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Wednesday Poll: Interested in the LG G2?


Today, we met LG’s newest flagship device, the G2. It is an incredibly power-stacked device, featuring a 5.2″ 1080p display, a 2.3GHz Snapdragon 800 processor with 2GB of RAM, a 13MP camera capable of taking some great shots and a newly modified version of LG’s user experience. It’s a really sleek device, complete with an entirely new button configuration, which people might have troubles getting used to.

There are some other devices that were recently announced, such as the Moto X and the new lineup of DROIDs, plus you also have the Galaxy Note 3 on the horizon. The G2 will have to compete with all of these, especially with two of them likely going to each major U.S. carrier as well.

From what you have seen and heard so far, how do you feel about the G2? Thinking about possibly picking one up? Let us know.

Are you buying the LG G2?

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  • Steve Praditya

    Is there even a phone for me. I mean a phone that can last for 4 years (iPhone 3GS can. It’s even getting iOS 6, It’s like Google Nexus S 2nd will get Key lime pie). But such a shame that Nexus S only get max 4.1.2. If Nexus 4 can survive 4 years, Thumbs up for Google

  • TheRealBeesley

    If you have “trouble getting used to” 3 buttons… God help you.

  • George

    I’m considering the G2, but I’ve had a lot of issues with LG phones in the past. Unless I know ahead of time that this thing is gonna be in great quality all around, I’m not sold on it.

  • Alexander Garcia

    Interested? YES
    Purchasing? NO
    Leaning towards shelling out money for the Moto X.

  • spas2k

    I’m going to say no because it seems that LG took and shoved a 800 in there simply to say they have the first 800 phone, but didn’t spend time to optimize it properly. Seeing lots of lag when opening menus, ect…

    and the ui design sucks.

  • Misyolanda

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  • pete3000

    Lg blew it for me when their update for the thrill came 1 year after ICS came out. Both them and Att treated it horrible. If you buy this with att do not expect os updates.. Ever.

  • beaumac

    Pretty sure there wont be a nexus on VZW. The Note 3 and One Max screens are just too big. This phone wins for me unless something comes out of the blue between now and the G2 VZW launch

  • viewthis66

    I love some aspects of the device, but no SD slot and no removable battery won’t work for me. Too bad too because it’s a nice device.

    • Taglogical

      It has SD and removable battery

      • viewthis66

        great! thanks for setting that straight.

  • Kizaru Hiruko

    I’m intrigued by what I see with the G2 (but disgusted by Verizon’s version), but LG’s skin is still too much like TouchWiz for me to give the phone a shot. The Snapdragon 800 sounds nice, but I don’t think there will be an appreciable difference in performance between the G2 and my Galaxy S4. Besides, after the Voyager and Spectrum, I don’t think I can trust LG again.

    Maybe I’ll upgrade again next year. My work line is due for an upgrade next August…

  • roberthenderson

    On-screen buttons, only 32gb and no sd card. No thanks

  • MacNificent

    I think it’s pretty dope that two companies such as HTC & Samsung came together and created this phone for LG! Teamwork and cooperation is what it takes to make a beast of an android phone! I totally & highly recommend this phone. But I will be buying the Moto X.

  • dmagicp

    This phone is like a half inch thick and they said had to put the buttons on the back. No thanks. Let’s keep it moving for the note 3 please.

  • Donald Motley

    No SD. No removable battery. Next!

    • Taglogical

      It has both SD, and removable battery.

  • Zach Armstrong

    Yes if it comes out as a Play Edition or as the next Nexus But till then I’ll stick with my Nexus 4

  • Esmegma Medieval

    I’m interested in that hardware with pure, stock Android. Nexus 5 can’t come too soon.

  • Dan

    I’m interested in this more than the Moto X, don’t see myself ever going back to less than a 5″ screen ever again. If they can fir a 5.8″ or 5.9″ in the same size body as my Note 2’s 5.5″ then I’m sold.


    You guys need to rephrase the question. “Will you” and “Would you” can get you very different poll results. “Will you” implies the ability to do so. Many people are mid-contract, and cannot.

