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Contest: Win a HTC One Google Play Edition from Droid Life! (Updated: Winner Picked)

htc one google play

It feels like it has been a while since we last handed out a mega-prize. Well, I take that back – we just gave away two brand new Nexus 7 tablets a couple of weeks ago. But you know what, it’s going to be a slow week in terms of Android news, so we figured we’d spend the time rewarding readers. How does a brand new, un-opened HTC One Google Play Edition sound? Yes, this is the bad boy running stock Android, receiving updates in a hurryΒ (already on Android 4.3), and still manages to carry all of the best parts of HTC’s flagship hardware. We unboxed it and did an over view here. It’s an easy device to love, that’s for sure.

Let’s do it.Β 


Update: Β Our winner, Joshua R., has been picked and emailed.

Prize: Β 1 (one) HTC One Google Play Edition.

How to enter:

a Rafflecopter giveaway


We will choose our 1 winner tomorrow at 2:30PM Pacific.

  • paradoxicat


  • falina

    I hear ya about FB.I refuse to log in,even for a chance to win a great prize.Google Plus or I’m not interested..

  • Joshua R. Thrasher

    how do i claim the prize.. i think i won.. checked my emai. but i havent gotten any email.. can anyone please help me out.. thanks.

  • Joshua R. Thrasher

    how do you know if you won.. how do you claim your prize…

    • Joshua R. Thrasher


      • Rithvik Rao

        You should have been emailed if you actually won.

  • AtMostSphere

    Congratulations! Lucky duck.

  • glucero0

    ar, it weren’t me after all!

  • Andrew Lima

    Didn’t expect to run anyway. Congrats Joshua!

  • Mordy Festinger

    booo !

  • muffnman

    Grats Josh. Next time!!!!!

  • Kevin N

    Come on πŸ™‚

  • Dustin Maki

    Having stock android!

  • Tucker Cady

    The best thing about a GPE is vanilla android and I can finally leave verizon.

  • merlin3212

    The rapid updates

  • Unknown182


  • Jeff Miller

    I’m going to be switching carriers soon!! A free phone would make the switch a lot easier. πŸ™‚

  • Joseph Morgan

    No bloatware

  • Mike Contreras

    Best thin about the google play edition is of course pure AOSP.

  • carluverdrm2004

    I do love free stuff! I’ve been holding onto my Galaxy Nexus for a while now, some would say too long!

  • I’m in now pick me!

  • Tom Friedman

    The best thing about a Play Edition phone is getting away from the tedious skin the manufacturer starts the phone with. It will be nice to see a phone stripped down and see what it can really do.

  • KanishkSingh

    Stock Android

  • Brok Burchatz

    fast updates for today’s hardware!

  • Derrius Marquis Byrd

    Quicker, clean updates!

  • Diane Kolb De Coma

    HTC giveaway I want to win..it is the best

  • orrehho


  • Frank Claycomb

    Best part of it? How about pure AOSP goodness!

  • Chris Bobrowitz

    Honestly, the best thing about the device is it’s how Android should be experienced


    I’d love anew phone… Not sure how long my Galaxy Nexus is going to hold together…

  • Andrew Bockus

    Unlocked and open Android. I love it.

  • Ryan Rhodes

    The best thing about the GPE HTC One is the fresh Google experience. The pure intuitive way android was designed and the fast and easy updates!

  • Andy

    latest updates

  • stock android i love the most

  • Jeffrey Wright

    this is the bad boy running stock Android

  • xuggs

    No SenseShitSkin is the best part of GPE HTC One.

  • Eric Geders

    Fast updates!

  • Johannesburg Singleton

    I absolutely love this phone, it would be nice to have

  • Ben

    I could find a use for this haha

  • Porkchop

    Easily not having to deal with skins and other carrier and manufacturer junk. Clean, pristine Android.

  • PirateDroid

    A HTC one gpe would be sweet! Sign me up!

  • jcg13x

    i love the design!

  • Jay

    Stock Android.

  • Paul

    Definitely the frequent updates and clean interface

  • Allen Crawford

    Best part of a Google Play device is not waiting on Verizon to release an Android update.

  • cheesse

    Android how it was meant to be. The flexibility to add what you want. Twist it until its just right or to streak your android in the raw. With HTC One’s beautiful design its a no brainer.

  • gragib

    Fast updates

  • RCantwell

    What is the best part about a Google Play Edition device?: Pure version of Android! New HTC Device!

  • legrosveau

    The best part is that you have a faster device, fastest updates, and the interface is the same in all apps !

  • Michael Nixon

    Hers to some lucky luck to all and to I. Please pick me! I love android and this phone here would be the highlight of my year. Thank you!

  • Kevintw

    I would love a GPE with timely updates to replace my SGS3

  • Christopher Chaison

    The best part of a Google play phone is no bloatware and carrier restrictions

  • andybones

    The best part about a pure Google Play Edition is the fact that HTC is finally listening to it’s users! So many people including myself LOVE HTC phones, the build factor is top notch, easily one of the best build phones out there. We finally don’t have to run ROMs that although developers worked very hard on, was never 100% bug free. We now have this along with Google updates!

    God Bless
    http://www.droid-life.com/for giving us readers this amazing opportunity!

  • ragingd

    Not having to deal with Verizon crap updates for the gnex

  • Trusting you guys not to spam me (though I already follow on Twitter, FB and G+… no probs so far)

  • Brendan Owens

    The fluidity of the software for sure!

  • Jon D

    Best part is that I don’t have to go to the carrier’s store.

  • buddyruff777

    I really need a new phone, and would love the play edition HTC ONE

  • Jason Chittenden

    Hope I win!

  • Shane McKeever

    Usually the price.

  • vwbeetlvr

    I love stock android!

  • Lexus Larry

    I could use a spiffy Google Play Edition of the HTC One for ordering take out from my swanky lair.

  • alex Thomson

    This is my first time going all the way on entering one of these give aways by completing all four entry steps. Hopefully, some beginners luck πŸ™‚ good luck all!

  • marcmance

    best part of a GPE device is vanilla android.

  • Barlog

    The fact that you don’t need to sign a contract to get a new phone

  • Tony

    Best part of Google Edition phones is getting updates quickly.

  • chaoslimits

    The sweet baked updates straight from Google!

  • Isaac Schwab

    Dang I would love One:) haha The best thing is some pure android on this baby, no ugly, bloated, useless skins!

  • Andre

    I am really tired of my Samsung Galaxy Nexus and its crappy battery life! Please!

  • Dre Fay

    i want to win this cuz my power button flex cable is broken and i’ve had to mod my g_nex but if it turns off its a B cuz it’s unplugging and plugging into a usb port on my PC

  • bilalloya

    Would love to try out the google edition!!!

  • Tiffanie Tran

    Best thing about a Google Edition…no bloatware.

  • cmonnats23

    upd8ts str8 frum guugle!

  • chunsanger

    Would love a HTC One… LTE unlocked FTW

  • Stephen Wesner

    Timely updates from Google, stock android, and Tmobile LTE! Easy as that.

  • Mike Gregory

    Would love to win this device πŸ™‚

  • Dan

    no bloatware

  • William Wong

    Being able to have the Android experience without the HTC Sense UI

  • Dlang123

    Course everyone wants to win free stuff.

  • Corey Schuler

    This would make the switch to T-Mobile next year that much sweeter!

  • jim

    here i am again just a little more than an hour before i win. ! πŸ™‚

  • CDavisyo

    I deserve to win.

  • Erin


  • Paul

    The american HTC one is still stuck with 4.1 on carriers. I would love an updated 4.3 One!

  • Rahima53


  • jasonlee1


  • Dave Hernandez

    Need… HTC… One…

  • teknque

    contests always make me stop lurking and start posting

  • jothen2002

    Device/Operating System= Infinite Possibilities

  • Roguevette

    Frequent updates is the best part of google edition phones.

  • Josue Morales

    the best part of GPE devices is stock android with rapid updates!!

  • Andre

    Never had a Google Edition of anything before so I have no idea what extras are in it!

  • Robert Gipe

    E best part would be the fast updates

  • Jeremiah N

    I’m in!

  • Alex

    good luck

  • Mick

    Ugh I hope I win. My Gnex will be crying though

  • sweaty chocolate

    Like this?

  • Pure android of course!

  • Jim G

    ohhhh pretty please!!!

  • jeremy campernel

    The fast updates!

  • zachjen

    best part is the android stock experience but you get a choice between hardware.

  • Adam Baumann

    The best thing is pure, unadulterated Android. No bloatware. No useless apps unless I put them there.

  • Kobus KotzΓ©

    The perfectly rounded aluminium edges!

  • Jamie Miller


  • Pils

    What is the best part about a Google Play Edition device? Stock Android.

  • Tim McKee

    The best part is that it retains the goodies of the HTC / T-Mobile experience in a pure Google OS environment!!!

  • crobby

    Instant access to the Google Play store!

  • CKellogg

    Pease please pick me

  • skilletrocks

    It’s got stock google on it.

  • Matt

    Sweet giveaway

  • Giovanni Palazzo

    Being able to taste the best device at the moment running the best ROM ever: vanilla Android. Using an android device as it should be used in the first place! That’s why Google play edition HTC One is the best.

  • Kevin Kranzky

    The best part? It’s pretty much stock Android!

  • Chris

    Not a huge fan of the button config, but can deal if its free!

  • Josh Koziol

    That it’s not cracked, like my screen is..

  • Polo Slimm

    PICK ME!!!

  • Keith Hord

    I love that this phone is 100% stock Android

  • roly b

    I need it cuz I want it.

  • Jeremy_Bowling

    Best part… faster updates.

  • RyanML

    Stock Android

  • hugdf

    yes please I’ll take one

  • Sean Prunka

    Best part about being Google Play Edition is that’s almost a Nexus…

  • Brandon Taylor

    Stock android yes please

  • Ken

    Will this work on verizon?

  • J-dub

    A new HTC One please πŸ™‚

  • DavidHollinger

    Best part are the semi-Early updates

  • evcon

    Gotta love the quick updates. I want one!

  • glucero0

    This time I win!

  • SmokeNMirrors


  • pure android with this beautiful hardware!

  • Sweet!

  • Mikinho

    I broke my Samsung S4 screen and need a new phone

  • axelcano2

    Google updates!!!

  • Meetesh Patel

    I think Best part is Direct Firmware Update release before whole world try it…..

  • Alex

    Getting updates without compromise.

  • BDuff32

    The best Part about the HTC One Google Play Edition is having the stock Android experience on such quality hardware.

  • Faith Trust

    I never win anything, but there goes nothing.

  • Sam

    The best part about this phone is that it is not tied to a certain carrier who will delay the updates. *cough* Verizon *cough*.

  • Leo Marvin

    if I win I will post a celebration video. i need this phone so bad!

  • Jody Clark

    Woot Woot Google edition!

  • Brocco

    Prompt updates.

  • Morgan Casteel

    You get the latest android OS with no bloatware!

  • anon_y_mous3

    Yay, I entered to win more spam!

  • Rick McConville

    Love the idea of core Android with HTC hardware

  • moelsen8

    stock android and unlocked goodness.

  • Benjamin Richardson

    Its the HTC One and it’s running stock Android no better reason

  • drewblann

    Quick updates and being unlocked are the best part of the Google Play Edition

  • Blake

    The Google Play Edition products are great for folks who need accessibility features. There isn’t a skin such as Samsung’s Touchwiz, HTC’s Sense, ETC. These skins can get in the way of proper accessibility.

  • Ayush

    The best part about a Google Play Edition Device are the kernels and drivers that we get for better custom ROM’s.

  • Sergio

    I don’t have to worry about carriers completely destroying what android is and should be. That is the best part about Google editions. Plus I need this phone, my Galaxy S II Skyrocket is stuck on an unrecoverable boot loop, meaning neither download mode or recovery mode will boot. It’s the second Skyrocket I own that turns into a brick. FML

  • David Larreau

    HTC One

  • Preach

    Pure Google is Amazing, from the amazing UI to Photoshpere, Apple just can’t touch it.

  • rebith75

    To drive the woman wild with Carmel desires and the men nuts with envy

  • Joshua Jackson

    It’s the HTC One with stock Google what else needs to be said.

  • Austin Walton

    Unlocked bootloaders are the best!!!

  • Austin Walton

    I need to win this!!!

  • Jeremy

    To drive the ladies nuts with Carmel desires and the men nuts with envy

  • villian1998


  • Town all day

    I need a new phone please.

  • David Imel

    Stock Android on high quality devices!

  • Philip Pongvarin

    pure stock android and a much faster ui!

  • trolololololo

    ew facebook

  • Ritzie

    Nice giveaway

  • ralphwiggum1

    First (or second) in line for latest Android updates. Easily hackable.

  • ed

    the easy access to multitasking

  • Alan Fortte

    Well, I have a phone with a single core 1GHz processor. I think I need a new phone more than most of you guys. Plus fast updates and I can simply root and slap a Sense 5 ROM on it. Boom!

  • Mathew Rice

    This is the type of hardware + software combination that all Android devices should be modeled after.
    Let me add-on software I choose, but don’t force it on me.

  • Will P

    plz me

  • JoshGroff

    Fast updates.

  • kevincburns2

    Best part? The rapid Android updates with the best hardware!

  • Shaun N

    Saw a tweet, came to conquer

  • So, if I win this thing, how’s the battery life? πŸ™‚

  • justinisloco

    I just want to win so I can match something up with my new nexus 7 4.3 since my N2 isn’t cutting it

  • kfath1978

    I need a new phone!!

  • Freshmaker

    Please lemme win. My phone is almost dead.

  • Danny R

    that feeling when you use and own anything Nexus or Google Edition “Free at last, Free at last, Thank God almighty we are free at last.” – Martin Luther King Jr.

  • jstahr

    winning this would take the pain out of trying to find one on craigslist and keep me from losing my UNLIMITED DATA!!!

  • bouchigo

    I hope I get this phone. I want to see how this phone would perform with close to AOSP as possible πŸ™‚

  • Jesse Rivas

    Can I have one please. I NEED ONE!!!!

  • Kyle Todoulakis

    I would love to win this phone!

  • Jess T

    WANT! I’m due for a new gadget…!!!

  • Matthew I Bautista

    need HTC One look at my crappy phone

  • Todd Bartz

    No bloatware!

  • Bogdan

    HTC One GE Edition should be one of the best phones today. Thanks droid-life for this giveaway!

  • jkejohnson91

    build quality of the HTC one with stock Android ! I want !

  • † Chris †

    The best part is the metal unibody design!

  • Edwin M

    Google Play Editiions let you run STOCK ANDROID!!!!

  • ankit199

    Bets part is pure vanilla android and timely updates

  • noize

    No bloatware!

  • Andrew Knighton

    not being on verizon

  • Michael Nyitrai

    would be awesome to have!

  • Eduardo Avila


  • JasonWhite

    Do want! Do want long time!

  • Anthony Tyson


  • Lance Hepler

    I like my Android naked. Skins are the worst. A Google Play device is all the goodness of a tier-1 manufacturer device with all the purity of stock Android.

  • Truthshallsetyoufree

    Unlocked bootloader, No OEM skins, pure android, and faster and longer supported android updates.

  • Jayayess1190


  • Nicilas Avila

    Awesome is eight here.

  • brian

    No verizon BS bloatware. Best thing ever

  • Michael

    My favorite thing about a google play edition device is that you can have the manufacturer hardware quality you desire, and be able to run Android straight from the source!

  • TMartin

    Faster updates!

  • Sakita

    The best part is none of the bloatware on the phones and that you get updates quicker.

  • Elwin Gill

    VANILLA BABY!!! Enough said! VANILLA!

  • Pete

    Always nice to have an awesome device, I wish vzw got this in before the DNA..

  • MrR

    Great device. Running stock Android. Awesome.

  • wheineman

    I would love to get off of Verizon and into an unlocked Google Edition Phone! And the HTC One is really the phone I want. But I know if I went to the store I would leave with the S4. Please let me win this so I can get what my heart WANTS, rather than what my brain tells me is the better long run decision!

  • Best part about a Google Play Edition? I don’t know – need to win this to find out!

  • Jerry

    Best part? Is there a bad part? Stock Android is fine the way it is!

  • SchwannyT

    Man I almost missed this. I was on a wildland fire and one of the guys there had this phone. It looked SWEET. GNex is getting dated….

  • undeadwolfy

    Best part of a Google Edition device is the unlocked bootloader. So much more choice for customisations and CyanogenMod!

  • vvtim

    Stock android?

  • Levi Heintzelman

    Fast updates, Obviously!

  • kunal

    pure android experiance . no appointments for updates …

  • Christopher Nguyen

    Best hardware meets best software πŸ™‚

  • Andrew Branch


  • smwein

    No crapware.

