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Sony to Introduce “Lens G” Attachments, Turning Your Phone Into the Ultimate Cameraphone?


Based on newly leaked high-res photos from Sony Alpha Rumors, you won’t have to worry about the pixel wars or camera comparisons when buying your next smartphone. What you are seeing above is the Sony Lens G or “Lens Camera,” an attachable accessory for Android (and iOS) devices that brings the same sensor found in the well-liked RX100 Mark II to your smartphone. Seriously. After connecting the lens wirelessly (NFC or WiFi) to your phone, your device acts as the view finder, allowing you to take some classy selfies. 

According to this report, there will be two Lens G products – the QX100 and the QX10. The QX100 is the higher-end of the two, which as I just mentioned, will include the same sensor/lens combo as the RX100 Mark II. The QX10 on the other hand, is more in line with one of Sony’s CyberShot products, meaning it will likely be more affordable and compact.

Pricing has not been revealed, but you’d guess that Sony would give you some type of discount if you are using your phone as the viewfinder and to help facilitate the photo taking experience. The RX100M2 is currently priced at around $750 – maybe we’ll see the QX100 drop to around $600? Tough to tell.

No matter what, these two products give serious photogs options without having to carry a full-sized camera. Since we all already carry around smartphones, maybe an attachment is all we need in the end? Well, assuming that either of these Lens G products can fold up or compact in size for easy packing. I can’t imagine that the world is ready to carry around an awkward lens attachment that runs a half-dozen Benjamins.

Would you mind strapping one of these things to your phone/tablet?


sony lens camera

Via: The Verge | Sony Alpha Rumors

  • Big_EZ

    They would make a great kick stand for my phone.

  • Nate595

    If the prices became more reasonable I could definitely see these being more mainstream than the hybrid camera phones that we’ve seen lately.

  • Stewie

    nope nope nope nope nope ….

  • Sjschwar

    even better, an image sensor and wifi/nfc/bluetooth and a standard lens adapter so i can attach any camera lens i want. Maybe mix in a lytro somewhere

  • If I’m gonna have to carry around that huge lens then why not just carry a DSLR?

    • Abgar Musayelyan

      if you’re married, you can just store it in the wifes purse.

  • hineydawg

    So where do you keep the lens when not using it? In your European shoulder bag or your fanny pack

  • Trueblue711

    Given that most camera screens, UI, and almost everything except for the lens itself sucks, this seems like a pretty cool idea.

  • saimin

    Sony RX100-II takes really great photos, probably the best of any pocket-sized camera. Photos are sharp, detailed, and colorful. It is leaps and bounds above the image quality of any smartphone camera, if you care about image quality.

    However, it also has a popup flash and lots of dials and levers to easily control the camera. If this clip-on camera is entirely controlled by a smartphone app, performance is going to be very laggy. Price is going to have to be a lot cheaper to be interesting.

  • fauxshizzl

    Reminds me of something ever stupider, but slightly less expensive..

  • starnovsky

    I think the biggest proposition of this device is not to save money or carry less devices but rather to be able use your smatphone power when shooting. How many cameras can post to instagram or Google+? Also, to be able to upgrade the phone when keeping the lens.

  • um….no thanks.

  • MichaelFranz

    i think this is great. instead of smashing a gabilliongigapixel camera into a phone and making it maybe bulky or adding an annoying form factor (yea you S4 Zoom), its an accessory for everyday use. i would love to have just 1 attached to my phone rather then go out of buy a seperate camera. down vote me or shun me if you want, but i think its innovative and cool and sony should be commended

    • the price is what really kills it for me. the idea is pretty good though.

      • justincase_2008

        Yeah I really like this idea too. Keep it in a little case and when your out somewhere nice and want to take a better shot whip this out and link it to the phone. But price will be a huge factor.

  • Jackson Emch

    Don’t suppose there’s a magic fix for bad Android phone cameras. My MAXX HD could really use one.

    • jose

      Bad Android cameras only come from Motorola and Google (Nexus devices). Every other Android manufacturer has figured it out.

  • Samsung, why you no think of this first?

  • joejoe5709

    Probably one of the better uses of NFC. That’s pretty cool.

