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Thursday Poll: Are You Buying the Moto X?

moto x colors

We finally know the official specs. We finally know the official *on-contract* pricing. We finally know which carriers it is coming to. The Moto X is finally official. Official! The only question remains, do you still want it? With many folks caught off guard by the $199 price tag, we noticed some people jumped ship pretty quickly in the comments section.

Once you choose yes, no or still deciding, feel free to go down below and let us know which carrier you plan on going with if you are picking one up. If you chose no, tell us why. Time to tell us how you really feel.

Are you buying the Moto X?

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  • ToddAwesome

    Cue the VInce McMahon “No Chance” music.

  • Daeshaun Griffiths

    Make this poll again after people read reviews.

    smartest smartphone. i’m buying it.

  • Tonytj

    I’m excited for this device. I’m really curious to see how it performs with this X8 tech.

  • Ned Danov

    I will not buy this Year phone with last Year specs :((((((((((((
    Will wait for up to date version may be by Christmas if not then SONY XONAMI when available.

  • prestone1

    clicked no with pleasure

  • Nathaniel Newman

    NOPE! Getting the Motorola Droid (Ultra) Maxx however.

  • Dear Google and Moto, please make the new Nexus, with good OPTIMISED specs for smooth performance (X8 is a good start), customisability as wide (or nearly as wide) as the Moto X, WORLDWIDE availability both on and off-contract, NOT a phablet/GS4 size, unlocked bootloader, and X’s touchless control/Siri-like Google Now/Active Display/notifications to Laptop/easy migration implemented into AOSP. Got that? We will give you money for this.

  • Justtyn Hutcheson

    I’m paying off-contract. The Moto X looks to be the best design, best battery, and most useful features, so they’ll get my money. Coming from a Razr, any current device is an upgrade.

  • Michael Contreras

    I already have the MotoX, it’s just called the Nexus 4 though.

  • Kanaga Deepan N

    Where is HELL NO option… Just NO is not enough, imho…

  • muffnman

    At this point, I’ll probably get the Moto X to replace my wife’s GNex, and an HTC One for myself. She’ll appreciate the battery life + familiar feel, and I’ll drool over the horsepower and screen size.

  • Greg Abbate

    where is the option for Hell No?

  • Jonathan Patience

    I’m still looking for a Verizon replacement for my GNex. I’ll have to wait to see a good the off-contract Verizon price, and if/how easy it is to unlock the bootloader. If it can check those two boxes, I’d really think about it.

  • onDroid

    The phone itself looks great. The form factor and design are awesome. I like the fact that it has on screen nav buttons. It’s mostly stock. I don’t mind the 720p display since there isn’t much difference to tell between 720 and 1080 on a <5" phone and it will save battery having a lower resolution. I'll have to see it in person to tell the picture quality. The X8 sounds great and the benchmarks have looked just as good as the S4 and One. If the off contract price is decent it will be an instant buy. If it isn't a good price then there isn't a real great reason to get rid of my gnex, aside from battery life. Looks like I may be waiting for the next Nexus and praying it comes to VZW.

    • Jack Hoffman

      Don’t bother waiting for another VZW Nexus. It WILL NOT HAPPEN!

      But the successor to this phone (or at least a higher end one) will be out early 2014.

    • Omar Amer

      off contract rumored to be $575 and $630 for it.

  • Ron_Swanson

    In the words of the Dude….”bummer, man”.

  • Jason

    Please tell me there will be a Moto X vs. DROID ULTRA comparison?

    • Justin W

      Yes. Comparison Notes: They are the same except for the exterior.

      • Jason

        That’s what I thought at a high level (CPU, GPU, RAM, etc.), but want finer comparisons like soft keys vs. capacitive, the cameras, etc.

        • Justin W

          Lol. I believe everything software-side should be the same – they both have the same tricks (same specs other than 1080p 5″ screen, same software), but the major difference is software keys vs. cap keys and the customizability factor (which Vzw won’t see until later anyway).

  • The very remote possibility of buying off-contract and keeping unlimited data with all these additional “always-on” features was a huge incentive for me to wait for the Moto X pricepoint to be revealed. However, I’m on a Verizon family plan and the 10gb plan is more than enough for the three of us on one plan even if I do sacrifice unlimited for a 2-year deal. So long as it runs efficiently and with minimal OS changes at $199, I’m game.

