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Sliding Explorer is a Slick, Holo-Themed File Explorer That You Should Check Out

If you are like me, you’re probably still running the same file explorer on your phone or tablet that you’ve had for over a year now. Android has changed a lot in the past year or so and with those changes came new visual guidelines for apps. Sliding Explorer is a prime example of taking the age-old file explorer base and incorporating Android’s latest design guidelines. The result is a good looking, minimal app that gets the job done.

Sliding Explorer comes from the guys at Team Baller Applications, which by the name should sell you on it already. Made for Android 4.0 and up with Android’s pull-away menu bar, the app allows you to browse through your local files, comes with image previews and even has root access as an option as well. File sharing, unzipping, extracting and zipping folders are also all standard features.

If you are looking for a great explorer app that looks just as good, and is free, hit the link below.

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  • Gnex


  • Chris

    Honestly, I think this app has a great future. Not all apps are instant one time hits, and aside from the lack of features, this app definitely will be a hit one day. The UI is amazing and follows all the guidelines. I think this is by far the only file manager that truly follows the guidelines. Es is ok, but the UI is terrible. With more time, This will for sure be among the great apps.

  • Tim242

    Root Explorer, or GTF out of here : )

  • Taylor Abrahamson

    It won’t let me create folders on root, and I can’t add favorites? Meh

  • Hothfox

    Nice! I’ve been on Root Explorer for a while, but it got a little cluttered for my tastes. This is simple, and still has root access.

  • JeffColorado

    This is comparable with the best file managers out there. it definitely has the best UI. But…Astro has spoiled me with it’s awesome (and intuitive) cloud integration. Being able to copy/paste files between box.com and dropbox and my phone is simply awesome and something I can’t give up.

  • Bigwavedave25

    @Eric – How does it compare to SOLID or ROOT Explorer, kind of a mesh? I have both and they each have their edge (both being top notch).

    • This one is pretty basic right now. Doesn’t have cloud support. Sorting is kind of weird (case sensitive) and no option to list “folders first”. Feels really snappy though. And I’m guessing they’ll add features as they progress. But right now, it is not replacing Solid.

  • Michael Martin

    solid explorer is the best file explorer imo. i have converted and have converted many others from using others like root explorer, es file explorer, and many others as with both a phone or tablet it is ideal for true file management ease.

    • Do you also face issues with Cut?
      Case 1 – I have local sdcard on left panel and dropbox on right panel. I cut some file from left and paste it on right. But it does a copy operation, not the cut.

      Case 2 – When I cut a file in the left pane and try to paste it to a different folder in the same pane, it doesn’t allow it at all. (File permissions are fine).

      Is it just me or is it a known bug?

      • Kie

        I have your case 2 problem. I will have to copy the file to the new location and delete it from the old to get around the problem

      • Michael Martin

        have you went to settings and adjusted the move setting from copy to move? It will completly move the file, not just copy it. You can then simply go to landscape mode and drag the file from side to side by dragging the icon

        • Errr.. I didn’t find the settings you are referring to. The closest I got was “Gestures” > “Drag and Drop”. Here, “action for same panel” is set to move, “action for second panel” is set to Copy.

          • Michael Martin

            menu>settings>drag and drop>action for the second panel>move.

            Now in landscape, hold your finger on the picture icon of the file you want to move (cut) and it will pop up, now drag it to the opposite panel and let go. it will move it there

          • That I’m aware of. That’s for “Drag and drop”. But when I’m explicitly tapping “cut” operation from menu, going to different folder and tapping “paste” (i.e. not doing drag and drop), it should do cut. Since it is not doing that, it’s a bug.

  • Jason Downing

    Careful with deleting files as of now… there’s no delete confirmation

  • Cyber Jethro

    It’s been done before, and better too.


    • Jason Downing

      no root access with this though

  • Craig Trunzo

    until more apps start offering the split screen functionality that Total Commander has, I’m not switching.

  • Kokomo

    Still using ES File Explorer, always will. Simply the most powerful and feature filled file (period) explorer (period) EVAR (period)!!!!

  • Adam Truelove

    This app is very limited. I can’t figure out how to cut and paste anything.

    • Daniel

      They don’t pay me, but ES File Explorer is the easiest thing to copy and paste in since the latest redesign, and really does look exactly like this app.


      • JeffColorado

        Nothing against ES, but it looks nothing like this app.

        • Yea, ES looks tacky to me. I’m in love with Solid’s UI. Just wish they will fix the “cut” bug and if they can add a third panel.

  • Daniel

    This looks like a huge rip off of the recently-redesigned ES File Explorer, which now has all of the root explorer features I need built in.

    • Totally agree. I just wish ES File had a navigation drawer.

      • Daniel

        …it does? Hit your menu key, or tap the icon in the upper-left corner

        • I meant the away google intended it to be, with a natural swipe from the left.

          • Lord ZYRK

            If you swipe the bottom toolbar it does.

    • duke69111

      Since they added the download assistant and the wallpaper selector a while back, it has become my go to file manager.

    • Stephen Cox

      Yeah, I was going to say this looks like ES! No, wait, its not ES…

    • Can ES File Explorer do everything that Root Explorer can? Are its root permissions seamless? Does it have a manual read/write toggle? I’m asking because I’ve been looking to replace Root Explorer for a while and none of the other file explorers have everything an intermediate level root-user needs. I need a file explorer that’s going to let me modify, move, overwrite, rename, change permissions, change owner, etc within root directories without giving me any hassle. I also don’t want to need to fuss with superuser or busybox – root explorer either comes packed with what it needs or just uses what’s there: either way it’s seamless.

  • Besides the navigation drawer (which is in every app that follows the android design) how is this sliding?

  • Greg Morgan

    Still using Root Explorer. No reason to change for me.

    • Stewie

      Ditto, only a matter of an update to this new nav schema and we’ll be set, and we’re still set even if that doesn’t occur.

    • T4rd

      I was until I needed something that could navigate my network drives at home. Then I swtiched back to ES File Explorer and since it can be used for root folder modifications too, I’ve pretty much just stuck with it now. It’s crazy how good it is for a free app. I almost feel bad not paying for it, kinda like AirDroid.

  • Randall Wanamaker

    I haven’t needed anything since I paid for Solid Explorer. It’s seriously the bee’s knees.

    • Tim242

      Not as good as Root Explorer. It’s the root’s boot that kicks the rest right where it hurts : )

      • michael arazan

        say that 3 times fast

    • Tim242 is right, unfortunately. I’ve been searching for a Root Explorer replacement forever. I’ve tried Solid Explorer, Root Browser and a few other big ones. Solid Explorer isn’t as good for root users. I’ve encountered a number of times where I’ve really needed a read/write manual toggle because the auto-read/write feature fails and doesn’t give me the proper permissions to modify root-access-needed files and directories. I’ve actually requested a manual toggle like the one in Root Explorer and they refused to consider it.

      For now, Root Explorer continues to defend its title as best root-user browser.