    I really like the idea, I think there would be a small market for this and I can’t find much to complain about. I just don’t think I’d use it that much. For those purpose of nicer pictures, a separate compact camera is fine. And those that would use it often – amateur photogs – would probably be better off with an actual camera. Otherwise, this is definitely overkill for hipster Facebook photos.

    • starnovsky

      I doubt it’s using NFC. It’s compatible with iPhone.

      • Sjschwar

        “After connecting the lens wirelessly (NFC or WiFi)”

        Why isn’t it bluetooth?

  • Ray Gray

    This dude has arms the size of my wrist where do they find these dweebs at baby gap?

    • ToddAwesome

      All hipsters come from the same mold, I guarantee his pants are skin tight and a little too short.

    • SteevoBacon

      Is your wrist that small? 😛

      • Ray Gray

        Dyslexic are we?

        • JMonkeYJ


  • Ray Gray

    $100 yes $600 you can go F yourself. Why would anyone buy this over a DSLR?

    • ToddAwesome

      cuz it’s cool, man. whatevs.

      • Ray Gray

        yeah i can find a million things that are cool but the price isnt cool for what you get.

        • ToddAwesome

          I agree, I’d rather still carry around my dslr for a few more years than slap this clunky contraption on my phone.

    • DSLR’s are old tech. Mirrorless is taking over. Sony is the most innovative manufacturer out there right now.

      • Ray Gray

        ok so why would anyone purchase this over the samsung camera then?

        • I don’t know. I’ve never used a Samsung camera. Can’t compare. I know this sensor is proven to be a winner, though!

          • Damaged Goods

            “Canon sensors are pretty terrible, man. They cripple their low end cameras.”

            You just said this a few post up. So what is it? Are they terrible or are they proven to be a winner?

            thebeeobee comments = Damaged Goods

          • Huh? You’re aware that Canon, Sony and Samsung are different companies, right?

            Damaged Goods = dipsh*t

    • New_Guy

      I could honestly see spending $300-350, but for $600+tax I’d be inclined to wait for the price to reduce.

    • starnovsky

      Can your DSLR post to instagram?

      • Ray Gray

        Actually it can with a eye-fi card and dropbox synch

  • Droidzilla

    Do want. This may not be for everybody, but I’d get a ton of use out of it.

    • I was about to buy a Fujifilm x100s but I might wait a minute to see the reviews on this.

      Also the Panasonic G6 is on my radar.

      • Droidzilla

        It’s weird; I would purchase a dedicated lens that can only be used in tandem with my Android, but I wouldn’t purchase a dedicated camera. I do everything with my Android, so I’m less prone to use something if I have to fuss about getting it to share its data with my device. I have a nice Sony Cybershot point and shoot, but I never use it (don’t even know where it is right now, honestly) because of this.

  • Sjschwar

    Is it waterproof?

  • JDub

    Like everything in retail, price decides how well this will sell. You can get a Canon T3i with a second lense for around $600.

    • Canon sensors are pretty terrible, man. They cripple their low end cameras.

      Also…SIZE! The reason people carry around a 20+ mp point and shoot is so they can have it with them all of the time.

      • JDub

        How does this thing seem any more portable than a DSLR? This isn’t going to fit comfortably in a pocket. You will still have to haul a pouch around. Most point and shoots are the size of a phone if not smaller. I fail to see your point.

  • Smeckle

    I find the hipster in the first photo to be a deterrent.

    • ToddAwesome

      seriously, what a doofus!

    • Ej McCarty

      He’s like OHMEHGAWD organic strawberries. Instant boner

      • EC8CH

        ^ caption win

        • CasperTFG

          I concur. This whole thread wins.

      • Ej McCarty

        Finally this guy disliked my comment. He’s like “Hey I have ED so it wasn’t instant” haha

      • Steve Swall

        He is also saying, “OHH I need to put this on Instagram and Twitter. #farmersmarket #fixedgearbicycle #urbanoutfitters #skinnyjeans.

    • Droidzilla

      “I’m going to take a picture of this fruit with my high end camera attachment and then make it look like I took the picture with a pinhole camera from 1981.”

      • michael arazan

        Fruit-ception, Fruit capturing Fruit

  • Edwin M

    Who would put their phone face down on a surface like the last picture? That’s just begging for scratches.

  • Todd

    How about… no.