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Verizon Approves Android 4.1.2 Update to XOOM 4G LTE, Build Number JZO45M (Update)

XOOM 4.2 Update

In a shocking development, Verizon approved an update to all remaining XOOM 4G LTE tablets top build number JZO45M. The update, which is based off of Android 4.2 (not 4.1 as we previously assumed), will bring all of Jelly Bean’s great features such as Google Now, expandable notifications, multiple user accounts, and an enhanced keyboard. Oh, and don’t forget about Project Butter

You can more than likely expect to see this update roll out to XOOM owners sometime over the weekend or next week.

Update: Looks like Verizon screwed up and instead of putting the correct version of Android – 4.1.2 – they put 4.2 instead. This update is in fact, Android 4.1.2. Thanks to all those that commented down below.

Via: Verizon

  • kat

    Love the update. New tablet again, going close to 3 years. Oive the Xoom my friend has a xyboard tablet but has not received an upgrade.
    I wonder why?

  • Tom

    Install keeps failing !!! WTF..???

  • mjsouthers

    My xoom updated to ics on Sunday and them immediately became retarded….operated very slow, took several taps to get anything to open, particularly the keyboard.
    then suddenly today nothing will open except google now. Tried everything I can think of,

    When app is selected, a blue boarder opens around the page and nothing happens. When the home icon is touched the google now feature appears, and if touched it will open….also the xoom settings app will not open, so there is no access to the tablets settings to see whats happening there…..

    Someone got something wrong with this upgrade….anyone know anything….help

    • MJSouthers

      Yes, the upgrade or whatever they are calling it is to the 4.1.2

  • Michael

    Made much more sense to update to 4,2 Verizon.

  • dbam987

    Looks like its rolling out to the masses now. Mine came through at around 1am in the Detroit Michigan area. It definitely seems snappier. I like butter now.

  • Maxwell Bryant

    GOT IT ! ! ! 12:00 a. m. Austin Texas

  • akazerotime

    Looks like VZW finally added the .1. to the website to correctly read 4.1.2. 4.2 requires non-neon libs to be updated so things like Google Now’s hot word detection works. I really don’t see how this is any different to the “engineering build” that was posted almost a year ago and reported on here: http://www.droid-life.com/2012/08/07/jelly-bean-build-jro03h-released-for-rooted-verizon-motorola-xoom-4g-lte-owners/.

    • That engineering build was simply the WiFi 4.1.1/JRO03H build with LTE drivers dropped in for trailing. That build had numerous problems, not the least of which was the fact thatit didn’t contain any valid DRM keys. That means any streaming video that required DRM (Google Play Movies, you’re cable company’s live TV app, HBO Go, etc). wouldn’t work. That build was erroneously picked up by media outlets when in reality, it was leaked by XDA member compnird. The thread can be found here: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1811747.

      He claims that his Xoom had the build installed by Motorola development. I find this plausible because, if you look at the screenshots, his Xoom had a CDMA radio that has never been seen in the wild (03.1A.66SP). Compare that to the screenshots in the Droid Life article you referenced, which shows the same CDMA radio (03.1A.65P) as the 4.0.4/IMM76L build. That’s pretty compelling proof that whoever Droid Life got their screens from had simply flashed the leaked ROM from XDA.

      He also claimed that Verizon had signed off on the update, but I have my doubts about that. Verizon never would have approved a build that didn’t have functioning DRM keys.

  • rogershs

    It’s heeeere!

  • dbam987

    This. Is. Awesome. Still have my Xoom 4G and its rocking out nicely. Not bad for a 1st generation Android tablet to still receive updates to this stage, and hopefully more (even though the Goog said something like it won’t ever get the 4.2 update).

  • Eric

    For anyone not getting the OTA update, yet, try this:

    Navigate to Settings > Apps, and enable the option which lets you see all apps. Then, you scroll down the alphabetical list to Google Services Framework, open it up and tap Clear Data and then Force Stop.

    Then go back and check for an update by going to Settings > About > System Update.

    It took me 3 or 4 tries to get it to show, but it works!

    • bigintexas

      that worked! thanks!

    • Robert Desisto

      did it six times didnt work

      • Michael

        Mine worked on it’s own. To my surprise, it gave me an update notice today. Smooth as butter compared to the previous version.

    • MrToTo83

      Worked on the first try. Thank you for the hint!

    • GoonieGooGoo4

      This totally worked…..Big thanks for the tip.
      Took a minute for my XOOM to compute its details before I could clear the data but it worked flawlessly after that.

    • Guest

      Thanks for the tip. Finally got mine to update:)

    • Jeffrey Tarman

      thanks!! worked on the fourth try

    • Goodwin O

      I just did this and it worked on the first try. Rebooting to install the update now!

  • Blue Sun

    I can also confirm the OTA to be 4.1.2 for the Xoom 3G/4G.

  • Capt. Crunch

    Damnit I regret getting the Xoom Family Edition even more now. I’ve been spoiled by Jelly Bean and Project Butter.

