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Samsung to Host Unpacked Event on September 4, Galaxy Note 3 Surely to be a Part

samsung unpacked

Galaxy Note fans, mark September 4 onto your calendars. Actually, as Samsung has put it in their official invite, “note the date” on your calendars. Yes, this will be the unveiling of their next “Galaxy” at an Unpacked event just ahead of IFA in Berlin. But as you can tell, they aren’t trying to keep it a secret – it’ll be the Galaxy Note 3.

The event will be streamed live for the world to see, much like they have done with almost all of their big events over the last year or so. Since the actual event is being held in Berlin, this won’t be a repeat of the Galaxy S4’s Radio City Music hall launch, but you should still expect it to be a big production. This is Samsung we are talking about.

Keep in mind that while the event will showcase the Note 3, we don’t have any idea when it will launch. After all, it took Verizon months to release the Note 2 after it was announced last year, however, most other carriers had the device available fairly quickly.

For those big on history, the two previous Galaxy Note devices were both announced just prior to IFA.

Who is ready?

  • Col_Angus

    I once stabbed a woman in a bar in Berlin. I also sexually assaulted a horse in Berlin. But I am going nowhere near Berlin.

  • CHRIS42060

    I just hope they don’t try another creative event like they did with the Galaxy S4. I don’t need actor just given me the damn phone haha.

  • Jonathan Bunch

    It will be interesting to see if they keep with plastic build materials or use something else.
    I’m placing my bet on plastic

  • jt O’Brien

    The best thing ever would be if the Note 3 had an Active Display, Touchless Control and a quick camera gesture. It would make everyone’s choice a lot easier and make the Moto X obsolete lol

    • sk3litor

      A tap and turn seems prerry quick to me for the camera

    • michael arazan

      And have a customizible casing too that is NOT ATT exclusive, and how about vanilla android with all the added software made into apps for faster updates.

  • Paul Christopher

    Hopefully VZW gets the note fairly quickly. My poor bionic is on it’s last leg (last update really broke it). I can’t wait to have a phone I can actually use.

  • I really hope VZW doesnt drag their feet on this one.

  • EvanTheGamer

    The big question is…will the Galaxy Note 3 be available at Verizon on launch day or will it be several months before Bed Red gets it, as D-L put it?

    If Verizon does get Samsung’s next big device on launch day, I might just skip the SGS4(even though I really want the S4!) and get the GN3 instead. I do still kinda want Air Gesture and Smart Pause, however, but that’s not too big of a loss.

    • Paul Christopher

      They’ll most certainly incorporate their new features into the Gnote3

      • EvanTheGamer

        You think? If so, then definitely getting the GN3! But man…if the phone isn’t released at Verizon in a timely matter(within maybe a month after launch) I may get impatient and just settle for the SGS4(my upgrade is Aug. 16). Time will tell.

        • BSweetness

          Verizon released the Note 2 right at about two months after the international release. I’d be shocked if they don’t have the Note 3 out within a similar time frame.

          And they’ll definitely incorporate the S4’s features plus some new ones. They always do.

    • Bootleg Zani

      There is no reason they wouldn’t include ALL of the S4 features on the Note 3.

  • Chicostyles

    Cant wait for Note 3, LG G2, And wait for it……Nexus 5, would really like the Nexus 5 on Verizon crossing fingers

    • CasperTFG

      And Nexus 7 LTE with GrooVe IP/GV.


    hopefully BeansTown comes through for this or it’s useless to me 😛

  • roberthenderson

    I have a galaxy s3, which is good in most ways, but I am preparing myself for the disappointment of no front facing speakers on the note 3.I’m a traveling business person and I can’t tell you how many times I have been on speaker phone with someone trying to look at the calendar to make an appointment and I can’t understand them with the speaker turned up to the maximum. or trying to read off a text message order for a restaurant. Or I may be in a place where I can’t put on headphones or earbuds but I need to look at a video very quietly and you cannot do that with a rear facing speaker no matter how hard you try. I guess I’m kind of amazed that after the Nexus 10 and HTC One that we would see any phones at all come out with rear spacing speakers. It doesn’t make any sense at all. Unfortunately it looks like I’ll be waiting to see if the HTC One Max comes to my carrier. If by some miracle Samsung has done the logical thing and put the speakers on the front then I will immediately be buying the phone. Probably will sound crazy to some, but once you try front facing speakers, if you are a person can’t walk around with earbuds or headphones, you will never want to go back to a regular rear facing speaker.

    • Scott Huddleston

      I agree front facing speakers should be a standard, but the Note 2 speakers is quite loud it’s actually louder than the HTC One.

      • Brett Lizotte

        No way. The max volume on the speaker phone is literally the only complaint I have about my note 2. In fact it’s a complaint I have seen all over the place too. I have to boost the volume with every kernel I put on here just to be able to use speakerphone. I’m definitely buying a note 3, I just hope they fix the speaker volume.

