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Here is Your Verizon HTC One, Sign-Up Page Now Live

verizon htc one

There she is, the Verizon HTC One. A sign-up page to be notified of its status is now live at Verizon’s site, however, we still don’t have a firm release date. It was originally supposed to arrive on August 1, was then pushed to August 15, and now could launch on either August 23 or August 29, according to sources of ours.

But hey, at least we know where they managed to stick the “Verizon” and “4G LTE” logos. One mystery solved.

Via:  Verizon

Cheers @jstaff48 and @RyanMaxwellDao!

  • bigpaw01

    I am just going to stick with my DNA for now. I have already rooted and added newt m7 rom to it. Got rid of all that STUPID bloat ware from verizon. So much faster now.

  • Steve Blais

    Where is the blue HTC One?..

  • Philip A. Kaiser

    Is that back plate metal, like the rest of the phone? If yes, Might consider media blasting it and re-painting it. Heck, might do the entire phone.

  • sith77

    too little too late verizon . fail as usual . phone is already old …… been on other carriers for MONTHS already . get on the ball and release your hardware with other carriers . too many NEW devices coming out that people want . nobody wants new OLD phones…….. pppfffttttt MOVING ON

  • dizel123

    I need to sign up for this notification. Maybe I’ll get it sometime after I get the notification that the Bionic is available…still waiting for that one

  • AHoL2206

    hmmmm, wait 4-6 more months to see if the Nexus 5 is LTE, or get a 4-6 month old phone now? choices….when is the VZW verzion of the TMo Jump program starting?

  • terry12s

    I think I may go into every Verizon store I drive by and trash on how old and outdated all of their phones are 🙂

  • Auris_SWISS

    NOTE 3 for me!

  • Gnex

    Must make joke render.. cannot resist…

  • Bob Allen

    Wow…… Their marketing leaves me……. underwhelmed….. Selling the S4 a month after everyone else was bad enough, but bringing out the One, which still runs rings around even the newest “Droids”, with as much enthusiasm as passing a kidney stone really takes the cake. I’m so glad I left them before they stopped even pretending to want to give their customer’s any choices or new devices. I’m honestly surprised they’re not putting off the Moto X until Christmas.