  • steveliv

    I was a part of the soak test, and am installing the update now. Nice to get Jelly Bean. Glad to see it has been supported as long as it has…

  • Very good and has many improvements and exciting new.

  • Andrew

    Just got the update. It is 4.1.2

    • Robert Desisto

      when did u get your update

  • Oh Yes! I’m glad I found your article today. I recommend it to everyone .. Thank you for your work!

  • This is wrong, Google themselves said that the Xoom would not get 4.2. The Wifi is still on 4.1 and does not have things like multiple users or other 4.2ewy-goodness.

    • possomcrast1


    • Correct. Verizon is wrong. JZO54M is Android 4.1.2. One quick check of the AOSP tags will show that.

  • Um…the on screen Nav placement and the notifications in bottom right do not scream jelly bean to me.

    • turdbogls

      4.1 still had the traditional tablet UI….4.2 moved to the new tablet UI as seen on the nexus 10. both are Jellybean though.

      but that was the first thing i noticed.

      • Oh, thank you for correcting me.

  • Jeffrey Tarman

    So my XOOM 3g is stuck at 4.0.4 forever?

    • steveliv

      officially…i think so. not too sure why some people didn’t take advantage of the 4g upgrade program…

    • Franklin Ramsey

      If you look at the update, Verizon’s statement says for the Xoom 3g and 4G LTE, so it would look like the 3G will get it too.

  • rutgersjaffo

    Meh. My 4G LTE Xoom is a piece of garbage. I have had to send it back to have the 4G fixed twice and now it doesn’t work yet again. Next time I may very well have to go with something apple. They do seem to work all the time anyway.

    • rutgersjaffo

      Downvotes? What, I’m not supposed to announce that this thing has been a steaming pile of sub-mediocre? That I overpaid HORRIBLY for this twelve pound pile of garbage that hardly ever actually has 4G? But yeah, no fanboys here, lol.

      • charles rogers

        Did the people who didn’t want to hear your whining hurt your feelings?

    • DJ SPY

      My Xoom has been flawless. Sorry to hear you had a bad experience with yours.

    • Goodwin O

      Same here (as DJ SPY’s reply). I haven’t had any issues with mine (had it almost 2 years now). I use it as a hotspot, and all my connected devices seem to access 4G speeds (I can do VOIP, web-browsing, etc) just fine. I recently reset it and found it runs smoother when it doesn’t have so many apps on it. Sounds like the experience for some isn’t consistent.

  • moelsen8


    • New_Guy

      Your avatar seems to fit the comment and the headline :).

  • Godzilla

    meanwhile…….most Xoom owners moved onto a Nexus 7 or 10 over a year ago. But thanks moto and verizon, for your dedicated support.

    • steveliv

      not me. i am waiting for a verizon LTE supported Nexus 10 and then i will upgrade. i cannot and will not purchase a non nexus/google experience device.

    • JoshGroff

      I passed mine down to my sister, but it wasn’t due to lack of support, the devs had it covered.

  • Wrong, guys. Verizon is wrong. JZO54M is Android 4.1.2.

    • Jonathan Reid

      Upvote this gentleman!

    • panicswhenubered

      Go home, Verizon. You’re drunk.

    • Rich Nahra

      Yep. Typo should be 4.1.2 not 4.2.

    • You’re killing me, Verizon!

  • TMKvamme

    If you need to get back to stock check this out.

    *I haven’t tried this myself yet, but I plan on doing it tonight.

  • Justin Halcomb

    Verizon is on a drunk-update-spree again.

    • Paul Hansen

      Keep feeding them shots so they keep pushing out updates like this all the time 😛


    This has got to be the most AOSP supported Android device to date, and it’s not even a Nexus!

    • kixofmyg0t

      Except…it’s not even supported by AOSP anymore. It’s a non-NEON device.

    • Bootleg Zani

      I can’t believe it continues to get updates. Even if it is only 4.1.2.

      • michael arazan

        Xoom owners definitely got their money’s worth with that device

  • Stephen Bain

    Wonder if anything will happen to the Xoom 2’s now that this is a thing?

    • hkklife

      I think it was confirmed quite a while back that the Xoom 2 will remain on Ice Cream Sandwich but the USA-spec Xyboard will get updated to JB.

      • Stephen Bain

        Okay thanks

  • n900mixalot
  • MotoRulz

    Enjoy fellow Xoomers your tablet will feel like new again..

    Xoom WiFi

    • RLJSlick


    • JoshGroff

      Devs actually had it ported over for a while, my sister’s loving it.

  • Tyler Durden


  • Fhel

    let me just get the dust off my xoom and plug it in…

    • Jackson

      Same I wonder if this will help breathe new life


    • New_Guy

      Hmmm…this comment has me oddly conflicted…

      I went to up-vote, then down-vote, then I just didn’t know what the hell to do…

      Damn you, thebeeobee!!!

  • Bryan Saroza

    How generous.

  • KleenDroid


  • rdrizzle

    Guess they were like F it; just push it out. Who cares about a soak test.