  • BrandonC

    LG has the ugliest skin on there. I think I will pass but I love the size and specs. my gnex is going to get replaced soon so I am keeping a close eye on the new toys coming out. Just waiting to decide if I should finally jump ship from verizon or not. No way am I paying retail for a phone to keep my unlimited data. Network rocks but crappy update schedule and crappy phone selection might just drive me off.

  • MJ04

    im not a fan of LG, ill buy something else.

    • punkroyale

      They make great TVs. 😉

      • MJ04

        yes they do

  • Roger W Turner

    It really has most of my dream spec for the next GoogPhone.

  • Roger W Turner

    Almost exactly what Apostrafee said except that 4.3 already included my one minor area (BT4).

  • jer85008

    Sketchy availability on Verizon and what looks like the most obtrusive and ugly manufacturer skin – otherwise would consider. I think people waiting for a Nexus version of this will be sorely disappointed….

  • Raj Bhatt

    If this has an unlockable bootloader then this might be my GNex replacement.

  • droidbeat

    Want front facing speakers.

  • Nicktrance

    There are so many devices I would pick/wait for before even looking at the G2, even if I wanted a large display that I wouldn’t even consider it

    • Ian


  • punkroyale

    Waiting for next Google branded Nexus. (Currently using a Note 2).

  • OhYeah!

    You need an “only with stock android” option

  • Waiting for the Note 3 announcement!

  • Jared

    will never own an LG phone…including the Nexus 4.

  • Ryan

    Yes this will be mine. I have major doubts on the next nexus device (if there is one at all). I think the next nexus device will be similar to the moto x.

    • Steve Swall

      Seriously…everyone is talking on here about the next “Nexus” device. There have been no leaks about it, nothing to talk about. Sure, they are probably due for one sometime soon, but until we get some hard evidence, let’s pretend it doesn’t exist.

      • Ian

        Not how this community operates, we thrive on speculation and rumors.

      • MacNificent

        The Moto x does exist!

  • •__•

    I’m not going to buy it, but you all should.

  • NemaCystX

    LG copies Samsung, who “allegedly” copies Apple, who copies smaller companies or big ones *cough* Android *cough*

    The device is gorgeous but i’m not exactly sure about an LG android . . . most people I’ve talked to that have an LG Spectrum or the first LG LTE phone (can’t remember the name) say bad things about them

    Anyone care to give me some feedback on these along with the Nexus 4? (albeit different version of OS)

    • paul_cus

      Yeah, the LG Revolution wasn’t a good phone, but they’ve gotten much better since then.

  • Anon

    Nice phone. My biggest concern is LG’s lack of attention to software updates for what otherwise looks like a killer device.

    If there was a Google Play edition of this, I’d be extremely tempted.

  • onlygoodtime88

    it doesn’t beat Htc one Screen and boomsound on the htc one. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t5syZ3w9M-8

    • Weber

      I though it has a 3000 maH battery?

  • Joshua Bailey

    Satisfied with my GNEX until the new Nexus 4 is released. In which case I will be jumping ship to T-Mobile. My wife is going to love that Moto X, though.

    • sog805

      yep I’m in the same boat

      • Steve B

        There’s a ton of people in this boat. More and more every day. These comment sections are filled with people who can’t wait for their contract to be up.

        Verizon has killed it for people who like to tinker with software, not to mention they’re late with phones half the time.

  • sog805

    nope…cant stand having the buttons on the back

    • Steve Swall

      How would you know? I cant remember any smartphone that had buttons on the back.

      • Todd

        Most people know what kinds of things they like or don’t even though they haven’t tried. Yes, occasionally people do get surprised. In this case, I know I wouldn’t want the buttons near the camera lens. Somewhere else on the back, maybe. I just can’t have it near the lens since I use my phone for a lot of pictures and don’t want my lens dirty.

  • banditball

    Amazing specs but will fail because of marketing and the name “LG” behind it. People are most concerned with “image” and how they are perceived by others. That is main reason apple does so well and now Samsung.

  • Adam Truelove

    A phone that you can barely say even runs Android? No thanks.

  • EC8CH

    4.3 has my G-Nex running like new so I’m a lot less antsy. While the specs are great on this thing, the software looks like crap and will probably be locked down tight on VZW with no hope of a GPE… and have you seen the VZW branding on this thing!

