month after buying the chromecast in google play

  • dshizzel

    I am really sick of waiting for this freakin’ thing. What’s worse, is you can’t get ANY information from the Google site on estimated ship date — it just says ‘IN PROCESS’. WTF?

  • Jeff

    Since ChromeCast connects your TV to the internet, will it generate Google Now tv cards?

  • ArrowCool

    Looks like some of the Amazon orders that were backordered are shipping out too…

  • SayHeyJayHey

    Lucked out today. Best Buy at Mall of Georgia had a few Chromecasts in stock. Ran up during my lunch break to grab one. Been messing with it all night. Feel lucky they happened to have about 5-6 in stock today. If you live in the Atlanta area I’ve been told the Snellville Best Buy will have some Saturday.

  • Michael Germany

    Picked up two from my local Best Buy today. They just received some more in this morning.

  • dgarra

    Amazon sent me a shipping notification, 5 days later nothing (overnight shipping). Apparently it never got from Amazon to Lasership, who is still waiting for my package to arrive. Thanks Amazon! (reported, they’re sending me another one in about 2 months and I already got my Netflix code. Still annoying)

  • Matthew Turner

    Just an FYI. I ordered my chromecast a few days after it launched. I had no indication of when it would get here. I just arrived at my door. Happy Happy Happy

  • joejoe5709

    How much do they charge for shipping? I think I might take a gamble and religiously watch my local Best Buys.

  • PhoenixPath

    We’re so getting there….

    Walk in to the office, cast my Android desktop to my HDMI-equipped monitor, pocket my phone and use my BT keyboard/mouse to answer emails, interact with my business client (ported to Android, of course), open, edit, save office documents from the cloud; it’s almost all there and almost easier than booting up a desktop.

    So close it hurts…make it so, Google.

    • joejoe5709

      The technology is there. Mainstream acceptance is probably a couple years out. Definitely a cool idea. I mean our phones are just as powerful as a computer so why not use it as such everywhere you go by simply casting to a monitor. Very cool stuff. Maybe they could take a couple years testing it out with Google’s own employees and then farm it out to the OEMs.

  • guyinmass

    I’ve been checking Best Buy’s website multiple times per day, for stores in my area (Eastern Mass) that have it. Seems like they get a small number per store per week and sell out within a day or two. The one closest to me sold out their shipment of 3 (last week) within a minute ( I just missed it – at store opening). One day last week (8/15), they showed up as available for order online from BB, so I quickly placed my order and it is expected to arrive today (8/20) according to the UPS tracking. I was also given a code for the 3 months free Netflix. Shortly afterward, it was unavailable for order online from BB. Amazon changed the status last week from “Available in 2-3 months” to “Temporarily out of stock”

    • ArrowCool

      The Dedham BB had some in stock yesterday.

  • Jpx

    Is it really that backed up? I got mine from best buy the first week. Then my second one came in less than 2 weeks.

  • GawkerRedesignSucks

    I ordered mine last week and I NEED it. I’m running Netflix with my Nexus 10 HDMI’d into the living room television and I can’t find an app that let’s me control it from my phone (cheapcast doesn’t do Netflix). Every time I want to pause the video or start a new episode I have to get up and walk across the room. It’s like the 1950s!

    • Deborahgray325

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    • Legacy23

      Get a longer hdmi cable

      • GawkerRedesignSucks

        Having a 25 foot HDMI cable snaked across my living room doesn’t sound great to me.

        • Legacy23

          Better than getting up and walking the 25ft i guess.

          • GawkerRedesignSucks

            Indeed. My Chromecast coming in the mail would be the ideal scenario though. I’m kinda trying to just deal with it until then.

          • Legacy23

            I just went to best buy and picked one up today. You should try calling a few. Good luck!

  • sk102704

    I got my Chromecast that I ordered July 25th delivered yesterday.

  • Daeshaun Griffiths

    i wonder how many have been sold.

  • Suralin

    I received an e-mail from Amazon a week ago about when people might expect their shipments:

    “Thank you for your recent Chromecast purchase. Earlier today, you received an email indicating an incorrect estimated order delivery of late October. We are actively fulfilling orders weekly based on customer order date and all customers who placed orders prior to August 7 should receive their orders in the coming weeks and into mid-September. We will notify you as soon as your item ships and apologize for the confusion.”

    So if you orders yours prior to the 7th, you should be set for the September date.

  • Ray Gray

    Name one google product that stays in stock longer than a few days…smh

  • Cory_S

    When will Google release a device with more than a few dozen in stock to ship?

  • Brock Johnson

    Best buys are getting shipments every week of 15-20 I got mine yesterday I just had to be there before they sold out

  • Ben Myton

    I ordered my first Chromecast from Google on 7/26 while they had it listed as a 2-3 week lead time. I received that one on 8/12 which is closer to the 2 week mark.

