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Minuum Keyboard Receives Update to V1.1 – Includes Full Keyboard, Voice Typing, and More

minuum keyboard

Minuum, the keyboard in a single dimension, received its first major update this morning since its first beta build arrived to backers of its Indiegogo campaign. We were admittedly not all that excited about this radical change in keyboard thinking, but updates that add missing functionality are always a step towards change for the better. This update appears to do just that. 

In version 1.1 of Minuum, a full keyboard has finally been added. For those times when you need to type out a password or a custom word that Minuum has yet to understand, a long press with two fingers will get you a more traditional style keyboard. This was probably my number 1 gripe, so I’m glad to see that they have already made this move.

The Minuum team also added voice typing (access by sliding your finger left+up on the keyboard), optimized punctuation (with punctuation buttons), added vocabulary data backups (for switching between devices), and included new keyboard layouts outside of the traditional QWERTY.

The update should be available at any time, as long as you are a part of the beta program. Once I figure out how to get back into the community, I’ll be giving it a test.

  • I have tried n number of keyboards, but always go back to Swype. I gotta stop this. What if swype doesn’t take me back next time…!!

  • Daniel McKenzie J.


  • subchoopas

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  • ManiDePRico

    Kellen, so do you revert back to the stock keyboard, Fleksy, Swiftkey, or Swype then? There seems to be so many (or possibly too many) options!

  • valapsp

    HOw to become a beta tester?

    • Jeff718

      You can’t anymore. It was a project funded on IndieGoGo. Hopefully they have an open beta soon.

  • Milind Shah

    Damn…Am I the only one who’s happy with the stock keyboard?

    • Billy Buttons

      I would be but I’m not a big fan of how it handles gesturing. I tried SwitchKey Flow but it, for some odd reason, disables gesturing in username/email address boxes. So Swype it is.

  • CasperTFG

    Hey it’s Ron. Casper was nice enough to let me use his account (Kellex locked mine). Question: will this be an iOS exclusive?

    • aQuickBit

      You do realize continuing this, just makes the comments section that much worse?

  • Jeff718

    Go here on desktop: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.whirlscape.minuum
    I installed it to my N4 from there. Can’t wait to give it another shot.

  • Mike

    Anyone else still using Flesky? Its still my favorite keyboard available with Swiftkey being a close second. Both of those keyboards I feel do this better than minuum.

    • Joseph A. Yager

      I agree – I’m actually not a huge fan of minuum – but am hopeful these updates will help out a little. I’m still a big swype guy, myself – though really like Swiftkey, too. But it’s always nice to have so many options!

    • vs8

      I still use Fleksy from time to time, but I don’t type faster with it. The gestures confuse the hell out of me.

      I’m also using WordWave which is similar to SwiftKey, but looks good. It’s very early in its development but works well, although a bit laggy in my phone.

    • fallenshell

      I was using Flesky a lot, but it seems like every new update it becomes less and less accurate for me. The changing of gestures etc was a bit annoying as well.

  • Joseph A. Yager

    I had to go back to the original email from Minuum to get back into the community. Too bad they didn’t include the link this time!