    I’ll be watching reviews of the X and watching for any Nexus or GPE phones to become available on VZW.

    • aDROIDfreeworld

      Then you’ll be watching for about another 10 years Lol. Verizon has an unofficial anti-google policy within their corporate office, so the charge chances of anything specifically Google branded ever coming to it are zero.

  • Dave

    LG has put out some nice devices lately. It’s unfortunate for them, they don’t know how to sell them.

  • callumshell1

    These polls are stupid, of course the majority of people aren’t going to but it since they most likely already have a decent phone. The question should be “Would you buy this if you were going to upgrade”.

  • Alex Goings

    Definitely getting the Moto X. Buttons on back is stupid. My fingers always rest on the side of my phone. Having a phone that isn’t too big to reach both sides at once will stop people from dropping it, not having them rest their hand on the back.

    • Justin W

      Agreed – buttons where your thumbs rest on the side are much better than where your index finger should rest (according to LG). It’s easier to get leverage to press the harder buttons, and less likely for them to get pressed on accident in your pocket or otherwise.

  • Doug Dunfee

    Astonished at the negativity over this one. This blows the S4 and the One out of the water imo. VERY interested. Only thing that could be a big negative is the ergonomics, but I’m withholding judgement until I actually get a chance to try it.

    • jose

      It’s always something with us. We’re never happy! The UI of this phone completely kills it for me. But I’ll have to play the notification window customzations. If I can tone it down a bit, I might be able to survive with just Nova.

  • M3D1T8R

    Was interested in this, after the Moto X storage fail. Then LG apparently decided to bastardize the buttons, despite the onscreen which should have been a perfect layout. Amazing. And again with the obsolete 2+ year old storage options, makes this a no go. HTC seems to be the only company trying to go in the right direction with 32GB and (rare) 64GB option, which should be the minimum by now. But then they ruined the One with dumb buttons ala Samsung.. (the main reason I ditched my S3 and went with a GNex six months ago, now happily upgraded by Asurion to the DNA).

    I wish the Butterfly S would come over as a DNA upgrade, but that would make too much sense so Verizon won’t do it. Yes it’s still only 16GB but has SD card, so it’s an improvement there. And has a huge battery vs original DNA. And I’m fine with the capacitive nav butttons as long as they’re the right damn buttons, in the right order.

    So many chances to do it right, and companies keep shooting themselves in the foot. If I weren’t on Verizon I’d just buy a Butterfly S and be done with it, but coverage here forces me to stick with them… (and unlimited data).

    • hkklife

      NO company, IMHO, is doing it right these days as far as storage and it’s all because of pressure from the carriers and Google.

      -You’ve gotta give Apple credit, regardless of their retarded “$100 more to double yer storage” pricing model, for forcing the full line of iPhone storage capacities across all carriers, in addition to offering a 128GB iPad.

      -HTC offers 32GB standard (good) and the rare 64GB version (also good but could be better) but a microSD slot would be the icing on the cake .

      -Samsung is dedicated to expandable storage (great) but is clinging to 16GB (with ~9GB available for use) on supposed “flagship” devices. The 32GB GS4 on AT&T and Verizon is a step in the right direction.

      -LG did it right on the G Pro with 32GB + microSD but then strangely omitted microSD from the G2. And WTF is up with the leaked manual & specs from a few days ago confirming that the G2 has microSD?

      -Motorola has just dropped the ball on all counts with the X and the new Droids but again, they are entirely beholden to VZW & Google.

      In this day and age we should have UHS-1 compliant microSD slots across the board AND a minimum of 32GB internal on flagship devices across the board. No one is forcing the cloud/minimalist types to occupy those slots but for those of us who do like to keep locally stored media it’s a godsend.

  • Such

    Meh… Gonna wait for the note 3!

  • Apostrafee

    Nah I’m waiting for a new Nexus so before it’s announced I can get super hyped about it then complain about the price and lack of perfection due to my exact specified taste or because it lacks in one minor area that really doesn’t matter all too much but I think matters because everyone says it does.

