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Google Reportedly in Talks With Verizon to Offer Google Play Music All Access in Your Monthly Bill

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Unless you were an early adopter of Google Play Music All Access when it launched a few months ago, the price to get started will run you $9.99 each month. That price is pretty competitive when compared to other music services out there, but if today’s rumors are true, paying for it could get a little more streamlined, if you are on Verizon.

This rumored deal would allow Verizon customers to charge the $9.99 monthly payment into their existing phone line to make things seamless. It’s worth noting that Verizon and Google are already offering six months of free All Access when you buy one of the new DROID phones, so this new deal doesn’t seem like much of a stretch. Google could get lots of new subscribers through this method, while Verizon customers get to use up their tiered data plans by streaming all this music.

Everyone wins, right?

Via: Billboard

  • GR

    If VZW knows what’s good for it–it will tell Google to get its act together and fix the features it removed from Google Play (web).

  • ok heh

    Verizon Wireless VCast Multimedia Google Play Music All Access: An Unexpected Journey

  • Mike Bohde

    I don’t want Verizon anywhere near my google music access. I will drop verizon the moment they kill my unlimited data. When that happens I want to keep my promo rate with google music.

  • 6stringslinger

    Shouldn’t have any problems with Verizon going along with this… VZW specializes in finding new things to add to your bill.

  • *

    I can already charge the all access price to my Verizon account. Only it’s $7.99 since I signed up early and I have unlimited so no problem with streaming as much as I want.

  • Grasshopper239

    lmfao. This is a great idea for those of you on tiered data plans….ok it is a horrible idea.

  • Kevin New

    Um…My All Access is already going to my Verizon Bill? Why is this an issue?

  • HotRodJohnson

    You can also get to work on my Moto X make. Don’t make me have to choose between black and white when the options are limitless.

  • Chris

    you so called “android enthusiasts” sure are uneducated about the “bill to carrier” feature. Its been around for a while now. (since 2010)




    • Warwick

      I am aware of this :p used to use it on the Droid 1.

  • Tyler Durden

    Just what I want. A higher phone bill. /s

    • Chris

      its not like you are saving money. you are still gonna pay that $10 regardless of who you send it to…

  • Chris

    on a side note, what if this was T mobile or Sprint doing this? billing to the carrier is nothing new kids. Been around for a while now.

    • Kamesen

      Adding a 3rd party to your transaction is never a good idea. Didn’t you ever try to make $5 off a bag of… chex?

      Ever heard of the phrase “Get rid of the middle man”? You’re introducing one with this. A nasty, greedy, needy, pushy middle man.

      • Chris

        its been around for a while. Sprint and i think AT&T does this. Its nothing new.

        • Kamesen

          That doesn’t mean it’s good for the consumer. It just means Verizon is going to be getting another piece of the pie… of your hard earned home-made cherry pie. Get real man.

          • starnovsky

            Well, Verizon may be just interested on persuading customers into moving on more expensive data plan, that’s Verizon’s piece of the pie

          • Chris

            talk to Sprint and T-mobile. they offer the same thing.

            I don’t see why you are so upset over it. You are still paying $10 a month. Its just being billed to your Verizon bill. Regardless you are still “loosing” that money regardless of whos it being sent to.

          • Kamesen

            I’m not upset over it because I’m not going to use it. Don’t be oblivious and think Verizon isn’t making money from it FROM YOU. Verizon thinks their consumers are just cash cows so tread with caution…

            Stop white-knighting for a carrier that acts like a blood thirsty dictator. Next, are you going to say Verizon’s Edge phone upgrade plan is a great deal? Stop it.

          • MrOrange645

            “Losing” not “loosing.”

          • CoreRooted

            It has nothing to do with the carrier getting a piece of anything. Google charges $9.99 for GPMAA. Rather than charge a credit card, they bill it to your carrier. I’ve been doing this for years with AT&T.

      • Chris
  • shecalledmejay

    I won’t be impressed until I get at least a hint at Nexus 5 on verizon.

    • mule0331

      Wow, we cant even have an article about music without some douche trolling about anything Nexus. Seriously…get a life.

      • shecalledmejay

        I could take you more serious if you didn’t start name calling.

