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Why the Moto X is My New Phone…Until the Next Nexus Arrives [Opinion]


When the Moto X finally goes on sale at the end of this month, I’ve pretty much made up my mind that it’s going to be my next phone. After spending the last week or so with a review unit (be sure to read our review), I like everything about it, even with its higher-than-expected price tag and mid-range-type specs (though they are still painful at times in the back of my mind). The overall package, which includes 99.1% stock Android, solid camera, good display, set of new features I actually use, and a body that feels better in hand than almost any other phone on the market, is something I can get down with. So yeah, I’m ready for my MotoMaker-made Moto X to take me through a couple of months of use before the next Nexus arrives. That’s right, as much as I’m a fan of Motorola’s new flagship, the next Nexus is also on the horizon. What a world we live in.

Stock Android Does Me Right.

So here is the deal. I work in the Android business, meaning I buy new phones all of the time because it’s my job to. I’m definitely not your average consumer. But I don’t just buy any phone, I buy the ones that after I have reviewed them, are actually great products (at least in my eyes) and that I could see myself using in-between reviews of other phones. The Moto X is the next phone to fill that void. Why? Well, because of all of the things I just mentioned, but probably most importantly, because again, it runs mostly stock Android.

Over the last couple of years, I’ve tested all of the important devices in the industry from the Galaxy S3 to the S4 to the Optimus G to the HTC One to the Nexus 4. And you know which of those sat next to me on my desk the longest, even after all of the reviews were said and done? The Nexus 4. No LTE, no expandable storage, and a glass back that I have a love-hate relationship with still didn’t matter in the end. There is nothing better at this point to me than a phone that runs stock Android and also receives updates in a timely manner. The experience of stock has greatly improved over the last couple of years, even offering up features that custom skins from OEMs can’t (Photo Sphere being one).

Sure, I bought an unlocked U.S. HTC One and made it my device of the moment for a solid couple of months. There were times when I wanted to sneak back to the Nexus 4, but I had made the investment in the One and generally liked what it had to offer, including Sense 5. I also reviewed the Galaxy S4 in there and kept the review unit around longer than Samsung would probably like because it’s the most popular Android phone and I always feel like I should keep one close. So those two phones have taken up a ton of my time since they both were launched. But you know what, when the Google Play Editions of each were released, I didn’t even hesitate to buy them.  A return to stock Android on hardware I felt necessary to keep around is like the ultimate situation.

Leading up to the Moto X, the Galaxy S4 GPE has been in my pocket, on my desk, and by my bed at night. It’s an amazing device (which I should probably review). It already has Android 4.3. The camera is insanely good, even with Google’s stock software. And the general feel of the GS4 in hand (outside of the gross, glossy backside) is second to none (or to the Moto X). But beyond all of that, the real decision was made because again, it’s stock Android.

A Custom Phone.

It sure sounds like the Galaxy S4 GPE is an almost perfect device, so why replace it with the Moto X? While they are mostly equal in my eyes, the Moto X has my attention right now because not only does it feel amazing in hand, I really want a custom phone. I know that sounds silly and probably shouldn’t be reason enough to buy a phone, but never before have we been able to have a phone that is 100% our own. It certainly sucks that MotoMaker is only available on AT&T at first, however, the idea is so refreshing that I need to give a shot. And after reviewing the phone and finding no issues in terms of performance, I’m willing to dive into one.

moto x

Sorry, LG G2 and Galaxy Note 3.

Yesterday, LG officially unveiled the G2. It appears to be a spec monster, but personally, there was nothing there that grabbed my attention. The 5.2″ display sounds like a world beater, as does the Snapdragon 800 inside, but the phone’s design, which comes off as a Galaxy S4 copy-and-a-half, is so uninspired. And what’s with the over-done LG UI that might have even more features-you’ll-never-use than the GS4? It has at least two types of multi-tasking (maybe even three), floaty objects with transparency, memo apps that I’d never use, and a volume-rocker-home-button combo on the back that is still confusing me. Did anyone else ever think they’d never see a smartphone company lead off a phone presentation by saying, the “most innovative” feature is a rear placed button arrangement? Not the camera with OIS, or the insanely good FHD display, or the processor that no one else has used to date – the button arrangement is it.

