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This Week in the Life of DROID: 8/16/2013


Another week has blown by, highlighted by talks on the Moto X, DROID ULTRA, with sprinkles of upcoming devices such as the Galaxy Note 3 and a Samsung smartwatch. Oh, what a magical week it has been. We are closing in on September, and with that brings Berlin’s IFA event where manufacturers like Sony and Samsung will show off what they have in store for the winter time. It should be a pretty great time leading up to then, as well. If you missed any of this week’s highlights, we have them listed out below.

Have a great weekend, folks!

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    This week in android: It still has the most lag and malware 🙂

  • Nicholas Ruiz

    More than willing to be patient, but is the new Nexus 7 review coming soon? Thank you for all the hard work guys!

  • Milind Shah

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  • kenkeyessr

    Thanks for the nice wallpaper

  • I wouldn’t even want the GN2’s size, and GN3 is reported to be even bigger!

  • Guest

    Good work this week guys. . .

    Now you can look up Ron’s “why I use an iPhone” article and find that apple fan sites are propping it up as “a respected Android blogger uses an iPhone. . . “

    • Milind Shah

      yup, one more thing for apple fan sites to talk and boast about

      • Guest

        In less than 24 hours that this “why one android blogger uses an iphone” started we have over 3,300 hits on Google for it LOL. . .

        Maybe someone needs to point out that Ron has never really been an “Android blogger.” I fail to see how posting [opinion] pieces here on DL qualifies him as an “Android blogger” — wouldn’t one have to actually blog for a significant period about factual Android stuff?

        Hilarious DL!!!!


    • Guest

      FYI, Droid-Life (Kellen), Ron’s current article, “Why I use an iPhone,” is being linked to by iphone fan sites to, . . . pass “on to some of your iPhone friends who might be wavering. That’s exactly what I did.”

      Hilarious! Android dedicated site promotes the iPhone over Android!!!!! Guess it’s time for me to pick up my iPhone and start reading appleinsider and iphonefans!!!!


      • EvanTheGamer

        Complete bs. Even though I don’t agree with his choice of dedicated/primary phone(obv), there is still nothing wrong with it. Just like the devs who developed the Windows Phone. Well, they might be using an Android-powered device as their primary phone, or even the wretched iPhone. What are you going to do? Nothing we can do but to not worry about trivial things like that and to just move the hell right on.

        Okay, that’s it, speech is over, moving on…

        (I have a change of heart. I’m no longer worried what others do, as I have no control over that. I only have control over what I do. Wait a second…that kinda sounds like something a therapist would tell you to tell yourself…lol)

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  • DanielP

    I still feel like I don’t know what to use as my upgrade, and I think many other galaxy nexus users are too, today is our upgrade day.

    Note 3 would be too big,

    Maxx’s SoC, camera, and display (to a lesser extent) isnt great. ( I do like the battery/active notifications/ UI)

    Galaxy s4’s UI isn’t great, camera app has 500 confusing modes, 50 different “power toggles”, but good hardware.

    HTC one with sense, blinkfeed, weird hardware buttons, good low light, but bad normal light camera.

    • Mike

      Remember if UI is c the only thing really keeping you from a phone you can always use a launcher

    • EvanTheGamer

      Yep! My upgrade is today, as well!

      I think I might hold off upgrading until Samsung announces when they’ll be releasing the GN3 at Verizon. When that happens, then I’ll decide if I’ll be getting that juggernaut of a device or waiting until something else comes along.

      But in the mean time, I think I’m going to finally format my G-Nex tomorrow and do a clean flash of Shiny ROM so my G-Nex will be fast again(it’s extremely sluggish atm…probably because I have over 200 apps installed, lol).

      (P.S. Just bought Kovdev’s latest Icon Pack “Nox” and am LOVING it! It’s incredibly fresh and clean looking. Really love the shadow effect. Well done Kovdev!)

      • DanielP

        I would wait, but I don’t think there is something to wait for… we know all the rumored/announced phones. the GN3 is just huge! I wouldn’t even want the GN2’s size, and GN3 is reported to be even bigger!

        not interested in an iphone, motorolla showed what they have, LG as well, samsung with their s4/GN3.

        I also thought of re formatting, maybe I should.

        I just wish the phone I want would be here. a phone like the maxx with a good camera, better SoC (s800/tegra4) and maybe a slightly upgraded screen. the Gnex was perfect in 2011, it had LTE, a 720p screen, the new OS. just wish a phone like that, only in august 2013 would be available.

      • Moeyknight

        Just did the same thing – clean flash, got rid of old, unused apps – and my GNex is acting better. Definitely less sluggish. Battery life was awful, but today seemed better. I’m also thinking about the GN3, but I don’t know. I almost wish Verizon would tell me no more unlimited data so I could cut the cord.


      iPhone 5S

  • Mike

    Have a great weekend DL Crew!