        Oh yeah and I hope I don’t buy the phone day it’s available on Verizon and 9 months later I’m still on 4.1.2 because verizon sucks.

        • Scott Huddleston

          I held an AT&T One next to my Note 2, both speakers all he way up, my Note was louder (guy with HTC agreed) but his sounded better.

          • Brett Lizotte

            Then the HTC is too quiet too I guess. Never had a problem hearing speaker phone on my bionic or my iPhone.

        • roberthenderson

          that is really bad how long you have to wait for Verizon to do an update. I’m stuck with big red for coverage and for unlimited data. But I learned to root and unlock my phone so I could take advantage of the latest things withoutto Wat the long long time.

          • Brett Lizotte

            My phone is rooted and locked but I’ve yet to find a single 4.2.2 rom stable enough to use as a daily driver. I’ve tried paranoid, illusion, aokp, none are stable. May just be my particular note as other people have no problem. Also I use multi window a lot so I don’t like not having it

          • roberthenderson

            I have given up on 4.2. I will wait for the official one, I hope the rumor that the Galaxy s3 will get 4.3 is true. Right now I am running beans towns latest ROM. It’s pretty solid, and it has the multi window usage. You might want to check it out although I’m not sure what phone you have.

      • roberthenderson

        I have a job where I can’t have earbuds when I’m trying to listen to something on my phone. No matter how hard you try with the cupping your hand around the back to hear more clearly, I still have to turn the volume up too loud to be discreet to listen to a video.I absolutely agree that the volume on the note and the ass for is great but unfortunately volume is not my problem. It is speaker placement

  • TSY87

    this or the HTC note competitor… im hoping HTC drops a doozy on us! Either way, a phablet is in my future!

  • SA_NYC

    Day One buyer here. Love my new Note 2, very likely will be upgrading to this.

  • interpol818

    Take my money Samsung san of bitches.

  • jbegs

    3 boxes…isn’t there a rumor out that we could see 3 different Note 3 screen sizes, 5.5″, 5.7″ and 6″? http://goo.gl/f2pqAb

    • jak_341

      GNote 3, GNote 10.1 refresh, and Smart watch?

  • Daeshaun Griffiths

    Note’s are for people that want an AIO device. Tried the Note 2, powerhouse but meh. Touchwiz is an eyesore. Some may prefer the small phone + tablet combo. With that said I can’t wait to see the new features and improved spen.

    Btw, i think sammy did the tilt to scroll motion for smartwatches. Remember i said it.

    • BSweetness

      If you don’t like the look of Touch Whiz, it’s easily covered up with a custom launcher while still retaining all of the Samsung-specific features. Custom launchers like Nova have come so far that passing on a phone based on how its OEM software looks isn’t really much of a valid reason. I’ve been running Nova since day one on my Note 2 and it’s silky smooth.

      And before anyone reads more into what I said than I actually said, passing on a device because it is running a skinned OS is of course a different story entirely.

      • Scott Huddleston

        Launchers are great but I really hate the idea of placing another overlay on top of touchwiz. Launchers just seem so redundant. It’s like having Win 98 then on top of it Win XP then Win 7.

        • BSweetness

          Nah, it’s not even close to being anything like that. With a launcher on Android, you’re not running one operating system over another operating system like your comparison suggests. Good launchers are a very light skin that have no impact on performance. In fact, my Note 2 is smoother with Nova than it is going the stock Touch Whiz route. And I get the best of everything – killer hardware, some great Touch Whiz features, and a look and feel to the OS completely customized to what I want.

          Should we have to use launchers to get the experience/look/functionality we want out of a device (without installing a custom rom)? No, but at least it’s an option, and an option that doesn’t impact the performance of the device.

          • Scott Huddleston

            Sure it’s exactly like that. Touchwiz isn’t removed or even disabled when you run a launcher. It’s basically covered or hidden by the launcher. While performance is usually more customizable and generally smoother it doesn’t negate the fact that your using up more ram by running another program. Look at your running processes while using a launcher and you can plainly see Touchwiz still running in the background along with the launcher.

          • BSweetness

            A) It’s nothing like that. You’re talking about putting one complete OS on top of another complete OS. A launcher is not an OS. Using a launcher is like putting on a pair of pants – it’s a layer that goes over your legs, ass, and junk, but it’s not a second pair of legs, another ass, and a second set of junk.

            In fact, your analogy is even more inaccurate than I originally thought because you’re talking about covering up one OS with two more. That’s not the case here. Touch Whiz doesn’t cover up stock Android. It’s a ROM created by Samsung that incorporates their Touch Whiz features into Android.

            B) I never said that Touch Whiz doesn’t continue to run when using a custom launcher. In fact, I said that you can retain “all of the Samsung-specific features,” which implies that Touch Whiz is indeed still running. But as long as it doesn’t impact performance (which it doesn’t for me), and as long as I want to use the features that Touch Whiz has, it doesn’t matter.