But back to the design – what happened to the Crystal Reflection back from the Optimus G and Nexus 4? Now that was actually a cool design innovation. Sure, the glass covering the Crystal Reflection was a terrible idea, but it’s not like they couldn’t come up with another material to use on top of it. Instead, we’ve got the Galaxy S4’s body, with a more cartoony UI, and a button arrangement that may be more of a nuisance than anything. We’ll be sure to give the G2 a full review, but so far, I’m not seeing how this could be my next phone.

What about the Galaxy Note 3? Yes, it’s coming in early September, at least the announcement of it. But to be perfectly honest, I can already tell you that I’ll let Tim run the Note 3 cult just like he did with the Note 2. Oversized tablet-phone combo devices are just not for me. Even if Samsung goes away from slippery plastic and uses a more premium feeling material, the phone will be too big for my liking. So no, the Note 3 probably won’t replace the Moto X in a month.

moto x

The Next Nexus.

And that all brings us to the next Nexus, which LG is rumored to be making for an October reveal. Aren’t we then assuming that the G2 is a reference for the new Nexus? Probably. You know, as much as I wasn’t wow’d by the design of the G2, I could probably put up with it if there was a big “Nexus” logo on the back and that UI was gone. Actually, I almost wouldn’t be surprised if Google said, “Sure, we’ll use the G2 as a base for the Nexus 5, but we want a matte finish on the back and we’re also going to class it up by tweaking the look a bit.” And who doesn’t love a pretty matte finish? Hello, Nexus 7 and Nexus 10?

But as I’ve already  said a couple of times, a Nexus is a Nexus, meaning you get the 100% stock Android and updates faster than any other phone. So as an Android blogger, this is the device we look forward to the most each year, even if it doesn’t lead anyone’s sales numbers. And that’s why it will more than likely replace my Moto X in 3 months. Maybe.

The Point.

The point of this isn’t to convince you that you should buy the Moto X. It’s also not supposed to convince you to wait to buy a new phone until the new Nexus arrives. In fact, I guess it’s just more of me sharing the thought process behind my smartphone purchases, because I struggle with them just like all of you do. I think in the end it keeps coming back to devices that run stock Android, even though I thought for years that I could put up with skins. Apparently, I can’t.

Over the next couple of months, you’ll have some amazing choices in smartphones. Some will run stock, some can be customized on the outside, and others will run over-the-top skins. My focus will be on the two that closely match up to Google’s vision of Android.

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  • Byron

    Debating whether or not to get a Moto X or an HTC One once it hits verizon.. any suggestions?

    • jt O’Brien

      Moto X. The only thing I think is worth contending the Moto X is the Note 3 or the new Nexus. But thats because I’m a software guy. I like optimized, intuitive and innovative software. If you’re a hardware kind of man, the HTC One is your phone

  • Chris Dooley

    Made in America ( finally ) and mostly stock Android is all I need to hear

  • viewthis66

    While I value this sites opinion in almost all cases, this is not one of them. Let’s move on. Thanks.

    • Guest

      No. . . thanks!

  • Anthony Bottari

    I’m with you Kellex..even though the G2 is a spec monster there’s nothing that made me want it..and I’m not to keen on the buttons being on the back I’d have to try it out in person.

  • Robert Kuhlman

    What the new Nexus needs is expandable memory or a 32gb version. Give me enough memory and I’m happy. I also like a quick shot camera that takes good pics.

  • iamnotfan

    Cos you can afford it 🙂

  • Chris

    I currently own a S4 on AT&T and a Note 2 on Verizon. Every once in a while, the Note 2 will seem big for some reason, but the vast majority of the time, it is my preference. I always seem to grab it, unless its battery is low. I will be very interested to see what actually lands for the Note 3.

