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HOT Watch Lets You Make Actual Calls With Your Smartwatch, Already Funded on Kickstarter

HOT Watch

Smartwatches have grown in popularity thanks to brands like Pebble and Metawatch, but my issue is that those devices are purely an extension of your cellphone. Sure, you can check your texts and emails on them, but what if you have a call and need to answer it? Out comes your phone and then your watch isn’t doing anything. Seems like a waste of space in certain circumstances. With HOT Watch, which is already fully-funded through Kickstarter, you can do all of the cool things that the other smartwatches can do, and then some. 

The coolest idea that I saw was that you can actually use the watch to make calls, then do nifty gestures with your hand to end them. Everything works over Bluetooth 4.0, so you just cup your hand and place it next to your ear, then talk away. Beyond just the calling, it can act as a calorie counter, Twitter feed app, email app, message app and the list really goes on.

It appears that the watches start at about $130, so watch the video below (it’s quite informative) and give us your thoughts down below.

We should point out that the HOT Watch launched on July 31 with a goal of $150,000. In 6 days, it has jumped over $316,000 raised, with more than 2,000 backers.

Via: Kickstarter

  • longagoinagalaxyfaraway

    7 more days!! Already 550k!!!!

    • longagoinagalaxyfaraway

      2 hrs!!

  • junkmac18

    I really like the HOT Smart Watch. It’s the only watch you can make calls with by hand motions! Watch the video at http://kck.st/16Damav NIce watch!

  • junkmac18

    I love technology, it makes life and work easier. I’m so impressed with the Hot Smart Watch. Answering calls on your watch?! Great idea. Such a cool device! Watch the video at http://kck.st/16Damav

  • Mark

    HOT smartwatch does sync with an iphone and andorid. There kickstarter is still going strong! They must be doin something right! http://kck.st/16Damav

  • longagoinagalaxyfaraway

    Yes please! Loving the addition of voice control (Siri/Iris).

  • equestrian_colt

    Just think one more new way for the government to know exactly your precise location of where you are every second of every day.

  • equestrian_colt

    The only thing I see wrong wit it especially with today’s technology is it not have its own dedicated letter key board for texting back rather then having to use the old methods of tapping the numbers 50 times to finally get the right letter. That stuff gets frustrating.

  • Aaron

    I want one!

  • mustbepbs

    Another watch…another kickstarter…another day.

  • mlbeep

    I have long thought that huge (6″+ screen) phones would be linked to a watch for just as these folks have done. The future is getting here….really soon.

  • Eion

    But will I be able to hear the ocean?

  • glenn kennedy

    I just couldn’t finish the video. Too much BLAH BLAH BLAH ! Like M Bassett said: “GOOGLE RELEASE A GOD DANG SMARTWATCH!”

  • noc007

    Not bad. I like the idea of using a touchscreen instead of buttons so it can be used in the shower. I can probably push the buttons on my Pebble in the shower based on the gasket design, but it’s not advised. For me the biggest negative is the Hot Watch doesn’t have a very long battery life. The other thing I don’t like is not being able to swap the wristband; I know that it holds key components.

  • NexusMan

    This is not the 1st watch that can make calls.

  • Avery Dejuan Herron

    why did it have the facebook word but a twitter icon? look at the 5:15 mark in the video

  • Godzilla

    Gorilla Glass 3 or GTFO. Seriously, how often do watches get banged around? Needs to be good build materials.

  • raph ael

    bout time…

    • Godzilla

      LOL i posted this same pic for the samsung watch aticle

  • sk3litor

    Throw in a1080p screen, a month free of Netflix and a screen protector and I’m in. Jk. This actually does look like a pretty nice watch and with all the functionality I think this is something I might look into. 130 bucks really isn’t that bad.

  • Jim Morris

    Insert obilgatory Knight Rider walkie talkie watch reference. “KITT, I need you buddy!”

    • joejoe5709

      I kept thinking Venture Bros, but not exactly the same thing I suppose.

  • Ben Merrel

    I don’t know, I love the thought and design that has gone into this, but I still feel like the UI will make the product feel about 10 years older than it is.
    I’m excited to see where this goes.

    • michael arazan

      The first smart watch to play music so you don’t have to carry your phone while working out or doing what ever physical activity will be the most useful one

      • Higher_Ground

        personally, I’m holding out for a 3D hologram projector.

    • johnnie

      Yeah.. the UI isn’t up to the design.. yet. I bet it’ll grow better in time. Especially when the community gets involved with the SDK.


    Mark of the beast Gaaaahhhh!!!

  • Twofourturbo

    Include a better user face and include google now for hands free and i’m in.

  • Jared Denman

    For Ron’s sake…. Does it work with the iPhone?