        • Chris

          Theres more to life then a silly nexus phone with mediocre specs

          • shecalledmejay

            Have you tried a Nexus before? and If you are still worried about specs you are worried about the wrong thing.

  • CoreRooted

    All this means is that the billing option in Google play will allow VZW customers to bill it to their account. AT&T, Sprint and TMO have all had this for quite awhile (I bill a lot of my Play store purchases to my AT&T account and just pay it with my normal bill). The options for Play store (cancels, refunds, etc) are all still handled through Play Store, not the carrier.

    I understand the hostility toward VZW (I ditched them years ago), but it seems like people are making this a bigger deal than it is.

    • Chris

      they just don’t understand the whole billing to the carrier deal. I have my $10 a month premium slacker account billed to my sprint bill. Well worth it as I don’t have to worry about yet another bill. consolidate bills is something anyone who is smart with their money will do.

      • CoreRooted

        Exactly. I actually do about 70% of my purchases to my bill. That way, it’s one bill and AT&T itemizes it out already on my bill. I don’t get what the big deal is here?

        • Chris

          Its Verizon. and we know peoples love/hate relationship with Verizon. Even those who don’t have Verizon or are from another country are making a big deal about this. its nothing new. these so called “android enthusiasts” sure don’t know their stuff.

  • Chris

    screw google music. Slacker all the way. A true, CLEAN music player with out all the garbage that google has. Very buggy app, still fells geeky and what do nerds listen to? anyway? i pay $10 a month, billed to my sprint account for the premium slacker account. unlimited skips, i can download stations and such. Its such a shame slacker doesn’t get the love it truely deserves. Its all google music or spotfly. Plus slacker is 1005 trully american like how a music service should be.

    • CoreRooted

      Eh, I’m on the fence here. I actually like my GPAC account as I can have my local music (on device), cloud stored music and radio. AFAIK, Slacker doesn’t offer cloud storage (I could be wrong, it’s been about a year since I’ve used it).

      • Chris

        Slacker is mostly just an internet radio station. for $10 you can download stations/albums to your phone, not the cloud. Makes more sense if you are in an area with out cell coverage (like traveling)

        • CoreRooted

          Yeah, GP does that too (downloading of tracks/stations). I think the major factor for me is the cloud storage. Being able to upload my own music (some of which isn’t available anywhere) and have it on any of my devices is big for me. It’s the main reason why I can’t use a lot of the streaming audio apps (Slacker, Spotify, etc).

    • starnovsky

      Is Google accidentally playing some Al Qaeda music for you or something?

  • Nathaniel Newman

    I left Rhapsody for Google Play: All Access. Then left all access for Rhapsody. Found out Google play sucks!

    • Chris

      the service or the name? Both suck imo. “Google play” just sounds dirty

      • Nathaniel Newman

        Google Play All Access sucked!. I NEVER liked the name Google Play!

  • Danny Boy

    My company has a 22% discount on my verizon bill. This has potential!

    • Justin W

      The 22% discount is only on the plan itself (with possible extension to accessories), but they wouldn’t discount this since it’s not part of the “plan”.

      • Paul Potter

        some discounts apply to features and if said customer is still on unlimited data/account level pricing plan, he could possibly get the discount towards his play music subscription.

  • teevirus

    Don’t Forget the $2 Verizon convince fee.

  • Raven65

    How about this… H3LL NO! Not sending another dime through Verizon that I don’t absolutely have to.

    • Guest

      if you use google music then why wouldn’t you? either way you are paying for the service. Its just one less bill you won’t have to worry about. anyway to consolidate your bills is a welcome.

      • Raven65

        Because fack Verizon, that’s why. Do you think they’re offering this service out of the goodness of their collective heart? No, they’re getting paid by Google – and I don’t want Verizon making another dime off of me. I’d rather pay Google directly.

  • d3si_hokie

    Can you also get them to support the google play edition of the moto x.

  • Cody Revels

    Thats what I dont get……introduce tiered date…..introduce more ways to use said limited data. WTF. Lol

  • Adam Truelove

    There is no way I’m routing any more money through Verizon than I have to.

  • Gnex

    Verizon doing something reasonable?


    • EC8CH

      Verizon has been trying everything under the sun to increase the number at the bottom of your monthly bill… this totally fits their M.O.

