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Why I Use an iPhone [Opinion]

iOS and Android

Last week in my opinion piece about why I think Android users should consider the Moto X I opened up the article with an admission: I currently use an iPhone 4S and I plan on getting the next iPhone. This wasn’t supposed to be a secret (if you follow me on Twitter then you would have noticed that I use iOS most of the time). On the Droid Life Show I have shown my iPhone and discussed using my iPad. That said, I know that a lot of readers did not know, and more importantly, were surprised or upset to read that I use an iPhone. Below you’ll read my responses to questions I have received about why I use iOS, when I made the transition, and why it matters. If you have follow up questions or comments then feel free to leave a comment or reach out to me on Twitter.

You said that there are specific reasons why you use iOS over Android. What are they?

iMessage has become the main way I communicate. I use iMessage daily with my wife, my closest friends, and family. It’s simple, works well, and it’s seamlessly integrated with Messages. This might seem like an odd item to put at the top of a list about why I use iOS, but between read receipts, deep OS-level integration,Β iOS still has vastly superior apps in every category that matters to me. Apps like Tweetbot, Fantastical, Yahoo! Weather, Swipes, Mailbox, Vesper, Day One, and Safari provide a vastly better experience than their counterparts or peers on Android. There are admittedly some apps that have counterparts on Android that are better (Path and Hangouts come to mind), but that has been the exception, not the rule, in my experience. There are definitely apps on Android that let you do things that you can’t do on iOS, but the apps on iOS are better for the things I want to do than they are on Android.

Performance on iOS is more consistent than on Android, especially with the passage of time. I’ve owned and used a lot of Android phones, and most of them slow down over time. Android 4.3 might finally solve that problem for the phones that will actually get it, but time will tell. My iPhone 4S is finally now starting to lag once in a while with returning to the home page or swiping between home screens. It appears to be a bug in iOS that creeps up every so often. Outside of that, however, this is the first phone I’ve had that has lasted me two years without having major performance issues. Maybe that can be explained away by inferior hardware on my previous Android phones or OEM skins or the lack of complexity in iOS, but the reality is that I, and plenty of other people, have recognized that Android seems to become more janky with time.

I really like Apple’s hardware. Yes, it is more prone to breaking from a fall than many other Android phones, but mine has held up well despite a few falls. In fact, the most recent fall was from about 4 feet on its face and the screen did not shatter (it did take a chip out of the left side of the plastic chin). More to the point, I like the size and feel of Apple’s hardware. The 4S is beginning to feel a little cramped for me, but the 5 feels perfect. I’ve always preferred smaller phones and bigger tablets. The camera on my 4S continues to impress me, the screen is crisp, and the hardware definitely looks and feels high end.

iOS is really simple. Your apps are on the home screens and that’s about it. You can customize their location, add folders, and slightly customize the notifications shade, but other than that the experience is dirt simple. I know that a lot of Android users don’t like that, but I love it. While I enjoy customizing my Android phone with different icon packs, widgets, and transition effects, it is more important for me to have my phone work simply and quickly. The idea of simplifying the interface on Android was what brought me to write my first guest post for Droid Life about Launcher 7. So while I like that Android’s interface can be simplified and tweaked like crazy, I enjoy working with a limited palette.

When did this happen?

I first bought an iPhone 4S about a year and a half ago. My decision to switch to iOS came after spending two years of my contract going from the HTC Touch Pro2, to the Droid Eris, to the Droid, to the Droid 2, to the Droid Incredible. Every one of those devices had hardware or software issues despite being considered top of the line when I had them and most of them had to be replaced multiple times by Verizon due to software and hardware issues.

The first time I bought an iPhone actually happened some time before that. MIUI had just come out for the Droid 2 and I was experimenting with it and some other ROMs. At some point late at night I bricked my phone. I was out of ideas for what to do to fix it, so the next afternoon I went down to my Verizon store. I knew what to expect, but I still looked down the shelves of Android phones. Not one of them appealed to me. I was facing phones like the Droid Charge, the Droid 3, and the Thunderbolt. Within a few minutes I wandered over the the iPhone 4 and told the Verizon clerk I wanted one.

My then-girlfriend-now-wife was shocked and a little upset. I had bad mouthed iOS for so long, but now I was willing to impulse buy an iPhone? That night I played around the the iPhone some more. I had trouble with the simplicity of the interface compared to Android, but I liked it. I didn’t like that the phone had to be tethered to iTunes (iCloud didn’t exist yet) for a lot of things, but it was a really neat device with a lot of things going for it (especially the app selection and quality).