  • Nissi Edward

    HTC ONE Greatest Phone Ever (Until August 2013)

  • steeez

    htc one camera is great

  • narlin

    2nd that G+ note

  • TheAuror

    The best part? Complete control with no bloatware.

  • Steve

    Already have an ATT version of the phone and love it, never used a nexus type device though and am curious if it would actually be better. I actually like Blinkfeed as well as the various camera features sense 5 has. That being said I’d also like to not be stuck at 4.1.2 forever…

  • Mackster248

    This would be awesome.

  • PJ

    I want one!!!

  • Stephen Parker

    I’ve wrestling whether or not to get this or the s4
    Such a decision!

  • AndrewSchuster

    Good Luck!

  • Bootleg Zani

    When is VoLTE coming to Verizon already so we can start having phones that work on Verizon on Google Play?

  • She_Beast

    Would love to try out a GPE One.

  • gmplr831

    The more consistent updates!

  • Greg Mapes

    I need an HTC One….that about covers it.

  • Pat King

    Nothing better than a pure Google phone, time to update my Galaxy Nexus with more hp!

  • Champlification


  • Sam


  • Allie

    the best part of it being a google play edition is getting the updates so fast!

  • Stephen Fronda

    This’d be awesome to win

  • Colonel_Awesomesauce

    No bloatware

  • Mantahoe

    Best part of a Google Play Edition device? NO BLOATWARE.

  • ynksbsbll2

    It’s about as close to a Nexus device as I’ll get on Verizon (at least for now)

  • kraymanbauer

    THE GOOGLE PART OF COURSE!!!..not yelling!!!! just got caps locks stuck on! sorry….

  • danny

    Awesome device with stock android.

  • MJBigDeal

    keep the upgrades coming is the best part

  • Santi

    The best part of a GPE phone is the fact that I get super excited thinking about cool hardware from manufactures and non of their altered android versions/skins!

  • Jason James

    My girlfriend needs to up date her iPhone 4 I know she’ll love this

  • jhonatan sosa

    that be so cool if i would win something. never won something and the time i entered a raffle i won and guess what it was a damn poster!!!!!

  • Ad3ptfak

    What is the best part about a Google Play Edition device? The fact that it’s basically a nexus

  • Jonik Cannon

    has to be how you can easily purchase a device outside of the evil carriers…..Gets rid of the middle man

  • Ben Myton

    Developer Support!

  • David Foggia

    Its just such a beautiful device. OMG I might crap my pants if I win

  • master94

    I want please give

  • Harrison Smith

    I want

  • Gopal Bhaire

    The best part about a Google Play Edition Device is that it boosts the best phones…

  • Iskandar

    Lets do it!

  • cjgoudy

    it would be newer than my current phone…

  • mattcb

    Yea, free phone. Love freedom of aosp

  • JustinRhode

    It’s the way android is supposed to be!

  • Gene

    In it to win it.

  • 4Andy2

    the fast updates without nonsense.

  • Jeff Skilling

    What’s the best part about a GPE device? Dat pure, vanilla Android, of course!

  • Matthew M

    This would save me from dropping $500 on the moto X, which would be nice.

  • TJ Perez

    The best part is the stock android and faster updates. This phone would be awesome to have!

  • booster944


  • shdowman

    Not having the typical crap associated with a carrier edition.

  • Norsedakotan

    Vanilla android and fast updates!

  • blacko20

    What else can I say but VANILLA!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • John Murray

    The best thing about a Google Play Edition device is Stock Android!

  • apertur3

    Best part of a GPE phone is the yummy naked Android experience.

  • Tobias Kundig

    Only a GPE can get me off VZW. After 10 years its time.

  • James Liu

    yesss htc

  • Korruptor

    I need a new phone

  • Alain Lafond

    Yeah baby, send one here…

  • Miguel

    ooo, nice! looks good

  • Gustavo Pascale

    HTC camera is pretty nice and it doesn’t have an overloaded skin like Samsung products.

  • Ryan

    The HTC One is the schiznit!

  • The best part about a Google Play Edition device is stock Android.

  • Chris Bailey

    Need to get a new phone to replace the GNEX – if it means going to a prepay, than this is the best option!

  • Jesus Elle

    GPE ftw

  • Jeremy A

    A comment.

  • joey

    I want I want!

  • Sam

    I wouldn’t mind one of these!

  • Shaun O

    Best part is most certainly vanilla android and immediate updates

  • apogee82

    Stock Andoid!!!!

  • Jonathan

    I want to win!

  • ThatCharles

    Who knew that GPE phones would legitimately get relatively speedy Android updates. Lovely as that is though, I wonder how long companies like HTC and Samsung will actually invest man hours into maintaining the update cycle for their GPE phones in the coming years.

  • justincabreira

    gimme gimme

  • Justin P

    Best part about the devices is the immediate updates directly from Google, and none of the bloatware!

  • Jon Mooney

    no skinz yo

  • bd1212

    Best part of a GPE device is stock Android, of course! Who actually likes Touchwiz or Sense except for the camera’s? Oh and also HOLOYOLO. πŸ™‚

  • Blaine Harris

    no more company skinnnnnnnnns!!!

  • robertlwalters

    The updates!

  • Erik

    I would love a bloat free Flagship device like the HTC One. Who wouldn’t, best hardware available comes in HTC!

  • Radman30

    No Chance

  • Kenny Larson

    Even though I probably won’t win, I still have better chance than winning a powerball jackpot! As far as the question goes the best part about a GPE device is faster updates.

  • Keith Hodgkins

    The best thing about a Google Play Edition is that it’s not the same as what you would get when purchased buy a specific mobile carrier. It will have other features the normal ones won’t. It’s like it has an identity. Like a name..

  • Jordan Geisler

    The best part of a Google Play Edition device is the potential freedom from cellular carrier contracts. Stock Android is a close second.

  • Mutalator

    I want it.

  • Isaac W

    1 in 18,000…. So your saying there’s a chance!

  • Nathan Bunn

    The best part of a GPE phone is hands down the fast updates.

  • AJ


  • Matt Ei

    My Droid DNA just isn’t that sexy…I want!

  • Lawrence Milford

    No manufacturer bloatware!

  • maverick9611

    Best thing? The fact that you don’t have to wait for updates from the provider and the awesome dev support.

  • Russell Sprague

    Can you just leave out the facebook question?

  • Matt

    I’ll leave Verizon for this!

  • MauricioGiraldo

    I got to win this one time.

  • BR

    Fast Updates!

  • sfehrman

    Best Part of Google Play Edition is NO Bloatware!

  • Josh Swenson

    C’mon baby! Of all the contests for all the phones, let this be the “One”!

  • H3xTo

    No Sense = Winning

  • Bob the chicken farmer

    Google Play edition looks like a boas!

  • Jamal Martells

    google play!!!!

  • Dimitris Manargias

    Prompt updates of course

  • TheRoz83

    No bloat is the best part about a Google play edition phone.

  • Carlos York

    The great thing about Play edition device is freedom from carrier

  • Alex G.

    Stock Android all the way!

  • Jason

    Still not sure what to make of this phone til I get it in hand.

  • JustReboot

    One of the most beautiful android devices with a great battery life and the GP Edition. Oh Did I mention if I win it’s free? What more could I want?

  • Ryan Peters

    Best part of a GPE is the quick updates and stock OS!

  • Nick D.

    Fast Android updates.

  • Guest

    I could really use a new phone!

  • jacobp1997

    NO BLOAT!!!

  • Mark Magat

    it’s all about stock android!

  • Jeremy Gunnip

    GPE: choice of top-notch hardware with up to date stock Android

  • Joshua R. Thrasher

    i sure hope i win this…!!

  • pouxonu

    Send that beautiful phone my way! Would love to have one

  • My Name Is Fred

    Yes please!

  • villasin31

    latest android updates

  • Best part about it is stock Android. Cleanliness is next to Godliness.

  • Sri

    i want one. htc one.

  • Claire J Portmann

    I, for one, appreciate the generosity of Droid-Life for giving away an HTC One Google Play edition. If the tweets and Facebook mentions brings more readers to the site, so much the better. Plus, I hope to win the phone that got my boss to change from an IPhone.

  • Diego MuΓ±oz

    I think it’s cool to have current updates, instead of having to wait like 5 months on the newest software.

  • compnird

    I wouldn’t mind this

  • Harry


  • Ballisticn8

    Obviously the best part about GPE devices is AOSP and better dev support since it isnt locked down by a carrier.

  • Sat Sharma

    best part? quick updates!

  • Mike

    Stock experience, unlocked bootloader, fast updates. The phone is MINE, the carrier a dumb pipe for my data.

  • jake

    The best part of GPE is the quick updates and no sense/tw. Just wish it didn’t have the hard buttons.

  • The best part of a Google Play edition device is obviously the fact of no Sense UI (in this case) or other bloated Apps pre-installed.

  • Alex siuda

    great stock android with amazing hardware and timely updates from Google

  • Bryan

    Want want want!!!

  • Erik Meyers

    I love me some stock Android. It just works…you know like maps

  • Andr0_X

    Thanks for the contest.

  • Greg Abbate

    Stock android

  • ALHEDR2316

    Google Edition FTW! πŸ˜€

  • Jonathan Berry

    Stock Android with no skin/bloat.

  • radiox


  • Brian Trust

    The best part of Google Play Edition HTC One is the pure android experience!

  • Jason Olmstead

    Gotta love the pure google experience.

  • strifu

    More google for me please!!! Time to retire my GNEX

  • Dalton earl

    Umm stock android is the best part of Google play devices

  • Pieter-Jan Voskamp

    The best about Google Play edition phones is that it has less crap and branding on it. πŸ™‚ Even though Sense is quite nice, I love stock Android.

  • astr0ng

    AOSP + Open Bootloader > SENSE+ Locked Bootloader

  • b00sted

    No Bloatware! yay

  • Carlos ⌘ Franco

    I’m ready! My wife needs a new phone


    The best part is owning one.

  • The best part of a google play device is not having to change the launcher because most companies put something really ugly on top of android.

  • ChrisCorp

    Although (probably misleading) called the Google Play Edition, this phone would be a pure vanilla Android version of a phone. One of the best phones out now with pure stock Android is nothing to overlook. This is great. We need more of this pure stock Android devices with no UI skins or bloatware.

  • Justin ScottHartrich

    HTC on GPE is a win all around.

  • Nathan Ranson

    Quick updates, all the way.

  • jim Trayer

    It’s free and works

  • Travis Faulkner

    Freedom from crapware!

  • Guest

    Well it would be nice, but I don’t expect to win things anymore.

  • JohnBergman

    What is the best part about a Google Play Edition device?
    Stock Android!!

  • andy

    if only i was on one of the carriers for this phone…

  • JohanV

    Give it to mee.

  • Ian

    Moar GOOGLE!!!

  • DanWazz

    Stock Android. Duh.

  • Milind Shah

    THE updates along with the specs! thanks DL!

  • Eric Palmero

    Built in Google+ or Hangout widget please!

  • WilfredNoel

    I want One ( see what i did there )

  • Dakota Gibbs

    Best part about it to me is that I might win one for free. Never had an android phone but needing to upgrade. Got an android tablet. Heard great things about the one.

  • JamisonFrady

    The google-ness of it all

  • Rob Shad

    Gotta love DL

  • Luke

    Rafflecopter doesn’t use G+?

  • imneveral0ne

    The updates of course!

  • avataranjie


  • Ara Wagoner

    Front-facing speakers, speedy updates, and best of all, NO BLOATWARE! Gimme a phone woth more space for my music and my writing, and I’m a happy co-ed! -Ara


    Is this the moment/time that my luck of never winning anything changes?

  • Michael Nguyen


  • Mario Roberto DoΓ±Γ©

    The best about Google Play Edition devices is the power and versatility of stock Android

  • Allen George

    This would be awesome to replace my aging phone!

  • Fattie McDoogles

    The best part of GPE phones it that they are Stock Android optimized to run on none NEXUS phones. You get the best of both worlds.

  • Tim

    I’d like it!

  • tomn1ce

    It would be nice to replace my G-Nexus with this One..

  • Sb_81st

    an HTC ONE sure would be nice…

  • descalera181

    On time updates

  • Alseddiq

    I don’t mind one

  • Gabe

    pure android

  • John

    FREEDOM! That’s what I love about it.

  • DRAF_Werd


  • Jaime G.

    Stock android. It’s minimalistic and I like that.

  • eric

    love the google edition, no contract and fast updates … but agree, I’d rather enter this contest using g+

  • kyle

    Pure Android Baby

  • AS

    How about Google Wallet? Will it receive GW support in the future?

  • Josh Eck

    Oh yeah, would love the Google edition!

  • FaSSt2001

    Pure Android goodness of course! Some of the features the OEMs put in are cool and useful, but nothing still beats the pure Android experience.

  • Jeremy Case

    Man o man I need to win this. I’m fixing to leave Verizon and this would come in handy

  • David Moylan

    im tired of my Razr HD….the screen is getting a burn in

  • Damon G

    So, umm…all my entries have resulted in fruitlessness. Time to WIN!


    The best part? The Google Experience is the best part, hands-down. (The awesome hardware doesn’t hurt, though.)

  • datafox

    The One is a great feeling phone, feels so solid.

  • Christine Ziegler

    stock android

  • paj

    None of the carrier’s crap on your phone…

  • tyler

    I want it!

  • Ryan5609

    Please give me this phone. Thanks

  • David H.


  • Timothy Nesmith

    The best part of El Goog editions are the Dev support behind them! The people who make ROMs, MODs, and tweaks to make our devices that much better!

  • Inspector Butters

    my droid incredible is tired!!! but i need to keep the grandfathered data. Hook me up with that 100% PURE fellers!

  • Justin Stirling

    The HTC One Google Edition is the optimal combination of software and hardware.

  • fillyo75


  • Taylor Davis

    Superior hardware with a clean OS. Perfect pairing.

  • Josh Haug

    The power of a good phone with stock android, and with out all the crap ware installed on it.

  • Wisefrog

    Man I Love giveaways!

  • Morgan McCarl

    Best part about Google Play Edition phones? The stock experience.

  • Bryant

    The best part is the support you get from Google. TOP NOTCH!

  • This is the best way to experience awesome hardware!

  • [[[…babysmoker…]]]

    The best part about a GPE device? GOOGLE

  • Muddy B00ts

    Best part is no Sense.

  • LP @ThisisEther

    One X a go….

  • butterhasbeenspread

    The best part is getting the phone you want with vanilla Android. Nothing better.

  • Jay

    Faster updates!!!! Why would I want bloatware to slow down progress?

  • Tony Butler

    The pure android is amazing & htc flagship hardware make this one a winner.. one that I would love to have

  • Dan Letsch

    My GNEX is really feeling outdated lately, but do not want to give up the pure nexus (or GPE in this case!).

  • Kay Jay

    Using stock android and no bloat!

  • Josh

    Please pick me. πŸ™‚

  • Evan Duderewicz

    Free HTC One would definitely be better than waiting for the Nexus 5

  • Minh Duong

    i want it BAD!

  • ImTheBetterman

    Lawdy this would be a nice win!!

  • Jonathan

    I’ve been waiting to get this phone…stupid verizon

  • Kevin Lammi

    Quick updates

  • John Davids

    This would be a GREAT upgrade to my G-nex!

  • Brian Barber

    The best part is no bloatware and the latest version of Android.

  • Premium device with stock

  • rhinoshock

    The best part is that it has no sense!

  • Jonathan Penrod

    Agree on using G+, also I need this phone.

  • Jeremy Gentry


  • k3rosene

    Aluminium… πŸ™‚

  • Russell

    Best part of the play edition phones has to be speedy updates… Looking at you verizon…

    Need to replace the broken phone too :(… busted my Droid DNA…

  • Reginald Jefferson

    Lack of bloatware and manufacturer skins tend to be the best reason.

  • Agustin Ponce

    This page is amazing, just wish they would fix their app! Other than that I’m very impressed with their accuracy on the rumors! A+

  • Yarsh

    Stock Android that actually works on a phone? Yes please πŸ™‚
    And 4.3 to boot!

  • Mark Duenas

    Droid-life, best source of news since the OG days! I think I NEED this phone…but really it would just be nice to win it.

  • Dan Rogers

    This would go great with my new T-Mobile service.

  • Joshua Johnson


  • Michael Slaughter

    I need this in my life

  • Jason Merewitz

    The Customization! also the pure android.

  • glee24

    Vote Baggins for a better Shire

  • santxo

    The best part is pure android!

  • John Collard

    Google Play! Real Android, the way it was meant to be.

  • Dennis Payne


  • William_Morris

    Stock Android and timely updates for the win!!!

  • umbrellacorp

    I’d rather use roflcopter. Racist.

  • Fresh

    The updates, and no bloat!!!!

  • Dreadnought9


  • DanThompson87

    As little “Jank” as possible is the best about pure google expirience

  • NotTheTodd

    Stock android!