          • Scott Huddleston

            Still requires more ram right? It doesn’t share the ram that touchwiz uses, It’s like putting on a pair of pants over another pair of pants. Windows is an operating system. Touchwiz is a flashed skinned overlay on top of Android operating system. A launcher is yet another layer over touchwiz. It doesn’t just change icons it completely alters the behavior (which is a good thing cause touchwiz isn’t that great). If a launcher completely disabled touchwiz from running in the background I’d be all for it.

            I’ve bought the pro versions of launchers and even set them up on friends devices, I like the look and functionality but I just don’t like running anything that eats more ram unless it’s completely nessasary. I don’t like the stock gallery viewer in touchwiz so I install pic viewer. I don’t like the idea of running a non native app for the main functions of a device, keyboards as well, but there are times it seems nessasary. I just wish I could uninstall the app I’m replacing just so there’s not a redundancy of everything.

          • BSweetness

            I already addressed most of what you said in my previous posts, so I won’t go through it all again. Your perception of Touch Whiz is incorrect. It’s not an overlay. It’s integrated and woven throughout the OS. If you go into the source files, you can’t pull out stock Android. It’s all been rewritten. All OEM skins are integrated at the most basic levels of the software. Nearly all OEM customizations are an integrated part of the OS, like putting metal rods or super robotic power drivers inside your legs. It’s nothing like the pair of pants that a launcher is.

            And as far as I’m concerned, it doesn’t matter if a launcher is using more RAM as long as it doesn’t impact performance (and if you look into things, good ones use very, very little RAM to the point where there is virtually no impact on usage). I’ve never had any performance issues running Nova on my Note 2 over stock Touch Whiz, so if there’s no negative impact on performance, it doesn’t really matter.

            But as far as wanting to uninstall an app when you install a replacement, you can easily disable the one you’re replacing. That’s been a feature of Android for awhile now. While that doesn’t uninstall it, it freezes it from running at all, which prevents it from using any RAM since that seems to be a big concern of yours.

          • Scott Huddleston

            My whole point only was to indicate that by using a launcher you are laying another layer on TOP of whatever your currently running. Doesn’t matter how much ram your using a little or a lot it’s still using RAM. I understand fully what Touchwiz, Sense, and Motoblur is and that they are woven, placed on top, intermingled within Android. You cannot simply “disable” touchwiz as you stated it’s “woven into the OS”. You choose what overlay you want to see when a launcher is installed. Launchers are great but they do use resources, and they are essentially hidiging the Interface you don’t want to use and not replacing it.

            Let’s agree to disagree.

          • razerlite

            It’s ‘you’re” not “your.” 🙂
            Example: “on TOP of whatever you’re currently running.”

          • Scott Huddleston

            Thank you. I’m excited that’s hopefully all the incorrect grammar. I didn’t make it to the 3rd grade for nothing. 🙂

  • Shaunwin

    Now this is the phone I have been waiting for!

    • techgui

      vz will get it…right around easter

    • Bootleg Zani

      Yes this phone will be replacing my G’Nex as well. Too bad we will have to wait an eternity to get it on Verizon.

  • sfasljkas

    Im a note 2 user too thinking about upgrading to this in december

  • gcforreal

    Most likely my next phone but it has to have at least one feature that makes me jealous because the note 2 is the first phone for me that has aged so well that I haven’t cared about the newer phones that released this year with slightly better specs. I’m hoping just a TAD bigger display and battery. Also better build quality… But unless they drop the ball this is my next phone more than likely

    • Godzilla

      A tad? A TAD Lloyd? You drove a sixth of the way across the country in the wrong direction!!!!!!

  • Jesse Blacklock

    3 boxes, half life 3 confirmed, oh wait, note 3, yeah im gonna be getting this thing

    • Godzilla

      or Ghostbusters 3

      • Patrick Tschumi

        And The Witcher 3 😉

  • Defenestratus

    This is my next.

    Going to leave Verizon for this phone. They won’t let me split a line off of my account and keep unlimited data so SEE YA BITCHES.

  • Godzilla

    Finally a phone big enough for my T rex like arms.

    • Godzilla comparing himself to a T Rex, that’s dinosaur reptilian sin, brotha.

  • tyguy829


  • Chris King

    Yeah I’m looking fwd to this also. Have been satisfied with the s3, but would like o try the n3 out to see if it lives up to the hype

  • BSweetness

    Very likely to be my next phone. The Note 2 is the first smartphone that I’ve kept for more than six months since my Palm Pilot days. It has blown away my expectations in every possible way. I can’t wait to see what they’ve got planned for the Note 3.

    • itsacardigan

      Bigger screen same form factor….I’ll get it….Bigger screen bigger frame….too big.

      • itsacardigan

        Who am i kidding….I’m gonna get this sum bitch either way

        • BSweetness

          Ha ha. I’m in the exact same boat. I’d like a slightly bigger screen without making the device itself any bigger (and thankfully that’s what many rumors are pointing towards). But yeah, I’ll probably get it regardless.