That night I had an idea. I hooked up my Droid 2 that had been sitting dead on my desk and brought it back to life with some combination of SBF and adjusting how the phone connected to the computer via USB. With a working Android phone I had no reason to keep the iPhone, so I returned it. Shortly after the iPhone 4S came out that fall I decided that I would upgrade to the 4S from my Droid Incredible (which I had switched to from the D2) permanently. It wasn’t that I didn’t like Android anymore; it was that I liked iOS for more reasons than I liked Android.

Why do you still write for Droid Life if your main phone is an iPhone?

I still have plenty of thoughts and opinions about Android, so I still write about Android. I love my iPhone and iOS, but that doesn’t mean I don’t still love Android (and webOS for that matter).

I joined Droid Life to write opinion pieces about Android and Google. In fact, I originally intended on trying to become something like what John Gruber, Marco Arment, and MG Siegler are for the Apple community. When I started writing at Droid Life I was completely dedicated to Android as a platform and completely opposed to Apple. I wanted to evangelize Android and Google.

It was Android and Windows enthusiasts’ vehement, unmitigated hatred towards all things Apple that pushed me to play devil’s advocate for some time. Eventually I found myself convinced that iOS was a much better fit for what I wanted in a phone. I didn’t stop being a “power user” or enjoying customizing my phone. Instead, I found that while using iOS I became more productive and enjoyed using my phone a lot more. It isn’t the only way, but Apple’s design and execution philosophies make much more sense to me personally than do Google’s.

Having an iPhone just means that I know more about the other side of the fence. If that offends you, then you may as well know that I also own a HTC Touch Pro2, a HTC Trophy, and a Palm Pre 2. While at one point I was hyper-loyal to Android, I see myself as more of a lover of technology in general now. I prefer Apple personally, but I understand why people choose the alternatives: everyone has different needs and desires for the technology they use.

Why should I care?

That’s completely up to you. If you think owning an iPhones makes me inept at commenting on Android then you should probably just skip my articles. Like I’ve stated many times before, I’m more of a technology enthusiast than an Android enthusiast.

If I’m critical of Android or Google, it isn’t because I think the iPhone is better and Android users are stupid; it just means that I don’t like something Google did. If I’m critical towards an Android manufacturer that doesn’t mean that Apple paid me to bash them. In the same way, if I say something nice about Android or an Android manufacturer, that doesn’t mean I’m paid by that manufacturer; it just means I like what they did. I don’t write inflammatory articles to generate more page views or generate more comments. I like interacting with commenters, but I don’t get paid any more or less based on comments and I have no idea how many views my articles get.

I understand that some people are upset that I use an iPhone as my main phone instead of an Android phone. I know that my reasons may not make sense to you or jibe with your experience, but remember that objectivity doesn’t exist. We can have different opinions and still discuss Android.


So, yes, I use an iPhone and an iPad to write for Droid Life. I also have a drawer full of Android, webOS, Windows Mobile, and Windows Phone phones. I think that makes me less biased towards Android and the competition. Obviously my goal is no longer to become an Android evangelist, but I still love Android and the community around it. I still recommend Android phones to friends and family when I think it fits them best. Having an iPhone doesn’t change that I love Android and love interacting with you, the reader. Thanks for reading and participating in the community!

  • Justin Moss

    I honestly don’t care if you love your iphone, that’s just a matter of personal preference. It does make your opinions less valuable to me though, because we do not value the same things when it comes to phones. I am not mad that you like it, I’ll just take whatever you say both for or against Android with a grain of salt, because it’s coming from someone who actually likes the iphone.

    • googlyeyedfrog

      this is the best comment so far. nicely said

    • Guest

      And probably know very little about Android.

  • mgamerz
    • Alexander Garcia

      Umm… The 500+ comments on this post alone speak otherwise.

      • mgamerz

        I was thinking of photoshopping the words ‘should’ beween nobody and care, but I was too lazy. The effect was not as intended πŸ™

  • Alexander H

    The top reason sounds a lot like…well .. Blackberry

  • sski66

    These Posts, For & Against this “article”, well let’s just say can be used as a psychological study of the human condition. Some people are understanding,some people say it doesn’t belong even being written in this site, but some of you “motherf_ – – -rs” are really nasty!

  • cheeto0

    imessage only works on ios , while hangouts works on everything. I don’t see the benifit of imessage

    • A.Miller

      It integrates SMS.