    I’m waiting to hear about the battery life and usefulness of these new features before making a final decision, but I have been a bit disappointed by today’s news. I couldn’t care less about paying extra to customize a phone that’s going to get covered by a case anyway.

    EDIT: …he said before seeing the excess bloat on the Verizon version. Damn.

  • Justin Kos

    Nexus 4 t mobile ftw

  • Daniel

    Where is the, “waiting for the customizable Google Play Edition for Verizon” choice?

    • rabidhunter

      Right with the “Over the VZW CEO’s dead body” option

  • chris125

    Nope. Over priced for what you’re getting. And yeah “all the optimizations” aka marketing bs

  • Shawn Lasky

    The specs are just too underwhelming, when I just bought a Galaxy S4 last month.

  • imronburgundy

    Time for Samsung to go ahead and fully leak that Note 3

    • Brandon Golway

      I’m actually contemplating giving up my S4 for the N3….

  • Bryan Ott

    I really would have liked to select yes, but I bought a full price S4 two months ago and don’t think this is worth the argument of why changing would be good now. Did they short change the screen for price reasons, this really should have been 1080, 720 is just eh for 2013. All the other specs are pretty impressive.

  • John Jenness

    Wow, I’m glad I just picked up a Droid HD for $50 2 weeks ago instead of waiting for this.

  • mercado79

    I so wanted to love this phone. I’ll be switching to Verizon (work phone) and was holding off in the hopes that Moto would have a “one more thing” moment. That simply didn’t happen. I’m keeping an open mind though. We’ll see how it feels in person. We’ll see what the reviews look like. We’ll see what LG announces in a few days…and when it’ll be available on Big Red. Or…there’s always the HTC One.

    • rabidhunter

      Verizon’s new Droids are the same basic phone. $299 for a bigger screen and bigger battery. $199 for a bigger screen and slim profile. $99 for .4″ smaller screen. Otherwise, exactly the same.

      • mercado79

        My thinking was/is that the Droid brand is closely controlled by VZ and so that’d make the Moto X more desirable. But, what with the announcement that it’ll have a locked bootloader, maybe it doesn’t really make much difference.

        • rabidhunter

          Yeah, same old tricks for Verizon, the carrier you love to hate but can’t get rid of. Their Moto X is locked down and stuffed with the same bloatware.

  • bogy25

    NO Still loving my DROID OG

  • Steve B

    Personally no chance I’m getting this. Not the “upgrade” (giggles) I’m looking for.

    I’ll be waiting til my contract is up in early December then buying a Nexus 5 from the Play Store and firmly plant Verizon in my rear view mirror for good.

  • Gnex

    It’s the closest the to a Nexus Verizon will be getting, and my Gnex deserves some rest. I’m really not that disappointed to be honest. I knew a phone that was assembled in the US wouldn’t be dirt cheap off contract.

  • gchahinian

    Count me out. I gotta say Moto should take a hint from the Bionic owners like myself that don’t find their newest product attractive to switch to, even coming from an almost two year old problem-laden device…

  • Nick

    Hoping the rumor from a few weeks back holds up… That we see a souped-up version of the Moto X in October. I’m on the sidelines until then.

  • Tay

    What happened everyone? I thought this phone was to be the phones of all phones?

  • kcmanuel

    I’m gonna have to pass, mainly because of the locked bootloader

    Gonna wait and see what the Google Play Edition is like and if the Bootloader is locked.

    I decided I’m waiting on the new Nexus Phone, and leaving the Verizon boat. ATT coverage here in Houston is just as good or better than Verizon, that I no longer have to put up with slow updates, verizon bloatware, and locked down phones!

  • Raven65

    WAY too expensive for what it is. $99 on-contract / $399 off-contract for the 16GB version would have been reasonable. $199 / $575?!?!? ROFL! NO. WAY. They must be smoking some GOOD crack over at Moto HQ. Sure is a shame that they’re blowing this opportunity. EPIC MotoFail!

  • All u guys going:

    >hurr too expensive on contract

    >hurr unlocked bootloader

    and so on..

    guess what? EUROPE ISN’T GETTING IT!!!


  • “Time to tell us how you really feel.”
    You do realize that you have just opened Pandora’s box with that statement in reference to the Moto X. Right?

  • Beamish

    This is one of the most “meh” phones ever launched.

