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Thursday App Sales: Redneck Revenge, AVG Antivirus, Trial of the Clone

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A few new apps went on sale today, including a popular game called Redneck Revenge. In the game, you battle to fight off endless waves of zombies, while also going through epic boss battles. In addition, AVG’s mobile antivirus app is on sale, which usually sells for $15, so that’s not a bad deal at all. Check out the full list below. 

Thursday app sales:

Go check out the apps and support some hard-working devs.

  • michael arazan

    WARNING, My Backup Pro makes you payfor app, AND for MB’s and GB’s of low amount of storage at Premium prices to back up all your data. It will NOT back up the data in your apps. They gige you a couple hundred megabytes for free then you have to pay for the rest on a monthly charge. I had to pay $5 for app, and then $10 for 5 gb of data, and it lost 1/4 of my backed up data, and the data in the apps, I used stock android on my GNex

  • Boblank84

    would be interesting to see a poll of people that use antivirus such as avg on their phone. I have never installed one, and don’t plan on any time soon.

    • jpxa

      I honestly dont understand the need… I thought I remember reading somewhere that the way android has the apps partitioned, it couldn’t jack up any important components? would like some feedback on that though if anyone knows.

  • Smeckle

    Redneck Revenge…until I read your description of it I was wondering it it was some thirdparty ripoff of the old 3D Realms game Redneck Rampage.

    • Daniel Tifft

      Lol, I thought I was the only person that had ever played that game.

      • Smeckle

        Pretty sure I played it off of the PC Gamer demo disc. Shadow Warrior, too. “You are a tiny grasshopper!”

        • Franklin Ramsey

          Shadow Warrior was a great game lol. So was Redneck Rampage.

        • Dane Carpenter

          “Sticky bomb like you”

    • elainebelden235

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  • Godzilla

    When is the last time an app was invented that EVERYONE had to have? And we need a disqus app BTW.

    • If they ever make a Disqus app hopefully it is better than the piece of crap Engadget app with their crippled commenting service (I think its like livefyre or something).