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  • joejoe5709

    I’m totally speculating, but hear me out. In addition to Knock Knock (or whatever it’s called) how about something along the lines of Moto Touchless Controls – due to the buttons on the back? That would be nice. If the next Nexus is spotted sporting this button layout I’d bet money that KLP introduces an overhaul of Google Now so that you’ll be able to control your phone without picking it up.

  • Charlie R.

    I’m in the minority here, but I think I’m in for the Droid Maxx.

    The biggest downer is the lack of microSD, but after seeing today that the LG G2 won’t have one, I don’t feel so bad. It seems like OEM’s are moving away from microSD slots. Samsung has the only flagship device to include one this year and I think that’s the way it will stay.

  • Derek

    S4 came out and most people said we’ll wait for the Moto X. Moto X came out and most people said we’ll wait for the G2. G2 comes out and now it’s all about the alleged “Nexus 5”. We’re being trolled.

    • jose

      I’m still waiting for the Bionic Maxx HD

      • JoshGroff

        10/10 would buy!!!

      • MafiaMM

        OMG I’m soooooooooooo with you! Bionic FTW

      • MacNificent

        funny that i said this exact comment a few weeks ago and got downvoted because I called Motorola and Google Motle. I still think its funny. Great comment!

      • Jimmy Leang

        Im waiting for the Galaxy S64

        • ahhh yes

          im waiting for the commodore S64

    • KleenDroid

      Well none of them are out yet.

      So yes we do still need to wait.

      I will look at them all when they come out and decide if I want one.

    • Brandon Golway

      I said screw the waiting game and got the S4 two months ago. It’s running the 4.3 Google Edition ROM currently!

      • RaptorOO7

        Straight up GPe from the store or did you convert to GPe? I did that on my HTC One DE and love it. Wish I had more storage so I am going to sell and get something else.

        • Brandon Golway

          Just flashed the ROM, I got my phone from T-Mobile so I didn’t have to drop $600 up front.

    • RaptorOO7

      And then their were none. If the G2 and Nexus 5 are siblings then expect even less on the Nexus 5, like less storage to keep the price down.

    • geedee82

      Chasing the dragon!

      • Brandon Golway

        you’re smoking heroin?? j/k.

        • geedee82

          Not necessarily smoking it but yeah…that was the joke.

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  • aDROIDfreeworld

    more south korean phablet junk

  • Zack Kolev

    Some of the features seem cool and the specs are good but I’m sure the skin is going to be crap over time and lack updates. Maybe if there is Google Play Edition…

  • Gnex

    • Ron, is that you?

    • dmagicp

      You just made me choke on my Pepsi. I read it in that dudes voice and everything. LMFAO!

  • brkshr

    Most people hated on the Moto X for not having the specs available… Here’s a phone with the best specs available in all areas. Sooooo what’s your excuse now?

    • JoshGroff

      It’s a lot closer poll wise than the X was, but I think a many of us are waiting for the next Nexus or the Note 3.

      • brkshr

        I’m personally waiting for the next Nexus as well… but I also wasn’t hating on the MX specs like everyone else. This phone has the best of every spec out there. So the spec people should be very happy with this, but I know they will still have some excuse why this phone sucks.

  • EC8CH

    Imagine these specs but in a Moto X.

    • Daeshaun Griffiths

      Thats what i’m saying. Wait for moto to get work on it. I mean putting the x8 on the s800.

    • Tyler Durden

      But Ron would say that the iPhone is a better choice. With its dual core and 1gb ram.

      • Weber

        TYLER! NO! *sprays you with water bottle* ENOUGH! *sprays again*

    • JoshGroff

      I would buy one so fast it’s not even funny.

    • Dave

      Just wait til 2015….

    • LiterofCola

      Then I’d buy one.

  • John Clausen

    I’d rather have the Moto X. Better design and stock (mostly) android.

  • moelsen8

    this is too big. the trend needs to be reversed. if i have to use two hands with a phone, then it better be like one of those crazy 7″ phablets.

    • aDROIDfreeworld


  • George Colyer

    I voted yes prematurely. I’ll wait for the reviews. An excellent camera might sway me. It also depends if the G Note 3 is too large. Still waiting for the Nexus 5 rumors to begin. I’m so used to waiting for the next big thing it will be weird to actually make a purchase.

  • Tyler Durden

    Now let’s get Sony/Samsung to include a 13mp OIS.