  • Kanaga Deepan N

    Why I hate iPhone and iOS???
    I hate someone saying me What I should like and use (even though how beautiful and eye-candy it is)…. It NEVER gives me the feeling that I am the owner of my phone, if I can’t customize it to my liking (NO, changing LOCK screen wallpaper is NOT AT ALL ENOUGH)

    Why iPhone is fast and never lags?
    Because its a SINGLE-TASKING OS and Android is multi-tasking… ALWAYS_Empty truck is anyway faster than a fully loaded one, but which one is useful is the question… (Part of lag in Android is due to VM)
    iPhone UI is simple and straight forward. Still I don’t like them, WHY???
    See there are a millions ways to go from A to B and iOS selects and allows us to go (ONLY) by a beautiful way to move from A to B. Its OK for my mom or dad (SENIOR CITIZEN) and my little daughter (5 years old) WHO DO NOT KNOW WHAT THEY ARE DOING… NOPE NOT FOR ME…
    Apple hardware is good say super camera, unibody, etc… Even then I hate it, WHY???
    Because STILL it is over-priced (I pay FULL-RETAIL)…

  • Eric Fontanilla

    Bravo to you Ron. Takes guts to write about the merits of iPhone and IOS vs android, especially on this website. I hate closed minded fanboys from any platform. People who don’t or cant admit that certain aspects of IOS are better and vice versa with android are narrow minded. I am a huge fan of android, owning a galaxy nexus, nexus 7, nexus 10 and soon to have a droid maxx but I am still appreciative of the multitude of features and apps that are, simply put, better then androids.

  • Phillip Morales

    In my opinion Windows Phone OS I vastly superior to anything else in the market. Its a perfect blend of IOS and android in one beautiful format

    • Kanaga Deepan N

      WP takes VFM from Android and CLOSED + SINGLE TASKING (Even upcoming iOS7 is NOT 100% FULL multi-tasking) part from iOS…

      NOT a good combination, imho…. WP is just NOT yet over-priced iOS…

    • Sporttster

      Hmm, never tried it. The one thing I can imagine would be a huge problem for me would be the lack of developer attention and apps on Win phone. Coming late to the party didn’t help Winphone. Reminds me some of the Beta vs VHS deal in the 80’s. Everyone knew Beta was better but VHS got the attention. I had a Beta machine. Loved it. The pic was better, sound was better. But there were more MOVIES for VHS…a ton more. So I had a Beta with fewer titles to watch. Eventually there were fewer and fewer and poof, no more Beta. Will Winphone end up like this?

      • Phillip Morales

        I would compare it more to Blu-ray and HD-DVD where Blu-Ray was late to the party, but Blu-Ray eventually came out on top. And before I get another ring of Thumb downs from the Droid or Iphone crew, let me just state my case. Nokia has some exclusive apps like Here music, drive, streets and others that really puts the icing of the cake on this phone. With Microsoft putting exclusive xbox games on the phone, with Vine, Path, Flipboard and other apps soon releasing their own apps to the phone, and with the responsiveness and technology that goes into Nokia Phones, I am really impressed by this platform. I came from the Iphone 5 and have a Nexus 7, nothing compares to the fluidity, ease and accessibility of Windows Phone OS. It’s not just me, if you head to Verizon wireless the lumia 928 scores higher in customer satisfaction than any other phone, 4.7 compared to S4 of 4.3. Any app that is missing already has a third party alternative on the phone and in some cases better than the original. 6sec is an example. Not to mention developers that are up and coming will find that their apps get much more attention to putting it in the android store where it gets lost in a sea of countless other apps.

  • David Nguyen

    I fail to understand why he is even on this site? This is called DroidLife not iLife or iCult. It is DroidLife. Is he here just to gloat and preach the Jobsian doctrine to the uncouth masses.

    If I wanted to read articles like this I can go to those other sites which I don’t so I don’t need to be preached about even if this is so called ‘opinion’ piece. Go evangelize somewhere else to other iSheeps that might care or I’ll go to another site to patron.

    • Rickerbilly

      My thoughts EXACTLY!

  • lol

    This reminds me of the time when I was writing for High Times magazine and I wrote an article about how I have never smoked before. Credibility is overrated.

  • jnt

    I *love* Android, I really do – I love the community, the latest devices are top notch, it’s just been a huge part of my life for the past 4 years. But… I use iOS… I picked up a new N7 to keep with my Android roots, but my daily drivers are the 5 and a Verizon Mini.

    I get the best of both world’s on iOS. And the bottom line – there’s nothing on Android *of importance to my day-to-day life* that I can’t also get on iOS, thanks to Google’s open nature. Hangouts, Google Now (albeit less integrated, but that’s ok *for me* when combined with Siri), Maps, Search, Gmail, etc. And I also get Facetime, iMessage, iOS only apps for my industry, etc. We also have Apple TV, which multiples the usefulness of an iOS device 5x IMHO. Chromecast will be great, and possibly better, but it’s no Apple TV yet.

