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Motorola’s Trade Up Program Can Snag You $100 Off of a Moto X

moto x

Motorola introduced a trade up program last year for Moto phones that wouldn’t be receiving a Jelly Bean update. If your phone was stuck on Ice Cream Sandwich or even Gingerbread then traded in, Moto would gift you $100 Verizon or Motorola gift card/carrier credit to put towards the purchase of a new phone. The deal is still on and prospective traders should be happy to learn that the Moto X is an available trading-up choice, as are the new DROID devices like the ULTRA, MAXX and Mini

If you are currently in this position, you can find more details on the program by following the link down below.

Via: Moto Trade Up

Cheers Adam!

  • Suellen Dechow

    What if I purchase a used droid x2 on ebay with a clean esn. Can my purchase receipt from ebay count as proof of purchase? Their terms and conditions are very unclear.

  • Danny

    False advertising. Even though it is listed as a trade in device, Verizon WILL NOT accept the Defy XT. I took my Defy XT into Verizon today to purchase a Droid Ultra. They would not give a $100 gift card as promised. I called corporate and they verified the same. They said their trade in list is not the same as Motorola ‘s website.

  • Kris Cortez

    Goodbye Droid 3. Hello, Moto X.

  • MikeSaver


  • Masta Marc

    I’d rather just get a phone with better specs than one that’s highly customizable In hardwaee. Am I alone with this?

  • diversion

    How can you put your Moto X in the dirt like that? Shameful!

  • bratliff

    I just bought an x2 for 20$.. I just need to decide x or maxx.. Time to get rid of my note2.

  • faust

    Any thoughts on whether or not it would be problematic if the phone we wanted to trade in was rooted/rom’d? wondering if I should do a factory reset to an old X2 before trading in.

  • Justtyn Hutcheson

    I wonder if they will add more phones once they announce upgrade plans for their 2011/12 devices. I’m glad that we got 4.1 on everything from the Bionic forward, but I’d love to know what their plans are for 4.3 (at this point it would pretty much be a waste to release a 4.2 build).

  • Guest

    No RAZRs.

  • Godzilla

    Lies lies I tell you. My name is godzilla and I’ll melt phones with my fire breath

  • wagner

    Who keeps their Receipts and UPC code? … For a droid X2!!!??!?!

    • Bionicman

      “7.2 Program Requirements. . A valid proof of purchase is a) an copy of the sales receipt or b) a copy of the UPC code from the smartphone box”…. wow your right that is a requirement

      • hans wee

        i think they probably want the UPC / receipt from the moto X not from the old phone.

  • RoadsterHD1

    Can you trade in a Droid OG.

  • Jeff

    My Droid 1 isn’t on there.

  • kashtrey

    Not to give anyone ideas, but couldn’t you buy some of these on eBay for less than a hundred and send them in to Moto and make some relatively quick cash? Do they limit the amount of phones an individual can trade in? I mean if you can get three phones for $50 off eBay and send them in you’re paying $150 for a $300 phone.

    • Justin W

      Actually, thanks for the idea. I’m gonna grab a Moto Admiral ($35 on Ebay) and swap it for a Moto X. That’s a $65 profit right there! On top of that, you could probably still buy 5 of the cheap phones and trade them in for different Moto devices (you’d still have to buy them all, but it would work, wouldn’t it?).

      • kashtrey

        In theory yes, but you have to have them active on your account at the time. Read the ToS before you go ahead though. You’ll unfortunately probably have to use the Admiral as your primary device for a little while.

  • guest

    This is great! Makes it even easier to get rid of my Droid 3… if only I could choose which phone I wanted.

  • Godzilla

    LOL Bionic not included

    • kixofmyg0t

      This is for phones that never got Jelly Bean. Targa has OTA 4.1

      • Godzilla

        Down voter?

        • tomn1ce

          Down voter = Someone who clicks on the down arrow below your comment O_O

          • Godzilla

            I know but he is implying that it is me and its not

          • tomn1ce

            I know, I’m just messing with you…..Drooooooooooiiid.

          • kixofmyg0t

            Yep. i replied to him and within seconds had a downvote. For no good reason either. I wasn’t being a troll or mean.

          • Godzilla

            I promise you I didn’t down vote you.

    • Sarge

      Hi Bionic.

    • elvisgp

      CONFIRMED(unofficially): Godzilla is Bionic!

      • Justin W

        @Bionic’s last comment: 16 days ago.
        @Godzilla’s first comment: 16 days ago.
        Yup, it all checks out!

        • Butters619

          Considering his first few comments, I believe it!

    • Ej McCarty

      Obviously because it has ics. Bionic you are a true idiot among morons.

      • neverused

        You sure seem like a troll. I was shocked when I read this comment, it is the most coherent and properly formed sentenced I have seen from you yet.


      Even without sarge you’re still as annoying as ever.

  • LiterofCola

    Curious why the title didn’t say “… off a Moto X and Droid phone.” :-

    • Dominick White

      cause they trying to push the moto x

  • john

    Why is the bionic not on this list…

    • Mike

      Bionic has jellybean

  • ssjnimma

    damn to bad the OG Droid is not in the list… hahaha 😛

    • OreoMan

      Even if it was, don’t know that I would part with mine.

  • XphoneTroll

    Not a bad deal, but I’m still getting the galaxy note 3.

    • Ron

      You should consider an iPhone.

      • Brady KEITH

        o_o *unamused*

  • RedXander

    Well… my OG Droid is not supported…

  • Dominick White

    So you Will be able to get the mini free on contract then.

    • kixofmyg0t

      Exactly. You can use it to get a RAZR MAXX HD as well, not sure how much Verizon charges for those though. They can’t be much.

      • Jordan Webb

        $150 right now on contract.

        • kixofmyg0t

          Dafuq? Damn. I havn’t bought a phone from Verizon since Targa.

  • Tyler Lamb

    Dang they don’t take a old Droid X

    • kixofmyg0t

      Statistically, people who bought a X have already upgraded to another phone. I mean it was over 3 years ago that it launched.

      • Tyler Lamb

        Oh I know, but that’d be better the dust its collecting in a drawer. (Currently have a GNex)

      • Snoylnaes

        I still have mine =(

      • gary

        Mine finally died..After i forgot to take it out of my pants and ran it through the washer. It was the best motorola I have ever owned

    • T4rd

      Ahh, I immediately though “time to trade in the OG Droid!” Lolz.. damn.

      • John Friend

        LOL me too! I’m all like OMGZ I use my OG droid and dock as an alarm CLOCK but Ill trade her in for $100 bucks! ONLY to discover its not accepted, AND you have to have a receipt or box upc code! Guess its time to start craigslist swappin!

    • elainebelden235

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  • kixofmyg0t

    You couldn’t even sell most of those phones for $100. It’s a great deal for those who have those phones.

  • UpdatesFromHTCAreAJoke

    Duckin VZW. “Moto X VZW” and “Moto X all other carriers.” Special little snowflake.