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Android Device Manager Starts Rolling Out, Still No App to Control it Though

Device Manager

Last week, Google introduced Android Device Manager, a service that would help Android device owners locate their lost/stolen devices, and also remotely wipe their data incase of theft. In Google’s blog post that announced the service, Mountain View mentioned that Device Manager would go live sometime later this month, but over the weekend, some folks are already seeing it appear via a new Google Play Services app, version 3.2.25. Although, an app to control Device Manager is still unavailable, so in essence, this doesn’t do anybody much good. 

As you might know, Google is very fond of their staged rollouts, so if you don’t see an update for the app or Device Manager under your list of “Device Admins,” don’t fret. With time, it will come.

ADM is a service that we wish Google would have pushed out a long time ago, but as they say, it’s better late than never.

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  • dream killer
  • If Games to go by the app for ADM probably come soon or perhaps with Games they thought initially no app is needed (ADM maybe the same).

    Maybe they be like Google Play Games – Google Play Services had Play Games before the seperate app. ADM support in Play Services before an App?

    With Google Play Games now having an accessible app there could be moves to move majority of the code regarding Play Games in Google Play Services to the Play Store available standalone!

  • Mahercs

    I went to look for this setting on my Razr Maxx and saw an identical app on the phone from Motorola. It says it is controlled by the “Motorola Services” app, but I can’t find it anywhere. I don’t know if this has been on the phone all along, but I just use Seek Droid anyway.

  • I love Cerberus, not only will it track your phone but you can remotely lock it, reboot, set a password, retrieve call/sms logs, make the phone talk, pretty much anything!

    • The biggest plus to me about Cerberus is the ability to take pictures, record video and also take screenshots so if anyone takes my phone I can see who it is and what they are doing!

  • rutgersjaffo

    Allow phone to perform factory reset without warning?! What the hell?!

    • Travis Keany

      Yes, if you want to remotely wipe the phone, you don’t want the person in possession of it to be able to block your attempt.

      • rutgersjaffo

        I get that, it just seems like a ridiculous permission to give to any app, regardless of the purpose. No thanks, I’ll just be careful with my phone.

        • Ethan T

          That’s why it’s good that Google is finally doing this. I’d much rather Google had the power to remote wipe my phone than some app I don’t really trust, such as Lookout or SeekDroid.

          • gr227

            Because Google has always proven to be so trustworthy

        • Wow, you’re scared to give a verified, Google made app permission to wipe your phone upon your remote command? Would you rather some thief not only take the device but be able to open up all of your apps, see all your photos, send / receive SMS or MMS?

  • SeekDroid

  • CasperTFG

    This service is irrelevant to me because, ‘my primary phone is an iPhone 4S and the next phone I buy will be another iPhone.’

    • JimmyHACK

      Very interesting.

    • I am actually lolzing over here. Good comment. Although, give the guy a break. At least he’s finally opening his mind up to some Android stuff.

      • Chris Hannan

        I’ve laughed, stopped, and laughed again three times already.

        • michael arazan

          = P

    • rfranken

      This should be the top upvoted comment on every story for at least a day or two

    • Kokomo

      Unfortunately it wasn’t Tim that made that statement. Still funny though.

    • Stewie

      His real name is Ron…

    • Geo

      I was going to say something along these lines but I was going to feel even more guilty about picking on Ron (to each his own, I was JW why he likes iphones over android), but this made me lol to the max.

    • Mike

      lol.. ^ this guy… amirite?

  • KleenDroid