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Sign-up Page for Moto X on Verizon Goes Live

moto x verizon

We know the Moto X is coming to Verizon at some point this year, Motorola has said as much. But an official announcement, outside of a Tweet, is all we have heard from the carrier itself. Well, until this weekend, as Big Red has posted a sign-up page for Motorola’s new flagship, with a note about it arriving in the “coming weeks.” We should point out that no carrier has given us an actual launch date, so this is about as good as it gets for now. 

We reported that August 23 has been on Verizon’s schedule as the target Moto X launch date for some time, but they seem to still be finalizing much of their summer lineup. The HTC One was due in early August, but has since been pushed to August 15 and now maybe even out to August 29, according to sources of ours. We’ve also seen roadmaps that show the One arriving on the 23rd with the Moto X being pushed to the 29th. Just know that nothing is official with Verizon until they make it official.

Anyways, feel free to go sign-up for news as it breaks. Actually, we’ll probably relay it to you faster than their email servers can, but being on the list of updates for new phones is never a bad idea.

Screen Shot 2013-08-11 at 8.52.07 PM

Via:  Verizon

Cheers Michael!

  • Andrew Lima

    It may not be a spec tank, however I still want it for its sexiness.

  • umbrellacorp

    Chlorophyll, more like bore-o-phyll.

  • oe2132

    Still can’t decide….moto x or htc one

  • Alido

    Can you talk and surf at the same time with Verizon Moto X like you can with Samsungs Galaxy Series?

  • bholt6

    Anyone know if Verizon will be getting the 32GB version?

  • Herard Ortega

    The customization option is coming “later this year” then why would I get it at launch? And the people that do get it at launch do they have the option to change their phones free of cost? These timely exclusive sucks, ask Sony and Microsoft customers how they feel about exclusivity!

  • KevinThorn

    I don’t get something. No one has mentioned this. Wouldn’t it be possible to buy Moto X when it’s released on Verizon….and then ship it out to Texas when MotoMaker comes to Verizon…or are they not going to allow that???

  • Sequence of Sound…

    anyone else thinking about getting this on launch day? I say screw moto maker…I’m not waiting. I’m going to put a case over it, anyways. protection>aesthetics

  • Adam Truelove

    I can’t wait to get my moto x with 4 verizon logos.

  • htowngtr

    Can we tell them to eat a bag of d!cks?

    • Weber

      I mean, you can…

  • br_hermon

    I could care less what VZ has to say in these emails, you guys always beat them to the punch. I only sign up just to show consumer interest.

  • Downvotes&company

    I see my employees are asleep. I guess they don’t want any overtime this week.

  • Big Red

    No reason to order this on VZW. If I want something with so few options, give me an iPhone. The only differentiation this had was MotoMaker. Ultra/Maxx/Mini are the same thing for less money.

  • jonnyrazr

    BTW, why is the date Sept. 25? release date perhaps?

  • Tyler Durden

    The whole point of this phone was Moto Maker. F U AT&T

    • Michael

      six Comments on one article is too much. stop commenting so much….do something else with your time

      • Tyler Durden

        Says the person who won’t mind his own fuc*ing business. Hop off my d*ck brah

      • Godzilla

        then leave. We can comment as much as we want

  • jonnyrazr

    It better come with 32GB Verizon! Screw ATT!

  • bowlzdeep

    Kellex did you get a chance to see my post in the most recent Q&A Answers posting? I would still really like to know where the wallpaper featured on the Moto X in the post came from. I would love to use it. Thanks.

  • Qwerty

    “available at Verizon Wireless in the coming weeks”

    Sounds like it won’t be getting here August 23rd. I wonder when other retailers will get it.

  • shecalledmejay

    I’m actually leaning towards getting this. Google’s stock experience is so good I don’t need a custom rom right now. I’m rooted but stock with 4.3. over than over clocking and under clocking, I don’t know what else I’ll use a unlocked boot loader for.

    • Jonathan Reid

      You gotta try Paranoid Android 3.9!