  • John Clausen

    I love the look of the Moto X. I’m going to wait until the Moto Maker comes to verizon

  • Skittlez

    see, i want stock android as well, and i would love to get the Moto X, but one of my things is rooting and getting my free mobile hotspot. now i know there are ones in the play store that don’t need root, but i don’t think there are any that are as good as when they’re baked into a good AOSP ROM. unless someone can recommend a good app to use. I do like to have the most up to date software, so dev community is still important. baldwinguy and pete did an awesome job at this. If i can have a developer like them working on the Moto X, i’d be perfectly happy. radios actually play a good role as well, being that the Samsung radios aren’t that great, and thats probably the best part of motorola, and one of the best things on the new Moto X.

    How has the data connection been Kellen?

  • Stevedub40

    Excellent post Kellen. I feel the exact same way. I recently had the DNA, then switched to the S4, but there is just something about stock that I dearly miss. I was running a GE rom, and when it worked good I was in love. I kept running into strange lag problems, so I eventually had to give it up. I am now on Eclipse rom with AOSP styling, and it is very close looking to stock and I love it. It also runs smooth as buttery, which I love even more.

    I know most likely Verizon will not see the next Nexus, but I wish we knew for sure. I am very close to pulling the trigger on the Moto X, but I would love to have another Nexus device again. Oh well, the joys of being a phone addict, lol.


    Finally someone that dislikes the ridiculous buttons on the back. Thank you.

  • n900mixalot

    That’s just too much money to spend. $550 or whatever for the Moto X, then another $400 for the next Nexus?

    I guess you’re dedicated, or paid too much …

  • JMonkeYJ

    I’m a phoneaholic too. Since I went off contract at the end of last year I’ve had 3 phones. I just did the full GPE conversion on my TMobile HTC One so I have access to all radio bands and get direct Play Edition updates to my phone. That combined with the amazing camera (this thing continues to blow me away) and the speakers (louder and much better tone than the new N7) means I’ll probably wait until the next nexus to get a new phone. If Moto X was customizable from the start I would think about it, but by November the next nexus will practically be here! I feel like I pretty much have the beat of all worlds with the HTC One right now.

  • Bazillion

    If Sony do some sort of cool hardware tie-up with Honami and the PS4 ( like some sort chromecast/airplay thing through the PS4) plus a 20 megapixel camera that could maybe record 4k video ( Snapdragon 800 can process 4k), then I’ll probably get that. Otherwise the next Nexus (please god let it have LTE!!) is for me!

  • sk3litor

    Buying a custom phone shouldn’t be silly. In fact it should be the main reason we buy phones at this point. Any new phone that comes out nowadays (let’s face it) will be petty great in terms of performance. I think it’s time we start buying phones that fit our personalities.now I oersonaly can’t understand why someone would ever buy a wood phone but hey, to each his own. So I say customize away people

  • Tim242

    …Why I’m using and promoting this garbage for two months…Moto paid me some of their marketing dollars to do so.

  • jim

    No thanks, never pay nexus prices for a yugo

  • skylordusa1

    “I really want a custom phone. I know that sounds silly and probably shouldn’t be reason enough to buy a phone, but never before have we been able to have a phone that is 100% our own”

    That is not silly at all. That is hitting the nail on the head. Although it sucks Im on Verizon and cant customize the phone right away. The minute they open MotoMaker up to Verizon I will be all over this phone. This is probably the coolest thing any company has done as far as innovation. Its opening the gates up for us to get to a point one day where we can customize our whole phone. The size,camera,processor,display,colors,BATTERY. Thats the day im looking forward to.

    Besides I cant wait to be rocking a Purple & Gold Lakers Moto X to match my custom Lakers NikeID made Airmax. hahahahahhahhaa.

  • CaptainDisillusion

    Holy crap I just had my first experience commenting on BGR. It’s like the movie Idiocracy, but no one is kidding. I’m sorry Droid Life, I will never leave your side ever again.

  • James Hill

    Well, I have big hands and a propensity for larger phone screens. I love your opinion, and I need to take into consideration that we all have a soft spot for Motorola. That being said, I think having the s-pen, and not needing a tablet to go along with phone would fit my needs well; Having a very large phone would do this for me. Therefore, the Note 3 is the phone I would get next, and instead of buying the Moto X before the note 3 arrives, I’ll be saving money for a XBOX One.