    I just ordered another two Chromecasts on 8/17, one from Google who listed 2-3 week lead time, and one from Amazon who listed temporarily out of stock with no lead time estimate.

    I will update everyone with the delivery date when I have it.

  • Anthony Tyson

    My order from the beginning of the month shipped out this morning.

    • BenderBendingRodriguez0101001

      Likewise. Got my shipping confirmation early this morning. My order was placed July 31.

      • bonix

        Same here! It arrives tomorrow

  • fauxshizzl

    They have had them at my local Best Buy WITH the 3 months free Netflix for the last few weeks and still did yesterday. I would go on their website and click the “check stores” and see if they have them near you before ordering one online. I bought three, one online and two in the store. Not sure what to do with the other 6 months of free Netflix being you cant stack the codes though.

    • pbolton70

      wait the 3 months and use the next code. I would think that work work since the original code falls off the account.

    • Daeshaun Griffiths

      keep in mind the codes expire 12/31/13

  • Peter Stover

    -newbie here- Im trying to tether my Chromecast using my Verizon Gnex (unrooted). Is that possible? The only computer i have is a Samsung Chromebook and no other home wifi. Its not connecting and all I’ve seen online is that it doesn’t work. Do you guys have any good news for me? Any help is much appreciated.

    • Kelly OBrien

      Unlock and root that bad boy and unleash the power of Android ! You won’t be sorry !

      • joseph barrientos

        unless he has limited data.. then he will be lol

        • ArrowCool

          Unless you read the OP’s question where he says he has “unlimited data”.

          • joseph barrientos

            unless you’ve never had verizon, you’d know that they throttle your speeds like crazy once you reach a certain milestone, from 20 down to 2 down once i used 60 gb a month

          • ArrowCool

            As far as I know, they (Verizon) only throttle 3G not 4G.

          • joseph barrientos

            lol they must’ve really hated me, it was right after i hit 100GB in one month, they throttled my speeds and then made my contract month-to-month, so that i’d lose my unlimited lol

          • john0214

            They couldn’t throttle your 4g they can get fined for limited the 700 MHz band

    • Jon

      Well if you use the supported apps like Google Play Movies, YouTube, and Netflix, then it will work. Or you can use your desktop to stream but that feature is just not that great and has sync and quality issues.

      Streaming directly from your phone, there really isn’t a reliable solution just yet for that. Koush has an app out that does it, but it’s in a tight, time restricted beta right now. The app self destructs after 48 hrs. So I don’t think that solution is a solid one just yet.

    • Michael

      Should work, you’ll just have to stream from your Chromebook

    • ddh819

      i don’t know if the chromebook can do this, but with a PC, you could set up the pc as a hotspot, and have the chromecast use the pc hotspot. the pc would get internet from the gnex

    • jamdev12


      I don’t think you read his question correctly.

      1. He has a GNexus with unlimited data from VZ.
      2. Not rooted
      3. Has a Samsung Chrome book
      4. Has no WIFI except for his GNexus which he is using to tether both his Chromecast and his Chrome book.

      As for the answer, yes you should be able to. Here is what you need to do.

      1. Download the Chromecast app to your phone.
      2. Connect to your Chromecast via your phone.
      3. Set it up for your GNexus WiFi tether(which at the moment is not operational because the GNexus is connected directly to the Chromecast).
      4. Once you are done with setup the Chromecast will try to authenticate to your tethering GNexus.
      5. At this time turn on your GNexus tethering so that the Chromecast can connect to your phone.
      6. Turn your Samsung chrome book on and tether it to your phone as well.
      7. Add the Chromecast app from Google to the Chrome browser on your Chrome book.
      8. You should see the Chromecast icon on the right hand corner of the tab. Click it and you should see the Chromecast you setup in step 2 through 4.
      9. You should be ready to cast.

      Be aware that you will not be able to cast from your phone to the Chromecast. Even though you may think that the Chromecast is connected to the same network as the GNexus, this is not the case. Your GNexus is acting as the proxy for the Wifi , but you can’t set it up as a client of the same network.

      One more thing, if you have unlimited data, just root your phone. You don’t know what you are missing out on.

      From GNexus user himself.

      • Peter Stover

        “Choose a network for your Chromecast”
        Network SSID? do I put the name of my Gnex wifi here? or just leave it Chromecast****? (i have tried both) Then I hit “Set Network” and a window pops up,
        Changing wi-fi Network
        “The wi-fi networks for your Chromecast (Mynexus) and this device (Chromcast****) are different. After setup this device will be connected to Mynexus so you can use your Chromecast”
        Then I hit ok and my Chromcast searches for my gnex wi-fi (Mynexus). I turn on the tether app and immediately the TV says “Chromecast**** cannot find wi-fi network Mynexus” while my phone continues to try and connect, but never does.

        Still stuck and not connecting, thanks for the insight though. This should be very easy. I hope there is a solution on the way SOON.

  • KleenDroid