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Play Store Update to 4.3.10 Causing “Package file is invalid” Error for Many During App Updates

google play 4.3.10

The newest version of Google Play (build 4.3.10) is apparently causing a number of problems for users who are trying to update apps. Both our comments and a variety of forum threads are filled with readers who are receiving a “Package file is invalid” error during updates. The error isn’t showing for all apps, nor have we been able to figure out a pattern. At times, the error presents itself with Google apps, while at other times they update fine. We’re also seeing the error for non-Google apps, but again, it’s tough to figure out why and when it will happen.

Feel free to weigh in if you are having any issues with 4.3.10.

As soon as we know a fix or hear something official, we’ll be sure to pass it along.

Update:  This is not guaranteed to fix you, but some have had success by going into Settings>Apps, clearing cache or data on Google Play Services, and then restarting their phones.

Update 2:  Some users are reporting that the issue showed up before the 4.3.10 update, so it could just be a general Play store issue.

Cheers Terry, BulletTooth_Tony, and everyone else!

  • Alix McDowall

    Tried updating and downloading on network instead of wi-fi and it worked! =)

  • Johnathan Katz

    Yeah it happened for me during the 4.29 version, but overnight it silent updated to 4.3.10 and still the same issue, however repeatedly hitting the update button or closing out and trying again usually works.

    Just hope a patch or fix is inbound.

  • Frankie Barrios

    Yep getting it on my nexus 7 (2012) when trying to update vine, Google play books, and Opera browser over WiFi. My Google play store is at version 4.2.3. Don’t know if that’s even the updated version?

  • Andy Talsma

    Happened to me when trying to update instagram on Samsung galaxy tablet. Deleted the app and tried to reinstall but it won’t even let me do that. This needs to be fixed asap!

  • Ralph Basile

    Me too. On my Nexus 4 and Nexus 7.

  • N2fw

    Don’t think its a Play store problem, think it’s a developer problem updating their apps to be compatible with new versions of the store https://plus.google.com/u/0/110459363140605384170/posts/QUnUxzufStD

  • ashley

    So dumb I disconnected wifi used 4 g in play store and it worked they better fix this!

  • Bud

    Happening to me the last couple of days on my brand new Samsung GS2 (t-mobile, JB 4.1.2), but only on wi-fi. If I disable wi-fi and switch to 4G, updates are installed fine with no errors.

  • Tyson Edwards

    Error occures every time I try to update fb messenger or play books (only ones ive tried) stock galaxy s4 att

  • Angela Davis

    This is happening for me as well. I had two games that would not install and gave me this message. One is the Hidden Object: Mystery Estate and the 2nd is Virtual Families 2.
    I went to app setting and cleared cache for Google Play store,restarted my phone and the Mystery Estate game then updated just fine, howeve, the Virtual Families 2 is still giving me the same issue.

  • Troy

    INSTAGRAM UPDATE SUCCESS. Tried clearing cache, data, uninstalling Google play updates, logging out and logging back in to my Google account, restarting the phone… none of which worked. USED HOTSPOT SHIELD VPN and Instagram downloaded and updated instantly.

  • Chris Heery

    I had 2 devices do this (Tab2 7 & Droid3) & neither was at the
    newest version of Google Play. Even if I installed an app from my PC
    (via Google Play website) it would still give the invalid package
    error. The fix was the following: Force Stop Google Play –>
    Uninstall Updates on Google Play –> Clear Data from Google Services
    Framework –> Shutdown & restart device. This basically resets
    your login with Google. I also had to wait a bit while Google Play
    automatically updated itself. Both devices are downloading/updating
    fine now.

  • Steven
  • Raymond Todaro

    I was able to download from Google play by going through Chrome instead of the Google play app. Try that… It might work for you too.

  • Eric Morley

    Turning the wifi off and updating seems to work for me. Clearing the cache did not. Sucks to have to do without wifi, as I am on a limited data plan.

  • B J Books

    Had this problem on my S3. Cleared data/cache on the Google Play Store app in the Application settings. Solved the problem.

    • B J Books

      Posted too quick: fixed the problem for one app i was having issues updating, but not the other. sigh

  • Turning off wifi and installing over 3G worked for me. Too bad that isn’t an option with my new N7…

  • Andrew Lausen

    SamsungLink also will not update-package invalid

  • Andrew Lausen

    This has happened several times in the last few days. Instagram wont update..nor can I install it. I thought something was wrong and I uninstalled the app now it wont reinstall. Battle Alert game will not update. But Google Talk did. This sucks please fix.

  • Colton DRG

    Having this problem on all my devices… Using 4G LTE on my Bionic did fix it, but my other two are tablets that don’t have that functionality. I dug around a bit in my router settings, everything looked fine except for me having 16Mbps down when I usually have/pay for 12Mbps down… But whatever… Time to give the phone company a call…

  • Johnmore

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  • from562

    Wow why is my playstore so far behind I have a nexus 4 running 4.3 yet my playstore is 4.2.3 and I’m still experiencing all these problems although clearing cached fixed it

  • hobgoblyn

    the fix that worked for me was deleting my google profile in settings and then adding it again.

  • tony

    this happen to my gs3 before the new update any help plz????????