    The primary purpose of these devices, for me, is keeping me connected with family, closest friends, and work. So messaging, a good camera, video chat, financial apps (I’m a financial planner) and stability/reliability are my highest priorities. As much as I love doing it, tinkering with themes, layouts, etc. is nothing but a distraction from the priorities in my life (though I’m running the beta on my 5 and Mini…). When I have a free moment and I feel the urge to grab my phone for no reason but to try a new theme or launcher, then I know I’m not being as productive as I should be. Obviously Android doesn’t require tinkering, but I’ve been a heavy user for a long time – so I guess that’s a personal “problem”, but I’m sure I’m not alone among DL readers. (for some reason, I’ve never cared about Jailbreaking on iOS…)

    Anyway, FWIW Ron I appreciate the opinions based on knowing both sides of the fence (though you really gotta check out some newer devices! :P), vs. the biased pseudo-information that typically flows through these comment threads.

    • Bionicman

      I’m kind of the opposite of what you do. I have my Note 2 as my daily and i also have an iPad mini for all my iOS needs. I love having both worlds available to me.

      Also in response to your “android tinkering” thoughts, just because someone uses Android, doesn’t mean they need or have the desire to constantly tinker with the phone (i actually love some of the touchwiz features). I think its just great to have the ability to do so if they wanted. also my Note 2 makes me more productive, not less.

      • jnt

        I agree 100% – I tried to communicate to that end in my post, but didn’t do a good job. It’s definitely a personal problem! πŸ™‚

  • David Marzluf

    OK don’t get me wrong IPhones are good products for teenagers and soccer moms but in the world of the working man android is by far been more then life changing for me. When I see a fellow business type person using an iPhone it discourages me from doing business with them. Like I said IPhones are great for the everyday person but android is for the people that actually make the world go around.

    • jnt

      In my industry (financial services), I work with a lot of executives at large companies, young and old. Most are using iOS devices, with some still on Blackberry. None are using Android. The same holds true for my industry peers. Just because iOS also appeals to the soccer mom and teenager doesn’t make it any less professional. Your stereotype of a “business type person” seems pretty isolated IMHO, and the fact that it’s causing you to judge a person’s character to the point where you question doing business with them is a bit worrying.

      • David Marzluf

        Its a damn good thing I don’t need any financial help then lol
        And I know that you don’t work in Los Angeles because here in Cali where the real bigwigs work we use android and Google for everything

        • jnt

          I can’t tell if you’re serious or not? And I guess Dallas isn’t big-wig enough? My office is only next to the headquarters for JC Penney, EDS / HP, Intuit, McAfee, soon to be Amazon (moving from Cali, I might add), Siemens, and so on… sorry if that’s not “serious” enough for you. πŸ™‚

          Edit: and I might add I’m glad you don’t need financial help as well… too many people nowadays do! (and I mean that seriously!)

          • David Marzluf

            Lol relax I just posted my thoughts of this post and that is my opinion with some twist. I do know a lot of people still use iturds but I just feel that for what I do people who use apple products are
            Limited in there capabilities. Google products work so much better with android and using Google products is what helps me to be successful and what sets me apart from my competitors I can do things they can’t.

          • jnt

            I don’t necessarily even disagree with you, I just hate stereotypes… even if they tend to be grounded in truth! Just out of curiosity, what industry are you in?

          • David Marzluf

            I am an entrepreneur I own and run 7 different small companies mostly construction and design oriented.

  • galaxynexusdude

    Ive had a galaxy nexus on verizon since its initial release. It was good at first. Got really bad, then got incredible. Im running custom roms of course so I can get the latest android OS but with every update it gets better and better. Makes me want to stay with this phone til it dies/explodes/stolen. Android has come a LONG way in the past few years.

  • MehAndroid

    I have used more Android phones than most people (probably 15 different ones). Getting the new iPhone when it comes out. Using an S4 now just for the fun of it until I can use my upgrade for 5S.

  • Austin_tacious

    Very nice article. I’ve recently made the opposite switch. I think it’s a great idea to actually use various devices so one doesn’t become ignorant, or biased — as you mentioned.

  • VT

    Dude, you’re using outdated Android phones. This article does not belong here. It’s no longer an intense Android experience, time to remove it from bookmarks.

  • Obvious Sarcasm

    Quick question: You say you were having issues with your Android phones and those issues were not as present with the iPhone; were you experimenting with ROMs and treating your iPhone the same way or as close as possible to the way you treated your Android phones? If you aren’t then you can’t really compare the two ecosystems based on performance consistency. If you are then I’m glad you found a phone that suits your needs.

  • mustbepbs

    No one cares, shut up Ron.

  • Bill Hill

    Can I get paid to write garbage?

  • Anthony_Armando

    I did not read this “article” because Ron has the writing ability of a high school freshman.