  • Knlegend1

    So what happens when a square root meets a square? Hello Moto X meet the new Droids….

  • jt O’Brien

    This phone is looking a lot more appealing than anything on the market currently. I’m starting to think the Note 3 may not even match up. Here’s to hoping that the Moto X will be as smooth and as optimized as an iPhone.

    • El_Big_CHRIS

      the Note 3 wont even match up? I’m not a touchwiz fan, but the Note 3 will be a great phone. The moto x isn’t my top pic, as it is a great phone, but the new Note will be better than moto’s phone.

    • Bill Hill

      You went full retard, man. Never go full retard

  • LameCarrot

    You know Verizon, I’m still waiting for that Galaxy Nexus announcement e-mail…

    • lgreg64

      it will be a cold day in hell when Verizon will have another Nexus phone.

    • KleenDroid

      I got mine a few weeks after I got the phone.

    • James_75

      What am I missing here? Why would anyone on Verizon not get the Maxx instead? We already know the X won’t be motomaker compatible at launch. The Maxx has a killer battery and slightly larger screen without being physically much larger and it also has qi charging capabilities while the motox does not and it comes standard with 32gb internal.

      Is it really just the onscreen buttons that trump all of these Maxx advantages?

      • Chris Hannan

        To save $100 but still have a better phone than the Mini.

        • James_75

          I think it’s only $50 when you consider the internal storage. The other $50 is the free google music but that may not matter to many. I understand, just for me, the extra $50 is worth all the other benefits, but to each their own of course.

          • mrwufpack

            Unless you also don’t care about internal storage. I deleted all my MP3s a long time ago and, despite having paid for lots of games, never play them (no time).
            I’d rather have the One, but am getting sick of waiting, so will probably just get the X as a replacement for my Galaxy Nexus. It’s closer-to-stock looking, and I prefer on screen buttons.

          • Chris Hannan

            Well yeah, as long as you already plan on keeping All Access. If you don’t, it’s basically a waste.

            I personally think the MAXX is worth $100 more just for the extra storage and that battery, but to a lot of people, it isn’t.

      • C-Law

        Personally I like the size better and on screen buttons are always a plus to me. I’d like to customize mine too. For the life of me, I can not understand why it is an at&t exclusive. Google has plenty of money

      • Adam Truelove

        Basically stock Android vs Motocrap (Motoblur)

      • MikeSaver

        Cause it looks ugly would be my guess.

      • chris125

        well it may get better support since the x is on all carriers and the maxx is verizon only. That and moto is notorious for leaving their droids out to dry with updates and support. That and the smaller size may be a draw for some.

      • techgui

        Because plenty of ppl want to ask their phone for the weather without having to press a button

      • bucherm

        I want a phone assembled in the US, is why.

  • tyguy829

    For what it’s worth, Punit Soni (Moto VP of product) pretty much confirmed to me on Google plus the rumor that MotoMaker will come to Vzw in November. (Or at least that the AT&T exclusivity ends then)

  • C-Law

    For the life of me, I can not understand why Motorola gave at&t an exclusive on the customization feature. That’s seriously the main reason someone would pick this phone over an s4, or any other. Can someone please attempt to explain it to me? I mean it can’t be because of money right? Doesn’t Google have way more money than at&t wireless?

    • tyguy829

      I think the main reason is that they don’t have all the kinks worked out of the customization process yet since it is so new. So, they wanted to start with one carrier to perfect the system before rolling it out to everyone. I’m sure AT&T paid to be that first carrier though, plus Verizon got the Droids too.

      • kixofmyg0t

        People also forget that all Moto X’s are being made at the Texas plant. Motomaker models and carrier models….for all carriers. Millions of phones(some customized…returned because the consumer didn’t like the color) made by 2000 people.

        • tyguy829

          Yep. This too

        • Tyler Durden

          As much as I love Moto…this won’t sell Millions

          • kixofmyg0t

            Yes it will. 4 carriers, custom colors, GPE editions, it will sell into the millions.

