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NBA General Manager Says Referees With Google Glass Are a “Great Idea”

We have seen Google Glass adopted widely since its Explorer Program launched. Fashion designers, NFL players and Tennis players have all gotten their hands on the device to see how it could benefit them. In a recent Ask Me Anything with Houston Rocket’s General Manager, Daryl Morey, someone asked for his thoughts on NBA referees wearing Glass during games, he responded that he thought it was a great idea.

Instant replays are a staple in all most American sports these days, but bringing Glass to the eyes of the referees of the NBA would be a whole other situation. If developed, referees could show exactly what they saw from their point of view and add vision to spots that the cameras just couldn’t get to. The ideas are exciting and Morey agrees, saying that it should be proposed to Adam Silver, the man replacing the NBA’s commissioner soon.

NBA refs don’t have the best reputation from events in the past, do you think Glass would benefit the sport?

Via: AllThingsD

  • Dan Burkes

    I think the best function of this would be in football. Use the UI to place downmarkers and the like on the field for the refs. No more guesswork if it was a 1st down or not!

    • michael arazan

      I think the military is going to be purchasing these things, having boots on the ground with live time assessments of the situation to commanders. I’m wondering if Google is working on a militarized version to work with satellite scramblers. Our military already uses gps trackers on secured encrypted lines for vehicles but no link for live video to commanders yet.

      • xman

        The military already has this bro!

  • master94

    About time they started using instant replay essentially. All sports need this so much. Good bye bad calls by refs

  • KH

    I don’t really watch sports but a pov sports channel, utilizing Glass would be awesome! I’d watch everything I could! But taking Glass a step further and having it on Astronauts and deep sea explorers, etc., would be mesmerizing… especially in 3D!

  • chris420o

    I personally think the camera in glass is weak from the vidoes i watched from the football stuff n all that..its not a hd video camera and it catches motion not as great as another pure dedicated video recording device would…i mean would u need glass for this? or buy a more expensive and better camera and strap it to someones head(not literally but u know what i mean)…im tired of these articles about using glass in this way how about trying to make it functional instead of just a cam strapped to someones head n glasses? how about some augmented reality or better functions

  • Brian Menius

    Ten pairs of Glass couldn’t make blind-as-a-bat Joey Crawford worth two shits.

  • itsacardigan

    Would that be Victor Oladipo?

    • Mraz

      Yes Sir. I have a feeling hes gonna be real good. No idea why hes in the picture.

      • Tyler Durden

        He’s just what Orlando needs.

        • itsacardigan

          He’s just what the Hoosiers need…Wish he would have stayed. We need another banner in the rafters.

          • itsacardigan

            Don’t blame him for leaving though.

          • Mraz

            Most importantly he can play defense! It was fun to watch him in college. He would get lost scoring wise in some games but his defense was always there.

    • sk3litor

      I thought this was the guy from rizzoli and isles. Obviously im not the biggest sports fan ha ha

      • n900mixalot

        I thought it was Kenny from the Cosby show. GO HOME, KENNY!

        • sk3litor

          I wonder what happened to Kenny. Guess I should tune in to vh1

        • michael arazan

          I preferred Martin over the cosby’s but Lisa Bonet was the only reason I watched the Cosby’s and all I remember of the show, other than being boring, she is a hottie

  • Chris Bahr

    They’d have to be able to block notifications from the videos though:
    Text from: D. Stern
    To: JoCraw_Daddy
    Message: If u value lives of ur fam and ur own well being u had bet start calling more fouls on *Insert small market team here* and I better get my gm7!

    • Warwick

      Read my mind! lol

  • Kokomo

    A Google Glass post and he’s holding an iPhone? Just saying…. Oh! Maybe he’s friends with Ron?

    • JonathonFlores

      That’s played out dude. It’s past annoying now and I wish it would stop.

      • Kokomo

        It is and I do too…

    • Stewie

      It appears typical, iPhone user – “Why doesn’t this thing work with my phone?”

      • HoosierDaddy

        You don’t talk bad about Victor Oladipo! HOOSIERS!

  • Godzilla

    Or how about one that goes around your waist so that ……..yanno………Point of View? hehe

    • ninjawarren

      I wonder if that industry has adopted glass too? Time for some research.

      • Rob Delaney

        They have. James Deen (porn star) used it to make a 30 minute office humping scene. Another tech blog did the write up and showed NSFW highlight reel and its hilarious.

        • Ian Smith

          love James Deen – such an innovator.

  • Stnkycheezman

    A quarterback perspective would be sick…..

    Or a gimp Kobe crossing over Damian Lillard =P

    • Mayoo

      New tactic to get quarterback’s concentration, run around him and yell “OK GLASS, OPEN A PICTURE/OPEN MAPS/etc.”

  • Rob Delaney

    Hell, put them on the heads and helms of every sports player in every sport and have a channel that gives you the game, from their perspective. Goal line defense will make ESPN highlights every single time.