    The specs are mediocre, the software tricks & X8 were already demonstrated on the new Droids and the big deal is custom colors? (But only on AT&T…for no damn good reason for the consumer). Worse – we still have to wait on a pure Google phone since the vendors need to load up bloatware.

    And the price is abso-f***ing-lutely insane. I understand their down-speced argument – I even agree with it to a certain extent – but it comes at little benefit compared to the S4 or One – battery life is nice but you can get a Droid MAXX if that is your prime need.

    If it was $99 (or better yet FREE) on contract and $300 retail then sure. But if they want premium prices then I am going to wait for premium hardware to go along with the software…which will be on other phones far faster than this thing will see better hardware.

    • Marikel

      The Moto Maker stuff is coming to the VZW variant later this year, and probably the other carriers too sooner or later. But I so feel your pain on the pricing. It’s ridiculous. Still getting one though, since it’s a huge upgrade from my DROID RAZR. I don’t even have the MAXX, just the regular RAZR with it’s 3 hour battery life with 4G off, though it can last me days with 4G off.

  • D.B.Evans

    I really wanted to like this phone … but, my initial reaction is no, I will not be getting it.

    I’ll try to keep an open mind and wait for more hands-on coverage to get a better feel of the performance of the X8 design, as well as real-world battery life, photo quality, etc. But those will all need to be better than I’m expecting to win me over.

  • 2Berad

    The main thing that disappoints me is the battery life how is this phone a step towards the phone lasting longer than the competitor? Does the moto x have wireless charging? Is the moto x nano coated for water resistance? Is the moto magic glass drop resistant? With what I know as of now I will go with the Droid maxx for the price.

  • droidrazredge

    Are you buying the Moto X?

    A.) Yes
    B.) No
    C.) Still deciding
    D.) Buying the Droid Razr Ultra on an account upgrade

    C.) Still deciding……. on how I am going to get a new phone without loosing my unlimited that will last until Verizon finally kicks me off. I want a phone that can be updated for a couple years that will be similar to a Nexus phone but with a great off contract price. D.) also sounds like a good option to me also :), but then I’ll be screwed for 2 years.

  • bboyairwreck

    LG G2 for Verizon is what im eying at right now

  • Shaunwin

    I really, really want to like Moto but at least in the United States, Verzion is killing that dream.

  • samari711

    I’m stuck on Verizon, but I’m trying to figure out how Motorola can release a flagship phone that isn’t competitive with the Droid line. If I hate big screen sizes, the Droid Mini is the same thing but cheaper. For the same price, the Droid Ultra is slightly better specwise. And if money is no object, the Ultra MAXX has a better battery and 32GB of storage.

  • Silverman

    Looking for the “HELL NO!” category …

  • reynold

    $200 on contract? $500+ off contract? Exclusives only on AT&T? Heck no.

  • AhsanS

    Can someone tell me if Verizon/Motorola will let us trade in old phones such as the RAZR MAXX HD to get a discount on it?

  • ….

  • Bowen9284

    I’ll remain undecided and hold a small glimmer of hope for when we get T-Mo pricing

  • David Wagoner


    So based on reading that article, it looks as if the hardware isn’t as “bad” as some people are stating it is. I think I will end up getting the X Phone as I like the screen size, the case design and I think it’s pretty interesting what they’ve done with the X8 design.

    • Marikel

      I want to get this too, but supposedly there’s supposed to be a larger, higher spec-ed version coming out in Q1 2014. If that’s not out by the time I upgrade, I’m getting the Moto X.

  • nessthiss

    I will be buying my next phone off contract so I can keep unlimited data and the reported price is way too high. Also, I heard this will not have a removable battery and that is a show stopper for me. Lastly, the OS is already outdated before the phone comes out and with Verizon’s track record of putting out updates, it will be far too long before this phone gets 4.3, let alone Key Lime Pie. My Galaxy Nexus is still an awesome phone so I’m content to wait until a worthy replacement comes around.

  • Craig

    So are there any real advantages to the Moto X as opposed to the Droid maxx if you’re on Big Red?

    Seems like a no-brainer to choose the battery life for $100 more.

    • David Wagoner

      Really I’d say if you want the smaller form factor and the higher PPI the X Phone is solid then. I’d personally like to see some real world testing done of the X to see how the battery holds up before I make my decision.

    • rabidhunter

      Or if you can live with .4″ less screen size, spend $100 less for the Droid Mini.