  • cjohn4043

    Specs look great, its the software I could care less about.

  • kevg73

    If we can get into the bootloader i will order this phone today.

  • tek1231

    This will most likely be my next phone thanks to the existence of Nova Launcher. My 2 gripes (no multitask and ugly skin) can be resolved with Nova so I’m okay with it.

    • dmagicp

      I love Nova Launcher. I have so many gestures set up on my phone that it is like a James Bond movie. The girls be asking me to swipe my finger across it “one more time” and everything.

  • joejoe5709

    This will probably be near the top of my list if the next Nexus doesn’t work in my favor. So that’s why I clicked still thinking about it.

  • Daeshaun Griffiths

    its alright. They tried.

  • JonathonFlores

    We’re all waiting for the next Nexus.

  • mustbepbs


    HEADLINE – Poll: Interested In The LG G2?

    ACTUAL POLL – Are you buying the LG G2?

    Yes I’m interested in it, no I’m not buying it because I already used my upgrade. Can we be cohesive here?

    • James

      I came here to post that! Now I don’t have to 🙂

    • Khaf

      They got me too.

    • sdmen

      The old bait and switch. What is DL a used car dealership?

  • Shweenie

    The Moto X has my heart. I’ve always been a Motorola Fanboy (OG DROID -> DROID Pro -> DROID Bionic -> Razr Maxx HD) So that’s the natural progression for me (I did ponder the new DROID Maxx). I like a clean Android experience, that plus the features of the X, IMHO, outweigh the specs of all the others.

    • Aardvark99

      Why not the new Maxx? The software is 100% the same as the Moto X (right?) but with a larger screen (maybe not a plus), huge battery, and 32gb.

      • Daeshaun Griffiths

        design and size.

        • Steve B

          Yeah, the Maxx and the rest of the Droids are a complete hot mess, design wise.

          • LiterofCola

            Naaah not really.

      • Shweenie

        The X has a (slightly) better screen and the Maxx is $100 more. Yes, it is a toss-up but I think overall the Moto X wins. I also like the form factor. Reviews boast about how comfortable it is. And I may tough it out til November when I can customize it (yeah, right!)

        • Weber

          You don’t care about the wireless charging? I think that might turn some people on to the MAXX instead of the X. Customization is nice, but what has me worried is insurance issues for a customized phone and how the phone will perform 2 years down the road AFTER I can get it on VZW. Then again, the MAXX doesn’t appeal to me much, either. The G2 has a pretty decent battery. I’ll be waiting for a full review from DL before I make any decisions.

      • LiterofCola

        Thiiiiss, can’t wait for August 20th

  • imhowie

    This is exactly the kind of thing I was looking for with a new phone reveal this far after the HTC One and S4. Not outdated hardware for the same price like the last 4 Motorola phones. If this comes out soon and at a fair price on VZW, I’ll probably be up for it.

  • paul_cus

    It’s very possible that this is my next phone.

  • s23

    Man this is phone is pretty decent.

    Good: S800, 5.2″ Edge to Edge, Camera, Button placement, Should be a great battery

    Bad: Build Material, Exact Copy of Samsung, Logo on front, Software is more half baked than my homemade cookies, throwing features on the wall to see if it sticks, uninspiring design (black slab)

    Worst part of the phone: its LG. Only Google can make LG great

    You guys think this will be a Nexus for $350, yeahh right

    I would not be jealous at ALL if I had a S4 or HTC One or Moto X.

  • jose

    I think so. I’m on Verizon and not leaving so there’s zero chance of seeing a Nexus or GPE of anything ever. I’m torn between this and the One. Contingent upon what I can find about dev support and L-Gizz

  • ezpotato

    Wireless charging… yes or no???? that is kind of important to me.

  • Steve B

    Nope, not buying this. I’ll be buying the Nexus device that’s modeled after this.

    • Joseph A. Yager

      Fingers crossed here, too – though I do like the G2 from what we’re seeing so far.

    • James Monday

      Yep, Nexus. Good lookin’ out.

      • James Monday

        Speaking of which, now that the MotoX hype has finally started to die down can we start getting some Nexus leaks?

