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Droid Life Show Episode 32 is Ready to Escort You Into the Weekend


It’s Friday Friday, which means it’s time to get down! This week, we put Episode 32 of The Droid Life Show on the books. In this weeks show, we had the whole crew together to discuss the Moto X, the Galaxy Note 3, LG’s brand new G2 device, HTC’s investment in America’s obsession with Robert Downey Jr. and tons more!

Make sure to catch us live on Wednesday nights when you can at 6PM Pacific!

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  • jenn loren

    mini doesn’t do active notifications i don’t think, cuz it’s lcd not amoled. could be wrong.

  • jenn loren

    I look forward to seeing everyone color combinations. i’m sprint i cant do it, :(, but this will be interesting. I think the X will be a sleeper phone. Won’t make a big splash at first but when people see the features and other people’s colors, people will want this phone when they run out of contract, it’s gonna be a huge seller. : ).

  • EraserXIV

    I’ve been running CM10.2 on my GNex for a couple weeks. No bugs, no reason it can’t be a daily driver. Performance has noticeably increased making the GNex much more usable while I wait to decide what phone to get next.

  • picaso86

    I thought Kellen fired Ron… What’s the wait?????

    • aQuickBit

      When the time is right picaso86…when the time is right 😛

    • Tirionfive

      Seriously… Stop. Just because someone else likes a different brand doesn’t give you free reign to be an asshat.

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  • RedXander

    Eric… Go get Shiny Rom for the GN and the 2100 mAh framework if you have the extended battery. It’s like having a new phone. Couple that with Greenify and even battery life is above average.

  • Kelly OBrien

    Is that a hickey on Time neck?

  • ssl48

    I can’t stand to listening to people who use the word “like” so darn much. It’s infuriating!

    Kellen and Ron have issues!

  • Silver Veloz

    Yes – I may have to re-do this one.

  • KleenDroid