  • Bronsen Kawewehi

    Stock Android woooohoooo!

  • Josh Imig

    Google updates

  • GoKartNexus

    Don’t have to give up unlimited data. Simple as that.

  • Gregg

    Comment for contest====woot!!!!!!!!!!!

  • engemasa

    Best part about a Google Play edition device, in my opinion and referring to this contest as an example, is that you get the best hardware from a manufacture without the bloatware that can slow down performance that would normally come with the manufacture’s UI.

  • Christopher

    The best part about the Google Play editions is the removal of manufacturer skins. I’m not saying that they’re all bad, but I like not being forced to use one.

  • Justin

    Wow! Thanks guys!

  • Andrew Conklin

    The best part of the HTC One Google Play Edition is that its pure android on a beast of a phone. The way an android phone should. Runs smooth as butter.

  • DC

    No bloatware.

  • p4

    Will I ever win? Probably not .. Will I keep trying?

  • gbrunner24

    I would love nothing better for my 5/8ths birthday present than an HTC One!

  • Daniel Diaz

    The best of “Google Play Edition” is to have updates before anything!

  • Damien Luna

    i rarely ever win so if i do i want to say thank you but i do love stock android more and more and more with each new iteration. i consider it a blessing to win the HTC One GPE

  • Brandon Winter

    The best thing about Google Play edition is pure Android

  • Carl Weeks

    awesome giveaway!

  • A6

    The best part of a GPE is pure vanilla android.

  • Shssael Perez

    It would be nice to win something for a change.

  • kevd

    Would love a new phone! Thanks for the contest.

  • Brian Trahan

    I love my HTC devices I’ve had over the years and my Nexus 7 so this would be the perfect complement to my N7.


    its best of both worlds. stock and htc one

  • Joe

    Best part – Fast updates and no skins.

  • Wyveryx

    Uhm…yeah….so I’m commenting.

  • Anon

    What are the specs on this bad boy?

  • Joshua Rossi

    Droid Life is the best!

  • keeley991

    Hello T-Mo by by Verizon

  • Camilo Martinez

    The best part of the Google Play Edition devices is the fact they run clean, uncluttered stock Android software on the industry’s latest hardware.

  • ezbbycame2play

    AOSP and fast updates

  • Phillip

    Looks great!

  • tmull

    new screen capabilities!

  • Dreas


  • Stacey

    I has good specs and Google interface. What more do I need?

  • jmasterj

    I’d take it!

  • jennieeee

    Everything Android!

  • Pete Tandon

    The best part about a Google Play Edition device is that you get OS updates w/o carrier intervention/postponement!!!!

  • Honey Velasquez

    The best part is its better than my Thunderbolt

  • cmenzw01

    What is the best part about a Google Play Edition device? No bloatware

  • Droidzilla

    Best thing: vanilla Android. It’s the way Android was designed, so everything works as it ought.

  • jonboi78

    I want this phone, might even dump Verizon for a free phone and go with AT&T.

  • Simion


  • Famouz Starz


  • HighBar


  • ETH

    I’ve been using the S3 for about a year (and have been happy with it) but I was thinking about something with stock Android for my next phone.

  • James Johnson

    I wish they would update the SG3 already!!!!

  • BrettRedman

    Best things about the HTC One GPE: Stock Android, Timely updates, beats audio, solid build quality, great screen and did I say stock android? πŸ˜‰

  • GJV

    I’m just oh so tired of Touchwiz, and CM-based ROMs are a bit unstable for me. Gimme a Play Edition please!!

  • n0ppw

    I hope I get picked! πŸ™‚

  • Nick Jones

    yep.. another comment.. not much else to say

  • gintoddic

    yea hi

  • Jason Allen

    Stock Android and timely updates.

  • Jeff

    Best part of GPE is the stock interface no TW, Sense, etc to get in my way.

  • Charles Kotsiopoulos

    Pure Android

  • William Burnett

    Best part about Google play edition is timely updates

  • Howard Wong

    The best part about a Google Play Edition device is its speedy updates straight from Google, plus the fact that the it has great hardware to suit to software.

  • eibyer

    Free to do whatever I want with it!

  • ToddAwesome

    My GNex has a date with a bonfire soon.

  • Jordan Dewey

    The best part about a Google Play Edition device is the absence of a bubbly colorful skin over stock android like Touchwiz or Sense. Oh and no bloatware!

  • Joey Funk

    stock, definitely.

  • eddieonofre

    Google edition phones are the way to go. No more carriers messing with the OS

  • Robert

    The best part about GPE is quick updates…the glorious updates

  • Metal_Link

    The best part of the devices are no carrier bloat ware.

  • Patatat

    I love my buttery smooth nexus devices!

  • Simpletron

    Easy, quick updates

  • Chris Harper

    Love the google play edition of HTC one even as a Verizon employee

  • Luis Fernando Espinar

    Stock android and always be the first to receive updates!!!

  • Arnol Lopez

    What is the best part about a Google Play Edition device? Unlocked and contract free! Latest and greatest updates!

  • rehughe

    The best part is getting pure vanilla Android on a top tier hardware device!

  • Colin Wolfson

    I really want to ditch my GS3 for something better. A free phone sounds perfect.

  • cgingles89

    Please I need a new phone!

  • acontreras426

    If I win that One, I’ll sell it and get a Moto X!

  • bitz

    This here looks like a snazzy phone

  • Johan Velez

    Have a Nexus4, would love this gift now..

  • Pat

    Updates straight from Google!

  • geek_girl

    Stock Android – no carrier apps

  • triumphtriple

    My Gnex is dying! I needs a new phoooonneee

  • traumadog

    Here’s nothing…

  • Erstam

    Front facing speakers are da bomb

  • Amir Imam

    HTC ONE is a top tier android phone, with the GPE the experience is greatly enhanced

  • turdbogls

    GPE Phones are where amazing hardware meets the best software. would love to own one.

  • Daniel McClure

    Best part of Google Play Edition = Vanilla Android. No bloat.

  • bjayjr5679

    I want

  • Daniel McClure

    Yes! Would love an HTC One!!

  • Mike

    The tasty vanilla!!

  • Dan K

    The best thing about Google Play phones is being able to do what I want to them without wasting time and effort working around needless “security” imposed on us by the carriers.

  • avaughan61

    Fast and Swift…HTC Google Play Edition

  • Venjanz

    No bloatware!

  • Corbin

    A girl can dream….

  • poiuytman

    Best part about the HTC One is the aluminum body. Very high strength-to-weight ratio.

  • Jason Womack

    The best part about a Googly Play edition device is no skin!

  • Egg_Omelette

    A nexus like phone to replace my Gnex.

  • Tom Kuhl

    Would like to get a GPE phone for smoothness and prompt updates!

  • Ricky

    I need this!

  • jdsmx

    Test for the win

  • David P

    It’s a great phone with stock experience. What’s not to love??!

  • Kyle Gregory

    It will give me one more reason to leave Verizon!

  • SlimToby33

    Sweet! Thanks Droid Life!

  • kretz7

    GPE rocks

  • Guest

    Fast and Swift..HTC One Google Play Edition!

  • Kyrsten Frasier

    Love the look. Love what I’ve read. Would love to have one!

  • Siebscpa

    The One is the only one for me.

  • Jason Hartman

    Best part of HTC Google play edition no crap on it a smooth system

  • Akilig

    This phone hardware is awesome and fast updates are a plus!

  • morrey35

    Would have to go quick updates.

  • radamantis210

    good luck everyone!

  • Ctansil24

    HTC One FTW

  • Dee Mann

    I need this phone because my gnex is dying slowly

  • Valdir Gomes

    I like ice cream

  • fast updates!

  • a pure android experience

  • Eric Soriano

    Count me in!

  • freddy

    I need a new phone! Just got back from a deployment.

  • Edwin Hemingway

    Excellent phone with great stock experience

  • NeilOMalley

    This would be great to break away from Verizon.

  • mjroberts22

    Would love this

  • Chris Vuong

    As a Verizon user, the best part would be an unlockable bootloader.

  • tomleskin

    Best part of this is definitely stock Android on a premium device! πŸ™‚

  • me08053

    Stock os

  • Sean Lee

    Stock Android, duh!

  • The best thing(s). Flagship hardware without the overly glitzy process hogging skins placed ontop. Also it will give me a chance to sever my ties with Verizon, I am off contract and just need a reason to leave to go to a GSM carrier. Screw CDMA, their service is great but not the customer part of that.

  • Michael Meloy

    Hi there!

  • Ryan Gabbard

    Yeah!! Giveaways!!! I love stock Android and I love Droid Life. πŸ™‚

  • chowhoundb

    Count me in

  • Jeremy Johns

    Regular updates is the best “buy me now” sticker a Google Play Edition phone can have.

  • Russell Freesland

    The best part is that these are great phones running a great system, without all of the unnecessary tweeks.

  • sreggie101

    I started with the OG Droid on verizon back in the day. That keyboard was damn annoying to use sometimes, but looking back, that stock android experience was better than what i see today with all these skins and “enhancements”. stock is what i started with, and stock is what im sticking with. Period. That is the best part and only part that matters with HTC One. So lemme get that free phone…

  • Walt Danker

    Winning one of these would be sweet. Love ASOP

  • nitroglycerine33

    Bring Eclipse GPE to the HTC One!!

  • justin

    pure stock android cannot be beat

  • Ballerado


  • Riley Newell

    I love the gorgeous screen and the AOSP software!

  • Stephan Buckley

    High spec device with mostly stock android, sign me up! I’m getting tired this godforsaken rezound, gotta do so much to get JB on this thing and when you do it’s still annoyingly buggy

  • BlackT5

    This would sure help me make the switch away from VZW. Want to test drive TMO in Los Angeles before I port my number over.

  • AZMrbiggles

    G+ FTW

  • kamkid279

    I’m very impatient, so the best thing about pure Vanilla is the wicked fast updates with the newest features. So can I have the One now, I don’t like waiting around.

  • Barry

    The best part is getting a phone straight from Sergay’s brain!

  • Scott Sochacki

    the best part is no bloatware!

  • DaManfittyGrand

    I want to win. Droid-Life needs me to win….Heck Android needs me to win…..SHOW ME THE HTC ONE!!!! CAN YOU DIGGGGGGIIIIIIITTTTT!!!!……boot

  • Erick

    I want a HTC One GPE!

  • Graham Wilson

    That it comes fully stock!

  • Guest

    Wish I could win this!

  • Daniel Jenkins

    I could really use an Google edition phone for testing at work

  • Rich Robinson

    Facebook & Twitter but not G+?? This is Droid-Life right? … GEOne please! Would love to tell Verizon buh-bye and rock a device that gets updates on a timely basis!

  • nikpatel7

    Clean Vanilla is always the best

  • ouch1976

    Bloat-free, AOSP, and direct updates…

  • Vikinglifeguard

    The best part is the vanilla of the phone, plus the specs are quite nice.

  • YinzerRob

    ill take it!

  • Robert Butler

    Going for a little luck today

  • kevintufts

    Stock android.

  • Montana Mobley

    HTC is way better build quality than Samsung phone.

  • etokenk

    very nicee stuff

  • Karns

    Stock Android, FTW!

  • Akio

    The best thing is vanilla with on-time updates. I’ve spent the last 4 years with Verizon, our contract is almost up. This would help switching to a new carrier.

  • SewWhat

    G-play devices give great hardware and minimal software overlay constraints.. plus WAY faster updates.

  • rdearth53

    Getting stock Android and swift updates on new and sexy hardware with the Google Play Edition devices is pretty hard to beat!

  • rslh

    Pure Google. What’s not to love?!

  • Justin Fosco

    I would like the fast updates. My fiance could use a new phone since she broke hers…lol

  • Sneezert

    Can my phone be delivered by helicopter?

  • Serpico

    Vanilla Google Experience is wicked sweet like a Sonic Oreo cookie and Reese’s Peanut-butter Cup Blast, only without the complications of the Oreo cookie and Reese’s Peanut-butter Cup pieces. Yeah.

  • Graham S

    Stock Android is the best.

  • Chris Taylor

    Best part of GPE.. Haing the latest straight from mother Google…

  • I’ve been looking for an excuse to leave VZW now that my contract ended. Winning this would be just what I need to jump ship!

  • Swauger

    I guess if I win, this will give me a reason to drop Verizon.

  • Steve B

    Best part about GPE is no manufacturer skin. Give me stock Android or GTFO.

  • ArrowCool

    My GNex is getting slow. A new phone would be most welcome. Developer edition is just icing on the cake. Love my custom ROM’s.

  • Steven Then

    The best part about Google Play edition device is that users are able to experience devices as they should be instead of all the nonsense carriers place on these amazing devices.

  • Daniel_Weber

    mmmmmm HTC

  • JeffPodwats

    faster updates. no bloat

  • Rob

    Would love to win this, like the updates and stick skin

  • Jess

    I want to win this for my Mom

  • Matt Schultz

    hopefully it would be updated often. and no contract. and thanks for the contest.

  • d-rock

    +1 to G+ > FB. Cool give away. Need one of these for my girlfriend!

  • Andrew Cornwell

    ah, this will be so sick if I win.

  • Christopher Quan


  • disqus_0QOzDILuK2

    No carrier bloat.

  • kckadow

    This would save me from buying a Droid Maxx to replace my Vz GNex that has uncrontrollable screen awake issues. I never lose it though b/c it’s always plugged in… I have an FB account, but prefer not to use it much, especially not to sign in.

  • hfoster52

    Nice Phone.

  • Eric Bright

    Google Play Edition devices are best because they’re among the first to get timely updates.

  • Balint Adrian

    Exactly, G+ is much better

  • TrennisHostetler

    Best part is no bloat.

  • Patrick Lahni

    I’ve been dying to try other carriers besides VZW and a new GSM phone would help. πŸ™‚

  • Nelly547

    Unlockable bootloader and no bloat!

  • Brad Ross

    I would be SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO stoked to win this!!!

  • fyrhtu

    Yay STOCK android!

  • rawson815

    Nothing better than pure google!!!!!

  • Mike

    I’m so in!

  • Vince Wallander

    Twitter is hating on me, won’t let me in. Gotta get me a google play phone!

  • Jason Morton

    I hope that I win!

  • Victor Tokunboh

    play edition!!!

  • akellar

    The best part is not waiting on OEM’s for updates

  • mikesuds

    Stock Android and bloatless customization!

  • CasperTFG

    GPE = no bloat, no UI, all Android. Hug a nut.

  • Dave

    Best part is the near perfect HW/SW combination.

  • nvitone23

    Early updates!

  • Jeff Houghtalen

    No carrier contracts

  • Ryan Ellingson

    Best part you say? Faster updates!

  • sant0s

    Stock android FTW!

  • Tmooey

    The ability to so easily flash custom Roms, 100%

  • ceejw

    Bing billy billy bong bong

  • socarwolverine

    This could spur me to try out Tmo without having to give up my VZW unlimited just yet.

  • Greg Widener

    Because my Note 2 doesn’t even have 4.2.2 yet! πŸ™‚

  • Aaron

    The best part about a Google Play Edition device is you don’t have all the bloatware

  • Reinfyr

    Vanilla. Sweet, sweet vanilla.

  • Scott

    That phone is pretty

  • Favad

    mmmmmm HTC One GPE. Me love you long time!

  • Adam

    Stock or GTFO, amirite? Who am I kidding, I’m still gonna custom rom it.

  • Zachary Manville

    best hardware on any phone, period

  • Matt P

    it’s shiny.

  • Secretwar1

    No sense!

  • Eric Kyle

    Clean Android with fast updates!

  • Ryan

    Google Play Editions are better because you get a great phone with a stock android experience

  • Splee Yark

    Having a Google Play device would be awesome! I’m tired of so much apps I’ll never use or have no interest in taking up RAM and ROM. Love live vanilla Android!

  • Matt

    faster updates are why the google play editions are better

  • brian


  • Aj

    The great hardware with the amazing Google software.

  • Rob Kaplan

    Not that everyone doesn’t already know this, but a Google Play phone would be sweet!

  • jonathon johnston

    Best part is a clean Android experience. Worst part of the GPE devices is I don’t have on yet…

  • Rob Monasterios

    No more bloatware and faster updates. Thx for the chance to win this device

  • normmcgarry

    Beautiful hardware + beautiful software joined in unity.

  • hiltoab

    Need…New…Phone My GNex is barely hanging on

  • Manuel Rodriguez

    I need one!

  • Molly Housel

    OG to GNex to this, stock 4 life!

  • epps720

    would love this!

  • Mitch Joa


  • Joe Bertolino

    No custom skin!