  • trwb

    Maybe Ron should write articles for Gizmodo, BGR, or iMore.

    • Droid Enthusiast

      Perfectly stated… this article would be well suited for another site but just not appropriate on DL.

  • Ed

    This dude is a joke..

  • jamdev12

    What is sad is that I fall under the troll category. I’m a techy at heart and I love tech, but just to give you an example of how much of a fanboy I am about Android here is one:

    Yesterday, my company awarded a few people including me with iPad Minis 32Gb Wifi tablets. Most of the people that got them were pretty happy and opened them right away. Me on the other hand since I have a hate for anything Apple, and now including stuff that is even given away to me as a present for doing a good job, what I am doing is returning it for the cash. I can’t stand Apple products and I don’t know if this has to do more with my hate of Steve Jobs and you would think, who cares the douche is dead, but his legacy lives on with anything Apple and the fact that he wanted to destroy Android made it personal for me. As long as I live, I will never own an Apple product, nor will my family if I have anything to do with it.

    • Tim242

      My whole family has Android. I would disown them if they got an iPhone haha

      • jamdev12

        Hahaha. Damn you cold Tim. You damn cold.

        • Tim242

          Ha! My sister and brother-in-law just finally got on the smartphone wagon. I laughed so hard when they pulled them out of the box. My 5 y/o neice said, “Do they have the Play Store?”. My sister was like, “I don’t know what the hell the Play Store is.”.

          • jamdev12

            That is definitely funny when you have a 5 y/o asking a grown up about something so generic. Hence why kids are awesome experimenters. They will try anything until they get it right.

            Reminds of that quote by Thomas Edison, “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”

            Kids are the same way. Now if I could one up vote you for this comment 50 times I would. It just won’t allow me to.

  • jeff manning

    for someone who says they were an android fanatic, why have you not used a nexus. Before you pick up your next iphone you need to pick up the nexus 5 and try it out.

    • Tim242

      The last Android phone he used was a purple OG RAZR. If not a Nexus, at least a current phone.

  • Rithvik Rao

    Ironic how this came right before the PvZ news…

    Nice job Ron. πŸ™‚

  • KH

    Ron, I’m happy for you that you use an iphone, but this is an android site and those thoughts, though valid, do not belong here. This is a fluff article that only goes to inspire hate mongering and bickering among the ridiculous in the comments. Please refrain from posting articles not in keeping w/ the namesake of this website from now on, in order to avoid this kind of back & forth non-sense. If I am interested in iOS related news, I’ll click over to iBGR for the latest biased word on the fruit-vine, thank you very much.

  • HeCareth

    A Post like this is one way to get your readers to stop listening to your opinion.

  • Elliot Kotis

    I think it is good to have a IOS user writing, someone who doesn’t just take everything on the plate, as long as you aren’t the other side. Hating etc.

    • Tim242

      Maybe if he was an actual Android user as well. He just has a purple RAZR and an eris in a drawer.

    • KH

      I do agree, but this isn’t Engadget, it’s Droid-Life. And more importantly, the points he’s making are based upon supremely out-dated tech (and not even Nexus tech). If the Droid Incredible 1 was your last android phone then you left the part too early to even enjoy it. That’s like leaving a movie after the opening credits.

      • Elliot Kotis

        Actually, yeah I do agree, now. It is the common reason for choosing iOS, out of date information (comparing Nexus One to a fricking iPhone 10).

  • Lee McLaurin

    I’m glad I didn’t judge Android phones on the basis of owning a Samsung Fascinate (the biggest POS phone I’ve ever owned), or my Droid Bionic (which actually became a really good phone after a few updates). I also had the OG Droid. HIS list of phones, I….can’t…even….

    • Tim242

      I hated the fascinate, and Samsung at the time. My mom had that phone. I’m now on my 3rd Samsung phone after a long string of HTC’s.

  • Philip A. Kaiser

    For a couple years I was an iPod touch user tethered to my droid. I enjoyed the OS for several reasons but eventually when something had to go, it was the iPod.

  • Kieran Collins

    I’ve owned some “high spec” android phones, lag happens,should we have to get used to it no,but it happens. I’ve owned a 4s and a 4,they lag too,not as much as many androids but still lag. I now own a moto RAZR I xt890 with Intel inside,now I don’t know if its a placebo effect but this phone is smooth (as smooth as iOS in my opinion). The only other android phone I owned that performed well was the galaxy s2 gti9100,still think it was the best android phone I’ve ever owned. Worst performer surprisingly was an kg optimus 4x HD p880,quad core but froze up on nearly every app I ran,happened both in stick and cyanogenmod,could never figure why. The only time my resume razr I hangs is if a badly coded app misbehaves albeit not very often ,but although you make a very good point and I have dabbled with iOS, I couldn’t leave android. I’m dependent on Google services for everything,picture backup , contact sync,gmail,maps,drive,YouTube and search, iOS has some great google apps but the way android handles those apps in my opinion is better. Also safari is great , but the stock android browser(not chrome) is equally as good,plus Ios is too Basic for me,not in functionality but in looks, a static grid of icons is not nice no matter how you jazz it up. I think android (Google) is innovating faster than apple,its better at certain things than apple also, who would want an idevice without YouTube and goigje maps, not me! Everyone has their opinions and personal taste and for all its shortcomings android is a better choice than iOS for me.