        • joejoe5709

          or at least some Key Lime Pie leaks

          • Steve B

            We got some confirmation that it exists at least with the test builds floating around the on the N4 and N7.

        • aDROIDfreeworld

          sure. and we can get more leaks on the 29 unreleased phones that Scamsung has in store for us by christmas.

          Oh joy, tonka toy phones!!!

        • RAZR_FANN
          • joejoe5709

            Somebody with moderate computer design skills who knows nothing about phones, the mobile industry, or the Nexus line made that “leak”.

    • Tyler Durden

      that’s if it is. Sad it would have no SD card though.

      • Steve B

        Sad that Google wants it that way.

        • Tyler Durden

          Too busy pushing Google drive , etc. Pretty stupid

          • Big_EZ

            This is the reason. Performance is just some bs reason. It may cause a slight drop in performance while opening your photo or document, but not much, not enough to notice.

      • aDROIDfreeworld

        its a whole memory partition they don’t have to program for. The presence of TWO memory sources in android is one of the reasons some handsets lag so bad. Why make the OS look for stuff in two places, when you can simplify everything from manufacturing, OS optimization, and R&D, by utilizing only one source of storage? It actually does make sense, and especially considering this is on smart phones we are talking about – think of the battery life you could have if Android wasn’t wasting time and resources looking for data in two places rather than one…

        • Zach B.

          Yes. It makes great sense. Now give me more space to put my crap and we’ll talk.

          • hkklife

            Performance, engineering + formfactor constraints, programming difficulty are ALL BS excuses. This is 2013, not 1998. It’s all about greed and a hellbent push for the cloud so we use as much tiered data as possible by Google & the carriers. These superphones have power aplenty to spare for the slight performance hit caused by accessing a few songs of videos on an external card.

            KLP should introduce some kind of restricted SD card access—I believe this is how BB & Palm OS used to handle it in the good old days. Perhaps turn off media scanning by default or let you do it on an app-by-app basis or allow for media files only to be seen on the card.

            I really only use my microSD card on a daily basis for myGS3’s camera and for QuickPic. Then I will occasionally use Astro to look up an older or larger PDF document that I keep archived on there. Heck, I could survive if the microSD card was locked to the camera/gallery apps to be perfectly honest.

        • Jeremy Gross

          then they should make bigger memory sizes in all phones witha 64 option without being too expensive

          • Steve B

            This. 32gb should be the industry standard MINIMUM.

          • Steve Douglas

            Agreed. For people like myself with shared data and a work firewall that won’t let me stream music from google. I need my 64G card…

        • dmagicp

          BS BS BS BS BS. My note 2 has a 60GB Sd card and it never slows down everrrrrrrrrr. SOoooo BS!

    • brkshr

      Haven’t the rumors been saying that LG pulled out of the Nexus program?

      • Steve B

        Never heard that. Last I heard, it was unofficially confirmed they were making the N5.

        • joejoe5709

          Yeah all I’ve ever heard is LG is getting a second go like Samsung did. But at this point who knows. We’ve heard absolute diddly so far. Nothing is solid.

          • Steve B

            Yeah, when we know anything concrete you’ll hear about it at DL first.

        • brkshr

          I heard that as well right after the beginning of the year. The last couple months, I’ve been hearing that LG doesn’t want to make a Nexus again. Of course everything is just a rumor at this point.

    • Skipp Thompson

      You do know that being interested does not lock you into a two-year contract, right?

    • Inez_carroll325

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  • Damian

    It’s a good phone, but the lack of REAL multitasking is a bummer, the plastic looks like a fingerprint magnet and LG ‘S UX is awful. There’s never really that perfect phone unfortunately.

  • attom2003

    Any mention of wireless charging being available for it

  • Caleb

    Too large, odd button layout, no multi-tasking button, and I really don’t like the TW-like interface. Back to Moto for minimalistic interface and sweet new software features.

    • mark

      Too large – depends on your taste, but similar in size to GS4 and HTC One.
      Odd button layout – true, not necessarily a bad thing. time will tell.
      multitasking button – that is the 3 line icon to the right of the nav bar. standard stuff since ICS
      TW interface – i agree, hopefully the bootloader is unlocked for custom ROMs

      • mark

        the 3 line icon is menu. you’re right, no multitasking button is dumb. hence roms are better.