  • zellyzaraki

    the best part about is that its stock android

  • james l


  • Robby Cortez

    Would like to win a HTC one Google edition. I’ve never won nothing so maybe droid life will hook it up with some vanilla android goodness πŸ˜‰

  • I so need a new phone.. mine just crapped out and would love to win the htc one

  • Mike Strollo

    Best part about the Google Play Edition… You get to show everyone who cares, that you have a Google Play Edition

  • sontarin

    Great hardware and stock android without tampering

  • Jeff Shelton

    Stock Android!

  • Cory Hackett

    I would really like that phone!!!!

  • Arham Jamal

    Pure android on a HTC one and updates quicker than the rest.

  • Anthony Watts

    Would love to get some stock android on a high-powered phone while getting an HTC back in my hand. My introduction to Android came with the Droid Incredible. My gateway an-drug.

  • Brandon Judy

    I wouldn’t mind a new phone.

  • pbolton70

    Oh my god please…please…please. I hope I win. I want this phone so bad but have not had the funds to throw down on it. I am trying to save for it. But at the rate I am going the HTC one GPE 2 will be out…lol I so hope I will win this. IT would make my year to win it

  • Adam Intinarelli

    The fact that it has stock Android on one of the top phones out right now!

  • Robert Sanchez

    Would love to be able to get my handa on a brand spanking new Google play edition device!!!!

  • thefullritz

    Ready to give up my Gnex.

  • A. Butta

    Nothing like Vanilla Android on a hot day..

  • Andre Lepage

    pick me pick me!

  • michael tong


  • Ian

    The best part of a Google Play Edition is that if you have one, its not a contract phone (because you paid retail, or won one in a contest /wink). Id say its the lack of OEM skin, but I’ve always liked HTC Sense.

  • jpxa

    The fact that it comes with 4.3 of course!!!

  • Chaz Douglas

    sweet succulent buttery goodness

  • Alec Reed

    Stock Android and nice hardware!

  • Tyler

    Clearly the idea of having stock software along with amazing hardware is why this clearly is a winner.

  • Pairasol

    The best part about a Google Play Edition device is getting the best hardware with the best software.

  • Frank Messner

    What better than to get a device buttered up from Google directly with some of the fastest updates!

  • brad0383

    Best part is vanilla android.

  • Anthony Stewart

    The best part of a google play phone is pure android and gets the latest updates for real.

  • duurf

    Alright! Love this phone!

  • Matt Appleman

    I love the design of the HTC One with the bonus features of having Stock Android straight from Google. Easily one of the best phones on the market.

  • PhoenixPath

    Couldn’t post last night for some reason…here it is. πŸ™‚

  • Derek

    Receiving immediate updates. No contracts. There’s a lot to love about google play editions!

  • NYCHitman1


  • Benjamin Biggs

    The best part of a Google edition phone is being able to play with stock android on some pretty nice hardware.

  • Mike White

    Best aspect of a GPE device I’m sure is vanilla android. Between my Verizon Galaxy s3 and my 1st gen Nexus 7, the bloatware from Verizon and Samsung usually makes for a more frustrating experience than the pure android experience of my Nexus 7. And timely updates don’t hurt either (I’m looking at you Samsung and your 4.1.2 for the GS3 :/)

  • possomcrast1

    It’s absolutely open.

  • DeAnna Sowder

    If I win this phone I’ll be able to say what the best part about a Google Play Edition device is. Until then…we wait

  • K. Nelson

    The best part of a google play phone is no bloatware!!!

  • DavidEvans32

    The best thing is sticking it to the man

  • Goonieguy8


  • importtuner419

    Hope I win. The best thing is the combo of flagship hardware with quick updates!

  • picaso86

    I am from Brazil – I want it. :]

  • tdpietrini

    I want.

  • Miles

    Direct from the source!

  • TheFirstUniverseKing

    Being able to experience Android in the way Google envisioned!

  • Illegitimi non Carborundum

    No contract. AOSP goodness.

  • Jathusan Thiruchelvanathan


  • XIII

    GPE editions = off contract

  • Don

    I’m really looking forward to the pure Android experience as designed by Google.

  • Siggy

    Quicker than carrier model updates to the OS.

  • Jon Crecca

    Google PE One – Sure πŸ™‚

  • Tej

    I need to get rid of my Galaxy Nexus already

  • bobbyburdette

    Best thing about the Google Edition? > simple: Pure Googleness

  • Quentin J.

    Me please

  • Chicken Noodle Soup

  • bigdav1178

    Best part about GPE – fast updates! You don’t have the OEM crapware to slow down the updating process.

  • URABUS0924

    I hate Sense.

  • Robert Rothstein

    What is the best part about a Google Play Edition device? stock android

  • Logan Anteau

    No manufacturer added bloat!

  • Alex Goings

    I am down for this

  • Sean O’Keefe

    Best part of the GPE devices is they run stock Android so you have a wider range of devices to choose from instead of just a Nexus.

  • Michael Harman

    Vanilla Android of course is the best part.

  • Kenneth Herrmann

    Stock android is the best

  • Ivan92116

    no bloatware

  • The best part of a Google Play Edition phone is that it gets the updates directly from Google. No waiting months or more for carrier updates.

  • Matt Skrinski

    Times like these make me realize how awesome Droid Life is and then start following and Liking them on other sites.

    Please keep up the sweet work guys.

  • John Huie

    Best part? Stock, fast, ability to rom like anything. And it’s a gorgeous looking phone!

  • David Goller

    It combines great hardware with a Nexus user experience. win-win

  • Brian O.

    Awesome. Hopefully I win.

  • DmcKenzman

    I miss having an HTC. I hate this iPhone.

  • Kyle Miller

    I likey!

  • Aaron Brodsky

    Awesome hardware. Stock android. Fast updates.

  • Masta Marc

    Can these be used on Verizon?

    • paul_cus


  • Nicholas Fowler

    I’d love a new Google Edition phone, especially an HTC One.

  • jbreakfield

    The best part about a Google Play Edition device is the stock Android experience, and the fast updates!

  • 3fren

    The best part of Google Editions is companies flagship device are using stock android.

  • rae hamilton

    I wonder if it is my time to win?

  • Herard Ortega

    It’s gotta be definitely not having bloatware and the immediate updates!

  • Matt Galyon

    Best part…unlocked bootloader.

  • AtanRaca

    I have wanted one of these for a few months… Too bad I am a Verizon customer

  • Nick M

    Simple, no carrier bloat.

  • Ben Leggett

    Why oh why didn’t HTC make this one fully compatible with T-mobile HSPA+?

  • iceburgh

    Being able to get updates in a timely manner and being able to fully customize your phone the way you want to without the man telling you how your phone should be

  • jbegs

    Updates, updates and more updates…

  • Tyler

    would definitely like this phone to replace my gnex

  • Mike Treubig

    Play edition is as near to nexus as you can get.

  • Stnkycheezman

    DUUUUUUDE…you dont even know how bad i want this phone. gimme gimme

  • Duffy Olson

    Best part about a google play edition device is quick updates. Ensures you’re always running the cleanest and best version out there.

  • Fabian Cosme

    i like the htc one with pure google android

  • Nick DiMauro

    The best part of the google play phones is the pure, unadulterated, android expierence!

  • luciomtz

    Let me win please!

  • Bigwavedave25

    The best thing about a GPE device… developer support.

  • Best part of a Google Play Edition device is quick updates!

  • Jerrod Schultz

    Google Play edition = NO BLOATWARE!!

  • Jeff Stewart

    Best thing about GP editions is a true android experience on an amazing device

  • Brandon Landfried

    It’s nice not having to use Sense all the time.

  • kdietze3

    The best thing about Google Play Edition devices is that you don’t have to deal with any carrier BS. VZW makes me feel like Walter White would be a more “customer focused” carrier.

  • Kyle Pinette

    The best part about play edition phones is stock android!

  • Juan Sosa

    Need a new phone to ditch my samsung galaxy nexus.

  • Chris

    Stock Android!

  • FRGuzman

    The best part of a Play Edition is having faster updates.

  • will

    up to date upgrades

  • Rich

    The best part of a play edition phone is fast updates and no crappy OEM skins.

  • Daniel Richardson

    had a chance to hear “boom sound” in person from the front speakers.. it really is a nice addition! and having a GPE would be even sweeter.

  • Matthew Hojnacki

    Top Spec Phone. No Bloat or other BS to get in the way

  • Andrei

    A HTC One will be a step up from my Galaxy S2

  • 4n1m4L

    The best part of a GPE is the best hardware running straight android

  • Kiter86

    Best part of GPE is stock android of course!

  • Rogenyourseth

    I really love the BoomSound speakers and the camera. Definitely one of the best shooters on the market

  • Willie Lai

    Been needing this phone badly to experiment with all the magic of android. Also enjoy some great music with its awesome dual frontal speakers. Sadly i do not have enough money to buy one. Please give it to me! πŸ˜€

  • Shaunwin

    Google Edition FTW!

  • michael bourgoin

    thanks for the phone πŸ™‚

  • Chazzhd3rd

    I have to say no crappy third party bloatware

  • dougtallica

    What a sexy beast of a device.

  • Adam K. Beebe

    Quick Android updates

  • Rob Mounts

    Would love to have a phone that is up to date! Please consider me for this.

  • Zac Audette

    Best part is the frequent updates and clean look. (:

  • Paul Kim

    Fast updates!

  • Argeu

    The more pure the better

  • Antony Woodhouse

    The best thing about google play edition devices is the faster updates πŸ™‚

  • Jonathan Svor

    No VZ bloatware

  • IanH

    Vanilla android

  • Djdmac24

    The best part about a Google play edition device is the quick updates.

  • pepito141

    the best part about a GE phone are the FAST system updates!

  • RIGSSanchez

    Stocccck android’

  • Emmanuel Sanchez

    The pure Google experience and no manufacturer skins

  • dunkaroos and gushers

    it’s peanut butter jelly time

  • Asimoalex

    The best part is that there no bloatware and little wait time for updates

  • Matt Mihalik

    Priority updates from HTC and Google.

  • Kevin

    Wouldn’t hurt to have until I save enough for the Moto X.

  • Bakercj

    Looking to get a new phone. Would love one of the greatest phones of the year…

  • Erik B

    Pure android and fast updated!

  • IanKellogg

    Could really use a new phone

  • erikbirk

    Gotta love vanilla android.

  • JΓ©rΓ΄me Besnard

    Google Play Edition best part: vanilla Android with no bloatware from manufacturer or carrier

  • Nathan Gentry

    Updates direct from Google. No more skins.

  • David Kopicki

    The best part is no stupid android skins

  • Dimeezy

    The best part is I don’t have to deal with AT&T ish….

  • Donovan Stapp

    I need one of these.. Or 3

  • NPaduch

    Stock AOSP, bug free. It doesn’t get much better than that.

  • EdLessard

    Win, win, win.

  • stevelw1

    Best part of the phone is no carrier or manufacturer interference with the interface.

  • TheIronistIX

    The best part is being contract free!

  • Keith

    I love the pure android look and feel of GP devices

  • Nomaan S

    It’s pure in every sense

  • Martin Hackle

    Would love to win this; need to replace my current phone soon.

  • Tim Austin

    stock android.

  • Bryan Kolb

    Pure a

  • Shamus murray

    Incredible hardware with newest updates!

  • Sean Plantz

    Would love this, best part is the pureness of it all.

  • Brittany N

    I want this phone πŸ™‚

  • Consequence

    My GNex is damaged, so a new HTC One would rule!

  • makivelli

    Droid Razr badly needs replacing. This would be a glorious help!

  • Kollin Leisinger

    Um…the fact that it’s stock & Google. No bloatware to see here!

  • joshua rodriguez

    I want it! Love front facing speakers and stock android together!

  • MettaWorldTroll

    This will make an excellent phone for when my Verizon contract ends in a few days!

  • ReklessSVT

    I gotta say the faster updates are my favorite thing about a Google Play Edition phone

  • blake

    Quick updates

  • Eduardo stanley

    He is I am I him ?

  • JsinLegacy

    The endless possibilities on a GE Device are …..well….limitless

  • big007hed

    Hi ho hi ho off to work I go… I love pudding

  • Lokee77

    Best part of a GPE device is the Nexus-like experience.

  • arno baccam

    i feed my droid apples

  • AndrewScottRox

    Google play edition means stock goodness, timely updates, and that Eric Schmidt feel good rainbow power.

  • jakymiwm

    Wish me luck!

  • thehandcoder

    It’s the big pile of carrier crap i don’t have to smell anymore.

  • Lee Phillips

    Best part of a Google Play Edition is getting the hardware without the OEM skins. I hate the OEM skins!

  • kevin

    Latest version immediately and all stock

  • Michael OBrien

    Would love to have this device in my hand

  • Josh White

    All the updates!

  • Joe Zollinger

    They’re more Googley.

  • Robert Willis

    Updates from Google is the best part. Second best is no bloatware.

  • gilburrito

    Google edition HTC one is crazy good

  • Crackerjack06

    The unibody design is my favorite part of this GPE.

  • benplum

    The best part is that its stock. No dumb ui replacements!!

  • legalkill

    Best part – Updates

  • benplum

    I need a new phone!!

  • steve

    give me an unlocked HTC 1 please

  • Devion Reed

    I won’t have to deal with VZM!!!!

  • Galen


  • dochill4u

    It’s not an iPhone

  • pinecone92


  • BIG CAT #7


  • steveP

    Plain old Android and first to update are the best parts of a Google Play Edition phone.

  • reyalP

    I prefer GPE because I like my phone without all the bloat!

  • artsr2002

    I would like a new phone. Please/Thanks πŸ˜€

  • UtopianSnucka

    Still love HTC’s products, despite being a former Thunderbolt owner. My fiance’s DNA is gorgeous and puts my GNex to shame, haha. Winning this would be a fantastic reason to finally ditch Big Red.

  • Jatin Kishore

    The best part is the the best of both worlds – great hardware from the OEMs and great software fro Google with regular updates (even though they’re handled by the OEMs). What more does anybody want?

  • justincase_2008


  • Dan

    A Google edition phone would get me out of VZW’s claws

  • Sporttster

    HTC One is a nice phone. Like the build quality and the front speakers and screen.

  • Garcia

    I love the idea of Google Play devices! It means a fast and bloat free android, plus the backing of the MOD community!

    PS: I hope international readers are welcome in this giveaway.

  • Bubs

    Tired of Verizon’s crap and I want to switch. This phone would make that very easy to do.

  • Greg

    im starving

  • Victor EpΓ©e

    I want this phone

  • Matthew Rickard

    Sure I’ll take it off your hands

  • whiteboyx69

    Pure android!

  • kkent26

    I believe the best part of a pure Google phone is best described by William Wallace at the end of Braveheart.

  • Corey Foltman

    Quick updates. No Contract Renewals.

  • bwash30

    The best part about this device is it’s not tied down by sense or carrier delays for updates.

  • Thismilkisourmilk


  • Jason Tsujimura

    No bloat! Thank you very much.

  • Matt

    Updates! Look Mom, I did it!

  • Raymond Dionne

    Best part is quick updates

  • rsmiff

    I would like this because VZW could not tell me when or if they were getting the One so I went with a SGS3. Literally 2 weeks later they announced the One. Go figure, impatience I know. I prefer the Google AOSP experience on my phone.

  • leo yang

    would love to win me a GE HTC 1 and where’s the Google+ entries?

  • Nikodem

    The best part of GPE phone is that you have an Android device with quick updates, no bloatware and which is running extremely fast.

  • Victor EpΓ©e

    Google play edition means faster updates.

  • David Triscari

    Best part of GPe? Best hardware and best software, albeit at an unattainable price for most

  • matador10-APCW

    The best part of a GPE is Updates

  • dsilva1217

    GPE One! wooo

  • Trevor Clement

    The best part is gooey filling.

    Oh wait, wrong giveaway. Nevermind.

  • Garrett Shields

    Quick updates and b-e-a-utiful stock Android!

  • Phil Austin

    .:: Vanilla Android ::.

  • Sparktweek

    The best part of a GPE are the updates…no waiting for the carrier to decide if/when they will push out a new version of android. Thanks DL!

  • scodumachi

    Love me some pure Android. My Nexus has put up a good fight but would love a step up on specs.

  • richard

    Raffle copter or comment ? Chose comment

  • Davey Jones

    Um yes please. I have the HTC inspire 4G…its a dinosaur compared to this beasticle of a phone!

  • Brent Newcomb

    This a beautiful device

  • IsThatACock


  • Ryan

    Better than my X2

  • Bentley Chism

    Loving the option to have a pure Android experience!

  • Daeshaun Griffiths

    the design. From speaker placement to build quality.

  • Comanita Ion Bogdan

    The best part is that you will always be the first one to have the latest and greatest android software available.

  • ScottyByrd

    Updates straight from Google

  • Vital Grados

    I love HTC and I loooove stock android! so why not get the best of both worlds??!!

  • Poobis

    Best thing about a Google edition phone: not being tied to a carrier.