  • Uh?

    “…some apps that have counterparts on Android that are better (Path and Hangouts come to mind)…”

    Hangouts is a good app? uhmmm?
    Droid Eris top of the line? double uhmmm?

    and I stopped reading after that..

    • Cesar Ortiz


  • John Clausen

    Does anyone care? I’d rather be reading an article on what types of fuchsia will be and won’t be available for the Moto X.

  • banditball

    Still contemplating the reason for this article on this site? ? Baffles me to think an administrator for a highly respected and regarded source for all things android would think it appropriate to publicly not only promote a competitors product but additionally go into detail the reason for doing so. Afraid to continue reading through comments in chances Kellex may justify this behavior……

    • Ron explained that in an earlier piece he mentioned that he uses iOS as his daily OS. People wanted to know why, so this is his “explanation.”

      • banditball

        Appreciate your response…enjoy this site and all work u guys do and continue to do πŸ™‚

      • Tim242

        I think a few words on the show would have been sufficient. Your Q&A articles are nowhere close to this long. This opinion piece on the site tarnishes the site, and the brand.

      • Rickerbilly

        Article still does NOT belong on DROID-LIFE Tim. Ron does not belong on DROID-LIFE. Notice how I highlighted DROID-LIFE. IF he does belong then change the name of the site so I stop coming back everyday.

  • Shystie1

    That’s it! I’m going to unfollow Droidlife on Twitter and Facebook. Unscribe from the daily newsletter and stop visting their website. I’m going get me a iPhone and then heading straight to iPhoneLife.com


  • Scott Huddleston

    Excellent written article. I completely agree with Ron, I love technology as well. I try desperately to like Android over IOS yet I keep returning to an iPhone after trying Androids latest and greatest. Most members are understandably biased hence this is obviously Droid Life. I prefer ios for the same reasons as Ron. I’m just waiting for the device and version of Android that will eventually pull me away from the ios platform. From most of the reviews I’ve read I thought that would finally be the HTC One, but now I’m not so sure.

    • Taylor Abrahamson

      HTC One? Is that a joke? Unless you’re talking about the Google Experience HTC One.

      Not one person will say that Sense, or Touchwiz is fast and useful when compared to the same phone running CM or AOSP.

      • Scott Huddleston


  • Raven

    I don’t understand the slow down that so many people complain about as phones get older. I am still using a stock rooted Droid 4 with Nova Launcher. I have over 300 apps installed and 20 widgets on my 5 desktop screens. And, although it is quite dated by today’s standards, I think it runs as fast and smooth as it has since it got the 4.1.2 update. Sure, I have used autostarts to prevent a lot of apps from autostarting at boot, but other than that and using Nova launcher my phone is fairly stock and I still love it.

    • Think you partly answered why you don’t understand: you’ve rooted your phone and force it to use a minimal amount of startup software. That’s not the normal Android experience, and I wouldn’t ask someone to root their phone as a fix.

      That said, a Nexus 4 or a GPE device would probably accomplish much of this out of the box.

    • Daeshaun Griffiths

      my raven, 20 widgets?

      • Raven

        Yep, I believe in making full use of my phone.
        Screen-Number: 1-1, 2-8, 3-7, 4-2, 5-2
        Touch Calendar, Flashlight, Agenda, Audio Manager, Mini Info+, Power Control, Beautiful Widgets, Circle Widgets, Zooper Widgets, and Folder Organizers.

    • Alexander Garcia

      You must also understand that the mass majority of smartphone users do not do what you do nor do they know that doing those things is even possible. Criticisms and comparisons should be based on out-of-the box experiences because that’s how the majority of smartphone buyers will use their phones.

  • HeartStrong07

    I think there is a basic and fundamental difference between iOS and Android users – and its okay – Apple users are simply trying to get something done in an easy, reliable and simple way (as Ron attests and nothing wrong with that) … Android user want to explore and test the limits of technology, particularly mobile technology, and are willing to sacrifice some simplicity for complexity and some reliability for the excitement of technological adventure.

    With some of the more recent phones, Android is getting closer and closer to satisfying the needs of both types of users.