  • Trevor

    The seemingly perfect paralleledness of the phones in that picture is making my OCD very happy.

  • duke69111

    “Did anyone else ever think they’d never see a smartphone company lead off a phone presentation by saying, the “most innovative” feature is a rear placed button arrangement? ”

    Answer = Apple and their noise canceling mic.

  • I completely agree with you and this is the reason that I am getting the Moto X as well. And I will have to wait until November to get that MotoMaker experience when I move to Tmo. Unlike most people 16GB is enough for me and I like the move away from SD cards and improving I/O speed. I Love that Moto made stock android BETTER. They didn’t change the look, just included actually useful features. My S3 runs stock because even though I gave touchwiz a shot and liked some of its features I could not stand what it looked like.

  • im on verizon, so i gotta wait it out till November/december anyway. If im gettting a Moto X its gonna be custom damn it.

  • Adam Truelove

    I would also love to buy the next Nexus. But I’m on Verizon. 🙁

  • Scott Huddleston

    I hope this phone is really as good as the “expert techs” are putting it out there to be. There’s gonna be a lot of crow to eat if this things buggy and not faster than the competition.

    • hkklife

      Yup. I can already say that were 99% likely be major snafus/delays in MotoMaker, the phone won’t be as future-proof as everyone is hoping it’ll be. Then the inevitable iSupply teardown and list of the BoM of this phone is going to reveal it’s got the highest margins this side of Apple. Motorola’s greedy/arrogant/optimistic pricing structure will quickly be shot full of holes when 3rd parties start dropping this thing to $100 and below on contract yet no one budges on the off-contract price.

      The market will quickly FORCE this phone to be exactly what it is—a nice little upper-midrange phone that’s masquerading as a flagship and is far from revolutionary that should’ve been marketed and priced as such from day 1.

      • Daeshaun Griffiths

        Why is it far from revolutionary? in your opinion.

        • hkklife

          Again, it’s a nice phone but the pricing is overly optimistic. Moto may want to end the spec wars but 99.9% of consumers are going to focus on price first. The X would get a LOT more attention had they thrown an extra $100 or even $50 subsidy in there or earmarked some of that marketing warchest for hardware subsidies.

          Example: The average consumer will stroll into a retail store, see a “free” 5″ DNA next to the $199 X and the salesperson will tell them that the DNA has more pixels, a bigger screen and more cores AND is cheaper. Boom, game over Moto. That customer is GONE for the next 24 months and sad but true there’s no guarantee Moto Mobility will even be around in another 2 years.

          With the X, Moto and Google had the opportunity to really break the backs of the carriers by offering a device priced like the Nexus 4 (or with a slight premium for Moto’s margins and the domestic assembly) PLUS the customization factor PLUS totally breaking from the carrier subsidy + contract + bloatware + approvals of updates model. If that mean no CDMA X, then fine. That’s what the Droids are for, at least on VZW. If that meant only unlocked Xs, then fine (the new LTE Nexus 7 is how to do an unlocked cross-carrier device properly). Basically, the X could have been a Nexus for the masses backed by a massive marketing push informing the average American to escape the carriers’ influence as middleman and bring some power back to the users. The timing of it could have worked perfectly with all of the recent Time Warner/CBS/Dish Network wrangling too. But they failed on EVERY single count, as far as I’m concerned. This is now just another handset in every sense of the word other than its battery life and smoothness.

          All of the X’s software jazz has already been emulated or is in the process of being copied. And an optimized dual-core architecture is FAR less revolutionary than, say, when Intel went from NetBurst to Core CPU architecture. The X just has the software massaging that Google should have baked into Android a year or more ago. And Nokia had cool colored and pattern printed shells for their dumbphones years ago (as did Palm for their m100 line of PDAs in 2000 and Diamond for the Rio MP3 players).

          Rant’s over, going home now.

      • Guest

        ridiculous comment is ridiculous!

  • Clackout

    I am trying to figure out why there are no hands on reviews of the MAXX

    • Daeshaun Griffiths

      Moto/VZ didn’t give out review units.

      • Clackout

        Why not? or how long before they get them? This is the phone I am really looking into. Oh and Kellex, How is the speaker on the moto X?
        I know its not going to be like BoomSound but what would you compare it to?

