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Contest: Win a HTC One Google Play Edition from Droid Life! (Updated: Winner Picked)

htc one google play

It feels like it has been a while since we last handed out a mega-prize. Well, I take that back – we just gave away two brand new Nexus 7 tablets a couple of weeks ago. But you know what, it’s going to be a slow week in terms of Android news, so we figured we’d spend the time rewarding readers. How does a brand new, un-opened HTC One Google Play Edition sound? Yes, this is the bad boy running stock Android, receiving updates in a hurry (already on Android 4.3), and still manages to carry all of the best parts of HTC’s flagship hardware. We unboxed it and did an over view here. It’s an easy device to love, that’s for sure.

Let’s do it. 


Update:  Our winner, Joshua R., has been picked and emailed.

Prize:  1 (one) HTC One Google Play Edition.

How to enter:

a Rafflecopter giveaway


We will choose our 1 winner tomorrow at 2:30PM Pacific.

  • paradoxicat


  • falina

    I hear ya about FB.I refuse to log in,even for a chance to win a great prize.Google Plus or I’m not interested..

  • Joshua R. Thrasher

    how do i claim the prize.. i think i won.. checked my emai. but i havent gotten any email.. can anyone please help me out.. thanks.

  • Joshua R. Thrasher

    how do you know if you won.. how do you claim your prize…

    • Joshua R. Thrasher


      • Rithvik Rao

        You should have been emailed if you actually won.

  • AtMostSphere

    Congratulations! Lucky duck.

  • glucero0

    ar, it weren’t me after all!

  • Andrew Lima

    Didn’t expect to run anyway. Congrats Joshua!

  • Mordy Festinger

    booo !

  • muffnman

    Grats Josh. Next time!!!!!

  • Kevin N

    Come on 🙂

  • Dustin Maki

    Having stock android!

  • Tucker Cady

    The best thing about a GPE is vanilla android and I can finally leave verizon.

  • merlin3212

    The rapid updates

  • Unknown182


  • Jeff Miller

    I’m going to be switching carriers soon!! A free phone would make the switch a lot easier. 🙂

  • Joseph Morgan

    No bloatware

  • Mike Contreras

    Best thin about the google play edition is of course pure AOSP.

  • carluverdrm2004

    I do love free stuff! I’ve been holding onto my Galaxy Nexus for a while now, some would say too long!

  • I’m in now pick me!

  • Tom Friedman

    The best thing about a Play Edition phone is getting away from the tedious skin the manufacturer starts the phone with. It will be nice to see a phone stripped down and see what it can really do.

  • KanishkSingh

    Stock Android

  • Brok Burchatz

    fast updates for today’s hardware!

  • Derrius Marquis Byrd

    Quicker, clean updates!

  • Diane Kolb De Coma

    HTC giveaway I want to win..it is the best

  • orrehho


  • Frank Claycomb

    Best part of it? How about pure AOSP goodness!

  • Chris Bobrowitz

    Honestly, the best thing about the device is it’s how Android should be experienced


    I’d love anew phone… Not sure how long my Galaxy Nexus is going to hold together…

  • Andrew Bockus

    Unlocked and open Android. I love it.

  • Ryan Rhodes

    The best thing about the GPE HTC One is the fresh Google experience. The pure intuitive way android was designed and the fast and easy updates!

  • Andy

    latest updates

  • stock android i love the most

  • Jeffrey Wright

    this is the bad boy running stock Android

  • xuggs

    No SenseShitSkin is the best part of GPE HTC One.

  • Eric Geders

    Fast updates!

  • Johannesburg Singleton

    I absolutely love this phone, it would be nice to have

  • Ben

    I could find a use for this haha

  • Porkchop

    Easily not having to deal with skins and other carrier and manufacturer junk. Clean, pristine Android.

  • PirateDroid

    A HTC one gpe would be sweet! Sign me up!

  • jcg13x

    i love the design!

  • Jay

    Stock Android.

  • Paul

    Definitely the frequent updates and clean interface

  • Allen Crawford

    Best part of a Google Play device is not waiting on Verizon to release an Android update.

  • cheesse

    Android how it was meant to be. The flexibility to add what you want. Twist it until its just right or to streak your android in the raw. With HTC One’s beautiful design its a no brainer.

  • gragib

    Fast updates