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NCAA Football Teams Can Now be Manually Added to Google Now

google now ncaa football

Back in February, as we approached the NCAA men’s basketball tournament, Google Now finally started to allow users to add their favorite teams. At the time, we had a number of readers ask, “What about college football?” Since the college football season had long been wrapped up by February, we assumed that Google would get around to adding football teams once we got closer to the fall and the 2013 season. Sure enough, you can now add your favorite college football teams to your My Stuff>Sports list. 

To add a team, simple open Google Now, hit the action overflow menu (or Menu), go to Settings>My stuff>Sports, and then “Add team…” Type in the school name, and you should see a list to choose from. Pro tip – you want the school team name with the football icon next to it. 😛

From there, you should start seeing Google Now cards whenever your team is playing.

Cheers Kyle!

  • UNCNYY04

    Go Tar Heels. The real Carolina!

  • Giovanni Palazzo

    What phone is that keyboard from? In the screenshot.

    • Guest


  • Higher_Ground

    Yeah… only seeing the BB team atm. Pretty disappointing seeing as how our BB team is terrible and the FB team actually has a chance at a BCS bowl this year :/

  • Roy Harrigan

    It’s about time!

  • hooligan

    Great! Now just add international soccer scores (USA, England, Spain, etc.) and I’ll be 100% satisfied with Google Now!

    • Higher_Ground

      dangit, you made me realize I forgot to DVR the game >:(

  • PDub

    Not working for me. Wisconsin, Maryland, no Oregon either. Cache clear or something?

  • Marcel Jeannin II

    Not all teams are available,my uconn huskies football.

  • Chris Wedel

    No Kansas State Football…Basketball, but note Football. 🙁

    • EC8CH

      You’re going down Kansas State…

      GO BISON!

      Really though, I hope it’s a great game… good luck!

      • Chris Wedel

        Friday Night Lights, going to be great! EMAW!

      • Shawn Burke

        Didn’t know North Dakota’s Second University was playing kstate. You can try to earn back the buffalo nickel next year. Go Sioux

        • EC8CH

          Stay Classy Flickertails!

          Buffalo Nickel….. that’s cute:

          • Shawn Burke

            Well once the Bizon stop continually scoffing at our offer to play football like their Buffalo poop doesn’t stink, well be an hour north waiting.

            Till then, are you even trying? Or happy being the #2 act in the region?

          • EC8CH

            Hockey eh?

            I’ve heard UND is known for that, but I only follow American sports.

            How’s UND’s soccer team? Maybe they’re really good too and I just don’t care.

          • Shawn Burke

            How’s NDSUs academic standards for athletes? Oh right, they don’t care.

  • Kenny Larson

    Oregon State Football…finally!

  • ToddAwesome

    There’s only two kinda people who like college sports, steers and q……wait, I think I have this mixed up. Carry on.

    • michael arazan

      Personally, I think College football play a lot harder than the NFL and that’s why i prefer college games. The NFL seems to phone it in a lot more and are pretty dam lazy now. I’m a jilted Rams Fan in St.Louis though

  • Illegitimi non Carborundum

    That has been there for some time. I have had my team on here since at least before the NCAA tournament in March.

  • Tyler

    Doesn’t look like it works with d2 colleges 🙁

  • Mayoo

    CFL teams seems to be added too!

    • SparkysShocker

      CFL what’s that…


  • SparkysShocker

    This post makes me a little sick

  • Tom Z

    I have to ask, What giant keyboard is that?

  • Steve B

    Just in time…

    • SparkysShocker

      Actually a season late

  • Korey Page

    James Madison Dukes… FCS love. Poor VaTech….

    • Kevin B


  • TalonDesigns

    @Kellex – I believe you misspelled “Beavers”.

    • I’m an Oregon transplant, so I have no affiliation with either. I do love me some flashy Nike unis though. 😛

      • EC8CH

        so you’re sayin’ you watch football for the fashion… mmmmmkay?

        • Tyler Durden

          I love Oregons storm trooper uniforms.

        • Warwick

          “fashion” haha

  • Bill Hill

    No South Carolina Gamecocks :/

    • KG

      You need to turn off the SafeSearch filters first 😉

      • Bill Hill

        It is turned off, all I see is the basketball team -_-

        • Higher_Ground

          same here :/

    • Robert Macri

      Funny… My Peacocks are there! No one else?!?

    • col3rsc

      We need to send Clowney to speak to Google.

    • duke69111

      Not seeing the Kansas State Wildcats football either.

  • Tyler Durden

    oh and F U Chip!

  • Tyler Durden


  • BigDeeNY99

    Can we get a check box..All NFL teams…All NBA teams.. etc… Yes Im lazy!

    • I like this.

    • KevinR

      It doesn’t seem to work for any of the other sports yet, but you can add “National Hockey League” and “NCAA College Football” to your Sports list.

    • palomosan

      Actually I have National Basketball Association, don’t know about NFL yet.
      I think if you search for nfl scores a couple of times it becomes available.

  • Bill Hill


  • dtraini30


    • GJV


    • EdubE24


    • GoBlue


  • Warwick

    Yay, now they need to add consoles to the video game card!