      • Gnex

        I’m honestly thinking about getting the next Nexus along with T-mo prepaid. Their coverage is pretty good in my area.

  • i wouldnt doubt that soon every Android VZW phone will come with a free trial of All Access, then if you dont cancel it yourself, they will just start billing you automatically… so Verizon will screw people out of money and Google will get subscribers b/c people will forget to cancel

  • Nathaniel Webb

    So instead of clicking the cancel button in the play store and moving on, you get to call Verizon and have them “accidentally” keep billing you for 6 months until you realize it and cut them off. Got it.

  • tyguy829

    I bet part of the agreement says it will be renamed VCAST Music. 2.0

  • Jeremy Martin

    I am personally waiting on Bionic to reply….I want to hear what sarge has to say about this.

  • starnovsky

    I never understood why anybody ever wanted to add something to the phone bill. I’d much rather deal with Google than with carrier.

    • CoreRooted

      You still are dealing with Google. That hasn’t changed. It just changes the funding source.

    • Chris

      The service is still google and you are still dealing with them. You are still paying for it regardless. its just one less bill you have to worry about. Its called consolidating and lots of people do it.

  • Mark

    “Must be on a Share Everything plan to subscribe” will be in the fine print somewhere.

    • Jeremy Martin

      Yep. I doubt they allow Unlimited customers to enjoy this. It would “adversely affect the over all network for everyone”

    • jessito

      $10 add-on on share everything !!! every line in your account gets google music .. … yea right!!!!

  • Philip A. Kaiser

    Maybe we could get a Verizon bundle with all of our other favorite apps for $20/mo.

    VZ Navigator, VZ Backup Assistant, Verizon Tones,and Verizon Mobile Security…..

    You know, the apps we can’t live without and can’t get elsewhere. Oh, boy, holding my breath. lol

  • ßen Murphy

    I’m going to use iTunes instead, but you all should probably use Google Play Music.

    • sonicemerald

      i currently own an ipod, and the next song i buy will be from itunes, but i recommend google play music.

      • Chris

        shhhh android nerds will kill you for using an apple product AND an android product /s

        • Tyler Durden

          this guy missed the memo

        • Someone didn’t see the article

        • speraider430

          Sheesh its rough in here….it’s ok you probably have a job and aren’t on your 11th grade summer break hammering the f5 key on DL

      • Larizard

        because you don’t like to have access to your song from ANY computer or tablet with a browser that can point to http://www.google.com/music ?

    • Paul Hansen

      Oh I don’t see this ending any time soon…. lol… /amused


      My primary phone is an iPhone 4S and the next phone I buy will be another iPhone, so I’m just waiting for Google Play Music to come out on iOS. But you should still subscribe to it.

    • He’ll also buy his next iPhone at Viva Movil

  • Philip A. Kaiser

    Many of the surcharges, fees, and taxes that are on your Verizon bill are small percentages of your overall bill. By adding another $10, Verizon gets to skim off the top because when your base bill goes up, so do their surcharges, taxes, and fees.

    • Justin W

      They can tax you for adding apps charges like this to your bill? I thought they would only be able to tax it at the normal sales tax rate in your area for that product?

  • JonathonFlores

    I already do this. When I signed up, it asked me for my payment method. I just selected bill to carrier.

  • Jeff C

    google play music must have that secure element verizon was talking about

  • Charles Nicolosi

    I’d rather pay separately, because it’s not saving you any month to begin with. So…what’s the point of even having this option?

    • Chris

      one less bill to worry about. it will be included in a single bill

  • Greyhame

    The title of this article induced extreme excitement, followed by extreme disappointment.

  • ddevito

    Hey Google, while you’re there….mention Google Wallet. Thanks

    • Open1Your1Eyes0

      This! So very much this.

    • Paul Hansen

      Didn’t i see an article somewhere where ISIS (eww, gross i know) is supposed to do it’s nationwide launch somewhat soon? Like… you know… before 2020? I wish it’d happen beforehand but I think they need to try ISIS and have it tank before they allow wallet to happen. bleh

      • CoreRooted

        Yeah. By “year end”… whatever… I tested ISIS recently in SLC and it was CRAP. Seriously. There were like 7 places that actually offered it and then the Secure SIM card crapped out on me twice. Yup, let’s roll THAT out! /s

        • Paul Hansen

          Sounds solid. /s I’ve heard the same stories from friends of mine that live in test areas. The SIMs are unreliable and nobody accepts it. Just give Wallet the green light already and call it a day…

    • Scott

      Also, how about rolling updates a little faster. You know…a month or two instead of six months.

