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Contest: Win a HTC One Google Play Edition from Droid Life! (Updated: Winner Picked)

htc one google play

It feels like it has been a while since we last handed out a mega-prize. Well, I take that back – we just gave away two brand new Nexus 7 tablets a couple of weeks ago. But you know what, it’s going to be a slow week in terms of Android news, so we figured we’d spend the time rewarding readers. How does a brand new, un-opened HTC One Google Play Edition sound? Yes, this is the bad boy running stock Android, receiving updates in a hurry (already on Android 4.3), and still manages to carry all of the best parts of HTC’s flagship hardware. We unboxed it and did an over view here. It’s an easy device to love, that’s for sure.

Let’s do it. 


Update:  Our winner, Joshua R., has been picked and emailed.

Prize:  1 (one) HTC One Google Play Edition.

How to enter:

a Rafflecopter giveaway


We will choose our 1 winner tomorrow at 2:30PM Pacific.

  • RCantwell

    What is the best part about a Google Play Edition device?: Pure version of Android! New HTC Device!

  • legrosveau

    The best part is that you have a faster device, fastest updates, and the interface is the same in all apps !

  • Michael Nixon

    Hers to some lucky luck to all and to I. Please pick me! I love android and this phone here would be the highlight of my year. Thank you!

  • Kevintw

    I would love a GPE with timely updates to replace my SGS3

  • Christopher Chaison

    The best part of a Google play phone is no bloatware and carrier restrictions

  • andybones

    The best part about a pure Google Play Edition is the fact that HTC is finally listening to it’s users! So many people including myself LOVE HTC phones, the build factor is top notch, easily one of the best build phones out there. We finally don’t have to run ROMs that although developers worked very hard on, was never 100% bug free. We now have this along with Google updates!

    God Bless
    http://www.droid-life.com/for giving us readers this amazing opportunity!

  • ragingd

    Not having to deal with Verizon crap updates for the gnex

  • Trusting you guys not to spam me (though I already follow on Twitter, FB and G+… no probs so far)

  • Brendan Owens

    The fluidity of the software for sure!

  • Jon D

    Best part is that I don’t have to go to the carrier’s store.

  • buddyruff777

    I really need a new phone, and would love the play edition HTC ONE

  • Jason Chittenden

    Hope I win!

  • Shane McKeever

    Usually the price.

  • vwbeetlvr

    I love stock android!

  • Lexus Larry

    I could use a spiffy Google Play Edition of the HTC One for ordering take out from my swanky lair.

  • alex Thomson

    This is my first time going all the way on entering one of these give aways by completing all four entry steps. Hopefully, some beginners luck 🙂 good luck all!

  • marcmance

    best part of a GPE device is vanilla android.

  • Barlog

    The fact that you don’t need to sign a contract to get a new phone

  • Tony

    Best part of Google Edition phones is getting updates quickly.

  • chaoslimits

    The sweet baked updates straight from Google!

  • Isaac Schwab

    Dang I would love One:) haha The best thing is some pure android on this baby, no ugly, bloated, useless skins!

  • Andre

    I am really tired of my Samsung Galaxy Nexus and its crappy battery life! Please!

  • Dre Fay

    i want to win this cuz my power button flex cable is broken and i’ve had to mod my g_nex but if it turns off its a B cuz it’s unplugging and plugging into a usb port on my PC

  • bilalloya

    Would love to try out the google edition!!!

  • Tiffanie Tran

    Best thing about a Google Edition…no bloatware.

  • cmonnats23

    upd8ts str8 frum guugle!

  • chunsanger

    Would love a HTC One… LTE unlocked FTW

  • Stephen Wesner

    Timely updates from Google, stock android, and Tmobile LTE! Easy as that.

  • Mike Gregory

    Would love to win this device 🙂

  • Dan

    no bloatware

  • William Wong

    Being able to have the Android experience without the HTC Sense UI

  • Dlang123

    Course everyone wants to win free stuff.

  • Corey Schuler

    This would make the switch to T-Mobile next year that much sweeter!

  • jim

    here i am again just a little more than an hour before i win. ! 🙂

  • CDavisyo

    I deserve to win.

  • Erin


  • Paul

    The american HTC one is still stuck with 4.1 on carriers. I would love an updated 4.3 One!

  • Rahima53


  • jasonlee1


  • Dave Hernandez

    Need… HTC… One…

  • teknque

    contests always make me stop lurking and start posting

  • jothen2002

    Device/Operating System= Infinite Possibilities

  • Roguevette

    Frequent updates is the best part of google edition phones.

  • Josue Morales

    the best part of GPE devices is stock android with rapid updates!!

  • Andre

    Never had a Google Edition of anything before so I have no idea what extras are in it!

  • Robert Gipe

    E best part would be the fast updates

  • Jeremiah N

    I’m in!

  • Alex

    good luck

  • Mick

    Ugh I hope I win. My Gnex will be crying though

  • sweaty chocolate

    Like this?