  • Sorry, it’s Nexus or GPE for me for the foreseeable future.

  • ralphwiggum1

    Interested, but depends on the next Nexus. If LG G2 is better in every way, then sorry Nexus.

  • DanSan

    to me this thing is like a combo of the galaxy S4 and moto X. has features from one and features from the other. really wish it had a removable battery and those power/volume buttons werent on the back, thats a deal breaker for me. do not like that

  • Weber

    At this point, I’m interested in anything that VZW has confirmed. We’re starving for something new.

    • NickA

      ^^ This! Anything but another Droid.

      • JonathonFlores

        I’m actually interested in NOTHING vzw has confirmed, will confrim or won’t confirm.

        • aQuickBit

          Blue HTC One seems *alright*. I think its BS that we have to wait, but I want the Moto Maker with 32GB on Verizon. Actually, I just want the 32GB.

          • JonathonFlores

            HTC One button arrangement completely puts me off, I’m hoping the Note 3 doesnt have a Verizon billboard on it (I’m considering that but by the time they acknowledge it and release a date, I’m sure the next Nexus will be close enought to wait for.), Moto X is too much off contract and I want an unlockable bootloader. .. <– Damn that's wishful thinking. Looks like GNex til I die.

          • ssl48

            Geez, does every poster on this site own a Galaxy Nexus? Don’t you people update your phones? Is it still 2010?

          • M3D1T8R

            GNex came out at the end of 2011, less than two years ago. So obviously a lot of people still have it.

          • ssl48

            Ok, I assumed it was a 2010 phone. I like this site, but just get tired of hearing about that phone. Guess I could find a new site 🙂

          • SteevoBacon

            Staying with Gnex till Nano phones come out. #NotGivingUpUnlimitedData

          • Steve B

            Majority of people who bought the Gnex are probably still under contract. The rest ditched the device and upgraded earlier.

          • aQuickBit

            We shall live with it til the end 😛

          • EC8CH

            This is DROID-LIFE

          • diversion

            A lot of people bought them in 2011 and are just getting to the end of their two-year contract. Not that difficult to understand…

          • joejoe5709

            Best overall Android phone of the last two years. 😉

            A lot of us are also on Verizon so the N4 wasn’t a real option and anything less than a Nexus is a waste of money. Besides, ol’ Betsy is still doing alright! Only in the last 2-3 months have I felt the itch for a new phone.

          • Big_EZ

            I can’t tell if you’re trolling, or or just delusional. The GNex wasn’t even the best phone when it came out lol.

          • Steve B

            Oh really? What was? The DNA? haha

          • Higher_Ground

            You mean Rezound? The DNA is an entire year younger 🙂

          • Steve B

            Did 4.3 make a difference? I heard TRIM 4.3 made the Gnex a new device? I’m a little sad I sold mine because of the terrible performance.

          • Robert Macri

            4.3 made a huge difference with performance… too bad I can’t keep a data connection with it.

          • hkklife

            Made a massive difference on my N7 as far as I/O performance. Battery life is a smidge better. Haven’t noticed anything other than a bit more smoothness on my N10.

          • Matt

            Shiny 4.3 made a huge difference, it became extremely laggy on shiny 4.2. It’ll be much easier waiting for something better to come out.

          • Higher_Ground

            I forgot how recent that was. Even more shocking to me is that almost 2/3’s of the readers have Samsung Devices. Three years ago that would have been almost unthinkable.

          • kevinh52

            Don’t update to much, It costs a lot to keep Grandfathered VZW unlimited data…Got OG on launch,GNex on launch. (Was Thinking Moto X on launch, still up in the air.)

          • SteevoBacon

            The difference in specs between GNex and all new phones so far doesn’t justify the 199 upgrade fee, definitely doesn’t justify loosing unlimited data.

          • Malcolm Love

            I would if I didn’t have a contract. I cannot afford to buy phones 500+. But looks like I might consider to keep my unlimited data.

          • aQuickBit

            Yeah I’m not a fan of the HTC One button layout, but I really wish someone on XDA would do this:

            •Disable the ‘back’ and ‘home’ buttons…turn the light off on them so they don’t even show up.