  • Scott Shefler

    Worst blog post ever made on Droid Life. If i wanted to read someones opinion about the iPhone I wouldn’t follow this blog. Thanks for wasting everyone’s time.

  • kderentz

    Without going to much into this I will be on of the few here the support Ron. I have owned the following devices: G2, Nexus One, Nexus S, Galaxy Nexus, Thunderbolt, RAZR, Droid Charge, Xoom, and now on the GS4, but have also owned iPhone 3G, iPhone 4S, and iPad 3. With that said I can confirm that the Apple products “just work”. Just like my Mac Book Pro vs a Windows Laptop, even years later the performance of the devices are similar to the day you bought them. My last Android Phone (Galaxy Nexus) drove me to buy the iPhone 4s, I hated waiting on updates, it was laggy, poor battery performance, tried different roms and they where buggy. I got so fed up that I was happy to give up 4G, a bigger screen, and customization. It was only after a year of owning the 4S that I missed android (4G, Bigger Screen, and customization) and decided to give it another try. Due to being on Verizon I was limited on choices so I picked up the GS4. After the first few weeks I hated the Touchwiz and its lag and shutter, so I rooted it and have been on Eclipes’s GE Rom which has been good, but still miss my iPhone for the simple fact it works. Personally I was hoping the Moto X would be the solution to having an Apple like experience on a Android phone. I know that sounds weird, but I love Android and big supporter of Google so I would prefer to be using and supporting both over Apple, but the experience hasn’t quite been there. If the iPhone 5S came out with a 4.6″ screen I would hop ship again, but since it doesnt and most likely wont till the 6, I might sell the GS4 and give the Moto X a try or wait and see what the Nexus 5 brings along.

    • Daeshaun Griffiths

      Pinch with 5 fingers on your ipad retina. Isn’t that the best thing a tablet can do? why doesn’t android have that? We may need that ipad vs nexus sooner than i thought. Ron! Ron! Ron!

      Can’t wait for a better tablet experience.

      • Tim242

        Meet Nova Launcher.

        • kderentz

          I run Nova currently as well as when I had TW

        • Daeshaun Griffiths

          Nova Launcher is a 3rd party home screen and app drawer.Pinching with all your fingers on an iPad closes the app ur in, and brings you to the home screen. Are you telling me, Nova has the power to change core functions? I don’t use many 3rd party options so this is sort of a serious question.

          • Tim242

            Nova Launcher has a long list of gestures that you can set to anything you want. There is no five finger, but here is what they have. You will notice the range of actions I’ve chosen. Be sure to expand the pic.

          • Daeshaun Griffiths

            but those can’t be done while ur browsing the web, right?

          • jnt

            Right – they only work from the home screen.

          • Alexander Garcia

            Those features only work from the home screen.

  • LiterofCola

    Oh Ron, what a glutton for punishment you are

  • bakdroid

    Another poorly written piece of crap from the BGR of DL. However, there are a few good points in there. Being anti-apple long before android, I have never owned a piece of their tech. I recently got an iPhone 5 for work (I didn’t buy it, the company did, so I still can state I have never owned an apple:P) since it seamlessly integrates with their systems and I must say, there isn’t an android phone on the market that is a nicer piece of hardware. I have seen and touched the S4 and One, they don’t hold a candle to the build quality of an iPhone 5. The aluminum and glass are flawless. The device just feels premium to hold. I am very interested in seeing what the X feels like and if it is as good as everyone is saying about the build quality. But I digress…The OS is plain….very plain. Which is perfect for a work phone but way too boring to be practical in real life. I live and die by widgets and miss them every time I pick up the work phone. There are a lot of things missing from iOS and it is not as intuitive as everyone says. Android just does a better job getting things done in its newest versions that are practical like being able to use punctuation in the same keyboard screen instead of moving to another one. Lag is a big problem that still needs to be solved and putting 12 cores in a cpu isn’t going to fix it. They need to move past Project Butter and go to Project Teflon or Project Shaved P#$$%!! πŸ˜€

    • Tim242

      This build quality you speak of is irrelevant. 99.999% of people wrap it up in plastic cases.

      • Ian

        Disagree, people will buy for the build quality, THEN wrap it in a case.

        • Tim242

          I work in a cell phone store. “Build quality” is never mentioned.

      • bakdroid

        Yes but when you take it out the case to clean it, you will say yes…this is premium. And also, most people are not covering their devices now a days based on the fact that they will not fall apart with a single drop.

