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Facebook for Android Beta Updated, Brings Animated Stickers and Music Controls for Home Users


Not too long ago, Facebook introduced a beta program for Android users who want the latest and greatest builds of Facebook on their devices. Today, a new update is available, bringing a few new features and loads of fixes. As for the new stuff, Messenger users will see a few animated stickers, which should hopefully bring a bit of humor to all of your IMs between friends. 

As for Facebook Home users, music controls have been added to your lockscreen, so that’s a huge plus. Before this update, you would have to completely unlock your device and control your music from either the music app itself or the notification bar. Good job, FB.

What’s New:

  • Some stickers are now animated in messages—see Pusheen, Beast and Anooki wave, dance and wiggle! (Android 4.0.2 and higher)
  • A fix for a problem that was causing album covers to be shown instead of the photo you tapped to view.
  • The app should no longer crash when viewing photos in full screen.
  • Other bug fixes.
  • Speed and performance improvements.
  • Control the music you’re listening to right from your lock screen if using Home.

If you want to become a tester, check out the sign-up page right here.

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Via: Facebook


    Just reminds me how much I’d like to delete my Facebook account. It’s still the best way to keep up with relatives and old friends

  • I get a random notification at least once a day that says someone posted
    something, even though that post had nothing to do with me. Anyone
    know how to get that to stop?

  • XvierX

    Heyyyy, what phone is that?

  • It is so awesome. But how can I tag people on my post

  • uximalik
  • duke69111

    I get a random notification at least once a day that says someone posted something, even though that post had nothing to do with me. Anyone know how to get that to stop?

  • If only they could make it stick if you choose “most recent” instead of “top stories”

    • It changes on the desktop too.

      • imneveral0ne

        Mine only changes when I sign out and back in on the desktop.

    • Daniel McKenzie J.

      I just don’t see how a tiny thing like this has taken so long to fix?
      It still won’t stay on ‘Most Recent’. And they don’t aknowledge the bug on their facebook beta test group either.

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  • Chad

    How do you “Polish A Turd”? Ask the fb android team!

  • Mayoo

    1) Events font still different from rest of app
    2) YouTube API integration – for the love of god please
    3) Picture replies like on web
    4) “Feel like” like on web
    5) Decent landscape support (no oversized image)

    But nooo, let’s put animated stickers…

  • Guest

    Facebook, would you please give us three dot menu? Even Twitter was a good guy. Pretty Pleaseeeee!

    • hkklife

      AND please optimize this pig for high -DPI screens and/or tablets. Using this app on a N10 is a joke!

  • Knlegend1

    I’m not sure I understand.