  • Rhea

    I’ve done everything in the book, even reseted my phone back to factory setting :'( I’m just going to have to wait it out.

    • Thanks for the heads up about the factory reset. I was hoping I wouldn’t have to, but now I know it probably won’t help.

    • Thanks for the heads up about the factory reset. I was hoping I wouldn’t have to, but now I know it probably won’t help.

  • its normally because of poor internet connection, try downloading with an wi-fi connection, it works……

  • Randy Casey

    Happens to me when trying to install a new app.

  • Kyle

    Clearing cache and data in Google Play Services worked for some of my apps, but still no Jetpack Joyride… 🙁

    • Penguin

      I am still having problems also with this. Nothing is working. It’s very frustrating.

      • I can’t install anything from play store no matter which version of the play store I install. So here I sit with a fresh ROM, and basic gapps. No gmail. No anything. Offs Google.

  • Richard Krajewski

    Users without 4.3.10 were also experience the problems. Apps affected included Facebook Messenger, Chrome (Beta), Instagram and a few others. You could use a VPN like Hideman and actually install the update through the Play Store App as normal. Clearing the cache as reported in your story did not seem to work for anyone reporting the problem. Sometimes even just disconnecting wi-fi and installing over your carrier’s wireless service helped an app update/install. You could also install the app straight from the web Play Store with success. It got progressively better as the day went on. My money is on the new ADM remote features playing havoc with location services or something similar.

  • allywal

    I just bought my phone 2 hours ago and have tried everything you guys have talked about and I still get the message

  • Sean Bello

    I fixed this issue yesterday by clearing data and cache in Play Store, Play Store Services, and Google Play Framework and now I’m not getting notifications on my new Nexus 7. awesome.

  • DrDiff

    Cleared the cache on my phone, but still can not update or download Instagram.

    • Megan

      Same! I tried updating my apps, but I kept getting that message. This is the first time this has happened to me. So I tried uninstalling instagram and reinstalling the app, but it won’t install. I get that message too. I use instagram for work, which just makes it really bad. I tried uninstalling updates for both google play services and Google play store. I cleared my cache. I restarted my phone multiple times. Nothing works. I hope they fix the problem soon. This is super annoying.

    • brandon

      me either idk what to do

  • Tower72

    Happened to me today trying to update Netflix and Google Books over mobile connection.. Got home to WiFi and they worked first shot

  • terry12s

    My Nexus 7 2nd Gen keeps giving me error 497 now when trying to update apps

  • Patrick Crumpler

    N4 here. Just had this happen updating one if my office apps. Retry and worked fine.

  • radi0

    I started getting this issue this morning trying to update on AT&Ts LTE network. When I connected to my home Fios network, everything worked fine. AT&T is the culprit for me. I even set up my phone as a hotspot and connected my new Nexus 7 to it and ran into the same issue — invalid package file. Then back to FiOS and all was well. Both devices have different versions of the Play Store. Seems as though the IP addresses are showing as suffering other than the store’s origin.

  • Joey Funk

    only happening when i try to install chrome, no where else though. weird stuff.

  • Lars

    I’ve received this error message every now and then on different phones for years. O_o

  • mike dunham

    This was happening to me well before Android 4.3 and the latest Play Store 4.3.10

  • Jeremy

    There is a pattern, sort of, on my phone. It’s bascially any social networking or google related app. Youtube won’t install, Facebook wont install, google chrome browser is giving me the error. This is ridiculous

  • Stewie

    This just hit my GNex on it’s own, updated books no issue, but don’t have any others to try, but based upon others saying issue existed before this release, I’m figuring it’s a google server thing … running 4.3 AOSP, no mods that would affect GP services.

  • Rick Jacobs

    I just flashed CM 10.1.2 to my vzw SG3 and started getting the page file is invalid. So far on Dropbox and Twitter. Wish I had found this article before I spent the last couple of hours going through all the usual ROM flashing diagnostic processes to fix this. I did try the Update 1 listed above but it did not fix the issue.

  • RLJSlick

    Yeap same with me, I’ve tried it over 4G and Wi-fi, I’ve now rebooted my phone and cleared the cache.

    • RLJSlick

      Still no go, I’m still getting “Package file is invalid”

  • that guy

    I’m on 4.1.10 and have had the problem since Tuesday!

  • boychik0830

    Hope this gets fixed soon having a problem with both my gs3 and note 10.1 very annoying. I do not want to uninstall Google play in case something gets messed up.

  • Ibrick

    Was wondering what the deal was.. Seems to have been fixed though, both MX Player and Netflix updated just fine today after giving errors on both my phone and tab yesterday.

  • Jerry

    This is my issue now in most apps

  • willibda1

    I have four android devices and all for are unable to update Facebook
    messages, two can’t update Samsung Links. I have other apps that
    updated just fine. It’s not the device it’s Google play, either the app
    4.3.10 or the store it self. I have tried every trick out there and non
    of them worked, safe your self the grief and wait till Google fix it.

  • Radgatt

    I guess this is why Google does the staged roll outs…

  • singh

    some apps are downloading on 4.3.10 version, I am getting this issue while update chrome, google earth and google play service. Most of the problem is with google apps.