            •Turn the HTC logo into a button (because I guess it can).

            •Touch it to “go home”.

            •Swipe up from it to go to Google Now.

            •Long press to see background apps.

            •Swipe across to the right to activate the “menu” button.

            •Swipe across to the left to “go back”.

            Plus, you get a nice little illuminating HTC logo which would look really nice. Maybe it isn’t feasible. That’s just me though.

          • Dave

            Liquid ICS on my DX could disable lighting when I had nav buttons, it’s gotta be possible

          • Butters619

            IIR the HTC logo isn’t a button. It’s just a logo. The way they make it mimic a button is by assigning the pixels at the bottom of the digitizer right above the logo to act like a button.

          • onlygoodtime88

            no it can work as a button

          • Dave

            Well, if it runs around 2.4 to 2.5 ghz with 3GB RAM, SD card, 1080p, and a massive removable battery, I can deal with TW and a logo. Although the GS didn’t get the button logo, so that’s a flicker of hope

          • Dave


          • Steve Swall

            Keep in mind HTC is horrible with updates. I think the Rezound is still waiting for ICS and will probably never see Jelly Bean!

          • AHoL

            That is why you root and put a stock Google edition ROM on that hardware beast. Also regarding the gnex, it came out 12/15/2011 (I remember because its my niece’s bday) which means the majority of us with one get upgraded by like september at best. Also we ALL want to keep unlimited data!!! Besides look at the specs, its not that bad!!!!

          • tomn1ce

            Disregard….I thought you were talking about the G-Nexus.

    • Adam Truelove

      Moto X?

      • Weber

        Having a gnex makes me wanna upgrade to a beast. Is it necessarily worth it? Not according to Motorola. I like the customization of the X, but it just seems like the iAndroid, so I’m torn on that front. Doesnt really matter at this point, though, because VZW has gotten one phone so far this year worthy of a look. Since I refuse to get the S4, I just have to wait.

        • Steve Swall

          What turns you off about the S4?

          • Weber

            I’m not a fan of the buttons. My girlfriend has an S3 that I used for a week, and I just couldn’t get used to it. I can deal with the UI, since I’ll inevitably put a ROM on the phone, but, can’t stop the fact that it uses those buttons.

          • Steve Swall

            I totally agree about the buttons, and touchwiz is a bit of a disappointment.

    • michael arazan

      All I want is a phone with stock android on Verizon, I hate skinned devices and the slow updates because of it, which is why I love my GNex. I would get a Moto X, but I would like to customize it, but don’t want to wait 6 months for ATT’s exclusivity to run out. So I pray to the phone gods that might allow another nexus device on verizon, I’d even sacrifice my D1 to appease them

      • Weber

        Looks like you’ll be waiting until at least November to upgrade to a Moto X. My contract is up then, so it’s time for some decision-making for myself. This looked like a good phone to have until they plastered it with logos. Nothing that some super duper extra fine sandpaper can’t take care of, though 🙂

  • RedXander

    Reserving judgement until I can compare to Note 3 and see Verizon’s handling of the device.

  • Jason Downing

    This device with some AOSP goodness would be very tempting. I guess we’ll see if that can happen.

  • Daniel

    No, because it’s WAY TOO HUGE and also lacks a MicroSD slot, but I appreciate the removable battery, on-screen nav buttons, and customization options.

    • Trevor

      I came here to post basically the same thing. I’m not a fan of a screen that big (even my S4 gets annoying), but I’m really glad to see another manufacturer utilize the onscreen nav keys.

      • DanSan

        one thing i wish my S4 had.. miss it especially coming from a gnex

    • litobirdy


    • Charlie R.

      The North American G2 doesn’t have a removable battery.

      • hkklife

        So sad. Once again North America gets the short end of the stick compared to the Asian market. Gimped storage, fixed battery. The questionable ergonomics I could probably learn to live with.

        But the storage + battery concerns combined with LG’s horrible UI and poor track record for updates are making me hold out for the Note 3 or the GS5 or whatever Moto’s got cooking for ’14.

  • Eric

    It all depends on how it feels. If it is like samsung plastic feel then no. I can’t stand how that collects the skin oils,,,