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Icons and UCCW Episode 3: Shaded Icons, Spectra, Shapes, Elegant HD and More

To help take you into the weekend, we thought you could use a handful of icon packs, wallpapers, and UCCW clock skins for your next device makeover. What better way to spend one of your last summer weekends than in front of your phone, geeking out on some icon shading? Yeah, we thought you’d be down. 

In this group, we featured three icon packs that were sent in from devs and readers, all of which are beautifully done. At the top, we have Shaded Icons. It runs $1.44 and includes over 700 icons, but no wallpapers. The shading reminds us a bit of the new NOX pack, except that these are rounds instead of squares. In the second photo, you are looking at Spectra, which runs $1.79 and features more than 300 icons and a handful of select wallpapers, including the one we used. Last, we have Cardstock, which again features over 300 icons along with a set of matching wallpapers.

The only new UCCW clock you’ll see picture is in the top image. It’s called shapes, and is simply put – awesome. We’ve listed another handful of widgets, which we recommend you jump through to the Play store to check out.

Any other new icon packs or clocks that we should check out? Be sure to drop them in the comments or shoot us an email.

Icon Packs:  Shaded Icons ($1.44) | Spectra ($1.79) | Cardstock ($1.79) | Bonus:  Minimalistic  Tiles

UCCW Widgets:  ShapesElegant HD ($0.99) | Now Glass ($1.29) | Now Cards ($1.29)

  • Current setup on my DNA running CM 10.1 unofficial nightly. I LOVE the Click UI icon pack. The yellow highlighted text opens folders when you click on them and the if you touch the nexus logo you bring up Google Now. Long press home button for voice search. God I love Android.

  • chris420o

    moto x is such a nice looking phone…damn u verizon and ur no motomaker and damn u moto for saving money on skimping on parts and not passing the savings on to us

  • What’s the wallpaper in the top photo with the red nexus logos?

  • jmsbwmn

    I usually have the screen indicator hidden, but I showed it to display the custom color I made in Nova Launcher to match my background. I used to have Dashclock w/ extensions on my home screen, but I got tired of the clutter. This is definitely more up my alley. 🙂 In case you guys don’t know, you can also change the colors of the Elegante UCCW clock; I just prefer the defaults for this setup.

    Verizon GS3 w/ CM 10.1 & Nova Launcher

  • Mike

    Still searching for a UCCW skin to match NOX

  • That’s why I love Android. My phone will look a certain way for a few
    days then bam completely different style, I’m really digging the Nox
    icon set.

    • Mike

      Nice, copying exactly what I said yesterday? Lol

      • nate

        lol what an ass…

  • sk3litor

    I mean THIS one is called modern ui. Not mine but I think is very cool

  • sk3litor

    This ones called modern ui

  • Nathaniel Webb

    Thanks guys!

  • What about the background on the first picture with the “Shaded Icons” icon pack? Share please! 🙂

  • Dustin

    Clock skin is called It’s On – UCCW Skin. Available in play store here: http://goo.gl/Fo44P1

    • jmsbwmn

      This is great! I can’t say it would be my first choice, but it’s still fantastic!

  • Amon Murray

    SImple, yet stylish UCCW Bleeping Weather widge, Iconpack and wallpaper are from nox. Thank you Kellex!

  • AndreKP2124

    All I can say is: “Android is made for artists”

  • duoexo

    Simple. Thanks Kellex for the clock.

    • Mike

      Nice set up

  • Dave Whyte

    Now we just have to find a UCCW Skin that has shadows to match NOX and Shaded Icons

    • Mike

      Let me know if you do!

  • Mike

    Nice and simple, loving the nox icons

    • kixofmyg0t

      Does that wallpaper come with it? I’m really diggin it.

      • Mike

        Yes it comes with a nice pack of wallpapers. Theres a red one similar to that one too

        Edit: To be clear the wallpaper comes with the Nox icon pack

    • Austin Ochoa

      What’s the name of this clock? I forgot to download it when they posted it last week.

      • Mike

        Flat Sense

  • Isn’t “Shaded Icons” exact same as “Click UI”? And Nox = Stark + Click UI.

  • If you are into square icons, but don’t like the super bright colors they usually sport, you’d love Lumino Square HD.

  • Skipp Thompson

    I love these Friday posts as well. As for my UCCW clock, I have been using Square Clock.

  • AndreKP2124

    I think I’m the only one who is thinking Android Customization is becoming the 8th art…

    • Mike

      That’s why I love Android. My phone will look a certain way for a few days then bam completely different style, I’m really digging the Nox icon set. Looking for a uccw skin to match better though

      • AndreKP2124

        If we want to make android devices look better then we need more customization artists, and Kovdev is a clear example.

        • Mike

          Kovdev’s work is absolutely amazing. I agree with you.

  • Dustin

    Love these posts! Definitely make this site unique…no other android sites cover this. Helps out the developers a ton too!

    • jawonder

      If they could just fix the problem with UCCW downloads from the Play Store not showing up on JB roms i would be so happy, always have to email the Developer for a work around which is so inconvenient .

  • Simon Tucker

    Thanks for sharing Now Glass and Now Cards!!! 😀

  • DanSan

    the last screenshot, the UCCW widget is called “Flat Sense”

    • Yep that’s the one.

      • DanSan

        I love it. been using it since you guys first highlighted it.

        I assume the blue wallpaper is from the Card Stock icon pack?

  • Alex

    My latest icon SLATE icon-pack which has been climbing up the top new paid list. Go here if you want to check it out http://goo.gl/XN25ak

    • Checking now!

    • mrjayviper

      looks great

    • Mike

      Good work

    • Hoffman

      I wasn’t thrilled with the lighting on the Slate Icons. The faux dimension look doesn’t look quite right.

  • Ted Ellis

    First, I also love these Friday “we are digging” posts. Please keep it up.
    Second..more for others, I saw the Nox icon pack this morning and it immediately brought to mind the Shaded Icon pack, only square. Glad it was available to purchase and download or I would have been pestering the designer to take my money please.

    It, Nox, is an outstanding icon/theme pack and looks great on my Galaxy S3

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  • Greg Morgan

    I feel another homescreen sharing day coming…

  • Danny Spencer

    Just saw this and thought it would be worth letting you know about my new holo-text themed icon pack ‘Purento’.

    Something a little different which I haven’t seen before, really hope it’s worth a feature! Play store link is below. Thanks!


    • BCoils

      what’s that widget?

      • Danny Spencer

        It’s “Stripes” for UCCW

    • al_burrit0

      I like it! Could make your self a suboptimal message with that 🙂

      • Danny Spencer

        Haha yeah, thanks!

  • emoney

    love seeing these, could you do another share your homepage thread?

    • Could look into that. 🙂

      • Jroc869, Nexus-Life

        You should make the last weekend of the month show off your home screen weekend. It would give us blog junkies something to do over the weekend.

  • nsnsmj

    I love these posts. The icon packs all look great except for Minimalistic Tiles.

    Edit: Also, I can finally post comments again. I’ve been seeing just text for comments all week with no way to actually comment myself.

    • Yeah, we’ve had some issues with WordPress after a recent update. We’ve got some of the major ones sorted out, we think, one of which was Disqus. Glad you are back!

      • nsnsmj


    • John

      Ya I thought that was just me. Glad it was WP related.