  • diggitydigs

    Not locked down from the carriers is pretty sweet

  • Hano Armaditya

    Count me in!

  • dkunk


  • argeebee99

    Freedom! No bloatware!

  • Syed Suhaib Mustafa

    best part about google edition is pure android feeling and immediate updates firectly from google

  • Christopher Garofalo

    No more damn sense just pure android goodness

  • CityofChampionshipS

    I want a taste of the good like! I need a good phone!!!

  • Adam Dever

    Awesome give away. Looking forward to the Google experience

  • deviantartjr

    the best part of google edition is ,we can feel the google experience,and get fast update directly from google

  • mjsalinger

    Best part about a google experience device is Stock Android, pure and simple.

  • Ivan Pankratov

    It’s GPE device – that’s definitely a +

  • Jamie Kostok


  • Akash

    Vanilla Android. <3

  • alershka

    Best feature is the rapid updates. I’m looking at you Verizon…

  • Justin

    Sick of my broken S3. Phone that works and receives updates is what I need.

  • michael arazan


  • Frank Urbanski

    Give my that solid-bodied sexiness!

  • Achilles Kily

    Lost my Note II two weeks ago, this would be a great consolation prize…keeping fingers crossed

  • James Freeman

    Best thing about GPE, that Holo design

  • Dustin McCutchen

    I’ll take it if I have to

  • droyd4life

    Pick me (please) ;D

  • josh

    Have a droid RAZR nuf said

  • chuckg73

    I would love one

  • Raymond Lowe

    Vanilla Android is the best thing about a GPE device!!!

  • JamesU513

    Vanilla android nuff said

  • Btlf0nt

    The Google Play HTC One is great because it’s simple and powerful. I would love one.

  • Kilgore Trout

    No bloatware and quick Android updates!!!

  • Ian Goh

    because it’s not an iphone

  • rosky71

    This is my only chance in getting one since Verizon still hasn’t released it yet.

  • Capt. Crunch

    I want the HTC One GPE because it is the best mobile combination of hardware and software available.

  • Shreyas Sood


  • Clift

    Still needs on screen keys

  • dontjudgemekk

    Droid life ftw

  • Leonard Wong

    Certainly the stock build of Android experience

  • Kevin Fite

    Pure Android

  • ArrowOscar

    I really want to out this phone.

  • Vikky

    The best part of a Google Play Edition device is the pure android experience as intended by Google. Would love to get this one.


    Best part is the quick updates

  • Vendetta

    GPE, this is awesome!

  • EnX$$

    i hope i win

  • Peter

    Pure Android!!!!

  • Ma Tzi Quan

    The best part is the absolute beauty of pure vanilla android.

  • Chris v

    Best part is vanilla android! I hope Good b day luck is on my side, as it is today!

  • Marv

    Stock and quick updates

  • Ma Tzi Quan

    The best part is the absolute beauty of pure vanilla android on flagship devices.

  • Jono Jon


  • Justin Betancourt

    nice giveaway

  • Sheena Leaven Morrison

    The best part of a Google Play edition device is the pure vanilla android on a flagship device.

  • S

    I love the Google Play version since you don’t have to deal with the HTC bloatware!

  • Best part: latest and greatest AOSP

  • Sean Royce

    Best part: AOSP.

  • kakuckaku

    best parts: Simple android, fast upgrade

  • fast updates and pure Android

  • nevildev

    Free to do what I want with the phone!

  • Arif Muhammad Faisal

    The best part about Google Play Edition device is quick updates and mostly stock UI.

  • КСша А.

    The best part is that google supports more phones on stock, so more drivers morem fun

  • goodm

    Done everything, than hit Terms&Conditions …Damn.

  • HellRa1SeR

    The best thing is the direct updates to the latest Android build, like the nexus program.

  • Andy Lam

    Hello droid life, gotta love my droid:)

  • htcone


  • Silent Jay

    Best part of the Google Play Edition device is ability to use on the carrier of your choice as long as the device supports it

  • Burnie128

    Entered πŸ™‚

  • nforkner

    The Vanilla Android of course!

  • Sebastian Jackel

    Uh, I’d like to be the one who gets a One for once!

  • Byron

    The best part are the speakers!

  • Daniel Howell

    HTC One… Best phone ever!

  • kaloyan

    US entries only? Come on…

  • Dakota Wooster

    The best part about GPE would be these “Updates”. I’ve heard rumors about them but as a Verizon customer I never receive any..

  • Raph

    Nice! We can have updates easily

  • BrianBrick

    The best part is being able to do whatever I want with the phone without jumping through any hopes

  • Aaron


  • kaloyan

    The best part about Google play edition phones are the updates.

  • wendy moore

    Sweet. Fingers Crossed- Need to upgrade from my droid 4 but can’t for fear of lose my unlimited verizion data πŸ™‚

  • LoveJailbreak4S

    The best part are the speakers!

  • diasia

    The best parts are update speed and stock android all my phones have been HTC and I don’t plan on jumping ship now with this bad boy out

  • EdsonDJ

    The best part is getting the latest Android update fast.

  • brintonjay

    Thanks for being awesome DroidLife!

  • Florin Catalin Lita

    Best part? Pure stock Android, no bloatware, high performance and a high life expectancy

  • Nexus One from HTC & Google. Remember old version.

  • Anil Reddy

    The best part of any google edition device is the fact that it gives you the fastest updates from Google along-with the best hardware from the OEMs.

  • Anil Reddy

    The closest that you can get to a HTC Nexus is getting the HTC One Google Edition! πŸ™‚

  • Michael Parsons

    No carrier bloatware!

  • Michael Parsons

    No carrier bloatware!

  • heckface

    One of the few choices I had for my gnex replacement. Free would make that decision a lot easier.

  • Deantwon Puckett

    the best part about google play edition devies is you get the lastest updates in a timely manner and you can mix some of the manufacturers with the GE phone .

  • David Molina

    Stock. I never miss bloatware or skins. I like my business clean. usually.

  • Yanto Lee

    This is one of the power horse i plan to get..Hopefully to get it from here

  • zhawk777

    A clean canvas!

  • Darrin Torgersen

    I’d love one please! (pun intended)

  • Daniel

    There is nothing better then getting into a device without all the carrier crap loaded on it! Love me some stock Android!

  • Kristijan Mladenovski

    The best part about a Google Play Edition device is that’s a Google Play Edition device πŸ™‚

  • Danish Prakash

    Best : Stock Android with HTC’s awesome Build.

  • Patrick

    Boy do i love Google Edition Phones! Best part, no carrier bloatware!

  • Vlad

    The best part about Google Edition Phones is the custom Hardware(Samsung or HTC) and the amazing software(stock Android 4.3)

  • Kree Terry

    Oh man this would be a sweet win, I don’t think I’ve vet wanted an android device as bad as I’ve wanted the one.

  • 5a.m.

    The best part is that it runs stock android

  • Trevor Hicken

    The most awesome part of the Google Play Edition HTC One is the stock Android 4.3!

  • aj34

    frequent updates…HOORAY!!!

  • Elis B.

    the camera

  • UNCNYY04

    I really like this #one.

  • Tim Buchanan


  • Ryan Batty

    Im in!

  • Tim Buchanan

    Yes please!

  • Nicolas Pipitone

    Best part for me is the feeling of working from a blank slate. No bloatware. No heavy software filling up space. And just feeling that little bit more connected to Google. πŸ™‚

  • Jason Burke

    I need it so bad. Broke college student. I love Droid-Life

  • I want some of that HTC One Love and having the OS be vanilla is even better!

  • Radu Pal

    The HTC One is the best phone for audiophiles. I’m not in the habit of listening to music on the phone speakers, in public but nonetheless, this being the first and for the time being, best stereo sound smartphone, it’s one of those pieces of tech that you just gotta have!

  • billy routh

    Pure Android! The best build ! Awesome speakers!

  • dark_funk

    That screen and those speakers. Mmmmhmmm.

  • Abhijeet Mishra

    Google Play Edition device = quick updates, unbloated software that runs fast and smooth unlike Sense and TouchWiz and whatnot.

  • Danny Cordero

    Having stock hardware and Android OS makes it the perfect combination.

  • Mantas

    best – vanilla 4.3

  • Victor Amador l

    hardware is top of the line combined with Google software. that’s what everyone been looking for.

  • JasonCalifornia

    Please, oh please, oh please! My Sensation needs a rest!

  • Scott Manders

    Easily the fact that it is pure vanilla.

  • Ajay Kamat

    Outside US people eligible?

  • Colton

    the best part is the Google inspired software (obviously) with a nice touch on the physical side by HTC! Can’t get much better than that.

  • docnok

    The best thing about GPE is you don’t have all the bloat from either HTC or your carrier on the phone. You get a pure Android experience without the lag.

  • uximalik
  • Jonathan

    Google play devices generally have unlocked bootloaders. Nuff said.

  • Abhilash Kudva

    The best part about a Google play device is the slim and bloat free firmware with constant updates

  • DMuckerman

    I’d love to have a Google Edition HTC One. My Galaxy Nexus has a cracked screen, and I’ve been drooling over the HTC One since it came out. And Google Edition or Nexus is the only way to do Android.

  • JDub

    Pure vanilla, enough said.

  • Timothy Warne Jr

    Hope I win so I can get rid of my dreaded Verizon gnex and switch to T-Mobile with the HTC One GPE. Had so much trouble trying to enter the contest on my gnex so slow and laggy if you own a Verizon gnex I know your frustrations.

  • Kelly OBrien

    That is one beautiful phone !

  • bungadudu

    Fast updates ftw !

    Me want KLM!! :droll:

  • Instructor Doc

    Definitely RAW STOCK ANDROID! So glad the google play version of the HTC One went back to it’s roots! Other than the fact that the phone is already awesome and has great sound with beats audio… That is my favorite feature!

  • gw

    If I win this phone, I might actually leave Verizon instead of just pining away at phones :/

  • Ajay Jose Appaden

    The fact that you get nexus style updates on an amazingly high end awesome device

  • Tyler Lipshutz

    You have the best of both worlds, a well designed phone and vanilla-goodness

  • Adrian Joldis

    always up to date os

  • Augustin

    Pure Android

  • Freerogers

    The best part is getting updates to the latest and greatest software soon after it is available.

  • Nathan Corachea

    puhlease rig this and make me the winner.
    I wouldddd lovvee a GPE. Screw bloatware and all the fancy pointless addons that are aimed at regular consumers.

  • I like having a choice, sometimes carrier bloat is useful but oftentimes there’s always a better alternative and having a google edition phone means you can start off with the basics and build your ultimate phone from there.

  • Trevor Anderson

    This is the best phone out right now. Hope I have a chance!

  • chocolate8175

    Boom sound!

  • Patrizio Bruno

    I love android stock devices: you can customize them like nothing else or enjoy the great Google experience

  • Marilyn Gonzales

    Love to have a true android not one that locks up.

  • The best part…the fact that you get awesome hardware (I do miss HTC hardware, loved my N1) and awesome stock software (which I love on my getting older rom’ed GS3) combined in one device, OFFICIALLY. I love breaking warranties and all when I root, and do it without hesitation, but one day it’s going to bite me in the ass, I know it, and this would go a long way toward preventing that!

  • M. Payne Jr

    I would love to post an off topic comment in the never ending forum troll argument section but the thing i love most is it’s a Dev phone! and it’s the htc one. want so bad. hard to part with my ol gnex but win or not this is going to be my upgrade phone!

  • Grayson

    Best part about a GPED is not having to put up with carrier BS. Hands down!

  • Jared Hininger

    Don’t know why I keep entering these things.

  • Jerome Rhodes

    pure google. no fillers. no other two sentences have made me smile like this

  • BG


  • Marvin de Pano

    “What is the best part about a Google Play Edition device?” Uh, no bloatware!? πŸ˜€

  • topherrjames

    I would love one of these!

  • rodd berlin

    This phone is awesome!

  • Ervin Hasmujaj

    the best part of Play devices is fast updates and no bloatware

  • Pete Townill

    The best part is speedy updates. The Sense 5 edition is still on 4.1.2 on most carriers.

  • Jose Alvarado

    I would love a google edition htc one so I don’t have to renew my contract to replace my aging galaxy s3.

  • Shimond Bradley

    Ive wanted this phone for a long minute now. the Google play edition make a good phone better since bloatware in minimal.

  • EndlessVertiGo

    Better than waiting for the VZW One!

  • Henry Specker

    The best part about a Google play edition phone is the updates straight from Google relatively soon to when they come out. And no bloatware.

  • Royce Guo

    The best part of the HTC GPE is the beautiful simplicity and wonderful integration between software and hardware that brings the whole package together.

  • Adam

    Woo! I could use one of these during my semester abroad. Need a phone that works internationally!

  • Rudy Rivapalacio

    without a doubt, the best part is lack of bloat!

  • Todd

    The best part about google play ed. is no carrier B.S.

  • Raymond Dyne III

    really hope i win!!!! love this phone and would love to have the google edition!

  • phil mottershead

    New phone? Gimmeh!

  • Owais


  • Trevon

    Obviously stock Android, and timely updates!

  • Justin

    The best part of a Google Play edition of ANY phone is just the pure AOSP look. I HATE manufacture overlays… I am now a proud Nexus 4 owner, and would never look back at non google branded devices.. Unless I received this HTC!!! I’ve always wanted an HTC..

  • luisrb7

    Great hardware from HTC and timely updates from Google

  • Jacob Lee

    Love this site!

  • damaster_weenis

    I’m to lazy to check….will this work on Verizon?

  • D T Lara

    About to do an upgrade from a gs3. This would be the perfect alternative to a gs4. Nothing against Sammy, but HTC has this one. No Bloat and latest updates.

  • Mark Mann

    fast upgrades!

  • bungadudu

    What I like?

    The fast updates!

  • mcdonsco


  • Charles W.

    The best part about a GPE device is that you appreciate the beauty of the hardware in a whole different way. You don’t feel as frustrated with the device since the obnoxious skin is gone, so you now can flaunt the device as a whole. That is the best part about a Google Play edition device.

  • tharealoc

    The phone is crazy tall but who doesn’t love free…the best part about GPE phones is the non bloated wonderful vanilla android.

  • roberthenderson

    Great giveaway! Would love to try the lowlight camera shooting

  • Mark Bailey

    Best part not being forced into slow updates and blink feed. Worst part is losing Zoe

  • John Clausen

    Best part about a Google Play device is simply stock Android. It’s such a perfect OS, I don’t know why manufacturers bother putting bloaty skins over it.

  • Walker Citterman

    Best part is freedom from carriers!

  • guitarte

    I want it!

  • watcheronthewall

    Fastest release of updates to the OS!

  • Charl

    The Google Edition of the HTC One would be the perfect upgrade to my Galaxy Nexus!

  • Andries Menko

    The best part is not needing to root and put a custom rom on. None of the bloat and just “works” out of the box!

  • Alfonso Haskins

    I want it now

  • Andrew Hime

    Pure Android.

  • Rafael Sanchez

    You can’t beat a stock android experience and great hardware. I hope I win it.

  • Hannu Korhonen

    Best part would be vanilla android and fast(ish) updates.

  • Stephen Blake

    Would love one of these!

  • Mark Bailey

    Rafflecopter always takes ages to load for me, if it ever does πŸ™

  • Nate

    Would really appreciate a GPE HTC phone!

  • valapsp

    stock android. updates first arrive for it.

  • 919CnynCrvr

    Fast updates from Google….I’m game.

  • Bobby A

    Having updates arrive faster

  • Nicholas Koutrelakos

    Android is the best… it has no competition and has earned that right!

    • Nicholas Koutrelakos

      that’s why the google play edition is the best straight from the source!

  • chris johnson

    The best part of gpe devices are the updates by far

  • javier

    Get the updates on time. I like how HTC build this phone …

  • CommanderZim

    The best part about a Google edition phone is not having to fret about incompatibilities and ROM issues. I like my s3 right now, but being on a custom ROM is starting to tire me with it’s small issues. I just want stock!

  • papajohnny

    pure Android experience without the added “fat”

  • 994196003

    sweeeet, full android experience

  • Jason Brown

    stock android and fast updates ftw!

  • Shane

    Was on with verizon support for an hour tonight, looking at a move, contract done in Nov


  • Chop

    The freedom, liberty to rule your phone with an iron fist!

  • Bryan


  • Jackson Graessle

    Google play devices have the stock android which is a lot different without the htc/samsung skins and I would much rather have stock.

  • Roberto Leon

    Best part about a Google Play Edition device?… The latest version of Android

  • Josh Karwoski

    Pure Android!

  • AdamFrancisGarbacz

    The best part about Google Play Edition devices is the liberation of top-notch hardware from companies that just don’t understand software optimization.

  • antwonw

    Why else would anyone want a Google Play Edition phone? For pure android and a near Nexus experience!