        • Daeshaun Griffiths

          Why not? it’s vz why would they.
          How long? it’s vz…the world may never know
          kellz left a note about the speaker on the bottom of the moto x review.

          • Clackout

            Thanks I did not see that at the end.
            I would think they would get in the hands atleast a week in advance. I mean there is nothing on youtube or anything

  • sk102704

    Taylor Wimberly has said on G+ that he had heard that Motorola would release a Nexus and it would be a new Nexus 4 (like the new Nexus 7) and LG would release a 5′-5’+ Nexus called the Nexus 5. He just posted about an hour ago that Motorola would release a Nexus device in Q4 that is not the Moto X.

    • hkklife

      Could that be Bionic’s “hero” device rumored for October? 5″ 1080P screen but otherwise similar specs to the X?

      • Ibrick

        I was getting curious what happened to the 5in ‘hero’ device.. Glad someone else remembered this was the midrange ‘X’ device.

    • Daeshaun Griffiths

      And we want that. Yes we do.

    • Tim242

      The Nexus 4 gets its 4 from being the 4th Nexus. So, there won’t be another Nexus 4. The Nexus tablets are named by display size.

      • sk102704

        Not according to Taylor. Its not my opinion, its what he’s heard and he has been about 98% accurate. He was saying the new Nexus 4 would have a 4 +inch screen and the 5 would be 5+ inches.

        • Tim242

          He’s confused on naming conventions. The Nexus 7 has a 7″ screen. The Nexus 10 has a 10″ screen. The Nexus 4 has a 4.7″ screen. The Nexus 4 was named by generation of the product. Nexus One, Nexus S, Galaxy Nexus, Nexus 4. Only the tablets are named by display size.

          • sk102704

            Yes, but what he is saying is that he is hearing that things are changing with the Nexus program and with them releasing multiple Nexus phones with different screen sizes, the Nexus phones will also get their names based on their display size. He is not saying this will definitely happen but he did say the information comes from a very reliable source.

          • Tim242

            I guess anything is possible. Apple named their 6th iPhone as the 5th. But, I don’t see Google naming a phone with a 4.7″ display, Nexus 4. For one, they already have that combination, but mostly because it would be confusing by changing the naming convention.

  • Wolfpack93

    The (Real) Point.
    Either I need to leave Verizon (and unlimited data) to be able to enjoy new hardware in a timely manner, or I need to begin a new career reviewing Android devices.

    • Such

      Lol I know what you mean. I’ve accepted the fact that I’d rather have unlimited data than the latest phone plus I’m pretty content with my note 2. Once that unlimited goes away/taken away I will move to gsm for sure.

  • Tim242

    This made me throw up in my mouth. How’s that One doing that you praised so highly/ oh that’s right, you use the S4.

  • Ryan

    Opinion: I think the G2 will be a solid phone, and I’m 90% certain it will be my upgrade later this month. No one even knows if a nexus is in development or will even come out this fall. The only rumor spreading is the one that this blog is kicking around about a nexus device possibly coming. If a new nexus does come i sure hope the specs are better than the last one. Taking away LTE was a big let down, but also made the phone more affordable. For them to do that again you’ll have to sacrifice certain high-end specs. However, if there are signs of one coming by the end of the month or early september I’m willing to hold onto my gNexus to see what happens. I’m really due for a new phone. My gNexus screen has terrible image retention on it near the status bar and navigation bar, and the screen has some really bad display lines all over it. It’s also lagging really bad last few months, and the battery doesn’t hold charge as long as it used to. It’s on it’s last leg…

    • Guest

      G2 later this month? try again!

      • Ryan


  • Daeshaun Griffiths

    and f*** that color s***. My moto X will be white or black. Wait till november my a**. (only if the promise 32gbs)

  • Little Piggie

    This is the most pointless article.

    First: Appearance is probably the SMALLEST factor when purchasing a phone unless its Hideous. (not including on screen buttons)
    Second: My G2 will outlast your Moto x by at the minimum of a year when VOIP goes into play on most carriers.
    Third: Specs are everything. Anyone with small intelligence in buying electronics knows this.