          • Tyler Durden

            The average consumer will look at it as a below average/mediocre device. The average consumer also doesn’t care about GPE. That’s for a specific group. Just because its 4 carriers doesn’t mean it will sell well. The nexus 4 is cheaper than every phone, available on 3 carriers, and has sold only 3 million.

          • King Lo

            Nexus 4 doesn’t have LTE. That only destroys it to the average consumer.

          • Big_EZ

            The average consumer will not look at this as a mediocre device, they don’t care. First they will see all the colors. Then, as long as it isn’t slow when they go in to buy it, they won’t think about specs. Specs are for a specific group, mainly the same group that would care about the GPE. As long as there’s decent marketing this will sell well.

          • Tyler Durden

            Lol they’ll walk into an store and say gee…this phone looks nice and then this GS4 looks good. Hmmm let me ask what they say. Will this one has 1080p, quad core, 13mp camera, use it as a TV remote..or the Moto x where you can get a few different colors and that’s all.

          • annahuffington9

            average person talks about 1080, quad core? do you live in mars? 🙂 In fact, the marketing message from carriers would be that this phone has 8 cores

          • htowngtr

            Severe shortages and lack of foresight on Google’s part hampered that number.

          • BobbyG

            Nexus 4 had no LTE, no carrier backing (came to TMobile after release), no advertising.

            Average consumer does not care nor do they even know about Specs. If reviews and advertising are strong, this will sell

          • jose

            This is true, to an extent. Specs don’t necessarily sell a device, marketing does. People want the phone they see in commercials, on a billboard, on the side of a bus. They want the phone their friends are talking about. The success of the X will depend on Moto’s marketing campaign.

          • Chris Hannan

            There are phones cheaper than the Nexus 4, it’s sold by only one US carrier, that carrier charges more than Google sells it for, it’s only compatible with two major networks, and it doesn’t have LTE.

            And before you make the argument of rooting and flashing old radios for LTE, I’ll stop you right there and point out only a small fraction of people will do that, and it’s only compatible with T-Mobile’s LTE.

            If the Nexus 4 were sold on all 4 of the major carriers and had LTE like the Moto X, it would have sold a lot more than 3 million.

          • jose

            By the time custom colors hits other carriers it will be old news. The allure will have fizzled out as AT&T customers have been showing off their custom colors for months. I would love to see Samsung do something like this, just as a slap in the face for Moto and their failed product launch.

    • kixofmyg0t

      Probably because they don’t yet have the capacity to fulfill orders for every single carrier. Did you ever think about that?

      This is a totally new approach to selling smartphones. Every part has a supplier. The display, camera, memory etc. Even down to the speaker, which comes from a specific supplier. All of that has to be assembled by one little plant in Texas.

      Would you rather wait another month or 2 for it to come to big red or have them try and fit all carriers(just forgetting the contract they have with At&t anyway) and it end up like the Nexus 4 launch or worse?

      Chill out. Motorola isnt a big company. Yeah they have sugar daddy Google and all but remember they went on a firing spree and did a lot of restructuring since Google bought them.

      • King Lo

        Wording is everything in business, If that was their reason they would have said that the release would be staggered across the carriers. They chose to use the word exclusive. Which means that they were gave first dibs to AT&T first for a reason other than infrastructure.

        AT&T probably offered them marketing

        • kixofmyg0t

          You’re exactly right. People respond to the word “exclusive”.

          Its coming to Verizon, we know this, Moto said this, Verizon said this. In reality its a staggered release. But that doesn’t make the cool kids feel special as much as having something “exclusive”.

          • MK17

            The word “exclusive” may pull a couple of people to ATT because they want to be sure they get the option. A “staggered release” would cause a customer to say, “I’ll just wait for it”. The inertia of change is very large and they need some form of marketing to cause the change.

      • Big_EZ

        Not sure why you got any down votes, this is my thoughts as well. I think they are trying to work out the kinks before it is available to the masses.