    • Godzilla


    • mustbepbs

      No, but I hear it works with the Moto X, which is something you should definitely buy.

      But I’m not.

    • Aaron

      Yes, You can use it with Siri too. They have been coming out with all sorts of updates as of late. http://www.hotsmartwatch.com/kickstarter/

  • lame

    But wait !!! If you order in the next 10 minutes, you”ll get not one but two ! YES TWO………….

  • MacNificent

    go go gadget hand phone!!!

  • Ray Gray

    This is really cool

  • Norsedakotan

    Kreyos Meteor lets you answer, not sure about calling out yet… It’s well funded already. http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/435159

  • Jason13L

    As a Pebble owner, I wish there was a way to answer a call directly on the watch; however, it eliminates the “hands free” aspect of the watch. I can no longer jot down information or interact with other things because on hand is on my head. We are getting close, but not there yet.

    • Michael

      Your watch goes on your non dominate hand… You should still be able to jot something down

      • Jason13L

        Have you tried writing something down on paper without being able to hold it down? I remember injuring my left hand often and realizing how much you use two hands for things.

        • Smeckle

          I write with one hand all the time. Just rest your hand on the sheet of paper and that’s enough of an anchor. Unless you’re holding your hand vertically (perpendicular to the paper) then you should be holding it down to some extent already at least with your fingers if not the side of your hand as well. Anyway… 🙂

          • Higher_Ground

            or use a clip board 🙂

          • smartguy05

            People still use paper?

    • Godzilla

      How far away can you walk away from your phone when you have your pebble on?

      • Jason13L

        I can be about 30 ft. ( bluetooth effective range) I have no problem most of my two story house or the racquet ball court.

        • Godzilla

          Nice. I could live with that but hopefully newer watches have more range.

    • Ayush

      If you check the pebble forums there is an app called Pebble Dialer which allows you to pick up, decline, turn on/off mic, turn on/off speaker, and end call, it’s amazing!

  • redbar0n11

    I reserve my opinions on physical design until I see the final version, but as for functionality, I think this is pretty neat. I was all about Pebble, and still am, but I think this adds levels of functionality above and beyond Pebble – with just the ability to talk with the watch itself. Sure, it’s a nerd watch. But so are all the other smart watches. This one happens to let you do that much more, without having to take your phone out of your pocket — which was the whole point of smart watches, right!?

    And on the talking into your hand/wrist — I think that is much more desirable than talking into thin air while on a bluetooth headset that most people dont see. BT Headsets lost their “cool” loooooooong time ago. This at least brings a new “cool” factor along with it, for now. And I’m ok with that!

    • mx

      BT headsets were cool?

    • longagoinagalaxyfaraway

      Good point.. Talking into your hand is just a new approach to communication, so obviously it’ll take a little getting used to. It’s a pretty cool product.

  • Michael Bassett


    • Godzilla

      rumor has it they are , motorola is making it.

      • tyguy829

        yeah supposedly it will be the Motorola xWATCH

  • joejoe5709

    Other than the Secret Service-esque Get Smart cool factor I’m not interested.

    When I said I want to make calls with my smartwatch I meant I want to pull up my contacts, click call and have it routed through my phone to my bluetooth headset or my car stereo. The watch does not actually need to make the calls. That’s kind of silly. Then again… that’s what we thought of bluetooth headsets when they came out too so maybe this is the new thing.

    By the way, the video is worth a view for the cute girl.

    • The pebble can do what you are thinking of. There is an app to pull up contacts and start the call but have it go through your phone.

      • joejoe5709

        Ah. Well there ya go.

  • Greyhame

    HOT Pockets. That’s what this article brought to mind. I must be hungry…

    • Cory

      Hot pocket hot pockets?

      • pezjono

        Directions: Remove from box. Place directly in toilet. Flush Pocket!

        • michael arazan

          Freakin Love Jim Gaffigan

        • shane

          That’s for lean pockets. Love Jim.

    • Godzilla

      will it burn my mouth? It’ll DESTROY your mouth!

      • Cory

        Boiling lava hot!

  • nope

    umm, no thank you.

  • Cory

    And now we can all look like spies as we whisper into our wrists. Sign me up! Now all they need to do is take pictures and record audio so we can get our creep on too! /s, sorta.

  • As if Smart Watches didn’t make you look stupid/nerdy enough. Now there’s one that makes you look psychopathic as you talk into your hand.

    • leenephi

      I still think people look more so using bluetooth ear pieces.. at least using your hand is used on legit spy movies and such XD

      • Higher_Ground

        yeah, it’s more secret agently if you talk into your wrist whilst grabbing the temple/earpiece of your sunglasses 🙂

        But you gotta be wearing a jacket

  • Shane Redman

    ooooo Galaxy Note 2 buuuurrrrrrrnnnnnnn