    Conclusion: This article is bad. While you are debating over cosmetic issues of the phone I am laughing because your still waiting for your internet to download over 4G. Hey look! I just downloaded a movie in 5 minutes while on the way home so i can watch it after dinner. And Lastly, until the screens become unbreakable – i will put a case on my phone which therefore nullifies your argument of getting a “beautified” phone.

    G2 > Moto X…Let the 6 year loyal Apple owners switch to the Moto X. You have been subdue to the Software fad. Software makes the most money but does nothing to future proof your phone.

    Rant over.

    • Daeshaun Griffiths

      1. What? The moto x just happens to look good while fitting in your hand comfortably.

      2. VoLTE, yah whatever dude. Don’t burn through too much data or battery.

      3. UX is everything. First proved my iphone sales, will be proved by moto x reactions.

      your conclusion is…woah. Future proof? Contracts are 2 years, not 10. How often does a company truly innovate? You’ll be upgrading your phone every 2 months and none of he phones will have everything you want.

      and lastly, the bleeping article has a big [opinion[ tag on it. While I respect your hardware > everything opinion, i don’t respect you calling his article pointless. You could say what u have to say with better words.

      I didn’t wanna feed you, but i did. I hope you own the only G2 in the world that lags.

      • Little Piggie

        1. Looks great? Yeah sure…till you put a case on it. Nullified.
        2. VOIP Yes, and the 800 is built around VOIP. Moto X is not. Nullified.
        3. UI by people that know what they are looking for can be removed or disabled to use the one they want. Nullified.

        YOU my friend have been subdue to the software. Move along.

    • BCoils

      This is an opinion post. if you wasted your time reading it, that’s on you, not the writer.

    • Guest

      this is THE most pointless comment. . . ever! and that’s sayin’ somthin’!!!

  • umbrellacorp

    I drank the Ron-Ron juice!

  • BSweetness

    “Oversized tablet-phone combo devices are just not for me.”

    “Aren’t we then assuming that the G2 is a reference for the new Nexus?”

    So, if the next Nexus is indeed based on the G2, and it retains the G2’s 5.2″ screen size (which is just a fraction of an inch away from being the same size as the first Galaxy Note’s 5.3″ screen – which you and this site referred to often as a “phablet” or small tablet), does that mean you’ll be willing to try to get over your dislike of phones with large screens because it’s a Nexus? Or has your definition of a “tablet-phone combo device” changed to only be devices 5.5″ and larger?

    • Daeshaun Griffiths

      You may have read a little too much into that. BUT good freakin point. If the next nexus is bigger than the nexus 4, it’s a no-go.

      • BSweetness

        I don’t think I read too much into it at all. Kellex has been very outspoken about the fact that he doesn’t care for phones with large screens that border on being small tablets. That’s exactly what the G2 is, so I’m just curious if he’d change his mind on those – or at least try to – simply because it’s a Nexus device.

    • hkklife

      I think Kellen just prefers a small phone as a daily driver, Nexus or not. If the ONLY Nexus available was a phablet-sized device I’d wager he’d be more inclined to give it a shot, however.

      But the G2 to Note comparison is not that valid, IMHO. First, I think that “phablets” have sort of moved to 5.5″ and beyond dimensions just due to general market factors (the arrival of the very mainstream and compact 5″ GS4, primarily).

      Secondly, the G2 has MUCH slimmer dimensions all around than the first Note. AND, most significantly, it has a different screen resolution and aspect ratio. The first note was 16:10 (1280×800), whereas the G2 is 16:9 (1920×1080) so it’s naturally going to be “taller” and narrower when held in hand. That, along with the thin bezel and body and relocated volume buttons make it much more hand-friendly than the Note 1 was. Heck, I think the Note 2 feels much better to hold than the Note 1 does (though I do prefer the Note 1’s general design aesthetic and less slippery surface).

      Think of LG’s horrible 4:3 Intuition. It was only a 5″ 1024×768 screen yet it looks (and is) SOOOOO much bigger and unwieldy than the 5″ Galaxy 1920×1080 GS4.

