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Wednesday Poll: Interested in the LG G2?


Today, we met LG’s newest flagship device, the G2. It is an incredibly power-stacked device, featuring a 5.2″ 1080p display, a 2.3GHz Snapdragon 800 processor with 2GB of RAM, a 13MP camera capable of taking some great shots and a newly modified version of LG’s user experience. It’s a really sleek device, complete with an entirely new button configuration, which people might have troubles getting used to.

There are some other devices that were recently announced, such as the Moto X and the new lineup of DROIDs, plus you also have the Galaxy Note 3 on the horizon. The G2 will have to compete with all of these, especially with two of them likely going to each major U.S. carrier as well.

From what you have seen and heard so far, how do you feel about the G2? Thinking about possibly picking one up? Let us know.

Are you buying the LG G2?

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  • Steve Praditya

    Is there even a phone for me. I mean a phone that can last for 4 years (iPhone 3GS can. It’s even getting iOS 6, It’s like Google Nexus S 2nd will get Key lime pie). But such a shame that Nexus S only get max 4.1.2. If Nexus 4 can survive 4 years, Thumbs up for Google

  • TheRealBeesley

    If you have “trouble getting used to” 3 buttons… God help you.

  • George

    I’m considering the G2, but I’ve had a lot of issues with LG phones in the past. Unless I know ahead of time that this thing is gonna be in great quality all around, I’m not sold on it.

  • Alexander Garcia

    Interested? YES
    Purchasing? NO
    Leaning towards shelling out money for the Moto X.

  • spas2k

    I’m going to say no because it seems that LG took and shoved a 800 in there simply to say they have the first 800 phone, but didn’t spend time to optimize it properly. Seeing lots of lag when opening menus, ect…

    and the ui design sucks.

  • Misyolanda

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  • pete3000

    Lg blew it for me when their update for the thrill came 1 year after ICS came out. Both them and Att treated it horrible. If you buy this with att do not expect os updates.. Ever.

  • beaumac

    Pretty sure there wont be a nexus on VZW. The Note 3 and One Max screens are just too big. This phone wins for me unless something comes out of the blue between now and the G2 VZW launch

  • viewthis66

    I love some aspects of the device, but no SD slot and no removable battery won’t work for me. Too bad too because it’s a nice device.

    • Taglogical

      It has SD and removable battery

      • viewthis66

        great! thanks for setting that straight.

  • Kizaru Hiruko

    I’m intrigued by what I see with the G2 (but disgusted by Verizon’s version), but LG’s skin is still too much like TouchWiz for me to give the phone a shot. The Snapdragon 800 sounds nice, but I don’t think there will be an appreciable difference in performance between the G2 and my Galaxy S4. Besides, after the Voyager and Spectrum, I don’t think I can trust LG again.

    Maybe I’ll upgrade again next year. My work line is due for an upgrade next August…

  • roberthenderson

    On-screen buttons, only 32gb and no sd card. No thanks

  • MacNificent

    I think it’s pretty dope that two companies such as HTC & Samsung came together and created this phone for LG! Teamwork and cooperation is what it takes to make a beast of an android phone! I totally & highly recommend this phone. But I will be buying the Moto X.

  • dmagicp

    This phone is like a half inch thick and they said had to put the buttons on the back. No thanks. Let’s keep it moving for the note 3 please.

  • Donald Motley

    No SD. No removable battery. Next!

    • Taglogical

      It has both SD, and removable battery.

  • Zach Armstrong

    Yes if it comes out as a Play Edition or as the next Nexus But till then I’ll stick with my Nexus 4

  • Esmegma Medieval

    I’m interested in that hardware with pure, stock Android. Nexus 5 can’t come too soon.

  • Dan

    I’m interested in this more than the Moto X, don’t see myself ever going back to less than a 5″ screen ever again. If they can fir a 5.8″ or 5.9″ in the same size body as my Note 2’s 5.5″ then I’m sold.


    You guys need to rephrase the question. “Will you” and “Would you” can get you very different poll results. “Will you” implies the ability to do so. Many people are mid-contract, and cannot.

  • BrandonC

    LG has the ugliest skin on there. I think I will pass but I love the size and specs. my gnex is going to get replaced soon so I am keeping a close eye on the new toys coming out. Just waiting to decide if I should finally jump ship from verizon or not. No way am I paying retail for a phone to keep my unlimited data. Network rocks but crappy update schedule and crappy phone selection might just drive me off.

  • MJ04

    im not a fan of LG, ill buy something else.

    • punkroyale

      They make great TVs. 😉

      • MJ04

        yes they do

  • Roger W Turner

    It really has most of my dream spec for the next GoogPhone.

  • Roger W Turner

    Almost exactly what Apostrafee said except that 4.3 already included my one minor area (BT4).

  • jer85008

    Sketchy availability on Verizon and what looks like the most obtrusive and ugly manufacturer skin – otherwise would consider. I think people waiting for a Nexus version of this will be sorely disappointed….

  • Raj Bhatt

    If this has an unlockable bootloader then this might be my GNex replacement.

  • droidbeat

    Want front facing speakers.

  • Nicktrance

    There are so many devices I would pick/wait for before even looking at the G2, even if I wanted a large display that I wouldn’t even consider it

    • Ian


  • punkroyale

    Waiting for next Google branded Nexus. (Currently using a Note 2).

  • OhYeah!

    You need an “only with stock android” option

  • Waiting for the Note 3 announcement!

  • Jared

    will never own an LG phone…including the Nexus 4.

  • Ryan

    Yes this will be mine. I have major doubts on the next nexus device (if there is one at all). I think the next nexus device will be similar to the moto x.

    • Steve Swall

      Seriously…everyone is talking on here about the next “Nexus” device. There have been no leaks about it, nothing to talk about. Sure, they are probably due for one sometime soon, but until we get some hard evidence, let’s pretend it doesn’t exist.

      • Ian

        Not how this community operates, we thrive on speculation and rumors.

      • MacNificent

        The Moto x does exist!

  • •__•

    I’m not going to buy it, but you all should.

  • NemaCystX

    LG copies Samsung, who “allegedly” copies Apple, who copies smaller companies or big ones *cough* Android *cough*

    The device is gorgeous but i’m not exactly sure about an LG android . . . most people I’ve talked to that have an LG Spectrum or the first LG LTE phone (can’t remember the name) say bad things about them

    Anyone care to give me some feedback on these along with the Nexus 4? (albeit different version of OS)

    • paul_cus

      Yeah, the LG Revolution wasn’t a good phone, but they’ve gotten much better since then.

  • Anon

    Nice phone. My biggest concern is LG’s lack of attention to software updates for what otherwise looks like a killer device.

    If there was a Google Play edition of this, I’d be extremely tempted.

  • onlygoodtime88

    it doesn’t beat Htc one Screen and boomsound on the htc one. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t5syZ3w9M-8

    • Weber

      I though it has a 3000 maH battery?