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Dots: A Game About Connecting Hits Google Play


While iOS users are probably already over it (since they have had this title for quite some time), Dots finally launched on Android this week. The game is pretty self explanatory, as there are lines of multi-colored dots, with your job being to connect them. You get bonus points if you make a square out of the connecting dots, then all of the same-colored dots are blown away. 

What draws people to such a simple game isn’t the gameplay, but I think the overall vibe while you play it. With each dot you select, you hear a beep. As you connect more, the beep ascends to a higher key and that continues until the completion of your line. The app is smooth and well polished, so it’s easy to tell this was no half-baked effort on the developer’s part. This is a solid, albeit simple game. It features global leaderboards, as well as integration with your favorite social networks for easy sharing of high scores.

Check it out for free on Google Play.

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    Super addictive game. Should come with a warning

  • zuchi617


  • Andrew Dissis

    Error downloading on my verizon galaxy s4

    • michael arazan

      Error and Verizon go hand in hand, look at their Logos for example

  • David Sahlin

    What the crap i just lost an hour and a half.

  • OrangeAttack

    Thanks Droid-Life! Just wasted 2 hours of my life!

  • Tuner

    Already killed my battery playing this thing…

    • duoexo

      I just stopped playing this game cus my N7’s battery died. Cus of this game..

  • Zach Davis

    Freezes up my Gnex on 4.3 every time I open it =/

  • Mike

    Play store is freaking out. Error message keeps popping up

    • picaso86

      Thanks to our be-loving Android fanatic Ron – SAID NO ONE!

      • Mike

        Your comment makes no sense.

  • Justin Kos

    Ron must love this game

    • EC8CH


    • chris johnson

      Damn let it go

    • Mike

      These Ron jokes are getting old.

      • Geekdad


      • EvanTheGamer

        He brought it on himself so he has himself to thank.

      • No, this one was funny. I think as long as they aren’t cruel, they’re perfectly acceptable just to have some fun. No Ron bashing though. Love that guy and he doesn’t deserve any real flack for using an iPhone. It’s a phone! Who cares! 😛

        • Justin Kos

          Its all in good fun! I still love reading DL..because I am a tech fan myself! I have my likes and dislikes just like everyone!

  • NexusPhan69

    I’m addicted to this game. I have played it all the time ever since it came out. I highly recommend it.
    It’s been available on Android for a long time. Not sure why it’s showing up as new today….

    • jnt

      Is it Glow Connect? If so, I love that game as well… found it when my wife started Dots on her iPhone – it’s practically identical.

      • NexusPhan69

        Yes it is.

    • EvanTheGamer

      Linkage? Can’t find it in the Play Store for some reason.

  • Guest

    Hmmm, seems like it’s not compatible with my Galaxy S3.. weird.

    Nvm, I think the play store was just being funky..

  • moelsen8

    Makes me want dippin’ dots! Mmmmm..

  • JG

    I cant download it. Market keep getting this weird error.

    EDIT: weird…think Google Play just had a hiccup,

    • Bill Anderson

      I think the play store is down. I can’t update an app either.