      • BSweetness

        Upvote because those are all great points, but I still think the G2 to Note comparison is valid. Everything you said is true, but we’re still talking about a device that has a screen size that is squarely in the range of what this site (and pretty much every site) referred to as a “phablet” just recently. The differences in aspect ration, thinness, and bezel all play a huge role in usability, but it doesn’t change the fact of how large the screen is.

        But really what I was getting at was if the next Nexus does have a 5.2″ screen, is that going to impact his decision to go with it or not. I suspect exactly what you said – he prefers a smaller device, but he’d give it a shot simply because it’s a Nexus.

        • hkklife

          Agreed. And if I jumped ship from VZW and my grandfathered unlimited, I’d want the biggest, beefiest Nexus or GPE device I could get so a 5.2″ Nexus would sway me from getting, say, a GPE GS4 or a skinned GS4, Note 3, G Pro or G2.

          I think it’s well past time for Google to fork the Nexus lineup for phones: Have a 4.5″ to 4.7″ Nexus, a 5.2″+ Nexus phablet, then the two Nexus tablets (though I’d really like to see the Nexus 7 bumped up to 7.7″ or 8″ for its 3rd gen). Heck, depending on how low they wanna go, there may be room for a 4.3″ 720p 8GB ultra low-cost Nexus Mini.

  • Jeremy Gross

    how can u survive on such low storage

    • TJWaterskier

      Unlimited 4g?

  • Wes Jordan

    I may actually try this phone now, as long as it is less than $650 unlocked.

  • Rob Schoenfeld

    What do you mean, the Moto X is basically Nexus 4. With the exception of the Moto X being able to always listen (NSA Agent’s Wet Dream) and some active screen notifications. Oh look I don’t have to push a button, I just have to tap on the screen. Wow revolutionary.

    • samari711

      That’s cute, you think the NSA can’t listen to you on your current phone

      • Rob Schoenfeld

        Current phones require a trigger the Moto X is always listening. Dolt!!

        • samari711

          The FBI doesn’t even need your current phone to be ON for them to use it as a bug, just imagine what the NSA can do: http://news.cnet.com/2100-1029_3-6140191.html

          • Rob Schoenfeld

            Oh knows I’m going to only use my phone with a tin foil hat on.

  • Tay

    I still haven’t found a phone worthy enough to make me upgrade from my crappy Droid RAZR.

  • dwboston

    I went with the GPE S4. I don’t like my device being tied to a carrier, and I just can’t pull the trigger on a Moto phone after an awful experience with Moto with the “4G LTE” Xoom. The Moto X looks like a nice phone though.

  • Travis

    What really pisses me off is the lack of communication about the various editions of the phone. So yeah, we know there’s going to be a developer edition and a Google Play edition, but we don’t have enough information to make informed choices. Specifically,

    – We don’t know WHEN these editions will come out. Could be a few weeks after launch, could be months. That makes a big difference.

    _ We don’t know whether the GPE will have the Moto customizations like Touchless Control and Active Notifications, or the ability to use Moto Maker. We know that the One and GS4 both have a few customizations included in the GPE editions – and thankfully they have been updated to 4.3 pretty quickly. However, the Moto X is still an unknown. Even if Moto Maker is available for these editions, it might be too little too late if it’s not until the end of the year before they get here!

    The AT&T exclusivity is purposefully ambiguous for a couple of reasons. Firstly, AT&T doesn’t WANT anyone to know when the exclusivity ends. It’s in their interest to make you think that you can ONLY get the Moto Maker with them for as long as possible. Verizon doesn’t care about not having Moto Maker because they have the Droids that they will be pushing MUCH harder than the Moto X. In fact, the Moto X could be like the Galaxy Nexus in that it’s a device that Verizon doesn’t care about having, nor one that they will prioritize for updates!

    I think the only way to go is to either 1) buy the AT&T version and enjoy the Moto Maker now, or 2) WAIT WAIT WAIT and resist the temptation until we know for sure what’s going to happen with this phone and the next Nexus over the next few months.

  • Kurt

    I think you’re too quick to dismiss the Note 3. A battery that lasts all day is my number one criteria ater putting up with GNex.