      • T4rd

        Lol, who would downvote this? You people actually like waiting several months for updates after they’ve already hit international phones and from other carriers?

        • Chris

          because fir most normal people a .x update isn’t anything to get worked up over. even these updates like 4.2 > 4.3 offer very little changes to make it worthwhile;

          • T4rd

            Maybe, but that doesn’t explain why one would NOT want faster updates enough to downvote/resist it, hah.
            I think someone is just on a downvote trolling spree judging by everyone having about the same amount of downvotes though.

          • Larizard

            Sometimes those .x updates actually fixes come critical bugs on the OS. However “small” or incremental an update is, it needs to be delivered on time to us paying customers.

          • michael arazan

            People aren’t talking about 4.3

            But 4.0.2 to 4.0.4 took six months and was a huge bug update for a lot of Galaxy Nexus phones. Some updates are needed and not just wanted. And then waiting from ICS to JB took forever for everyone to update to a lot of innovative feautures

            A lot of people suffered with buggy devices at times and hate being pushed aside when there is an update available but the carrier decides who and when at their convenience, instead of trying to help customers and putting them first instead of themselves

        • trixnkix637

          Verizon, Bionic, & Sarge did.

    • EC8CH

      or how about maybe letting me buy an honest to god Nexus phone through the play store that works on Verizon.

      • T4rd

        Well… now you’re just being absurd..

        • ReturnOfTheMack

          I see a few people have a broken sense of sarcasm.

    • Tyler Durden

      I’d rather not have the NSA breathing down my neck

  • panicswhenubered

    Danger, Will Robinson. Danger.

    • Chris

      go outside

  • Taylor Abrahamson

    So all of 3 people will use that? Who actually wants to give more power to verizon and have have them ‘loan’ you money till the end of the month? Not I! I like my google wallet account thx.

    • Jordan Webb

      People that don’t want to give Google their credit card number. So…old people?

    • Chris

      its still being paid for. as we said before its nothing new. other carrier sdo this. Educate your self before making such silly claims

  • jose

    This is an inherent threat to Verizon’s network infrastructure and puts all wireless subscribers at serious risk.

    • /s

    • wat

      • jose

        Here on the internetz we call it “sarcasm”.

        • Hence me referring to the internet meme “wat” and didn’t show I was serious.

          • jose

            Ah yes. The ol’ human thumb lady. Nothing to see here. I fail at internet today.

  • Joshua Bailey

    Verizon Nexus 5 confirmed

    • EC8CH

      Google + Verizon = agreement

      End of world confirmed.

      • master94

        Nah VZW will find a way to screw it up like they did the Galaxy Nexus. Thus saving the world since according to them the world will be destroyed if a unlocked boot loader phone was allowed on their network

        • EC8CH

          A $3 monthly renewal fee for your All Access subscription is probably in order to prevent Armageddon.

    • geedee82

      That’s the only thing these two companies should be in talks about.

    • Jonathan Reid

      Six months free for the new droid phones. There are three new Droid phones.
      6 – 3 = 3
      “this new deal doesn’t seem like much of a stretch.” Gabe Newell can only fit in stretch pants.
      Half Life 3 confirmed.

  • ranlil

    It really kind of scares me to see this alliance.

    • Sean Stone

      Depends who ends up influencing who.

      • ranlil

        Don’t mind if it’s Google

  • EC8CH

    Ef Dat!

    I’d rather pay my monthly wireless service charge through the play store… if you know what I mean.

    • PhoenixPath

      So lets see – what would it cost through Verizon?

      All Access (through Verizon) – $15;
      An All Access Data up-charge of $20 (but hey, it’s **unlimited!),

      and Verizon will occasionally add their own selections and “Verizon jingles” to your playlist if you listen to it too often.

      Yeah…sounds about right to me.

      Haven’t seen the Verizon guy post in a while, but I bet he’d confirm.

      **Google Play Music only, M-F, 9am to 11am.