      • htowngtr

        Yea, see, I like your reasoning but it still all comes down to the mighty dollar. The likeliness is that ATT paid a premium to lock it down and Moto bit on that.

    • starnovsky

      AT&T probably promised Motorola a big ad campaign in exchange. As for Google, it’s trying to keep Motorola separate, no special treatment, no money giveaway.

  • WalkerNA

    MotoMaker or gtfo

    • michael arazan

      Go to ATT and order the phone in the custom colors, get one from Verizon and swap the housing, then return the ATT X phone while having a Verizon custom one, problem solved

      • box box

        Do you think ATT would be bothered that they got a phone back with verizon logos all over it?

      • Justtyn Hutcheson

        It isn’t swappable. They are completely sealed.

    • jose

      The lack of MotoMaker has been the cause of my rage for the past week.

  • TheDrunkenClam

    Any rumored off-contract pricing (or Google Play Store availability)?
    Also, am I the only person who feels like a non removable battery is a deal breaker?

    • C-Law

      All my phones have had removable batteries and I normally get a spare and official battery charger but I think I would at least attempt to do without a removable battery for the Moto x. It definitely seems like a sweet phone. Although kellens review only showed around 4 hours screen on time which is comparable to my s3. My note 2 is getting almost 6-7 hours with lte on. I’d love if the Moto x could do that

    • kixofmyg0t

      Its confirmed that there will be a GPE version. Oh and it’ll retain its sw features.

      • Justtyn Hutcheson

        So, really, they’ll be selling the GSM Developer’s Edition on Google Play? Because, that’s pretty much AOSP + software features.

        • kixofmyg0t

          Yup. I had a feeling it would keep it’s features when we found out about the GPE. But it has been confirmed that even as a GPE it will keep all the features that make it the Moto X.

    • Qwerty

      Best Buy will be selling the device off contract for $699 according to what’s available their website. Keep in mind, however, that Best Buy tends to jack the price up a bit on a phone’s off contract price. AT&T says they will be selling it for $575 off contract.

      • Ryan N

        Best Buy will price match any other retailer. So they can hit the $575. If they couldn’t I wouldnt have preordered through them. Plus, they have the best insurance for phones I’ve ever used.

        • Godzilla

          wrong. They do not always price match phones on full retail. My friend tried to get the S4 price matched for cheaper and they said no at 3 different stores saying they were not allowed to on certain phones.

          • Ryan N

            While this may have happened to your friend, I have had pretty good luck with getting best buy to bend their rules whether its price matching or warranty replacements. If you are persistent and your demands are within reason, I’m pretty sure their customer service model allows them to make exceptions for customers, even after being told no.

            but that’s just my experience.

      • Godzilla

        wayyyy too much

    • King Lo

      Removable batteries are going to be a gone in the near future. Too much liability, what with all the apartment and body parts burning.

      • Godzilla

        Samsung has gone on record as saying they are behind SD card slots and removable batteries even after these accidents.

        By the way, the jury is still out on that, there was a story on CNN saying that the person may have been tampering with the phone when it exploded.

    • Big_EZ

      I don’t care as much about a removable battery as much as I care about a microSD slot. I do think it should have a bigger battery though if it’s not going to be removable. I don’t think another millimeter or two would’ve hurt in order to gain a few hundred mah of battery.

  • Stevennnnnnnnn

    Not sure if I should get it now or wait for Moto Maker!

    • I hate exclusivity

      No MotoMaker…no money. This is one of the drawing points for the Moto X and if I have to wait to use then so be it.

    • kixofmyg0t

      What about the GPE version?

      • tyguy829

        Chances of the model sold in Google play working on Verizon = .0000001%

        • kixofmyg0t

          So you’re saying there’s a chance?