  • Harpreet

    Not depending on Verizon for updates πŸ™‚

  • Jesus Lopez

    The metal body, minus all the bloatware

  • Ibrick

    vanilla Android on a sexy device.

  • Michael

    fast updates and stock android

  • Joe Richardi

    I love that phone

  • Vetal

    Would love the speakers on this puppy.

  • Nic Jensen

    Updates directly from Google and no bloatware!

  • Jonathan Oh

    The freedom πŸ™‚

  • eL_777

    The best part?… as close to a nexus device as you can get with flagship hardware πŸ™‚

  • Antoine M.

    stock android

  • Jeremy Lukan

    Hoping to win.

  • Fadi Al-Mubarak

    I’m in

  • Theodoro Samms

    Build quality and design, love those front facing speakers

  • Martin JoFX

    The best part of a Google Play edition is having the unlocked bootloader, and the periodical updates!

  • jh123416

    You can get as close to stock as possible with beastly specs!

  • Vicknesh ‘Vicky’ Shanmugam

    Kinda hoping Google will use HTC’s camera in next Nexus device

  • winner

    I want one

  • ΠΠ»Π΅ΠΊΡΠ°Π½Π΄ΡŠΡ€ Николов

    stock android… its super fast and smooth πŸ™‚

  • Mike Hilal

    I can haz? Yes? Kthx

  • The carrier bloat is nonexistent, quicker updates, bootloaders are unlocked, manufacturer skins are nonexistent, and a little something extra from Google that you don’t get anywhere else (camera, boot animation)

  • Yanik Fuchs

    Jeij two front speaker and the very nice look xD

  • Alex S

    Fast updates!

  • Elliott Rains

    The best part of this particular HTC One is that there is no sense of Sense anywhere on the device. That, and it’d be free if I won it!

  • Stephen

    Best part is the pure android experience you get!!

  • Ionicburn

    What do you mean it “is” going to be a slow week in Android news!!!! You guys have been awful since the Droid launch. What you down to like 2 people now. Dig, dig harder! I don’t care about new N7 and JBQ.. I don’t care about all things bootloader. New “N7” is what it is. Yay Samsung is not producing the N10, who gives a crap about the moto nexus because it will be a quad core with X8 computing system which with blow minds… Just five us somrujng daily and consistent please. I’m sorry but your lack for updates have been, well subpar as of late. Step it up DL, plz

  • Zander_206

    The best part is no skins , no extra wait time for updates “get it when it’s hot”, sexy pure vanilla mmm mm, root that baby easily, no bloat, and googles vision of their number ONE os of the world πŸ˜‰

  • Xeeros


  • ryan


  • Abbie Rosario

    The best part of being a Google Play device is that it is a Google device and not a carrier device.

  • Faster update and it easy on the battery and the ram

  • Jimeong Lee

    Best thing is probably what most people say, stock Android. Oh, and a notification light…

  • Mark Leahy

    Pure stock is what’s better than Google play edition, none of that silly bloatware!

  • Roy

    I love this edition because it gives me freedom of will as to what I will put on it. It allows me to be the user rather than having some carrier force feeding me bloated software

  • FC

    Google is my friend:)

  • bagheadinc

    Been looking for my next pure Google phones for a while. πŸ™‚

  • VΓ€ncΓ© BΓΈΓΆ

    I think the best part about a GPE device is that we can simultaneously enjoy the best hardware in conjunction with the best software: AOSP stock version. I’m a flashaholic and GPE will definitely work well. Well, I’ve been on my Galaxy Nexus for quite awhile now and although it is still a beast in many ways, the screen is starting to show signs of age. It has unremovable burnt-in marks on screen, the colors turn a purplish hue on low brightness.

    I’m a 18 years old student and constantly saving up to get a HTC One since first day of launch. But so far, I’m only halfway there. So I would be glad if I could win this device and save my troubles of saving for another few months. CHEERS! GO DROIDLIFE!

  • Brian Tehan

    faster updates

  • n11

    I’ll just a leave a comment because I am very anti-e-social.

  • Kie

    bloat free! And so easy to ROM

  • Jeff Broders

    That it’s not touched (as much) by the carriers.

  • digthalien


  • TantraJnaan

    A nexus give away is always welcome !

  • apollo8it

    vanillia android!

  • Eric Anderson

    The best part is that you get updates much more quickly than their stock counterparts.

  • Torture2010


  • Vishal Nandre

    google play edition is rock solid stable and buttery smooth!!

  • ahaltcj

    Sounds awesome

  • Kal5el

    Droid has strayed from the true path. A GPE HTC One would help me get back to the OG Droid days, when the best hardware was matched with vanilla android.

  • Vishal

    google play edition is rock solid stable and buttery smooth!!

  • Matthew Herring

    Awesome hardware/nexus feel.

  • Anoop CH

    Pure google.. Pure joy..

  • Nexus user experience FTW!

  • Joe Ruiz

    Pure Google !

  • Rico San

    Vanilla Android, with 100% more #HOLO.

  • OscarAguilera

    I’ll take it

  • Jeremy Pryor

    Fast updates!

  • MichaelWiebe

    The best part of a GPE phone is pure google! Sense, Blur, Touchwiz all mess up a great interface in order to set their devices apart. For me, just give me straight up stock and I am good to go!

  • ckdk44

    Who doesn’t like pure android????

  • Kenneth Gardner

    I’d love to win the htc one Google edition. Then I could brag all over over twitter and g+ about how #Droidlife hooked me up! πŸ™‚

  • JJ

    Unlocked Bootloader!

  • interuptedsignal

    Best part of a GPE phone? No carrier bulls**t.

  • El_Marko

    Pure Android goodness on top of the line HTC hardware!

  • Riyan Sarana Ruslim

    hmm nice device

  • Sham F. Thompson

    vanilla android and top hardware

  • Lucius Nite

    Best part is that it is near Nexus quality πŸ™‚ Do I win now?

  • dannydarko

    Let me win I NEED THIS PHONE !!!!!!!!!!

  • Steve Oreno

    “There can be only One”

  • Levi

    Finally stop waiting for slow manufacturer updates!

  • CB

    The best part of GPE? Faster updates!

  • krt2005

    Ummmm…the fact that this phone is going anywhere I go. Plus…no bloatware! This phone will save me from the chains of the apple Eco system!

  • Christopher Covell

    Fastest updates

  • Matt Watson

    No Bloatware!

  • John Carlo Cacho Gucilatar

    Definitely the stock android with quick updates… getting married, and wont be able to splurge like i used to

  • Richlost


  • srcrowl

    The best is the most up-to-date Android version!

  • mpfriar84

    GPE = vanilla android and top hardware

  • ijKs


  • doctortits

    The best thing about a GPE phone has got to be sweet sweet vanilla android

  • Stephen Ta

    switch to tmoble maybe

  • Bibek Pachhai

    I wanna win this beautiful device!

  • !@#$%

    cheeeeeeee hooooooooooooo!

  • weedl

    the best part is it’s build by google ..

  • Fooz

    Stock Android ftw

  • Chris

    HTC One is so nice. GPE even better since it has no bloatware

  • Matthew Yourchisin

    Did I win?

  • Digbob

    Someday, I will win a giveaway here…

  • Jack

    Want this sweet phone badly!! This might be the ‘one’!

    Killer phone for whoever wins it.

  • joshuauy

    That hopefully it leads to other people seeing stock android as a usable OS.

  • Dan

    Droid life rocks

  • derichio02

    Hell yeah cmon GPE

  • Vernon

    Free is good

  • Jeremy Gill

    I love the combination of bleeding edge hardware with bleeding edge software. This is the way every Android phone should be released.

  • Joshua Waymire

    Consistent updates

  • Troy Hayes

    Awesome contest! Thanks!

  • Brandon Lang

    Best Part? Sexy hardware with carrier-free updates!

  • HyperKabuto

    Stock Android!

  • Jonathan

    the best part about Google play edition phone is the great hardware and the quick updates because its vanilla android

  • snakehn

    Let this beauty be mine.

  • Andy

    That sleek bod

  • Aaron Longoria

    I like how fast these GP editions are getting updates. Hope I can win!

  • felix

    I would love to win!

  • Kyle Cordiano

    I wonder if HTC’s next flagship will get the Google Edition treatment.

  • The best of GPE devices is a pure Android experience, great devices without all that overhead bloatware…

  • schlanz

    Best part, no sense

  • Charles Braswell

    I’d really like a stock Android device. An HTC One with stock Android would be sweet!

  • Toney Cardoza

    love he freedom of not being tied down

  • Alan

    The best part is a Google like experience on a high spec device giving the best of both worlds

  • mb

    Best part about a google play edition device is I don’t have one yet so this would be perfect! Oh, and pristine Android…

  • Kidqwik

    The metal casing! Oh. And raw untouched Android on it!

  • Alex

    good software

  • brndnzlda

    stock Android!

  • javelinBCD

    Need a new phone…

  • stang68

    So many commenters…

  • Martin


  • My contract with VZ is expiring soon and I want a new phone. This One will be great to have. I need this ‘support’ after enduring VZ for so long.

  • TravisHannon

    Lets go!

  • emilio3435

    Would love to sport this bad boy!

  • Dustin

    The best part about a Google Play edition is its developer friendly.

  • Sarah Paine

    HTC one has beautiful hardware, combine that with stock software and it’s a match made in heaven!

  • AntiJeff

    I’ll tell you once I get my hands on the one

  • Guest

    Stock android

  • Jeff

    best part…updates straight from Google

  • jpatlee

    So glad to finally see some standard Android phones released on top of the line hardware!

  • Ashley Horne

    The updates for sure

  • Roy Aguilera

    Fast updates

  • Jon1029

    Google play edition best part is vanilla android

  • ajm531

    i mean who didnt expect this but its definitely that its stock with htcs beautiful hardware

  • Dan

    I would love for this to be my first Android phone – it would just be awesome.

  • Landon

    I want Vanilla Android.

  • Simon Son

    Best part of Google Play Edition? Great hardware specs without the manufacturer dressing.

  • Ed

    The best part about a Google Play edition device is the timely updates from Android. Plus, nothing beats pure Vanilla Android.

  • Landon

    New phone time!

  • Kiefer Lobb

    The best part about a Play edition device is stability. Custom roms can be installed, updated, and feature packed so much easier on a play edition device than other devices!

  • maestro PL

    Want one

  • Greg Reese

    Never having to deal with custom skins is the best part about Google Play editions!

  • Kevin Hannigan

    The best part is the stock android experience.

  • Carsten Dressler

    I love you guys!

  • Michael Lebowitz

    Beautiful phone!

  • Matt

    Need an upgrade from GNex since it might not get updates come next year if not sooner!

  • Wil Gibson

    The best part of the HTC One GPE is how slick it looks. The body is nice and no bloat on screen with stock Android!

  • Neil Voskeritchian

    God I need a new phone

  • wilson410

    The fact that you’re matching the best hardware with the best software.

  • Marc Laferriere

    The Best part of a Google Play Edition device is…it’s not a droid 3, that i hate and want to see burn.

  • MikeOIF08

    by having Google play editions Google can finally compete with apple In the software support section. For an example, I got thee Motorola Atrix 4g, the first dual core, and it never got a update even though ICS was promised.

  • James Chester Anders

    It’s not an Apple product! πŸ™‚

  • Amar Shergill

    My GF lost her phone and has a thunderbolt! Help me help her!

  • Nikhil Rathi

    The best part is that the devices run the way Google intends it to run..and I just love these

  • bassman418

    Google all the way…….. πŸ˜‰

  • Chris Ghubril

    I could really use a new phone!

  • Ed

    The HTC One Google edition would be the perfect successor to my outdated OG Droid. I’ve loved my Droid and some updates have made it nearly unusable, but it never quit on me. The HTC sure looks like a promising replacement.

  • Phillip Bee

    Great device with no boatware

  • Isaiah Schloneger

    No Bloatware! This would be very nice!

  • David Wanless

    best part about GPE phones is that they aren’t as bloated as their regular edition counterparts

  • BillJude56

    Stock Android.

  • Hector Velez

    I have a Google Play edition Galaxy S4 and I want to get one for for “mah momz” and I like it because it has the most up to date hardware and the best mobile OS! πŸ˜€

  • AlexB22

    I want to win!

  • quoderatmac

    Best hardware running stock Android.

  • kenjh2

    The best part about a gpe device is you get the combination of a stock-ish android experience and brand new top of line hardware. It is the perfect combination.

  • Roberto

    no bs apps!

  • iamevie

    The front speakers

  • Tejash Bhoola

    Another chance for the HTC Nexus One…. i mean One nexus?? ooo what the hell stock rulezzzz

  • jra716

    The best part of a GPE Edition device is (I’m just assuming because I don’t have one yet) better dev support/roms (?)

  • Danny Damore

    No Skinz for me please!

  • Kevin

    Updates updates updates

  • Joshua Inniger

    The stock Android experience, as intended.

  • isac417

    Stock is allways better. Per say a bmw stock cars. Dont spoil it. Leave it stock.

  • miguel fernandez

    updates updates

  • Antonio

    Fast updates! Can always love that!

  • Dylan

    I love how Google play edition devices don’t have all the bloatware

  • Mojorizen

    Gimme gimme gimme.

  • Terry West

    When I first converted to an Android phone, I googled “android forums”. Somehow your site was listed amongst several other sites. I did look at the others, but when I compared them to your content, there was no contest. Sorry, pardon the pun! Anyway, this is first site that I look at in the morning to see what’s new, and come often throughout the day. I would like to just say thanks for providing this site so that I may get my android fix!

  • Wassup!

    No skin… Just pure naked vanilla

  • Pratik Holla

    stock android ftw!

  • Eric Hubbel

    The best part is now I can give my wife my Sense HTC One and grab the Google Play Edition.

  • Greg

    I love the stock android experience.

  • Geo

    It makes it more useful to be vanilla

  • Ashish Raj

    The best part about a Google Play Edition device is that the stock Android experience on a high-end spec!

  • Dillon Hughes

    I would so love this πŸ™‚ I love my galaxy nexus but its definitely starting to show its age :/

  • Bionicman

    would love to have a stock phone! plus having the latest android would be boss!

  • Peter Niederer

    Best part is pure google out of the box in this years best pieces of industrial design

  • Ibegary

    Ugh. Another sad loss at a contest

  • Tony Cooper

    Near immediate access to the latest and greatest version of vanilla android, free of bloat.

  • Adam Smith

    The best part about a Google Play Edition device is that it doesn’t have a Verizon logo on the home button.

  • Christian G.

    I want it


    Pure vanilla googleness!

  • vonny571

    Best thing is that I could give my galaxy nexus to my dad since he just broke his.

  • Ray

    I love the Boom Sound…

  • joseph gonzales

    Best thing about Google experience devices is the speed and lack of bloat.

  • wontsttle4less

    The fact that it has an unlocked bootloader so that I can load all sorts of custom ROMs


    I am game.

    Ian B

  • GreatGambino

    Dat Bezel!

  • The build quality is the best part about the HTC One

  • Luis


  • Everything πŸ˜›

  • JermaineFerrell

    Best part about the Google Play device is that its stock on powerful hardware, nothing to bog me down.

  • TheWenger

    Dem buttons.

  • Could definitely use this!

  • Bob G

    No skins and carrier bloatware!

  • T4rd

    Fast performance and faster updates!

  • chasm31

    Who wouldn’t want a pure device?

  • Christaynium Cavan

    This how all android flag ships should
    Be like

  • chris

    Pure android is the way to go! Would love to get my hands on my first pure android phone, free from bloatware and dirtied up skins from handset manufacturers!

  • TJK78

    Really like the play version of this great phone. I just like the stock look of Android better then sense or touchwiz

  • Matthew Durst

    Fast updates!

  • scorpio

    best part of google play edition is the pure stock android and quick updates.

  • matt headrick

    Vanilla android

  • mrsonsai

    its google

  • Ryan Moya

    it has the quick updates and developer support of a nexus but all the hardware of a flagship phone….the best of both worlds which i so desperately want!!!!!!

  • Steve Bergeman

    Best part of Google Play edition is that it’s pure Android on pure Htc!

  • Ross Lightfoot

    Stock UI with great specs, pretty much everything we could ask for!

  • Kyle Christopher Sheridan

    The metal body!

  • Eric Lega-c Smith


  • binnym

    nice… hope i win it… would love to get this

  • MacNificent

    It’s how google intended it to be

  • delesh

    Stock Android.

  • tryptech

    Stock Android on one of the best flagships ever. What could be better?

  • muffnman

    It’s like a nexus, but with superior hardware. What’s not to love?

  • Jason Downs

    Prettiest build quality out right now, just wish they went with the software buttons instead of the capacitive buttons.

  • leo

    The fact that its fully stock duh lol

  • FritoDorito

    A lot of people talked about how they wanted another device like the Nexus One. This could be a considered a very suitable sequel.

