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Thursday Poll: Are You Buying the Moto X?

moto x colors

We finally know the official specs. We finally know the official *on-contract* pricing. We finally know which carriers it is coming to. The Moto X is finally official. Official! The only question remains, do you still want it? With many folks caught off guard by the $199 price tag, we noticed some people jumped ship pretty quickly in the comments section.

Once you choose yes, no or still deciding, feel free to go down below and let us know which carrier you plan on going with if you are picking one up. If you chose no, tell us why. Time to tell us how you really feel.

Are you buying the Moto X?

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  • Damian Allen

    I appreciate Moto’s approach with their way of thinking, but either I’m getting ripped off buying a phone with mid-range specs or high-end specs. I just can’t justify the price and be assured the phone is somewhat future proof like I can if I purchase a higher-end handset.

  • David Cejmer

    I love moto devices, and I definitely will not be buying this, or the ultra/maxx. I want more than these incremental upgrades. I want the note 3, but better. 3+ gigs of ram, 3500mAh battery, 1.8 to 2 gig octa core phone, quad core 400+ gpu, 1080p, 4+ through 5.7 inch screen, good speaker, gorilla glass or similar

  • Simon Belmont

    Nope. Gonna stick with my plan and wait for the next Nexus phone.

    I’m happy with G’Nex on Android 4.3, honestly. It’s running great.

  • Simon Belmont

    Nope. Gonna stick with my plan and wait for the next Nexus phone.

    I’m happy with G’Nex on Android 4.3, honestly. It’s running great.

  • DemoManMLS

    Let’s see…. weak AND non-removable battery, no micro SD card slot, okay processor, locked bootloader, oh and running 4.2.2. No thanks Moto I will stick with my Note 2 which by the way blows this over hyped piece of hyperbole out of the water.



  • LanceMiller

    Instead of offering all versions of the Moto X on Google Play, which they easily could have done, Google played nice & is going to let the carriers sell the Moto X. What do the carriers do, ask $699 off contract for a very mid-level phone. Plus, I’m really worried that these same carriers have learned nothing and are going to load this Dual Core phone up with cpu draining Bloatware. Anyone with any sense will probably rush now to buy the unlocked $349 Nexus 4, or maybe wait for the Nexus 5 in Oct.

  • Emily

    No SD, mediocre specs, non removable battery, premium price, bloatware, no customization on VZW. Not Google experience. Tons of hype even more fail.

  • emad

    One of the choices should be “for my spouse”

  • paul_cus

    Too expensive off contract for a phone that is too ho hum in design and specs. Sorry, Motorola, maybe next time will be better.

  • WillieGee

    Not exactly cheap for last year specs, was intrigued by all the hoopla and was hoping for something better either in terms of performance or some last minute feature. Or pricing off contrast in the $350 range for 16GB–nexus 4 like! Given the fact that its not 1080p or quad core and I’m not a spec whore, but you need something in order to at least keep up with the pack! I really wanted to support American made, but you gotta give me more incentive Moto! Sorry, I’ll keep rocking my iPhone5 till something better!

  • Luka Mlinar

    People still buy iPhones. people will buy this… not.

  • Richk

    Was realy looking forward to the moto x. I am very disappointed with both Motorola and Verizin today. Now I think I will go with HTC One. Contract with verizon is almost up and evaluating weather or not to stay with them. Seems that I can’t get the one from them and its almost a year old. Think they suck at giving customers what they want. T Mobile is looking better every day.

  • Elliot Kotis

    1. Way to expensive keep it out of us production
    2. No international markets wtf? UK and australoa aren’t getting it! WTF has happened to google and Motorola!

  • Michael Taylor

    Going with Verizon once they start pre-orders. I trust Google to have not allowed or pushed so hard if it would be a flop.

  • C C

    seriously considering this phone for the same reason i am considering leaving verizon for t-mobile … t-mobile’s plans and phone pricing are the way all providers should be structured … the moto x is not a spec beast but is well designed to get the most out of its hardware and built in the usa – not by exploited workers in asia to earn maximum profit … its the principle.

  • Nick Tsiotinos

    Far too expensive for such an ordinary handset. All of the “revolutionary” functionality are just gimmicks. It is very rare that I would want to talk to my phone. In most cases I am in a busy open office, at home with kids screaming or out at shops, talking to the phone in these environments is ridiculous. Shaking the phone to take a picture is also ridiculous – what’s wrong with just pressing a link or button? As for customising the colours and materials – maybe if I was a teenager, but then I wouldn’t be able to afford it!

