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Google+ 4.1 Update Incoming – Easier Account Switching, Google Drive Support, and More

new google plus

A new Google+ update to version 4.1 was announced this morning by G+ developer Virgil Dobjanschi. The update is a good one, as it includes new way to switch between accounts that isn’t such a pain in the a**. No more of that signing in and out of account, stuff. You’ll also find access to Google Drive photos and videos through G+, with Drive photos getting enhanced and “awesome’d” automatically, just like your other photos. 

On a semi-technical front, the new Google+ app you’ll find fully supported Google Apps for Business features, more controls in the location sharing settings, and will notice that Messenger has gone away for good in favor of Hangouts. But you knew that was coming.

Oh, pull-to-refresh is in there as well. Again, it’s a big update.

Build 4.1 should start rolling out as early as today, but with everyone’s favorite staged rollout process in play, you may not see it for a while.

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Via:  +Virgil Dobjanschi

  • Blade

    Is the new version live? I did not get an update…

  • Humberto

    when will be able to share pictures outside of G+ ? i need to lure my family members over to G+ 😛

  • SchwannyT

    What I want is my auto back up photos to show up in drive! I love Google+, but it seems that there are some people that haven’t switched yet, and it’d be nice to just send a drive link to the picitures… without all the swapover crap!

  • Ryan Stewart

    I wish they focused on making the Locations service better. Its a poor sub for Latitude. It doesn’t refresh as reliably, the maps interface doesn’t use the full API so it doesn’t support most of the interactions and visuals that Google Maps does.

  • Eric Bright

    I don’t understand this scenario of “rolling out” everything. Why can’t they push it to everyone all at once? Can someone explain me? Thank you.

    • Robert Macri

      In case there is an issue, they can stop the rollout and fix before the majority of people receive said issue.

      • RW-1

        I can agree with your answer, but it begs the question of why are all of us QA for Google?

        It should have been tested enough BEFORE it is rolled out to anyone, plain and simple. I can expand on that by saying to app dev’s have the ability to do a staged rollout of their applications in the same manner? for the reasons given, shoudn’t they be given that same opportunity?

        I am knocking Google here, this staged rollout of anything is just a poor cover up for “we really don’t know what issues it may cause, we’ll give it to you all to stop you whining about an update, but you need to test it”.

        I hate to sound negative, I hope that the questions above IMO seem valid, and I can live with it, but we all have to admit it’s real motive here. Even on the staged rolloouts they have had issues.

        • sirmeili

          You must not be in software development. There is no way they could possible test for all possible bugs. It’s just impossible, there are too many different versions of hardware and software out here. Heck, even Apple has issues and they have to code for a much smaller variance in OS/Hardware variations.

          Doing a staged roll does the following:

          1) Minimized strain on the download servers
          2) allows to halt the release in case a major issue is detected early on.

          • RW-1

            I didn’t say test for all possible bugs. But from their track history, they have released a few with major SW issues that should have been found before release, not after.

      • Eric Bright

        Thank you so much.

  • AxemRed

    But are they finally going to get rid of that obsolete messenger app?

    • Cory_S

      yeh its gone

      • AxemRed


    • Seth Merritt

      yep its gone

  • enigmaco

    Or you can get the update, but it won’t install due to a “package invalid” issue

  • castmcgast

    is it compatible with chromecast to display pics/videos?

    • avs

      good question, even I’m curious

      • mgamerz

        Hopefully android police does a teardown

    • Ryan Stewart

      Definitely a must on that one, casting pictures is something it should have had from day 1. Either from + or the Gallery.

  • Randall Wanamaker

    Is this update going to be available on Android 2.3+?

    • Ian Smith

      yes, please advise

  • EC8CH

    RIP Messenger

  • Per usual, let the APK requests comence. lol