  • Joe

    I need a new phone

  • matt


  • Ben

    Best part of a Google edition phone is minimal work to use your phone right out of the box. No gimmicks, no bloat, and quick updates.

  • I_Am_Roy_Halladay

    I’m looking to switch to T-Mobile soon, this phone would really sway my decision!

  • leo

    Come on let me have that πŸ™‚

  • jameshrisho

    the best part of stock is not having to fake it til you make it with nova launcher or flashing just to get stock messaging

  • Andrew P.

    Great replacement for my Galaxy Nexus

  • Jordan Thompson

    The speakers on the front give great sound and i love music

  • James Hembree

    Love my Razr, but it is a year old…

  • cptmcnair

    sure would like to win this

  • Dean McInerney

    I’d love to win this gorgeous phone running stock Android.

  • Jeremy

    The best part about the Google Play Edition is the immediate updates when new versions of android are released!

  • DanielP


  • Shags78

    Pick me, pick me, pick me!!!

  • Hendra Li

    Pure Android experience πŸ™‚

  • Ryan Ropero

    The best thing about google play devices?? I can keep my unlimited data and verizon can suck it! 50gigs a month and climbing. Why? because I can !

  • jlsushman

    The fact that there shouldnt be bloatware

  • Dilan Manatunga

    I could use one of these for development.

  • Mike Partridge

    The screen is beautiful, the build quality is so premium it is uncharacteristic, the sound is incredible, and the 4 megapixel technology might be worthwhile.

  • JiGSaW525

    Pick me please

  • Dante

    Google Edition FTW

  • Donnielaplante

    Chippewa.. Chippewa.. Chippewawesome awesome dude!

  • William Hirsch

    To me, the benefit of Google Play Editions is getting the UI I prefer, while knowing the driver support will be at it’s best. No compromises.

  • Guillaume Loize

    I would say that the best thing about a Google Play Edition phone is being able to run Android the way it’s supposed to be run. Since Jelly Bean, it has matured into a beautiful and snappy OS.

  • jwrb18

    That’s nice

  • scorpio

    wow a contest for free htc one phone.I personally think its the best phone of 2013 so far. It will be great to have “the one”

  • Dustin Foreman

    The htc one with stock android? Enough said.

  • Webbmeat

    Wish the Google edition worked for Verizon

  • Chris Trail

    I want this phone…

  • Themanhere10

    Fast updates. What we all want.

  • osegall

    What?? Another awesome contest by droid life.. Who knew ?? Yep this guy

  • T H

    Best part of a Google Edition Device is the Google Experience and “stock-ish” Android!

  • Trish Dee Fung

    Google play version is the way to go. Love pure android.

  • seryozha

    Best part of GPE is the “Stock” android, quick updates, and unlocked

  • rodney

    The best thing about Google Play Edition phones is the clean simplicity

  • Daniel OldenKamp

    I want updates on time! –Gnex Onwer

  • Michael Tate

    Google Play Edition … AWESOME!!

  • jerwinch


  • jmiranda3983


  • kevinh52

    GPE HTC One… dont have to wait on updates…FTW

  • Keith Greenway

    Play Edition for me?

  • Jason Jones

    The best part about Google Play Edition devices is that they are the same popular device with a pure Google Android experience.

  • kevinh52

    HTC One…… FTW

  • Mike Mellis

    Best part of GPE device? No bloat

  • Bruce Willke Sr.

    Stock Android!!

  • Chints

    The best of hardware and software possible

  • Shakthie

    Nothing better than the G+

  • Wade Pierce

    The best part about this? PURE ANDROID.

  • chasg2013

    the best part about a Google Play Edition device is the timely updates, and no bloat !

  • Br_d

    The pure Google experience!

  • Justian Lindsay

    I like the camera!

  • Fredie Rangers

    need a new phone badly, currently using my dads old flip phone, waiting to save up some money for something better.

  • David

    No crud in the software.

  • LowCalGH

    No bloatware and no wonky carrier apps that are just lame.

  • Michael L. Schotborg

    The phone is awesome!

  • Meltdown07

    The best part? Updates and little carrier bloat! Fingers crossed!

  • Craig White

    The best part of a Google Play Edition device is no provider crap.

  • 3M4NU31

    PURE Stock Android!

  • Vishnu Madhusoodanan

    Best part of a Google Play edition phone is of course pure Android.

  • William Stern

    Can I have please? I’m stuck with a beat up, cracked screen Gnex still. ><

  • Manny

    I wants it, it’s me precious!!!!! GIVES IT TO ME!

  • ewilliams1009

    getting regular updates

  • Matthew

    Google > Apple

  • Doug8307

    Vanilla Android

  • George Colyer

    Stock Android on excellent hardware would be awesome.

  • The best part is sweet and tasty stock android.

  • Bogdan Duman

    pure vanilla android

  • Gregg Sarra

    Best part about having a GPE phone…stock android and unlimited customization the way a phone should be!

  • Rechie

    Pure Vanilla Android = Easy Updates

  • Kevin B

    Sure could use a new phone

  • Stephen

    I love Motorola but I’m tired of having a phone that is either great for spec whores but locked or unlocked and not too great on specs. This phone, I believe, is the start of some great products.

  • jstahr

    could def use this so i could donate my galaxy nexus to the local landfill. busted screen and all

  • slider112

    Stock Android, no bloat.

  • Scott Richards

    No bloat and quick updates.

  • Aj

    Latest Version of Android – 4.3! That’s the best part of GE!

  • gary

    I would really love this. I went from a droid x2 to an Iphone 5…Biggest mistake ever. My X2 appears to still have a more advanced os even with it being so old compared to IOS. Pretty sad and it ran better!!!!!!!!! I seriously would like to get back onto an android device

  • yungqb7

    No need to deal with bloatware with GPE devices

  • Johnny S.

    The best part of a GPE phone is getting the newest updates and features from Google quickly!

  • WillCald93

    I would love to win the stock version of this phone, I know Sense makes it a lot better but stock is just.. amazing.

  • gamafree

    The best part is freedom from bloatware.

  • Darrell Coffey

    Best thing about Google Play Edition devices is how trendy they are. New frontier of technology.

  • Jibin

    Best part is instant updates unlike some other devices
    Plus I need a new phone, time for an upgrade

  • fiendishfork

    fast updates is easily the best part !

  • Kshitij Shah

    The fact that it will always receive updates super quick

  • Carlos Reyes

    The best part of the HTC one is freedom from carriers

  • Steve

    The best part about a GPE device? It’s not a Moto X!

  • ProfessAndObey

    The best part of a Google Play Edition Device is Stock Android of course.

  • mikeszekely

    Figures that DL would do something like this the day I finally get the nerve to flash the stock Google Edition RUU on my AT&T One. I’d never hacked/flashed/rooted an Android phone before, either. I liked my Dinc just fine, doing anything with the Tbolt seemed too hard, and I like stock Android so doing anything to the GNexus seemed unnecessary. but after owning a Nexus phone and a Nexus 7 tablet, my first thought when I got the One was, “This phone is awesome, but I really wish it were stock.” Guess that bugged me enough to do something about it.

  • Nirav Desai

    No bloatware. vanila android experience and always latest first to get latest android updates

  • jwbarbou

    Yes please!

  • Yooooo

    No garbage apps.

  • cloutist4

    Ski Trip 2013. HYPE!!!

  • sayed mohasin

    I have an s4 with the mf3 update (locked bootloader) so winning this would give me back my #hololife

  • luis abreu


  • Jaime Morris

    Excellent hardware with the pure Google experience.

  • SHMeyer

    An answer which I am sure many will use… A life free from bloat.

  • BloodiedWraith

    The gorgeous HTC One with nearly stock Android and speedy updates? Hells yeah!

  • neo1738

    GPE let’s me use android the way it was MEANT to be. Now how manufacturers THINK iI want it.

  • JSTARS03

    No carrier bloatware!!

  • Andrew Lima

    The best part? The quick updates!

  • Greg Morris

    Pure vanilla android, I want me some, Please!!!!!

  • pd240

    Best parts about GPE….Stock Android, unlocked bootloader, and flagship hardware.

  • Shawn Matello

    One Google Play Edition is combination of great hardware with stock android

  • Mason Lammers

    The updates!

  • Ben Pasternak

    Vanilla android!

  • Jason

    I would love to have a new phone. Count me in.

  • J

    I still have a droid charge, give me stock jellybean and keep em updating!

  • Craig

    The best part would have to be having a device that you know ahead of time will not get outdated because of software.

  • Tyler Lamb

    The best part is described in the name…GOOGLE play EDITION

  • Justin Osborne

    the best part is the quick updates

  • Daniel

    The best part is stock android.

  • tu3218

    Getting ready to go back to grad school…could use a dependable phone with latest android since I won’t be able to mod while in school.

  • Brian W. Naus

    i hope to win so i can sell it… so i can afford this phone some day

  • Mike Ranucci

    God save the queen.

  • bjcroteau

    Hey pure vanilla android is what makes these phones the best!

  • Lance

    Well I suppose I’d take it for free. Thanks droid life!

  • realfoxm


  • Scott

    Best reason to have a google play edition phone? uhhhh stock google is and should be the only reason

  • snobrdr2324

    This is why I am still on AT&T, unlocked phones!

  • Christopher Grau

    Help me replace my wife’s HTC Evo 4G LTE with it’s always dead non-removable battery.

  • John rose

    I’m sick of this gs3 that can’t root and using launchers!

  • jaredgreenwald

    updates directly from Google is the best thing about a GPE phone

  • I would appreciate a new phone, Kids younger than me have a better phone than me!

  • Mike Cantalupo

    The best part of a Google Play Edition device is vanilla Android.

  • URABUS0924

    Fast updates!

  • Andrew Vickery

    Best part of a GPE device, UPDATES! No crudware, aaaand it beats my busted Note II!

  • Cathy Canton

    I like being able to use G+ but if I am honest I am not an expert I just know that the goodle mail G+ and my blogspot using google is easy and I love that!

  • Kutter Ross

    Totally want this!!!!

  • cloud36426

    My wife really needs a phone. It would be great if we could win this one. The best part is stock Android. I just flashed AOSP on my Galaxy Note 2 and forgot how much I missed the clean look of pure vanilla.

  • The best part is clearly being free from bloatware.

  • R.J. Delacruz

    I want these so i can flash stable Cyanogenmod lol

  • Jose Torres

    Best part of Google edition phones is Pure Android!

  • Seventy_Six_Tubas

    Stock Android=best part of any phone that has it.

  • Jonathan Hartman

    I just want one! πŸ˜€

  • carl

    Best part of GPE phone is pure stock and receives updates early

  • Kamal Savla

    Pure Google Experience on HTC ONE the best Superphone of 2013

  • austen

    I need to escape from my HTC one s. Sooo slow help me out

  • Raul

    HTC one is a beaut of a phone

  • MaddHatterr

    Love me some GPE. Damn that would be a nice replacement for my Bionic.

  • disqus_QspNuSDmQ5

    Count me in!

  • JoeTi

    Pure Android, the way Google intended it. Nuff said.

  • Mark Eno

    Im in!!

  • Aaron Saellam

    The best part about a GPE device is the AOSP experience. HTC has some quality hardware, but I’ve never been much of a fan of their Sense UI. This is the best of both worlds.

  • Zigagee

    Google experience in a beautiful flagship design

  • MacNificent

    Not as much jank!

  • polar135

    Pure android! Thanks for the contest!

  • Arjung

    Man this would be a great contest to win. That’s the best android phone out on the market right now imo.

    Nice hardware, with the software benefits of google play. No bloatware and clean design.

  • Smith Doe

    no bloat just pure 100% stock

  • EdubE24

    Win this, pay Verizon’s ETF, and finally be contract free!!

  • martidp

    Google play edition devices are awesome because they feature the latest advancements in design and hardware with the fresh android goodness of nexus devices!

  • DanPatrickFlores


  • Great hardware and quick software updates.

  • Dain Fordell

    Love it

  • Rorix

    Android 4.3, come to papa

  • Michael Gillenwalters

    Best part: NO CONTRACT!

  • Justin Larmay

    Gimmie gimme gimmie.! I could finally jump off evil verizon if I won this.

  • adamT

    My nexus died so I gave touch wiz a try. .needless to say l’m ready to get back to aosp!

  • MacNificent

    I never win anything. Thank goodness I’m gonna win this tomorrow!

  • Josh Phillips

    Basically stock with bad ass hardware…

  • Cjl1092

    One word: Stock <3

  • Jordan Montgomery

    I would love to have this!

  • Zet

    Best part is stock android!!! so many funky UIs like touchwiz, moto blur. Love google for how it was meant to be!!

  • Steve

    Please let me win this, I need to get off this iPhone 4S.

  • Luis Curiel

    Best part about a GPE phone? Pure stock Android, sim-unlocked, bootloader-unlocked, LTE. It’s all there!

  • Jordan

    The best part? It’s Googles take on android. It’s what it should be. I’d much rather be sporting a phone from a forward thinking company rather than a company JUST trying to make a little money.

  • Nick Rizzo

    Would love this for school

  • raboulhosn

    Yep. Clean Android.

  • Stephen Riss

    Love me some contest.

  • IlanAlpert

    Awesome prize.

  • slole1

    Can’t wait to rock this pure Google goodness on this amazing device!!!

  • AC

    What is the best part about a Google Play Edition device? Stock android.

  • Emilio Figueroa

    It would be so nice to finally be able to ditch this antiquated Apple phone for the beauty of an HTC One Google Play Edition. I would be so grateful!

  • Clint Owen

    Best thing about the google play edition is no bloat. I never win anything, but its worth a shot.

  • Pretty please guys

  • Treinster

    Stock android, best part about Google Play editions.

  • AtMostSphere

    For me the best part about a Google Play Edition device is that the phones automatically receive updates of the latest and greatest Android software. Along with the stock experience which makes for a killer user experience!

  • Ethan G

    Love the pure El Goog experience!

  • Laurence

    I would love to win!

  • kdiperi

    HAVE HAD HTC phones for over 10 years !! i NEED THIS !!! wooohooo

  • John

    Pick me

  • elias

    I would love to win this phone!

  • Francisco Rodriguez

    I would love to win! I could get off Verizon finally.

  • Jim Welsh

    no bloat!

  • Marc Adam

    The HTC ONE is the ONE for me…

  • Buy This

    Different hardware, same stock Android.

  • Abhi-nay

    Ummmm Delicious πŸ˜€

  • Autumn Raine

    Having top of the line hardware with Android as Google intended

  • dbrockexclusive

    The unlocked bootloader, android 4.3, in the unibody htc one what’s not to love. .

  • T_Dizzle

    I want, uh huh. The best part about a play device is that it’s straight Google.

  • djfalconjr .

    Looking forward to getting mine

  • Patrick Considine

    It would be sweet to win this phone!

  • TimTheK

    GPE phones? No carrier BLOATware!

    GP edition would be the only non-nexus I would consider at this point.

    Thank you!

  • Ben

    #GPE great hardware, fast updates!

  • Matthew Rebmann

    I’d love to finally have a flagship again! I’ve never owned an HTC device but I’ve always been rooting for them to challenge Sammy.

  • Charles Eger


  • dtran

    pure android, lite and buttery smooth!

  • Rich Howe

    Yes please!

  • Steve Douglas

    Quick Updates!!!

  • Shifty

    It’d be nice to have fast updates and LTE

  • ChetRipley

    Pure Android.

  • Eric Hauser

    If I win this I’m canceling my Verizon account, paying the ETF and getting a prepaid account somewhere. Finally, I’ll be free of the beast

  • Will Wells

    I’d love to have one of these.

  • Jose Calderon

    I got a galaxy nexus its time to update :/

  • ahhh yes

    Quack quack

  • melhaz4

    Stock Google!

  • kcraw15

    The updating from Google and no bloatware would make this much nicer than any other phone I have owned.

  • JR

    good thing about the google play edition, is that it’s a google play edition.

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    THE BEST PART? STOCK BABY!!! WoooooooooooooooooooooooOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooo

  • Patrick Hawthorne

    No bloatware!

  • OligarchyAmbulance

    Upon the freak accident shattering my Nexus 4, I would love this thing.

  • ckdk44

    Boom sound!

  • Ben Davis

    Best thing about google play edition is hypothetically saying f you to Verizon.

  • Motorola Feedback Monster

    Looking forward to the great speakers.

  • kevin

    I want it

  • Josue

    you get the updates straight from google rather than wait from OEM’s

  • mrchadmane

    My busted gs2 needs to be replaced!

  • Chuck King

    fast updates and vanilla android πŸ™‚

  • JD

    I want booom sound~ ! Thanks!

  • Nathan_SG

    Google Play Edition: I don’t like bloatware.

  • challenge_accepted


  • Sergio S

    Best part about a Google Play Edition device? The pure Android experience, and timely updates.