          • tyguy829

            Yeah there’s a slight chance. Here’s my dilemma. We know there will be a Google play model and dev editions for vzw and AT&T. Since the Google play model will have the same software, the ATT developer edition and GPE have to be the same thing right? But while Verizon would never let their developer edition be sold through Google play, it would be super confusing for the ATT and vzw Dev editions to be sold in different places. Super confused…

          • kixofmyg0t

            While I know the thought is blasphemy, don’t count out the GPE version working on VZW.

            I’m only saying that because I don’t have enough info yet to claim it a certainy.

            Verizon cares about the Ultra. But both Moto and Google know that demand exists for a GPE version that works on Big Red.

          • wolfedude88

            Doubt the GPE will work on Verizon, though Motorola is releasing a Developers edition for Verizon.

          • tyguy829

            Yeah I know “nothing is confirmed.” You know what though? Here’s what I’m betting will happen after giving this more thought. Model sold in Google play will be gsm only, but at a discounted price a la nexus 4. Dev editions for att and vzw will be sold on moto’s website for the $575 price that the carriers are charging. I realized the ATT dev edition and Google play model don’t have to be the same thing- it could be like what t-mobile did with the n4, charging more if you bought it from them.

          • King Lo

            Dev editions will be sold direct from Motorola. GPE will be sold through Google play and is not the same as the Dev edition. Namely the Camera software and a couple of Moto only apps.

          • C-Law

            I saw an article stating there won’t be a play edition

          • htowngtr

            We do know there will be dev editions?

          • C-Law

            Dev editions are normally sold straight from the manufacturer so you will order at&t and Verizon dev models from Motorola.com. There won’t be a Google play edition either. But now that Google owns Motorola, maybe they will sell the dev edition on Google play instead of Motorola, I dunno. Either way, you’ll find them at the same place, it won’t be confusing

          • DJ SPY

            I don’t think so. I believe Verizon still uses CDMA for calls. next year when they release 4G only phones without CDMA it might be a different story.

          • aQuickBit

            Dumb and Dumber reference…

          • Big_EZ


        • Jonathan Reid

          Don’t forget the Nexus 7 2013 LTE will work on Verizon. Given, there’s no CDMA radio in it…. But maybe it’s the start of something good!

          • tyguy829

            I don’t think there was any contact at all with Verizon honestly. I believe since it is LTE only, they just put the right radios in there and add a simple slot. I don’t even think they have to tell Verizon.

      • Andrew Lima

        This is basically already Google Play edition…

    • Tyler Durden

      Why be forced to get a color that everybody else has? Be unique.

  • Brian Utne

    If you custom order a colored back, will the Verizon stamp be on the back of it? I really DON’T think anyone cares what carrier you have…

    • Paul Hansen

      For the absurd amount that I pay for VZW you can be damn sure I want to show off that logo!… Except… I don’t…

      • tyguy829

        Really though. They should subsidize our plans to compensate for advertising for them.

  • duoexo

    now if only i could make up my mind between the HTC One & MotoX. I want a black front & white back.

    • Daeshaun Griffiths

      yup. black front white back.

    • Bill Hill

      Note 3

    • htowngtr

      I have the HTC One developer and I can say I love the phone so far. I’m sure Moto X will be nice as well, but I’m not sure I’d want the bastardized version vs what people on ATT are getting.

    • NeedName

      What’s more important to you:
      front facing speakers, sl better screen, sense UI
      longer battery life, on-screen notification, touchless control, smaller size, and probably better updates, “clean” Android

  • Futbolrunner

    No logo on the front!? Is it 4g LTE? I can’t tell anymore without the tramp stamp on the back. Keepin it clean, Verizon. I like.

    • Tyler Durden

      I guess they figured not a lot of people would buy it so why waste useless marketing /s

      • DJ SPY

        Or, 4G isn’t new anymore and it replaced 3G as the common thing. No need to advertise it since “everyone” knows it’s 4G.

    • Jonathan Bunch

      not really sure why this is surprising, kellen has had the review unit and posted pictures of it on the moto x review page and it has the same logo as the one picture here, but at least we know verizon might be about to chill out on the logos.