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Grab a New Sony Google TV Box Off of Woot! for $99 Today

Still in the market for a Google TV? Deals site Woot! is hosting a pretty good deal on the Sony NSZ-GS7, a year-old model of the company’s Google TV lineup. The boxes are new and not refurbished, still selling for around $150+ on Amazon and other e-retailers. With the box, you can access Google Play and many Android apps right from your HDTV, as well as control Netflix, Hulu and other content providers like that. 

The Sony also comes with a nice remote, featuring a full keyboard for browsing the web right from your couch. All around, it’s a pretty good deal for last year’s top tier Google TV box.

Anyone here own this device that can vouch for its awesomeness?

Via: Woot!

  • disqus_3C3PY37JDn

    Walmart has Visio Google TV for $98

  • J Dub

    Saw one of these at Target on clearance for $60. Had it in my hand for a while looking on XDA and other sites. Still didn’t see worth it.

  • dmagicp

    I can’t decide whether to get Google Tv, the Chromecast, or an android pc on a stick. It’s just like when people keep waiting to upgrade their cellphones lol! Someone please help me decide. I want to stream local content from my pc through plex, and I want to have access to Netflix and other subscription services as well on my tv.

  • helencdear325

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  • shabu

    Does it allow direct access to Hulu? Previous GTV models were blocked by Hulu and some network websites.

  • hfoster52

    SOLD OUT!!

  • T_Dizzle

    No way, my Logitech Revue is the best!

    • Bruce Hackler

      I really enjoyed my Logitech Revue as well. The revue was getting kind of slow and locking up often so I bought two Chromecast devices (one for me, and one for my daughter at college) we both love them. great for watching Netflix and youtube.

  • Xious

    I absolutely love my Google TVs. I have the original Sony NSZ-GT1 with blu ray player, the Sony GS7, and the Vizio Co-Star. I use Plex, Netflix, and Play Movies/Music for all my streaming as well as ViMu for local video files. It beats all of the smart TVs and once it gets the Jelly Bean and chromecasting updates, it will pretty much be the best entertainment system out there.

    As far as apps, how many apps do you actually want to run on your TV anyways? The major apps that you want for your TV are in the Play Store. You’ve got your phone/tablet for everything else.

    • The Yankee

      I couldn’t disagree with you more. I also have a Google TV and it’s by far one of the worst 100 bucks I’ve spent on entertainment. Slow and glitchy is not my idea of a good product. I bought an Apple TV 2 for 180 bucks on Ebay about a year ago and it runs marathons over the Google TV. I jailbroke it a short time after I got it and running XBMC is a dream. Nothing beats watching full 720p movies without paying a dime.

    • disqus_3C3PY37JDn

      I have the same model and love it too. It helps that I’m geeky about TV. 🙂

  • We’ve had ours about a year. We had the Revue before that, which replaced our WDTV. The worst thing I can say about it are the limited apps, although it does run Amazon Video as an app (which my Nexus 7 can’t), Netflix, Vudu, and others. We use aVia for streaming media from our networked storage unit.

    The newer GS8 has the remote with the microphone, but I think the newer remote will work with the GS7. I typically use the Google TV Remote app since I usually have either my BIonic or Nexus in my hand while I’m watching TV.

    Sony has been mum (on their Internet TV forum at least) as to whether they are going to upgrade the GS7/GS8 to Jelly Bean.

  • NorCalGuy

    Why would someone spend $99+ on this when chromecast does all the same for $35? Seriously though

    • middlehead

      Chromecast does not at all do the same thing. Chromecast needs another device pushing content to it, this unit does all the work itself.

    • I have both and they are not the same. The integrated browser, and ability to install/run apps make it way different than Chromecast. The Sony device basically turns your TV into a tablet. It’s tablet running Honeycomb, but still.

      • nicotinic

        Ugh… you hurt it when you said tablet… killed it when you mentioned Honeycomb.

        Me NO want Honeycomb!

      • NorCalGuy

        I have a Xoom that I just leave plugged into my TV so that turns my TV into a tablet and i can use my phone or nexus 7 to run my tablet so its like having a TV running jb and a full touch screen controller.

        • I’d considered that for our old Xoom, but then it’s either/or. You watch tv or use the xoom. Google TV eliminates the either/or and gives you some nice extras, like picture in a picture, Google’s channel guide, etc.

          I’m wondering if the mk808 ($43 on Amazon), which is Android on an HDMI dongle, has any particular advantage over what you’re doing with your Xoom. Besides being easier to conceal.

  • Shane Redman

    This or Chromecast (I have 2 already)?

    • middlehead

      This does all the work for the streaming options it supports, Chromecast still needs another device to push to it. If this does what you want done, this would be better.

      Looks to be sold out, though. Woot posted another item.

      • Shane Redman

        @xious:disqus @middlehead:disqus Thanks guys, i was contemplating this before Chromecast was announced, but I knew something was coming and for < $70 I took care of 2 tvs where this was only going to satisfy one. Just wish I could play with one in store…

    • Xious

      I heard rumors that the chromecast feature will be coming to Google TV, so once that happens, it will be Google TV all the way.

    • Leo Marvin

      I’m waiting for the plex app to hit chromecast. please please please!

  • litobirdy

    The USB sticks, what are they good for? Can i plug in my usb stick and play any type of video files on this? mp4, mkv, avi or my primary concerns?

  • Daeshaun Griffiths

    I’d like to experience GTV but this chromecast isn’t convincing me of needed a smart tv or box. The way my phone is the remote is the best part. No arrow buttons for selection. So intuitive.

  • Tyler Durden

    i’ll buy it cause it looks cool

    • mustbepbs

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      • Tyler Durden

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        • mustbepbs

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          • Jesse

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            Is this supposed to be an insult, calling someone colored?

          • Raj Bhatt

            Only to douchecanoes like Durden.

          • dmagicp

            I didn’t take it that way lol!

          • dmagicp


  • Salmon Mousse

    Couldnt help it…I bought 2. I figure that the kick-ass remote and Netflix automatically make it as good as a ROKU3. I would be more interested to hear from those who have had difficulties though. Its one thing to read negative reviews from the average idiot on Amazon, but if someone who has a great deal of Android experience is having trouble with things – it may make me change my mind

  • mustbepbs

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    • It’s WordPress, not our host.

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  • Mr E

    I’m curious to hear everybody’s current impression of this thing, as I’ve had my mouse hovering over the “buy” button all morning. Apparently it’s supposed to get a Jelly Bean update later in the year, but I haven’t seen any concrete details.

    • I own one and, for the money, you can’t beat it. It’s got the stock GTV experience (no UI customizations from Sony), it gets updates every few months, it will most likely get the Google TV Jelly Bean update soon, and it’s pretty fast. Overall, it’s a great value for the money. I highly recommend it.

    • CharlesJorgenson

      I currently own one and love it. Used to have a Logitech revue but it was rather slow and wanted to upgrade. Love the remote controlling my TV, Receiver, and xbox 360. Love using plex to play all my movies over the network etc. My only complaint is the one i have had from the beginning, No Hulu. But i have my xbox 360 that i can use for that and i run it through the google TV.