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Where and When can I Buy the Moto X?

verizon moto x

Assuming you are ready to fork out $199 on contract for the Moto X, or maybe even buy it off contract, you probably want to know when and where you can do such a thing. In the list below, we’ve got the official word from each carrier. The big five in the U.S. will all carry some form of the Moto X, so you should have no problems finding it once it becomes available. 

The quick list:

  • Verizon:  Has not yet announced anything. Motorola confirmed they are carrying it.
  • AT&T:  $199 for 16GB, $249 for 32GB on 2-year contract – no launch date announced.
  • T-Mobile:  Has not yet announced anything. Motorola confirmed they are carrying it.
  • Sprint:  $199 for 16GB – no launch date announced.
  • US Cellular:  Has not yet announced anything. Motorola confirmed they are carrying it.
  • Motorola.com:  Versions from all carriers will be available here. No date announced.

Here is the official word from Motorola’s Moto X press release:

Moto X will be available in the US, Canada and Latin America starting in late August/early September.

In the US, woven black and woven white models will be available at AT&T, Sprint, US Cellular, Verizon Wireless and at national retailers including Best Buy stores with a suggested retail price of $199 with a new two-year agreement. Additionally, it will be available on all carriers, including T-Mobile, at Motorola.com.

We’ll continue to update this post as dates and pricing comes in.

Via:  Motorola

  • KleenDroid

    I thought the title said “For what or why would I buy a Moto X?”.

  • Elliot Kotis

    So no international support, screw you moto.

  • Michael Taylor

    Everyone keeps talking about the phone not offering “Top of Line Best Specs”. Everyone is caught up in the Samsung/HTC/ ways and think it has to have best hardware just to be good. I despise Apple Iphone but they have shown you do not need top of line hardware as long as software runs smooth and does what you want with out hic ups. I myself can not wait for this phone as I trust Google not to have allowed this to be branded with Google backing it so highly if it was going to be bad. Can’t wait till Verizon begins to allow pre-orders.

  • blootz

    now it’s official in 6 months Motorola will layoff thousands of employees due to the failed attempt, and now is considering building a made in China phone. another failed attempt by Motorola “not surprising” just stunned that it was done under the eyes of Google.

  • Godzilla

    Where you can buy it? On E bay once the people who purchase this POS realize it sucks and want to rid themselves of it.

    What happened to the once great motorola?

  • Ryan N

    I feel that the “party” tonight will be for either:

    A. Providing alcohol to the many who need to drink away pain


    B. Getting people drunk enough to believe that the moto x is reasonably priced.

    Either way, alcohol is the answer…

  • Blue Sun

    Bionic has sure been quiet today…

  • XvierX

    I would very much like to try out this device. I think I will.

  • Blue Sun

    I need to find that cricket wave file from the Facebook First post a few months back. I feel it is applicable here.

  • Knlegend1

    I would love to buy this phone and switch between it and the HTC One….because I can.

    • Blue Sun

      You might need to get a SIM card adapter.

      • Knlegend1

        thats right it uses a micro darn

  • Tyler Casilio

    So it isn’t as cheap as we were all hoping Off Contract. Damn

  • Lou_C

    Where… When… Forgot the most relevant question: Why?

  • mike

    Definitely don’t regret buying my S4

  • Radgatt

    Waiting on the Droid-Life contest to win one of these phones…

  • RoadsterHD1

    OK, I have a question for anyone that might know something. Is MOTO coming out with a Droid MAXX 2 that sports a Quad-Core processor? Also has anybody seen any Antutu or quadrant benchmarks?

    • Marikel

      How the hell would anybody know that? You’re gonna have to wait at least another 10 months for the next DROID lineup.

      • RoadsterHD1

        PLEASE. The RAZR came out ,minutes after the Bionic.You how MOTO rolls….

        • Marikel

          Yeah, except they haven’t done anything like with the DROID line since then. They only did 3 DROID phones last year that came out at the same time, so it’s mostly the same thing this year. But you did make a point. They even had the nerve to release the Electrify M just months after the Electrify 2.

  • Jovi

    Personally I feel like Motorola does not intend to cater to the developer/tech elitist community. They even jabbed it with the last little section of their splash page “And now a message for our tech geeks” inset spec sheet. (c’mon, that is funny). If specs were that important, they would’ve been first, not last.
    They aren’t trying to win the “spec wars” because they don’t exist. My co-workers saw the commercials and were enamored with the features, not the specs. Much like unlimited data, the majority of these arguments come from a shrinking % of the base.
    I mean I may hold out for the google edition, but I like the customization feature. If my phone can set an alarm for me while I moan out of bed and is some sexy bamboo backing, I’m sorry but that is a winner to me.

  • Silver Veloz

    We NEED a Droid Life episode tonight.

  • Dan

    androidcommunity.com just confirmed AT&T said 16GB Off Contract $575 and 32GB $629.

    • Sean Bello

      I want to down vote this, but I won’t since it’s news lol