  • mercado79


  • fyrfyter

    The best part about the HTC One is the aluminum casing. Something that should last!

  • eliturate

    Posted comment. Over.

  • Mark Menning

    best. phone.

  • Stud Muffler

    No eye candy just pure android

  • Bobby Osborne

    The best part is everything Google!

  • Patrick Maher

    Fast updates!

  • joebob

    Best part is more storage space and no bloatware

  • mrjayviper

    let me win! :/

  • Jeremy Smith

    the one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kyle Coppess

    I <3 the speccccssssss!!!!! πŸ˜€

  • Dave

    Can’t beat clean Android

  • Brennan Huber

    *insert clever winning comment*

  • John

    Sweet stock android!

  • Jason V

    Best part is the updates as soon as they come out. They might not have all the bells and whistles but its stable and it works

  • cleffy

    awesome prize! I rather own a google edition phone than original, I prefer latest updates and working ones.

  • Mike Barr

    It’s not a nexus, but better than stock.

  • J Davis

    This would make a nice birthday gift… to me

  • Jeff718

    GPE has the best performance.

  • Gareth

    The best part about Google Play Edition device is that you get the pure Android experience.

  • MSlemm

    Best part of GPE phones? Top tier devices with pure Android

  • Brad Dickmann

    Hi. Hello? Yes.

  • Darthjr

    I wanna win

  • Chris White

    Pick me!

  • Cesar Morales


  • Tony Byatt

    Stock Android…that is all…

  • Fernando Osorio

    pure android, updates, hardware, camera i have a vivid need a upgrade πŸ˜€

  • Kevin Guinn

    I’d love to win one

  • Mitch

    Can we get a google experience device compatible with Verizon? NOT sold by Verizon, but compatible…

  • Joseph Ayala

    The simplicity. And yes, time to get on that G+ action droid-life.


    Timely updates baby!

  • Jesus Puente

    I own a nexus 4, and my next phone will be a nexus, but I would really appreciate this phone

  • Jmmichael

    All Google.

  • slyder0244

    Fast updates

  • J Z

    Sweeeeet deal

  • MatttyA

    Mmm love vanilla android!

  • Louis Parrilla

    I have to have it

  • the best part of GPE is getting the latest stock android on the current bleeding edge hardware.

  • kt32

    I’ll take it.

  • rtdroid72

    I need this phone!! Stock Android and I wont have to get one of those snobby GS4s.

  • Brandon Mattes

    Awesome device and I hope I get lucky

  • pedrodepacas

    The best thing about it is the x-ray vision camera

  • Don James

    Love Droid-Life:)

  • Theolodin

    Pure Vanilla

  • DWolvin

    Best part is the vanilla OS!

  • Matthew Hoffman

    Definitely the lack of bloatware

  • Mordy Festinger

    The best hardware (In the eyes of the Manufacturer) and the best software acording to Google.

  • best part about the HTC One GE?
    It’s the best of both worlds… awesome phone with amazing camera and speakers – and then add a quasi nexus status to it!

    insta hit

  • theizzz

    No third party apps and quick updates is whats best about the Google Play HTC One

  • Jonathan Gomez

    The best part about GPE is receiving updates to the latest version of Android on non Nexus hardware. No delays from manufacturers or carriers.

  • TimXer

    Been lookin’ for a reason to try someone other than VZ – ha!

  • mrhac

    Pure Android. No gimmicks .

  • Nikos Koufos

    the stock android and batter

  • Trevor

    You get Android the way Google designed it and on great hardware. Awesome combo.

  • djab

    The best part is fast updates and stock!!!

  • Gabriel Hart


  • Yaowa

    Pure stock

  • Paras Sidhu

    The best of the device is surely the pure Android experience πŸ™‚

  • Kevin

    I want one!

  • Monte Bellanger

    The best part about Google Play Edition is the Stock Android experience and the quick updates! That combined with the HTC One equals one awesome device!

  • Luke Poel

    Awesome hardware + pure android = perfect

  • jofficus44

    The best thing about a GPE phone is that you can choose your own experience. Stock, different launcher, however you want it!

  • NCSUgolfer01

    Pure android.

  • Jhelland

    No SKINS!!!!

  • jetnoirz

    Best thing about it Google Play HTC one is updates straight from GOOGLE!!!

  • sirgaspar

    Supreme hardware running bone stock? What’s not to like?

  • fd2blk78

    Im pretty due for an upgrade! Come on baby, show me the money!!!


  • ConCal

    The UI is a trillion times better and faster updates.

  • Jonathan Tallman

    The best part about a Google Play Edition phone is the stock experience with your choice of manufacturer.

  • Carlo Mencarelli

    Looks like an awesome giveaway!

  • Daniel Lujan

    The best part of having a google play edition device is getting the hardware you want with the most current version of android πŸ™‚

  • Ed Bihlajama

    What is the best part about a Google Play Edition device? I guess that’s what I’m hoping to find out!

  • Lester Washington

    First to get updates.Would love to win this to replace my Gnexus.

  • sh0ebox

    Pure. Android. Experience.

  • ROB

    Best part about the HTC One GPE is I can get out of my contract with VZW and go prepaid on ATT

  • Jasen Bentley

    Obviously the best thing about Google Play Edition phones is unadulterated Android

  • big nu

    Its a step in the right direction for HTC

  • RedXander

    I need the HTC One GPE so I can feel pretty…

  • John Lee

    Google Play Edition… No manufacturer bs and bloatware.

  • Kar Bar

    Great contest! Hope I win!

  • adam bilyeu

    always like to win free stuff…..droid life is the BOMB……BOOM!

  • Troy Fillerup

    Pure android will always be the best!

  • VBM

    Any chance to win something awesome is always a good day πŸ™‚

  • BAllen

    I want it

  • TuckandRoll84


  • Nick

    The best part is the pure Android experience for sure!

  • John Twain

    GPE = vanilla

  • KevinThorn


  • Phssthpok

    Best part ? Obviously yummy vanilla Android goodness and updates.

  • Aaron

    I can use stock Android and a top of the line device at the same time.

  • Matt Johnson

    Quick updates and KLP this fall are the best parts about a GPE device

  • jeremyprice11

    Its a google play edition…enough said

  • Chase

    Quick updates and no bloatware

  • sergio garduno

    The best part is that it runs stock android so there is no hassle as to whether you want it to get updated quickly or if you want a simpler experience than touchwiz

  • Chase

    Me likeyyyy

  • Quintin Williams

    I want to win this for my beautiful wife!!!

  • Guest


  • Jroc869, Nexus-Life

    I hope I win

  • Stew560

    This would be a great way to replace my HTC Thunderbolt! (YES, I’m still rocking it!)

  • Michael veli


  • John Harms

    Gotta love Stock Android!!! The only way to go.

  • Humberto Cortes

    Best part of a Google Play device? Bloat free and Smoother than a baby’s but! ^_^

  • Chris Brown

    I just love that they are updated (almost directly) from Google.

  • Joe Gugelman

    The best thing about a GPE is the freedom that you have to modify the device as you see fit.

  • Nikos Koufos

    the stock androd and battery

  • Maria Furtado

    It’s the sweet jelly to OG Droids original peanut butter

  • Jason

    I need a new phone and a GPE is perfect

  • Kenny Hopkins

    Great googely moogly I need some vanilla android and front facing speakers. Vanilla android being the answer or maybe just timely updates. Either way, Pick me Pick me. See what I did there? Great googely moogly. Get it? Google. I switched the spelling because it’s Google.

  • James Burroughs

    Its directly from Google. Nuff Said

  • Mike Stellato

    No bloatware *looks at verizon….*

  • B J Books

    No bloatware

  • Jerry Alton

    Best part of GPE is top of the line phone mixed with a pure Android experience. To put it bluntly its a fans wet dream.

  • Eduardo Nickel

    The best part of GPE is not include those features which detect when you look to the device, or move your hands above it and automatically crashes, that shows the vendor logo of the reboot in that moment that you want to remember forever with your camera or just take 50% of the storage memory with bloatware, and 70% RAM with the ‘TrashWiz’.

  • Albert

    I hope the moto nexus is real.

  • david wilson

    I could use a nice phone like this, thanks for the opportunity to win.

  • SayHeyJayHey

    The best part is that you are ensured the latest version of Android as soon as it is available… not months and months later.

  • Chad Devoley

    The best part is running stock android on a beautiful piece of hardware.

  • Guang Hao

    it runs stock android baby!

  • huskerhog

    GPE is uncut and therefore may be hazardous if not used with care. May be habit forming.

  • PixelTycoon

    The updates!

  • Jason Stuhmer

    The best part about a Google Play Edition device is that it’s stock Android. My G-Nex is on its last legs, so I could use a new phone ASAP.

  • Zach Eckert

    This would be so awesome to win!

  • oliman37

    Go Bears!

  • Nick Seegmiller

    I really want a free phone so I have a proper excuse to dump my iDevice.

  • KennyVeltre

    I would very much like a new phone.

  • Jeffrey Neihart

    I need a new phone

  • Kevin Kremer

    Best part would have to be the quick updates with minimal carrier interruption

  • Tony G.

    I’ve been commenting on this site since day1

  • Ryan Chung

    Hope I win the phone!

  • Byron Galvez


  • DJ SPY

    The best part is the hardware!

  • Brian Walker

    High end hardware with guaranteed AOSP support. What’s not to love?

  • Julius Hernandez

    Best about google play editions are fast updates.

  • joshy

    The best phone this year the htc one!

  • Cody James

    No G+?

  • androidaw

    Stock Android and prompt updates.

  • Jonathan Aguilar

    The best part is the nearly stock Android experience.

  • thistimearound

    Would love this phone. So tired of the LG Optimus G.

  • Stock Android on cutting edge devices.

  • bobukcat

    Why did HTC screw up this otherwise incredible device with that button layout??

  • Sarj

    Timely updates


    the best part about a Google Play Edition device is the UPDATES… Damn i hate waiting for up dates.. !!!!!!! i miss my old HTC phone ..

  • Ronald Bernard

    Vanilla jelly beans. ;0)

  • Chris

    Stock android #drool

  • matt

    the best part is bypassing carrier BS and getting updates so quick!!!!

  • edgemasters

    dat butter

  • cgalyon

    Still a good phone.

  • GrayWest

    Pretty tired of my Verizon Galaxy Nexus.. begging for a reason to switch carriers.

  • Erik

    The best part of a google play edition phone is being able to provide timely updates without the use of roms in order to enjoy android updates as they become available! This really is a huge step forward and another great way to afford true wireless freedom to those who do not want to be tied down to the “Big 4”!

  • doah22

    Yes yes yes! I would love one of these!

  • RollTribe

    The butter.

  • Colin

    Vanilla Android straight from Google!

  • Matt Ellefson

    I love stock android.

  • Chris VanderWielen

    Would sure love that HTC One Google Play Edition. Great specs and runs 4.3 already? Yes please.

  • Mina Beshara

    The best part about a Google Play edition is that I dont have to wait for updates anymore! Damn you Verizon!

  • sil199

    Stock Android!

  • bunnybash

    The best part is avoiding OEM skins!

  • Adlv

    This would be a welcomed addition πŸ™‚

  • Caleb

    The best part about a GPE phone is the fast updates from Google. Not quite Nexus fast, but still better than the carriers!

  • Chad Oneil

    droid-life always has the BEST Giveaways!! I’m feeling lucky tonight!!

  • Fantaz15

    The best part about the google play edition would have to be updates to the latest OS and GOOGLE WALLET!

  • benjamin Kilar

    Confucius say: Man who enters contest, never win.

  • tc ce

    Agree forget facebook use G+

  • Andrew Thorsen

    pure android, son.

  • Jeremy B.

    The best thing about a Google play edition of a phone is the sexy stock android UI!!! LOVE ITT!!!!””

  • zapote21

    Stock Android

  • Tom Wu

    stock android + timely updates = YES

  • Fox9751363

    The best part about a GPE device is actually receiving timely updates! -_-

  • Mikey Styles

    I’m sooo sooo ready to stick it to Vzw & move to T-Mobile. This would be a great way to do so plus I’m done with all those silly skins as well. Plz DL hook me up for once since I never win lol

  • Sean Gilbert

    The best part of a Google Play edition device is gorgeous hardware without all the extra little ( or big ) UI additions that ruin the experience.

  • Jeremey Norris

    The best part of a google play edition device is you get the device you want with Android OS as Vanilla as it should be.

  • mike dunham

    Smooth hardware and no skins or carrier bloat. I would love to get my hands on one of these

  • Sean Q

    Pure Android!

  • Joey Malcomb

    Best part of a GPE device has to be the timely updates!

  • AndrΓ© Berry

    I’d have to say the best part about Google Play edition would be Vanilla Android. No sprinkles please

  • Mark King

    Winners row?

  • Matt Holbrook

    Nexus experience on the newest, top end hardware.

  • MattBags

    HTC One GE please!!

  • raymond

    Best part… stock android and what appears to be, fast updates

  • chadstone30

    What a great phone!

  • Sergio Caballero

    I’m excited about this giveaway!

  • Rusty Shackleford

    giveaways are always awesome.

  • Solomon Choe

    Best part about a Google Play Edition device? Cleansed of bloatware/TouchSense/etc.

  • Ruvim

    lightly skinned android ftw

  • Chris Bice

    Anything is worth a shot , right?

  • JosephMoreno

    You get manufacturer’s top specs, with Googles top software.

  • middlehead

    I can’t possibly use this, but I can sure sell it.

    • jb

      why not?

      • middlehead

        I’m on Verizon and no other carrier has good enough signal here to justify switching just because I got a free phone.

    • Austin

      Honesty; pass it on.

  • HarleyFan72

    I’m rockin’ an OG Strat….’nough said.

  • cmiram


  • henry henderson


  • Prox


  • Thomas B

    The best thing about a Google Play Edition device is that it’s free from carrier and manufacturer crapware, and that they have the latest version of Android and receive new versions quickly.

  • Dean Wensel

    My phone is beyond dead already, hoping to win this

  • A

    I want one! I want to switch from iPhone!

  • AHoL2206

    just need to keep my unlimited data! PLEASE let me keep my unlimited data

  • Frank

    Gpe , the way android was intended to be

  • Nick Wortley

    GPE – Stock Android or nothing.

  • shivangpatel

    please let me win…

  • Nick

    I’m still using a Bionic so…. yeah vanilla!

  • ostensibly

    lack of bloatware obv.

  • Bigmark

    It is ahead of the curve, it is Vanilla and its Da Bomb

  • Dougie C.P.

    True Android, enough said!!!

  • guna15

    Yessss. GPE edition for the win

  • Jordan

    I would love this phone.

  • Brian

    i would love a new phone πŸ™‚

  • Byron

    Google play editions allow you to experience android the way it was meant to be enjoyed.

  • elDuendeVerde

    Look, I need a new phone anyway. Free would be awesome, gpe is sweet, sweet icing on the cake.

  • Thorsten Kober

    need a new phone!!

  • Adam W

    Would love get one of these

  • lilcledix

    Best part is the fact that it updates faster.

  • John47

    Best hardware sporting the best version of Android thus far – what’s not to like?

  • Michelle Boro

    Really want one! I love boomsound.

  • Daniel Ogilvie

    Vanilla Android

  • Matthew DiGiacomo

    The best part is swift and clean Android updates πŸ™‚

  • Wes

    GPE = Untainted Android = Perfection

  • Earthsiege

    The best part? Probably the fact that there’s no carrier apps.

  • Rob rollings

    Stock Android and (hopefully) timely updates? Ya, I’ll take it!

  • xxseiferxx

    hook it up!

  • Antonio Francis

    This would be a nice upgrade from my BB 9000.. πŸ™‚
    GPE Rules!!

  • slick8125

    Running with an lg Optimus s after my e4gt got (oh so barely) water logged while I waited for the damn bus. Dumb bus. Best part about a gpe is it isn’t an Optimus s

  • Jonathan Grubb

    Agreed. G+ login support would be much appreciated.

  • jo_stv

    Stock Android!!!! Yessss pleaseeee

  • Jon Marzorati

    I look of the phone is sleek, love the metal finish.

  • Ben Cammarata

    Pure Jellybean, baby

  • dhirensavalia

    You get the vanilla Android feel with top of the line hardware, right out of the box!

  • wei liu

    Bring it

  • Achilles Richardson

    Probably the best part is the the fact that I don’t need to uninstall all of Verizon’s bloat wear !

  • Nate Trunnell

    I should win because:
    I have the 1st known fully bricked HTC one, and it really sux so I think I deserve a new one. Lol

  • Delta_46

    Pure, stock android with fast updates.

  • WooBangrrr

    Getting the updates FIRST!!!

  • Michael Ortins

    The best part is the fast updates to the latest version of android!

  • Johnny Brothman