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Box for Android Update Includes New Nav Drawer, Multi-Account Support, and More


Box for Android, the other mega-cloud storage option, received a sizable update this morning that introduces all sorts of new features and improvements. In terms of cloud storage apps, you essentially have Drive, Dropbox, and Box, in my opinion. Those are the top three, but with this update, Box continues to show that it’s going to continue to play ball. 

First, the Box team added the new Android design standard navigation drawer that can be accessed with a swipe from the left edge of the screen. They also added in multi-account support (for those who use Box for both work and play), a new resizable widget for your home screens, real-time updates to offline files (once you get back on line, of course), new folder sorting and viewing options, and a redesigned updates feed.

It’s a solid update that should go live later today if it’s not already.


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  • ~dArK.AnGeL

    Box is my default;.. Happy with 50GB, 🙂 Anything else,, go grab an external hard drive ya’ll..

  • Scott Tilney

    Call me when that add automatic photo uploads.

  • jbegs

    I have 2 accounts with 50 GB available. I would love to be able to store my photos from my phone on one and use the other for files. DropBox is great for the camera upload, but I have maxed out my storage at 5.75 GB and can’t do anything else right now to gain more storage.

    • hkklife

      DropBox is definitely the best, in my opinion in terms of performance, UI, features and the mobile app. But their pricing structure is ridiculous. I am not going to pay $10/month + just to store some photos. I wish they had a “personal” plan in between free and Pro for $25-$50/year…but of course, that makes too much sense so it will never happen.

      Until then, Box is my goto service for most everything, with videos going to Dropbox until Box allows larger file sizes.

  • Antonio

    I love box.

    • JamesU513

      I love lamp

  • socalrailroader

    Copy is pretty good too.

  • Guest

    I love box

  • Bigwavedave25

    I really like DB’s large file size upload ability, but I have a 50gb Box account so I use that for pretty much everything except photo sync. Box is my primary cloud storage service.

    edit: Oh wow, very nice update. Do like very much!

  • Ray Gray

    If only I could actually upload large videos smh

  • sk3litor

    This is cool. Box is actually my go to right now. (Not for any particular reason)

  • Bohn Rurgandy

    If Box would remove the small file size upload limit it would be my go to. I have 50geebees from my Touchpad purchase just waiting to be used. Until that is changed, DropBox is my jam