    • Tyler

      Same, which is why im considering the Droid MAXX … dat battery.

    • Such

      I couldn’t agree more! I can around 5-6 hrs screen on time & at least 24 hours battery life.

  • Such

    Good piece Kellen! I love stock android myself & being on Verizon I loved my og droid & galaxy nexus but after screen sizes started becoming larger & larger I went to the note 2 & I only wish a note 2 sized nexus/GPE phone comes out one day. Touch wiz is ehhh but I enjoy the benefits of having a bigger screen

  • Chippah

    Alls I gotta say is Galaxy Nexus battery can eat a bag of dildos and everyone agrees with me and are sick and tired of it, Kinda like my band Sick effin puppies.

    • Blue Sun

      Do something about it already. Go to Amazon & buy the 3,800mAh extended battery (with NFC) for $25, add $10 for the extended battery bumper & stop crying about it.

      • Chippah

        all that for 3.5 hrs of screentime..

        • Jonathan Williams

          You can go Beast Mode like I did and buy the 5600 mah ZeroLemon battery. 6 hours+ screen time. $40 with a 6 month warranty.

  • Kevin

    i’d be a lot more likely to get one on verizon if motomaker were available, but my bionic is driving me nuts. i’ll be going with htc one or the G2

  • mule0331

    After reading everything about the new Moto phones, I ordered the Droid Maxx instead. Same features as the X, same internals, same camera. Bigger screen, more storage and huge battery was the selling point, for me but everybody has different wants and needs.

    • Geekdad

      Do you have unlimited data? If so, were you able to keep it?

      • Tim242

        You keep unlimited data as long as you pay full retai.

        • Geekdad

          I was able to keep unlimited data on one of my lines about 2-3 months ago when I updated. I am hoping I can get another rep that will help me out again.

      • mule0331

        I kept my unlimited data because my line was due for an upgrade, and my daughter has a 2 gig line. They let me transfer the upgrade to that line, so it wouldnt affect my unlimited line. When the phone arrives Ill just activate it on my line.

  • S.Scott Turgeon

    The Moto X has received above average reviews from Engadget,The verge,Cnet and Droid Life.I don’t know who’s l
    Now it will be up to the consumer to rate the product, if it can make good call I’m in!
    Every monster phone I’ve had the reception sucks.
    Also of note every review I read on the Moto X started with I expected to dislike this phone and ended up loving it verbatim!
    Its almost like they wanted Motorola and there what appears to be outdated dual core phone to fail but every review called the phone pretty much revolutionary and a brand new take on how cellular technology is being used by the company that created cellular technology.

  • Travis

    The Moto X is one of the most polarizing devices in recent memory… and I am completely torn on whether to buy it or not. I do not work in the industry, but I have enough disposable income to upgrade my phone whenever I’d like. I have accounts with both Verizon (where my family is) and AT&T (just me). Right now, I am rocking an HTC One on AT&T as my main phone and I have an iPhone 5 on Verizon with a grandfathered unlimited data plan.

    So I am getting the Moto X? Probably! On one hand, I love the customization, the form factor, the active notifications, and touchless display, and the nearly-stock version of Android running on it. Those are all great! On the other hand, I hate the AT&T exclusive Moto Maker, the locked bootloader on AT&T/Verizon, and the inevitable delayed OS updates that have to go through the carrier. I could wait for the GPE or Developer Edition, but we don’t even know if those will have the capability of Moto Maker customizations, nor do I feel confident that they will be coming out any time soon.

    With all that in mind, I’m probably going to get one, but it will be against my better judgement! LOL. I too want to have a phone to call “my own” – that is unique to me. I also use Google Now a whole lot, and being able to use it with only my voice is a great boon. And though I know there are some apps/mods that allow this ability on other phones, it’s not the same if it isn’t as quick or as power-efficient because battery life and responsiveness is paramount.

  • mjl

    Nice to see your thought process, it really matches mine (GNex owner on Verizon). What do you think the odds are of Verizon getting an LTE “Nexus 5” or whatever it will be called? And any whipsers of a more powerful follow-up to the Moto X in the next 6 months?