    As for the “location” awareness functionality – there are a number of apps already available in the play store that are able to do all of that and more…

    Sorry Motorolla (and Google), this smacks of Google putting lipstick on a “pig” that Motorolla had already been working on, and trying to hype it as something “revolutionary”.

  • mcdonsco

    With those specs why was this phone highly anticipated?

  • J. Gilbertson

    I’ll be buying next year’s revised better model. Not eligible for another year. Until then I have my RAZR maxx xt912

  • 3Pete

    Its no Nexus replacement, just a designer clothing droid….with a locked bootloader..

  • AC

    are those android phones by motorola or ipods?

  • YouthfulGeezer

    With my experiance with Droid phones (last 3 getting unbearably slow the longer I have it), I am seriously thinking about an iPhone. My wife has had one for 2 years now, noooo performance problems.

  • MicroNix

    Forgot to add the option “LOL!!” to the vote!

  • R

    Who kicked me in the balls??? Very disappointing Motorola, I had such high hopes for you. Just to think, my first android device was a Motorola, wanted something from moto but all you made after the OG was crap. now you come out with a phone that’s 2 years from the past and and try and sell it for some top of the line device….all I can say is piss off Motorola! So, for the people that don’t want contracts your going to come out with some super sub standard device for us eventually??? Don’t bother, I wont buy that POS either. I will wait for the Chinese knock-off. Go LG!!!

    • Jack Hoffman

      LG is Korean…

      • R

        Ya, I know. I was referring to the chinese knock off of the X. thanks though

      • R

        Go LG was my anxious, yet patient exclamation in desperate hopes that they will make a follow up Nexus device at the price of the current LG Nexus deivce.

  • Pallen02

    Disappointed…. I was sold if off contract… Good-bye Motorola, I will miss you.

  • R

    not at that price

  • Marc Lewis

    I think I am going to stick with my Bionic until it dies. I have never had a problem with it yet. I would like to see a comparison with the New Razrs and the Moto X though.

  • Steve Blais

    Here’s a bunch of fresh info and hands on video of Moto X (in case you missed it else where) http://www.slashgear.com/moto-x-hands-on-01292465/

  • Kevin

    Verizon upgrade date is 08/05, lost my OG Droid RAZR 3 weeks ago and have been using my OG Moto Droid ever since and it sucks. Need a phone bad but with the choice of G4, HTC One and the new Motorola’s think I’m going with the Ultra. Maybe the 720 display won’t be all that bad and save on the battery a bit. Moto X just didn’t seem worth it until version 2 maybe.

  • rcrow490

    I’ve owned a Droid OG, Droid X, and Droid RAZR MAXX HD. I’m done. I think my next phone will be a Samsung.

  • Nicholas Ringhiser

    I think I’ll be sticking to my S3 for quite some time. Still have unlimited data but I may cave for the Note 3 and go tiered….maybe.

  • What a HUGE disappointment.

  • bakdroid

    This whole thing has me hysterical! So many people on here ready to commit suicide because this phone isn’t what they demanded. News flash!!! No one cares what the 1% thinks! These phones will sell like hotcakes because they are customizable. This is a huge marketing ploy and if Moto/Google gets its advertising right, the masses will eat these up. To the rest of the 1%….crawl out of your parents basements.

    • Steve B

      Haha, well said.

    • Vince SantaCruz

      You are right on. Soon these phones will be everywhere

  • Steve B

    So many bitter butt hurt comments in every MotoX post it’s getting sad. You guys need to step back from the ledge and take a breath…

  • Marikel

    I’m still planning on getting this. A huge upgrade from my DROID RAZR. Might get the DROID MAXX instead if there’s a sale when I upgrade.

  • Ethan G

    Well, now I guess it’s time to wait for the Nexus 5 in October that is (hopefully) inspired by the LG G2 as rumors might suggest. Of course, rumors are what got us in this moto x phone mess in the first place….

  • Trevor

    Reasons I voted no:

    Price (vomit)
    32GB exclusive to ATT – WTF? Though hopefully VZW will get it sooner or later (this wouldn’t be a problem if the X had an SD slot)
    Locked bootloader sucks, but I’m sure it’ll get cracked eventually.

    Very disappointing day in the cell phone world overall 🙁

  • George Colyer

    If I’m going to pay $600+ why not go with the SG4 or HTC One? I voted no but I still want to see one in person at the stores just to check it out. I was really hoping for $300 off contract. It would have been a game changer. I guess I can hold out for a couple more months to see if there is going to be a Nexus 5.

    • R

      I’d have paid $400 tops, and would have been happy doing so.

  • Butters619

    Should have an option “Well I would have, but the price”