    • trwb

      I had an iPhone 4s for a bit, I agree with what you are saying. Nothing compares to Android though for me. The amount of tweaks I can do even with out root make it far superior to me. Lag will be an issue unless they rewrite the code. Too many things run in virtual memory on android. That being said I use Mac computers but when it comes to mobile devices I need something more versatile. Heck you can’t even explore the file system on an iPhone or drag and drop music. Android is like a true mini computer in your pocket. IOS is just a child’s toy.

  • Sirx

    I would love to see Ron agree to carry a MODERN flagship Android device (Moto X, S4, or Nexus 5) for like two weeks and document his experiences, thoughts, and comparisons in another opinion piece. Make it so, Ron.

    • Droidzilla

      This has been done to death on a slue of other sites.

      • Sirx

        But…I read THIS one.

        If I wanted to read a *SLEW of other sites, I would. But I like this one, cause I like the people who run it, so I would like to read their impressions.

        Geez, I’m glad movie reviews don’t work the way you think they do.

        • Droidzilla


          I’m just saying it adds nothing new to the general knowledge pool for the iOS vs. Android debate. If you would get something unique out of Ron’s perspective, then I suppose it would be a good article for you; but for the general readership, I think it would be unnecessary. It would be like Kellen posting an article about the pragmatic benefits of Android over iOS; if you don’t know what they are by now, you haven’t been paying attention or are unwilling to do a simple Google search to discover the countless articles that have already been done on the subject. Just my opinion.

  • SparkysShocker

    DL should disable comments for all opinion pieces and just run a poll for them

    – Agree
    – Disagree
    – You must be insane

  • bratliff

    I agree find what works for you and use it. Two of my friends have windows phones and I like them, been searching craigslist for one to play with. Never know I might change someday too. Doubt it but you never know. Use what you like that is the great thing about technology right now, options!

  • Damien Luna

    Ron great article. I think I also agree with you on im a technology enthusiast. I agree with you on ios i also feel has some better qualities than android here and there but I do feel android is really getting there as well. I unlike you like android alot for the customizing abilities and I like to be unique and android allows me to do that. but when someone asks me what phone to get i tell them what they want to do with their phone and how they expect to use it and sometimes i recomment an iphone and other times i tell them an android phone. Just the same as game consoles sometimes i tell family to get a ps3 or and xbox or a wii it all depends on what suits each person needs.

  • Alexander Garcia

    Nice piece you’ve got here Ron. I used to bash iOS and iPhone users in the past, but have stepped back quite a bit since I bought and made the Droid RAZR Maxx HD my daily driver almost a year ago. At the time, I had the impression that the phone I chose to use for the next 2 years or so was a POS after reading blog comments and reviews of this phone. The general consensus was quite negative amongst the “Android enthusiasts” community. I felt a little bit down ’cause I actually liked this phone and it does everything I want it to perfectly, but it was still the phone that so many people make fun of. It’s currently running 4.1.2 and it’s pretty darn snappy still (much more so than my wife’s SGS4) and the battery life on this thing is just absolutely amazing. It’s a phone that the majority of “Android enthusiasts” that care to comment have bashed time and time again, but it’s a phone that I own and actually enjoy using. Owning this phone has made me somewhat understand what an iPhone user must feel like for the most part when “Android enthusiasts” constantly talk trash about their phone/OS of choice. So I’ve made efforts to pull back my trash-talk myself. I applaud you Sir for putting this piece out there and I will be tuning into your show tonight from my RAZR Maxx HD. Cheers. =)

  • bitbank

    You’ve opened quite a can of worms with your comments and implying that your opinion is fact. It’s fine to prefer Apple’s products, but not fine to claim that you are even handed in your evaluations when you clearly have a bias against Android.

    • SparkysShocker

      Last time I checked when someone uses I as much as it was used here and the term I think or I feel, it means its opinion.

      Maybe you should read better understand how opinions work before you take his opinion fact as fact.

      • Ian

        Who said he was taking this article as fact?

    • Sirx

      Methinks someone missed the GIGANTIC “[Opinion]” that Ron puts immediately after the titles of all of his pieces. Does he also need to use the word ‘Opinion’ twice in each sentence for you to get it. You are ironically confusing opinion wiht fact. You have to…you have to read harder. You just do.

      • Tim242

        Me thinks you don’t see the Droid Life in the pink banner above. Do you need it at the bottom of the page as well? This is not Engadget, or The Verge.

  • Gr8Ray

    Great idea! Keep letting Ron write for this site. I’ve really been wanting to catch up on reading ALL THE OTHER ANDROID SITES.

  • someone

    Never understood the complaint about being being able to customize. If you don’t forbid download the applications to customize things, it’s equally simple… Or sometimes more simple. So what does double tapping the home button do? Triple tapping? Long hold?

    Also, considering that most of his devices were NOT nexus devices, how can he say he disagrees with Google design decisions?